Wrecks & Relics

The Spottingmode Wrecks & Relics application aims to provide a worldwide overview of all aircraft wrecks & relics. Be it preserved in museums, on a pole at the side of the road, in use as restaurant, range targets, or however else old planes can be in use. The planes are grouped by location and each location comes with GPS coordinates, country, name and status.

Locations listed

All current locations are listed with information about what can be found at the location, as much as known at least. Only locations for which exact GPS coordinates are known are listed, with a few exceptions. Sometimes the location is known, but the plane is not visible on satellite images (for whatever reason). In those cases the location is added with a remark about the uncertainty of the exact location.

Former locations, in other words locations were planes used to be, but no longer are, are also listed where known. These locations will not show up in the normal overviews, on the map, or in downloads, but can be viewed per country. This is purely done for completeness and to allow tracking of former locations per specific plane. Former locations are always clearly marked on the location page.

Always try to check on satellite images if recent images are available for locations you wish to visit. Although the Spottingmode wrecks & relics information is updated on a very regular basis, it cannot be guaranteed that planes that you wish to see are still at the location mentioned on this site.

Planes listed

Planes from the Spottingmode plane database are linked to the wrecks & relics locations where known. This includes all applicable fields like registration, code and exact type. Planes that used to be at a listed location, but have been removed, will still be listed, but clearly marked as no longer present. Planes that were erroneously linked to a location will be completely removed from the location once it becomes clear the link was in error.

Fake registrations are are only mentioned as a remark, not as the actual registration. In case a fake registration is used, the last known former registration will be used. In case older registrations are used on the plane, in other words not the last registration it operated under, but a registration it did operate under previously, that registration will be used. Codes on the other hand, will always be shown as currently worn. Even it is clear that the code is not original.

Use the "Create sightings for linked planes" button if you want to add sightings for all or a number of planes from one location. You can select the planes you want to add sightings for and add location name and log date. It is the fastest way to create sightings for wrecks and relics.

Adding information

Locations and linked planes are added and edited on a regular basis. With the sheer number of planes out there, many more are still to be added though. If you do know of a location not yet in the database, or a new plane at a listed location, then please feel free to add this to the database. Locations can be added through the "add location" page, while new planes can be linked through the page of the location itself, click on the "Link a plane to this location" button. In both cases, some information is always better than none. So even if you do not know all details, feel free to add it anyway. Every bit of information can help others and is greatly appreciated.

All information added will be checked by an administrator before it shows up on the site. Mostly to filter out spam, but also to add missing data were needed.

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