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Mooney M20 construction number list

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Mooney M20
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Acclaim, Chaparral, Eagle, Encore, Executive, M 20, M-20, M.20, M20, Master, Ovation, Ranger, Statesman
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The Mooney M20 has many different construction number series, with several overlapping. Especially in the early years of production the series where restarted per subtype. All planes from the M20C up to the M20G need a suffix therefore to distinguish between the different planes. Suffixes are {C},{D},{E},{F} and {G}.
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

1106N5243BUnited StatesCivil
1107N5244BUnited StatesCivil
1108N5245BUnited StatesCivil
1109N5246BUnited StatesCivil
1110N5247BUnited StatesCivil
1111N5248BUnited StatesCivil
1112N5249BUnited StatesCivil
N5250BUnited StatesCivil
1114N5251BUnited StatesCivil
1115N5252BUnited StatesCivil
1116N5253BUnited StatesCivil
1117N5254BUnited StatesCivil
1118N5255BUnited StatesCivil
1119N5256BUnited StatesCivil
1120N5257BUnited StatesCivil
1121N5258BUnited StatesCivil
1122N5259BUnited StatesCivil
1123N5260BUnited StatesCivil
1124N5261BUnited StatesCivil
1125N5262BUnited StatesCivil
1126N5263BUnited StatesCivil
1127N5264BUnited StatesCivil
1128N5265BUnited StatesCivil
1131N5268BUnited StatesCivil
1132N5269BUnited StatesCivil
1133N5270BUnited StatesCivil
1134N5292BUnited StatesCivil
1135N5272BUnited StatesCivil
1136ZS-CHNSouth AfricaCivilpre
1137N5274BUnited StatesCivil
1138N5275BUnited StatesCivil
1139N5276BUnited StatesCivil
1140N5277BUnited StatesCivil
1141N5278BUnited StatesCivil
1142N5279BUnited StatesCivil
1143N5280BUnited StatesCivil
1144N5281BUnited StatesCivil
1145N5282BUnited StatesCivil
1146N5283BUnited StatesCivil
1147N5284BUnited StatesCivil
1148N5285BUnited StatesCivil
1149N5286BUnited StatesCivil
1150N5287BUnited StatesCivil
1151N5288BUnited StatesCivil
1152N6212ZUnited StatesCivil
1153N5290BUnited StatesCivil
1154N5291BUnited StatesCivil
N5293BUnited StatesCivil
1156N5294BUnited StatesCivil
1157N230DUnited StatesCivil
1158N5296BUnited StatesCivil
1159N5297BUnited StatesCivil
1160N5298BUnited StatesCivil
N5299BUnited StatesCivil
1162N5266BUnited StatesCivil
1163N5267BUnited StatesCivil
1164N5271BUnited StatesCivil
1165N5273BUnited StatesCivil
1166N5289BUnited StatesCivil
1167N6500BUnited StatesCivil
1168N6501BUnited StatesCivil
1170N6503BUnited StatesCivil
1171N6504BUnited StatesCivil
1172N6505BUnited StatesCivil
1173N6506BUnited StatesCivil
1174N6507BUnited StatesCivil
1176N6509BUnited StatesCivil
1177N6510BUnited StatesCivil
1178N6511BUnited StatesCivil
1180N6513BUnited StatesCivil
1181N6159EUnited StatesCivil
1182N6515BUnited StatesCivil
1183N6516BUnited StatesCivil
1184N6517BUnited StatesCivil
1185N6518BUnited StatesCivil
1186N6519BUnited StatesCivildlt
1187N6520BUnited StatesCivil
1188N6521BUnited StatesCivil
N10834United StatesCivil
1190N6523BUnited StatesCivil
1191N6524BUnited StatesCivil
1192N6525BUnited StatesCivil
N6526BUnited StatesCivil
1195N6528BUnited StatesCivil
1196N6529BUnited StatesCivil
1197N6530BUnited StatesCivil
1198N6531BUnited StatesCivil
1199N6532BUnited StatesCivil
1200N6533BUnited StatesCivil
1201N27STUnited StatesCivil
N5191YUnited StatesCivil
1202N6508BUnited StatesCivil
1203N6534BUnited StatesCivil
1204N7836CUnited StatesCivil
1205N6535BUnited StatesCivil
1206N6536BUnited StatesCivil
1207N6537BUnited StatesCivil
1208N6538BUnited StatesCivil
1209N6539BUnited StatesCivil
N6540BUnited StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe