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Javron PA-18 Super Cub construction number list

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Javron PA-18 Super Cub
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Javron, PA 18, PA-18, PA.18, PA18, Super Cub
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New built PA-18 replica in kit form
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

007N7677MUnited StatesCivil
1801N368GUnited StatesCivil
JA1108067N316BRUnited StatesCivil
JA1209071N9013KUnited StatesCivil
JA1209072N247JGUnited StatesCivil
JA1210073N4821CUnited StatesCivil
JA1210075N746SCUnited StatesCivil
JA1401077N14JCUnited StatesCivil
JA1309079N327KCUnited StatesCivil
JA1410081N338WMUnited StatesCivil
JA1504082N803APUnited StatesCivil
JA1507084N317SUnited StatesCivil
N583NMUnited StatesCivil
JA1601087N383EUnited StatesCivil
JA1605089N301DCUnited StatesCivil
JA1607094N481JLUnited StatesCivil
N864SCUnited StatesCivil
JA1607096N95DHUnited StatesCivil
JA1608097N2364ZUnited StatesCivil
JA1611100N1477WUnited StatesCivil
JA1611101N622EXUnited StatesCivil
JA1611102N357RUnited StatesCivil
JA1701103N5959XUnited StatesCivil
JA1703104N340KMUnited StatesCivil
JA1703105N935KMUnited StatesCivil
JA1705106N944KMUnited StatesCivil
JA1705107N751SCUnited StatesCivil
JA1705108N868XWUnited StatesCivil
JA1706109N242NUnited StatesCivil
JA1706110N29WMUnited StatesCivil
JA1707112N221PZUnited StatesCivil
JA1804119N727PKUnited StatesCivil
JA1805121N9013FUnited StatesCivil
JA1810123N470MUnited StatesCivil
N880XDUnited StatesCivil
JA1810125N419KEUnited StatesCivil
JA1906130N88DPUnited StatesCivil
JA1906132N127MFUnited StatesCivil
4031F-2018N4031FUnited StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe