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Nando Groppo Trail construction number list

Full type:
Nando Groppo Trail
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Groppo, Nando, Trail, XL
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Production run downYour sightings by construction number
0003900077/8615043-2810LAA 372-15120LAA 372-15144LAA 372-15178LAA 372-15231LAA 372-15418
0004300080/3916029-2843LAA 372-15123LAA 372-15154LAA 372-15181LAA 372-15237LAA 372-15461
00059/1800090/49LAA 372-15014LAA 372-15131LAA 372-15166LAA 372-15184LAA 372-15327LAA 372-15462
0007600163/122LAA 372-15098LAA 372-15133LAA 372-15175LAA 372-15229LAA 372-15355