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Mooney M20 construction number list

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Mooney M20
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Acclaim, Chaparral, Eagle, Encore, Executive, M 20, M-20, M.20, M20, Master, Ovation, Ranger, Statesman
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The Mooney M20 has many different construction number series, with several overlapping. Especially in the early years of production the series where restarted per subtype. All planes from the M20C up to the M20G need a suffix therefore to distinguish between the different planes. Suffixes are {C},{D},{E},{F} and {G}.
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

1211N6541BUnited StatesCivil
1212N6543BUnited StatesCivil
1213N6544BUnited StatesCivil
1214N6545BUnited StatesCivil
N6546BUnited StatesCivil
1217N6548BUnited StatesCivil
1218N6549BUnited StatesCivil
1219N6550BUnited StatesCivil
1220N6551BUnited StatesCivil
N6527BUnited StatesCivil
1222N6552BUnited StatesCivil
1223N6553BUnited StatesCivil
1224N6554BUnited StatesCivil
1225N6555BUnited StatesCivil
1226N6556BUnited StatesCivil
1227N6557BUnited StatesCivil
1228N6558BUnited StatesCivil
1229N6559BUnited StatesCivil
1230N6560BUnited StatesCivil
1231N6561BUnited StatesCivil
1232N6562BUnited StatesCivil
1233N6563BUnited StatesCivil
1234N6564BUnited StatesCivil
1235N6565BUnited StatesCivil
1236N6566BUnited StatesCivil
1237N6567BUnited StatesCivil
1238N3205JUnited StatesCivil
1239N6569BUnited StatesCivil
1240N6570BUnited StatesCivil
1241N6571BUnited StatesCivil
1242N6572BUnited StatesCivil
1243N6573BUnited StatesCivil
1244N6574BUnited StatesCivil
1245N6575BUnited StatesCivil
1246N3LWUnited StatesCivil
1247N6577BUnited StatesCivil
1248N6578BUnited StatesCivil
1250N6580BUnited StatesCivil
1251N77WHUnited StatesCivil
1252N6582BUnited StatesCivil
1253N6583BUnited StatesCivil
1254N6584BUnited StatesCivil
1255N6585BUnited StatesCivil
1256N6586BUnited StatesCivil
1257N6587BUnited StatesCivil
1258N6588BUnited StatesCivil
1259N6589BUnited StatesCivil
1260N6590BUnited StatesCivil
1261N6591BUnited StatesCivil
1262N6592BUnited StatesCivil
1263N6593BUnited StatesCivil
1264N6594BUnited StatesCivil
1265N6595BUnited StatesCivil
1266N6596BUnited StatesCivil
1267N6597BUnited StatesCivil
1268N6598BUnited StatesCivil
1269N6579BUnited StatesCivil
1270N1043BUnited StatesCivil
1271N1044BUnited StatesCivil
1272N1045BUnited StatesCivil
1273N1046BUnited StatesCivil
1274N1047BUnited StatesCivil
1275N1048BUnited StatesCivil
1276N1049BUnited StatesCivil
1277N1050BUnited StatesCivil
1278N1051BUnited StatesCivil
1279N1052BUnited StatesCivil
N1053BUnited StatesCivil
1281N1054BUnited StatesCivil
1282N1055BUnited StatesCivil
1283N1056BUnited StatesCivil
1284N1057BUnited StatesCivil
1285N1058BUnited StatesCivil
1286N1059BUnited StatesCivil
1287N1060BUnited StatesCivil
1288N1061BUnited StatesCivil
1289N1062BUnited StatesCivil
1290N1063BUnited StatesCivil
1291N1064BUnited StatesCivil
1292N1065BUnited StatesCivil
N1066BUnited StatesCivil
1294N1067BUnited StatesCivil
1295N1068BUnited StatesCivil
1296N1069BUnited StatesCivil
1297N1070BUnited StatesCivil
1298N1071BUnited StatesCivil
1299N1072BUnited StatesCivil
1300N1073BUnited StatesCivil
1301N1074BUnited StatesCivil
1302N1075BUnited StatesCivil
1303N1076BUnited StatesCivil
1304N1078BUnited StatesCivil
1305G-ARWYUnited KingdomCivil
N1079BUnited StatesCivil
1306N1080BUnited StatesCivil
1307N1081BUnited StatesCivil
1308N1082BUnited StatesCivil
1309N1083BUnited StatesCivil
1310N1084BUnited StatesCivil
1311N1085BUnited StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe