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Kaman H-2 Seasprite construction number list

Full type:
Kaman H-2 Seasprite
Sort value:
H- 2
Search aliasses:
H-2, Seasprite
C/n known:
Seen on c/n:
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

1147202United StatesNavy
2147203United StatesNavy
3147204United StatesNavy
4147205United StatesNavy
5147972United StatesNavy
6147973United StatesNavy
7147974United StatesNavy
8147975United StatesNavy
9147976United StatesNavy
10147977United StatesNavy
11147978United StatesNavy
12147979United StatesNavy
13147980United StatesNavy
14147981United StatesNavy
15147982United StatesNavy
16147983United StatesNavy
17149013United StatesNavy
18149014United StatesNavy
19149015United StatesNavy
20149016United StatesNavy
21149017United StatesNavy
22149018United StatesNavy
23149019United StatesNavy
24149020United StatesNavy
25149021United StatesNavypre
26149022United StatesNavy
27149023United StatesNavy
149024United StatesNavy
29149025United StatesNavy
30149026United StatesNavypre
31149027United StatesNavy
32149028United StatesNavy
33149029United StatesNavy
34149030United StatesNavy
35149031United StatesNavypre
36149032United StatesNavy
37149033United StatesNavy
38149034United StatesNavy
39149035United StatesNavy
40149036United StatesNavy
41149739United StatesNavy
42149740United StatesNavy
43149741United StatesNavy
44149742United StatesNavy
45149743United StatesNavy
46149744United StatesNavy
47149745United StatesNavy
48149746United StatesNavy
49149747United StatesNavy
50149748United StatesNavy
51149749United StatesNavy
52149750United StatesNavy
53149751United StatesNavy
54149752United StatesNavy
55149753United StatesNavy
56149754United StatesNavy
57149755United StatesNavy
58149756United StatesNavy
59149757United StatesNavy
60149758United StatesNavy
61149759United StatesNavy
62149760United StatesNavy
63149761United StatesNavy
64149762United StatesNavy
65149763United StatesNavy
66149764United StatesNavy
67149765United StatesNavy
68149766United StatesNavy
69149767United StatesNavy
70149768United StatesNavy
71149769United StatesNavy
72149770United StatesNavy
73149771United StatesNavy
74149772United StatesNavy
NZ3620New ZealandAir Forcestd
149773United StatesNavy
76149774United StatesNavy
77149775United StatesNavy
78149776United StatesNavy
79149777United StatesNavy
80149778United StatesNavy
81149779United StatesNavy
82149780United StatesNavy
83149781United StatesNavy
84149782United StatesNavy
85149783United StatesNavy
86149784United StatesNavy
87149785United StatesNavy
88149786United StatesNavy
89150139United StatesNavy
90150140United StatesNavy
91150141United StatesNavy
92150142United StatesNavy
93150143United StatesNavy
94150144United StatesNavy
95150145United StatesNavy
96150146United StatesNavy
97150147United StatesNavy
98150148United StatesNavy
99150149United StatesNavy
100150150United StatesNavy
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe