Overview of main types

This is an overview of all the predefined main types available in the sightings database. These types will appear for selection in the main type field when inserting or updating a record, although it is also possible to add custom main types.

Some types have been split into two or more main type definitions because of overlapping construction number sequences. For example the Dassault Falcon 900 has two identical construction number ranges for the base version and the EX/EXE version. In order to be able to distinguish between the two versions, two main types are needed. Similar situations are known for other types like the Pilatus PC-7 and Pilatus PC-7 Mk II and the Fouga Magisters that were rebuild to IAI Tzukits.

The table shows two columns with names. The first column is the full name of the type, including the manufacturer and official names. The second column shows the name which will be used to sort plane sightings on. This name differs from the full name to sort types more logically in most cases.

A construction number list is available for a (growing) selection of types. If such a list is available a link will be shown in the third column.

Main type nameSort name
20.Maj Ilindenka 1T20.Maj Ilindenka 1T
A-90 OrlyonokA-90
A41 Factory VNS-41VNS-41
AAC Angel 44Angel 44[c/n list]
AAI SparrowhawkSparrowhawk[c/n list]
AAK BS-1 StudentBS-1
AB Flygindustri Fi-1Fi-1
Abbott-Baynes ScudScud
Acme Aircraft Co S-1 SierraS-1
Adam A500A500
Adam RA-14 LoisirsRA-14
Adam Wilson A/W 95AW95
Adaridi AD 3AD 3
Advanced Technologies CH1 ATICH1
Adventure Air AdventurerAdventurer[c/n list]
AEA Silver DartSilver Dart
Aer Lualdi L.59L.59[c/n list]
Aereon 26Aeroen 26[c/n list]
Aerfer ArieteAriete
Aerfer Sagittario IISagittario II[c/n list]
Aerial Arts ChaserChaser
Aeritalia G.222G.222[c/n list][fleet lists]
Aermacchi AL.60 Santa MariaAL.60[c/n list][fleet lists]
Aermacchi AM.3AM.3[c/n list]
Aermacchi MB-326MB-326[c/n list][fleet lists]
Aermacchi MB-339MB-339[c/n list][fleet lists]
Aermacchi SF.260SF.260[c/n list][fleet lists]
Aero 45Aero 45[c/n list][fleet lists]
Aero A-10A-10
Aero A-11A-11
Aero A-12A-12
Aero A-32A-32
Aero Ae-270 IbisAe-270[c/n list]
Aero AT-3AT-3[c/n list]
Aero Boero AB-115AB-115[c/n list]
Aero Boero AB-180AB-180[c/n list]
Aero Boero AB-210AB-210[c/n list]
Aero Boero AB-95AB- 95[c/n list]
Aero Boero AG-260AG-260[c/n list]
Aero Commander 100AC.100[c/n list]
Aero Commander 200AC.200[c/n list]
Aero Commander 500AC.500[c/n list][fleet lists]
Aero Designs PulsarPulsar
Aero HC-2 Heli BabyHC-2
Aero HC-3HC-3[c/n list]
Aero L-29 DelfínL-29[c/n list][fleet lists]
Aero L-39 AlbatrosL-39[c/n list][fleet lists]
Aero L-60 BrigadýrL-60[c/n list]
Aero Spacelines Super GuppySuper Guppy
AeroAndina MXP-640 AmigoMXP-640
Aerocomp Comp Air 12Comp Air 12
Aerocomp Comp Air 7Comp Air 7
Aerodyne Systems VectorVector
Aerokopter AK1-3 SankaAK1
Aeromot AMT-100 XimangoAMT-100
Aeromot AMT-200 Super XimangoAMT-200
Aeromot AMT-600 GuriAMT-600
Aeronautics Jet-CopterJet-Copter
Aeronca 11 ChiefAeronca 11[c/n list]
Aeronca 15 SedanAeronca 15[c/n list]
Aeronca 50 ChiefAeronca 50
Aeronca 7 ChampionAeronca 7[c/n list]
Aeronca 9 ArrowAeronca 9[c/n list]
Aeronca C-2 CollegianAeronca C-2[c/n list]
Aeronca C-3Aeronca C-3[c/n list]
Aeronca KAeronca K
Aeronca LAeronca L
Aeronca L-3L-3
Aeropilot Legend 600Legend 600
Aeroprakt A20 VistaA20
Aeroprakt A22 FoxbatA22[c/n list]
Aeropup Aircraft AeropupAeropup
Aérospatiale AS350 EcureuilAS350[c/n list][fleet lists]
Aérospatiale AS355 Ecureuil 2AS355[c/n list][fleet lists]
Aérospatiale SN601 CorvetteSN601[c/n list][fleet lists]
Aérospatiale-BAC ConcordeConcorde[c/n list][fleet lists]
Aerospool WT-10 AdvanticWT-10[c/n list]
Aerospool WT-3WT- 3[c/n list]
Aerospool WT-9 DynamicWT- 9[c/n list]
Aerosport ScampScamp
Aérostructure Lutin 80Lutin 80
Aerostyle BreezerBreezer[c/n list]
Aerotec T-23 UirapuruT-23[fleet lists]
Aerotécnica AC-12 PepoAC-12[c/n list][fleet lists]
Aerotécnica AC-14AC-14
AeroVolga LA-8LA-8
AESL AirtourerAirtourer[c/n list][fleet lists]
Aetna Aerocraft 2SAAerocraft 2SA
Agusta A101A101
Agusta A103A103
Agusta A104A104
Agusta A105A105
Agusta A106A106[c/n list][fleet lists]
Agusta A109A109[c/n list][fleet lists]
Agusta A119 KoalaA119[c/n list][fleet lists]
Agusta A129 MangustaA129[c/n list][fleet lists]
Agusta-Bell AB.102AB.102
AgustaWestland AW101AW101[c/n list][fleet lists]
AgustaWestland AW139AW139[c/n list][fleet lists]
AgustaWestland AW149AW149[c/n list][fleet lists]
AgustaWestland AW159AW159[fleet lists]
AgustaWestland AW169AW169[c/n list][fleet lists]
AgustaWestland AW609AW609[c/n list]
Ahrens 404Ahrens 404
AHRLAC Holdings AhrlacAhrlac
Aichi E13AE13A
Aichi M6A SeiranM6A
AIDC AT-3 Tzu ChungAT-3[fleet lists]
AIDC AT-5 Brave EagleAT-5
AIDC F-CK-1 Ching-KuoF-CK[c/n list][fleet lists]
AIDC T-CH-1 Chung HsingT-CH-1
Air & Space 18AAir & Space 18A
Air Command EliteAir Command Elite
Air Creation GTAir Creation GT
Air Tractor AT-1002AT-1002[c/n list]
Air Tractor AT-300AT- 300[c/n list]
Air Tractor AT-400AT- 400[c/n list]
Air Tractor AT-500AT- 500[c/n list]
Air Tractor AT-602AT- 602[c/n list]
Air Tractor AT-802AT- 802[c/n list][fleet lists]
Airborne Windsports EdgeEdge
Airbus A300A300[c/n list][fleet lists]
Airbus A310A310[c/n list][fleet lists]
Airbus A320A320[c/n list][fleet lists]
Airbus A330A330[c/n list][fleet lists]
Airbus A340A340[c/n list][fleet lists]
Airbus A350A350[c/n list][fleet lists]
Airbus A380A380[c/n list][fleet lists]
Airbus A400 AtlasA400[c/n list][fleet lists]
Airbus E-FanE-Fan[c/n list]
Airbus Helicopters H160H160[c/n list][fleet lists]
Airco DH.4DH.4
Airmark TSR.3Airmark TSR.3
Airspeed AS.10 OxfordOxford
Airspeed AS.51 HorsaHorsa
Airspeed AS.57 AmbassadorAmbassador
Airspeed AS.65 ConsulConsul
AISA I-11I-11
AISA I-115I-115
Akaflieg Braunschweig SB-5 DanzigSB-5
Akaflieg Darmstadt D-34D-34
Akaflieg München Mü-13Mu-13
Akaflieg Stuttgart FS-26 MosepplFS-26[c/n list]
Akaflieg Wien AFW.8AFW.8
AKKÜ A-08 SirályA-08
Akrotech Europe CAP 222CAP 222[c/n list]
Alaparma AM.10 TriesteAM.10[c/n list]
Albatros B.IAlbatros B.I
Albatros B.IIB.II
Albatros C.IAlbatros C.I
Albatros D.VD.V
Albatros H.IAlbatros H.I
Alenia Aermacchi M-345M-345
Alenia Aermacchi M-346 MasterM-346[c/n list][fleet lists]
Alexander EaglerockEaglerock
Alfaro PTG-2PTG-2
Alliance A-1 ArgoArgo
Allstar SZD-54 PerkozSZD-54[c/n list]
Allstar SZD-59 AcroSZD-59[c/n list]
Alon A-4Alon A-4[c/n list]
Alpi Pioneer 200Pioneer 200[c/n list]
Alpi Pioneer 300Pioneer 300[c/n list]
Alpi Pioneer 400Pioneer 400[c/n list]
Altinger Lenticular 15SLenticular
Alvarez PolliwagenPolliwagen
Ambrosini CVV.6 CanguroCVV.6
Ambrosini F.4 RondoneF. 4[c/n list]
Ambrosini S.1001 GrifoS.1001
Ambrosini S.7S. 7
AMD CH2000 AlarusCH2000[c/n list]
AmEagle American EagletEaglet
American Aerolights Eagle CAEagle CA
American Aviation AA-2 PatriotAA-2[c/n list]
American Champion 7 CitabriaBellanca 7[c/n list][fleet lists]
American Champion 8 DecathlonBellanca 8K[c/n list]
American Champion 8 ScoutBellanca 8G[c/n list]
American Eagle A-101A-101
American Eagle Eaglet 31Eaglet
American Legend Aircraft AL11AL11
American Legend Aircraft AL18AL18
American Legend Aircraft AL3AL 3
Anahuac TauroT-300[c/n list]
Anatra AnasalAnasal
Anderson Greenwood AG-14AG-14[c/n list]
Andiel Typhoon TD1Typhoon TD1[c/n list]
András Kvasz IKvasz
Andre Kinget HelicopterKinget
Andreasson BA-4BBA- 4[c/n list]
Andreasson BA-6BA- 6[c/n list]
Ansaldo SVASVA
Antoinette MonoplaneAntoinete Monoplane
Antonov A-11A-11
Antonov A-13A-13
Antonov A-15A-15
Antonov An-10An- 10
Antonov An-12An- 12[c/n list][fleet lists]
Antonov An-124 RuslanAn-124[c/n list][fleet lists]
Antonov An-132Antonov An-132[c/n list]
Antonov An-14 PchelkaAn- 14[fleet lists]
Antonov An-140An-140[c/n list][fleet lists]
Antonov An-148An-148[c/n list][fleet lists]
Antonov An-178An-178
Antonov An-181An-181
Antonov An-2An- 2[c/n list][fleet lists]
Antonov An-22 AnteiAn- 22[c/n list]
Antonov An-225 MriyaAn-225[c/n list][fleet lists]
Antonov An-24An- 24[fleet lists]
Antonov An-26An- 26[c/n list][fleet lists]
Antonov An-28An- 28[c/n list][fleet lists]
Antonov An-30An- 30[c/n list][fleet lists]
Antonov An-32An- 32[fleet lists]
Antonov An-38An- 38[c/n list][fleet lists]
Antonov An-70An- 70
Antonov An-71An- 71
Antonov An-72An- 72
Antonov An-8An- 8
Aquila AT01AT01[c/n list]
Arado Ar 196Ar 196
Arado Ar 234 BlitzAr 234
Arado Ar 66Ar 66
Arado Ar 79Ar 79
Arado Ar 96Ar 96
Armstrong Whitworth ArgosyArgosy
Armstrong Whitworth WhitleyWhitley
Arrow SportSport
Arsenal Air 100Air 100
Associated Air Liberty 181Liberty 181[c/n list]
ATEC 122 ZephyrATEC 122
ATEC 321 FaetaATEC 321
ATG JavelinJavelin[c/n list]
Atlas CheetahCheetah
Atlas XH-1 AlphaXH-1
ATR 42ATR 42[c/n list][fleet lists]
ATZ V-55ATZ V-55
Aubert PA-20 CigalePA-20[c/n list]
Auster 5Auster 5
Auster A.2/45Auster A.2/45
Auster AOP.6Auster AOP.6
Auster AOP.9Auster AOP.9
Auster B.4Auster B.4
Auster B.8 AgricolaAuster B.8[c/n list]
Auster D.4Auster D.4[fleet lists]
Auster J/1 AutocratAuster J/1
