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Nord NC.850
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NC 850, NC 851, NC 852, NC 853, NC 854, NC 859, NC-850, NC-851, NC-852, NC-853, NC-854, NC-859, NC.850, NC.851, NC.852, NC.853, NC.854, NC.859, NC850, NC851, NC852, NC853, NC854, NC859, Norclub
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The different subtypes all come with their own specific construction number sequences which means several suffices have to be added to distinguish them from each other. Moreover, several prototypes were rebuilt into a newer version and received new numbers. Those are combined where known.
  • NC.850 - 01 to 05, some rebuilt
  • NC.851 - 01 to 09, some of these rebuilt 850s
  • NC.853 - 01 plus 1 to 145
  • NC.854 - 01 plus 1 to 7
  • NC.855 - 01
  • NC.858 - 01, rebuilt from 853 14
  • NC.859 - 01 plus 1 to 8
And two built by amateur builders from spare parts: 01 and 146
This list does not include the military observation variant NC.856
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