Inserting, updating and deleting plane sightings


New plane sightings can be inserted through the insert page, one at a time. For each sighting a number of fields can be entered (see: help/fields) and a number of insert assistants are available to speed up the process of inserting multiple records (see: help/insert).


Once a plane is inserted, the data can still be updated when needed. Updating a sighting can be done from the view page. On the left hand side a small pencil icon will appear next to each row. Clicking on that icon will bring up an update window in which all fields (including the fields hidden from the insert page) can be updated.

Multiple sightings can be updated at once through the batch update page. First a selection needs to be made through the filter create box. Once created the selected sightings can be checked to make sure only the correct sightings will be updated. The selection can also still be adjusted if needed. Note that the sightings can also be sorted in this step, but that only has an effect on the table to check the sightings, it will not affect the update action it self.

Once all sightings are selected and checked the columns to be updated can be defined. Simply select which column needs to be updated and enter the new value. Multiple columns can be updated at the same time. Finally the update can be made by clicking the "Perform batch update" button.

Note that for some fields (plane type, main type, main unit, sub unit, category and location) the case of the value can only be changed if the database is forced to consider case. See help/fields for more information.


Deleting a sighting from the database can be done similar to updating a sighting. Next to the pencil icon for update a trash can icon will appear to delete the record. Clicking on that icon will prompt a confirmation window to ask if the record really must be deleted. Click "Yes" to delete the record.

Update pencil icon and delete trash can icon in view table

Deleting sighting can also be done on a batch of sightings through the batch delete page. Select the sightings, check the selection and perform the delete by clicking on the "Delete all selected sightings" button.

Link a batch of sightings to planes in the database

The function to link a new sighting to a listed plane in the Spottingmode database is available in the insert form and in the update form (see: help/insert). It is not, however, available for imports and also it may be needed at some point again to link newly added plane lists in the Spottingmode database. For those circumstance the batch link page is available. This page can be used to link a batch of records to planes in the database.

First a batch of sightings need to be selected through the standard filter creator (see: help/filters). Clicking on the "Search planes" button will start a search in the Spottingmode database for matching planes for each of the displayed sightings. Matching planes found will be displayed underneath a sighting, one per sighting can be selected through a radio button in front of it. Note that the plane to which a sighting is linked already will not be displayed. After all planes are selected the links can be saved through clicking on the "Update sightings" button.

Displayed matching planes on the batch link page