Auster J/1B AigletAuster J/1
Auster J/1U WorkmasterAuster J/1
Auster J/5 AutocarAuster J/5
Australian Aircraft Kits BushmanBushman
Australian Aircraft Kits HornetHornet[c/n list]
Autogiro Company of America AC-35AC-35[c/n list]
Avia B-122B-122
Avia B-534B-534
Avia BH-1BH- 1
Avia BH-10BH-10
Avia BH-11BH-11
Avia BH-9BH- 9
Avia FL-3FL-3
Avia S-199S-199
Aviamilano A2A2
Aviamilano F.14 NibbioF. 14[c/n list]
Aviamilano P.19 ScriccioloP.19[c/n list]
Aviasud MistralMistral
Aviasud SiroccoSirocco
Aviat HuskyHusky[c/n list]
Aviatik C.IC.I
Aviatik D.1D.1
Aviation Industries of Iran AVA-101AVA-101
Aviation Traders ATL-98 CarvairATL-98[c/n list][fleet lists]
AVIC AG600 KunlongAG600
Aviodeco AC-05 PijaoAC-05
Avro 504Avro 504
Avro 534 BabyAvro 534[c/n list]
Avro 581 AvianAvro 581
Avro 621 TutorAvro 621
Avro 626Avro 626
Avro 643 CadetCadet
Avro 707Avro 707
Avro AnsonAnson
Avro AshtonAshton
Avro AthenaAthena
Avro Canada C-102 JetlinerC-102[c/n list]
Avro Canada CF-100 CanuckCF-100[c/n list][fleet lists]
Avro Canada CF-105 ArrowCF-105
Avro LancasterLancaster
Avro LancastrianLancastrian
Avro LincolnLincoln
Avro ShackletonShackleton[c/n list][fleet lists]
Avro TudorTudor
Avro VulcanVulcan[c/n list][fleet lists]
Avro YorkYork
Avtek 400Avtek 400[c/n list]
Ayres ThrushThrush[c/n list]
B & F FK.12 CometFK.12
B & F FK.14 PolarisFK.14
B & F FK.9FK. 9
BAC Jet ProvostJet Provost[fleet lists]
Bacău LIA-88 SoimulLIA-88
Backcountry Super Cubs Super CubBackcountry Super Cub
Bakeng DeuceDeuce[c/n list]
Ball-Bartoe JW-1 JetwingJW-1
Ballard Paul V-6 STOLV-6
Bally 1/3 Scale B-17B-17[c/n list]
Bárcenas B-01Barcenas[c/n list]
Barkley-Grow T8P-1Barkley-Grow T8P-1
Barnett J4BBarnett J4B
Bartini Beriev VVA-14VVA-14
Bartoli BR-01BR-01[c/n list]
Barus J-1BBarus J-1B[c/n list]
BAT FK-23 BantamFK-23
Bataille TriplaneBataille Triplane
Baumann B-250 BrigadierB-250[c/n list]
Beagle A.109 AiredaleAiredale[c/n list]
Beagle A.113 HuskyHusky[fleet lists]
Beagle A.61 TerrierTerrier
Beagle B.121 PupPup[c/n list]
Beagle B.206 BassetBasset[c/n list]
Bede BD-10BD-10[c/n list]
Bede BD-17 NuggetBD-17[c/n list]
Bede BD-2BD- 2[c/n list]
Bede BD-4BD- 4[c/n list]
Bede BD-5BD- 5[c/n list]
Bede XBD-2XBD-2[c/n list]
Beechcraft 17 StaggerwingBe. 17[c/n list]
Beechcraft 18Be. 18[c/n list]
Beechcraft 19 MusketeerBe. 19[c/n list][fleet lists]
Beechcraft 1900Be.1900[c/n list][fleet lists]
Beechcraft 200 Super King AirBe. 200[c/n list][fleet lists]
Beechcraft 2000 StarshipBe.2000[c/n list]
Beechcraft 33 BonanzaBe. 33[c/n list][fleet lists]
Beechcraft 34 Twin-QuadBe. 34[c/n list]
Beechcraft 38P LightningBe. 38[c/n list]
Beechcraft 390 Premier IBe. 390[c/n list][fleet lists]
Beechcraft 50 Twin BonanzaBe. 50[c/n list][fleet lists]
Beechcraft 55 BaronBe. 55[c/n list][fleet lists]
Beechcraft 60 DukeBe. 60[c/n list]
Beechcraft 65 Queen AirBe. 65[c/n list][fleet lists]
Beechcraft 73 Jet MentorBe. 73[c/n list][fleet lists]
Beechcraft 76 DuchessBe. 76[c/n list]
Beechcraft 77 SkipperBe. 77[c/n list]
Beechcraft 90 King AirBe. 90[c/n list][fleet lists]
