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Mooney M10 Cadet construction number list

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Mooney M10 Cadet
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Cadet, M 10, M-10, M.10, M10
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

1TA0001N888CNUnited StatesCivil
690001N5461FUnited StatesCivil
690003N9502VUnited StatesCivil
690004N9503VUnited StatesCivil
690005N9504VUnited StatesCivil
690006N9505VUnited StatesCivil
690007N9506VUnited StatesCivil
690008N9507VUnited StatesCivil
690009N9508VUnited StatesCivil
690010N9509VUnited StatesCivil
690011N9510VUnited StatesCivil
700001N9511VUnited StatesCivil
700002N9512VUnited StatesCivil
700003N9513VUnited StatesCivil
700004N9514VUnited StatesCivil
N9515VUnited StatesCivil
700006N9516VUnited StatesCivil
700007N9517VUnited StatesCivil
700008N9518VUnited StatesCivil
700009N9519VUnited StatesCivil
700010N9520VUnited StatesCivil
700011N9521VUnited StatesCivildlt
700012N9522VUnited StatesCivil
700013N9523VUnited StatesCivil
700014N9524VUnited StatesCivil
700015N9525VUnited StatesCivil
700016N9526VUnited StatesCivil
700017N9527VUnited StatesCivil
700018N73PMUnited StatesCivil
700019N9529VUnited StatesCivil
700020N9530VUnited StatesCivil
N9531VUnited StatesCivil
700022N9532VUnited StatesCivil
700023N9533VUnited StatesCivil
N9534VUnited StatesCivil
700025N9535VUnited StatesCivil
700026N9536VUnited StatesCivil
700027N9537VUnited StatesCivil
700028N9538VUnited StatesCivil
700029N9539VUnited StatesCivil
700030N22617United StatesCivil
N3CUnited StatesCivil
N9540VUnited StatesCivil
700031N9541VUnited StatesCivil
700032N9542VUnited StatesCivil
700033N9543VUnited StatesCivil
700034N9544VUnited StatesCivil
700035N9545VUnited StatesCivil
700036N9546VUnited StatesCivil
700037N9547VUnited StatesCivil
700038N9548VUnited StatesCivil
700039N9549VUnited StatesCivil
700040N9550VUnited StatesCivil
700041N9551VUnited StatesCivil
700042N9771MUnited StatesCivil
700043N9772MUnited StatesCivil
700044N9773MUnited StatesCivil
700045G-BTOJUnited KingdomCivil
N52WTUnited StatesCivil
N9774MUnited StatesCivil
700046N9775MUnited StatesCivil
700047N9776MUnited StatesCivil
700048N505TUnited StatesCivil
700049N9794MUnited StatesCivil
700050N9795MUnited StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe