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Mitsubishi F-1 construction number list

Full type:
Mitsubishi F-1
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F- 1
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

04770-8201JapanAir Forcepre
04870-8202JapanAir Force
04970-8203JapanAir Force
05070-8204JapanAir Force
05170-8205JapanAir Force
05270-8206JapanAir Force
05370-8207JapanAir Forcepre
05470-8208JapanAir Force
05570-8209JapanAir Force
05680-8210JapanAir Force
05780-8211JapanAir Force
05880-8212JapanAir Force
05980-8213JapanAir Force
06080-8214JapanAir Force
06180-8215JapanAir Force
06280-8216JapanAir Force
06380-8217JapanAir Force
06480-8218JapanAir Force
07580-8219JapanAir Forcei/a
07680-8220JapanAir Force
07780-8221JapanAir Force
07880-8222JapanAir Force
07980-8223JapanAir Forcepre
08090-8224JapanAir Force
08190-8225JapanAir Forcepre
08290-8226JapanAir Force
09090-8227JapanAir Forcepre
09190-8228JapanAir Force
09290-8229JapanAir Force
09390-8230JapanAir Force
09490-8231JapanAir Forcepre
09590-8232JapanAir Forcepre
09690-8233JapanAir Force
09790-8234JapanAir Forcepre
09800-8235JapanAir Force
09900-8236JapanAir Force
10000-8237JapanAir Force
10100-8238JapanAir Force
10200-8239JapanAir Force
10300-8240JapanAir Force
10400-8241JapanAir Force
10500-8242JapanAir Forcepre
10600-8243JapanAir Force
10700-8244JapanAir Force
10800-8245JapanAir Force
10900-8246JapanAir Forcepre
11000-8247JapanAir Forcepre
11100-8248JapanAir Force
11200-8249JapanAir Forcepre
11300-8250JapanAir Force
11400-8251JapanAir Force
11500-8252JapanAir Force
11610-8253JapanAir Force
11710-8254JapanAir Force
11810-8255JapanAir Force
11910-8256JapanAir Forcepre
12010-8257JapanAir Forcepre
12110-8258JapanAir Force
12210-8259JapanAir Force
13720-8260JapanAir Forcepre
13820-8261JapanAir Force
13920-8262JapanAir Force
14020-8263JapanAir Forcepre
14120-8264JapanAir Force
14220-8265JapanAir Force
14320-8266JapanAir Force
14830-8267JapanAir Force
14930-8268JapanAir Forcepre
15030-8269JapanAir Force
16250-8270JapanAir Forcepre
16350-8271JapanAir Force
16460-8272JapanAir Force
16560-8273JapanAir Forcepre
16660-8274JapanAir Forcepre
16760-8275JapanAir Forcepre
16870-8276JapanAir Forcepre
16970-8277JapanAir Forcepre
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe