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Hughes H.269

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Hughes H.269
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Breda-Nardi, H-55, H.269, H.300, H269, H300, Hkp-5, IH-2, Nardi, NH 300, NH-300, NH.300, NH300, Osage, S 300, S-300, S.300, S300, Schweizer, TH-300, TH-55
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China, Italy, Japan, United States
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The Hughes 269 (up to Schweizer 300) was built in several series, each starting at 0001. Several suffices are needed to distinguish between the different series:
  • Hughes 269A (including TH-55A) - original series, no suffix added, about 1100 built
  • Hughes 269A1 - suffix {A1}, 41 built
  • Hughes 269A2 - suffix {A2}, 2 built
  • Hughed 269B - suffix {B}, 462 built
  • Hughes 269C - suffix {C}, 1165 built
  • Schweizer 300C - continues from the H.269C, uses a factory S prefix, no suffix needed, 807 built
  • Hughes 300C1 (Schweizer 300CB) - suffix {C1}, 373 built
  • Nardi-Hughes 300 - three digit numbers, no suffix needed, 50 built

Most series also have a 2 or 3 digit number indicating the fabrication date. 1 or 2 digits for the month (1-12), one digit for the year. This is included in the construction numbers where known, but may be ommited, it is not relevant for correct linking.
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