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Mooney M20 construction number list

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Mooney M20
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Acclaim, Chaparral, Eagle, Encore, Executive, M 20, M-20, M.20, M20, Master, Ovation, Ranger, Statesman
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The Mooney M20 has many different construction number series, with several overlapping. Especially in the early years of production the series where restarted per subtype. All planes from the M20C up to the M20G need a suffix therefore to distinguish between the different planes. Suffixes are {C},{D},{E},{F} and {G}.
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

700034{F}N9441VUnited StatesCivil
N9446VUnited StatesCivil
700037{F}N9456VUnited StatesCivil
700038{F}N9460VUnited StatesCivil
700039{F}N9464VUnited StatesCivil
N9470VUnited StatesCivil
700042{F}N9472VUnited StatesCivil
N9476VUnited StatesCivil
700045{F}N381LBUnited StatesCivil
700046{F}N9481VUnited StatesCivil
700047{F}N24KDUnited StatesCivil
700048{F}N9489VUnited StatesCivil
700049{F}N9494VUnited StatesCivil
700050{F}N9496VUnited StatesCivil
N9497VUnited StatesCivil
700052{F}N9344VUnited StatesCivil
700053{F}N9427VUnited StatesCivil
700054{F}N6754VUnited StatesCivil
700055{F}N6756VUnited StatesCivil
700056{F}N187JWUnited StatesCivil
700057{F}N6762VUnited StatesCivil
700058{F}N6765VUnited StatesCivil
700059{F}N6767VUnited StatesCivil
700060{F}N6770VUnited StatesCivil
700061{F}N6774VUnited StatesCivil
700063{F}N6781VUnited StatesCivil
700066{F}N6789VUnited StatesCivil
700068{F}N6794VUnited StatesCivil
700069{F}N6797VUnited StatesCivil
700070{F}N6799VUnited StatesCivil
700001{G}N9453VUnited StatesCivil
700002{G}N9381VUnited StatesCivil
700003{G}N56CPUnited StatesCivil
700004{G}N9395VUnited StatesCivil
700005{G}N9444VUnited StatesCivil
700006{G}N9445VUnited StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe