Published fleet lists

An ever increasing number of fleet lists is available which show a full overview of all known planes of a specific type in a service of a country. Current types, as well as withdrawn types are available. Where known, also current status (like preserved, stored and instructional) is added, with a link to the wrecks and relics page.

The fleet lists are connected to the Spottingmode plane log database, which means logged in users will see all the planes they have sightings for in the database, highlighted in yellow. Find out how the highlighting works and what other benefits the Spottingmode plane log database can give you.

Please do contact Spottingmode if you are looking for a specific fleet list not yet available. Although publication cannot be guaranteed, every request will be considered and if possible, the fleet list will be published as soon as possible.

Newly added fleet lists

FranceAir ForceNord NC.856 Norvigie26 November 2021
FranceArmyNord NC.856 Norvigie26 November 2021
FranceNavyNord NC.856 Norvigie26 November 2021
ChileAir ForceGeneral Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon16 November 2021
Democratic Republic of the CongoCivilAirbus A3303 November 2021
UgandaCivilAirbus A3303 November 2021
San MarinoCivilAirbus A3303 November 2021
SpainAir ForceAirbus A3303 November 2021
IndiaNavyTupolev Tu-952 November 2021
GermanyAir ForceAirbus A35029 October 2021
CanadaCivilDassault Dornier Alpha Jet26 October 2021
CanadaCivilDouglas A-4 Skyhawk26 October 2021
TunisiaAir ForceLockheed C-130 Hercules22 October 2021
United KingdomAir ForceEmbraer Phenom22 October 2021
AustraliaAir ForceNoorduyn Norseman2 October 2021
BrazilAir ForceNoorduyn Norseman2 October 2021
CanadaAir ForceNoorduyn Norseman2 October 2021
United StatesAir ForceNoorduyn Norseman2 October 2021
United StatesNavyNoorduyn Norseman2 October 2021
NorwayAir ForceNoorduyn Norseman2 October 2021
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Countries with published fleet lists