Beechcraft 95 Travel AirBe. 95[c/n list]
Beechcraft 99 AirlinerBe. 99[c/n list]
Beechcraft AT-10 WichitaAT-10[c/n list]
Beechcraft T-34 MentorT-34[c/n list][fleet lists]
Beecraft Honey BeeHoney Bee
Behlen VampirVampir
Bell 206 JetRangerB206[c/n list][fleet lists]
Bell 207 Sioux ScoutB207
Bell 212B212[c/n list][fleet lists]
Bell 222B222
Bell 230B230
Bell 30B 30
Bell 407B407[c/n list]
Bell 412B412[c/n list][fleet lists]
Bell 427B427[c/n list][fleet lists]
Bell 429 GlobalRangerB429[c/n list][fleet lists]
Bell 430B430
Bell 47B 47[c/n list][fleet lists]
Bell 505 Jet Ranger XB505[c/n list]
Bell 525 RelentlessB525[c/n list]
Bell AH-1 CobraAH- 1[c/n list][fleet lists]
Bell Boeing V-22 OspreyV-22[c/n list][fleet lists]
Bell H-1 HueyH- 1[c/n list][fleet lists]
Bell H-12H- 12[c/n list]
Bell H-63H-63
Bell P-39 AiracobraP-39
Bell P-59 AiracometP-59
Bell P-63 KingcobraP-63
Bell V-15V-15
Bell V-280 ValorV-280
Bell V-3V- 3
Bell X-1X- 1
Bell X-14X-14
Bell X-2X- 2
Bell X-22X-22
Bell X-5X- 5
Bellanca 14-13 CruisairBellanca 14-13[c/n list]
Bellanca 14-7 JuniorBellanca 14- 7[c/n list]
Bellanca 17 VikingBellanca 17[c/n list]
Bellanca 31 Senior PacemakerBellanca 31[c/n list]
Bellanca 66 AircruiserBellanca 66[c/n list]
Bellanca CH-300 PacemakerCH-300
Bellanca CH-400 SkyrocketCH-400
Beneš-Mráz Be-60 BestiolaBe-60
Beniczky M 30 FergetegM 30
Bennett PL-11 AirtruckPL-11[c/n list]
Benoist-Korn Type XIIType XII
Bensen B-7B-7
Bensen B-8B-8
Beriev 30Be- 30
Beriev A40Be-A40
Beriev Be-12 ChaykaBe- 12
Beriev Be-200 AltairBe-200[c/n list]
Beriev Be-6Be- 6
Bernard 190Bernard 190
Best Off SkyrangerSkyranger
Bharat SwatiSwati
Bird Wing ImperialBird Wing Imperial[c/n list]
Birdman ChinookChinook
Blackburn B-101 BeverleyBeverly
Blackburn B.2B.2
Blackburn B.5 BaffinB.5
Blackburn BuccaneerBuccaneer[c/n list][fleet lists]
Blackburn FirecrestFirecrest
Blackburn RiponRipon
Blackburn SegraveSegrave[c/n list]
Blackburn SkuaSkua
Blackshape PrimePrime
Blériot IXBleriot 9
Blériot XIBleriot 11
Blériot XXVIIBleriot 27
Blériot-SPAD S.54S.54
Blohm & Voss BV 138 SeedracheBV 138
Blohm & Voss BV 222 WikingBV 222
Blohm & Voss BV 238BV 238
Boeing 247B247
Boeing 307 StratolinerB307
Boeing 314 ClipperB314
Boeing 377B377
Boeing 40B 40
Boeing 6B 6[c/n list]
Boeing 707B707[c/n list][fleet lists]
Boeing 717B717[c/n list][fleet lists]
Boeing 727B727[c/n list][fleet lists]
Boeing 737B737[c/n list][fleet lists]
Boeing 747B747[c/n list][fleet lists]
Boeing 757B757[c/n list][fleet lists]
Boeing 767B767[c/n list][fleet lists]
Boeing 777B777[c/n list][fleet lists]
Boeing 787B787[c/n list][fleet lists]
Boeing 80B 80
Boeing B-17 Flying FortressB-17[c/n list]
Boeing B-29 SuperfortressB-29[c/n list][fleet lists]
Boeing B-47 StratojetB-47[c/n list][fleet lists]
Boeing B-50 SuperfortressB-50[c/n list][fleet lists]
Boeing B-52 StratofortressB-52[c/n list][fleet lists]
Boeing C-14C- 14[fleet lists]
Boeing C-17 Globemaster IIIC- 17[c/n list][fleet lists]
Boeing C-97 StratofreighterC- 97[c/n list][fleet lists]
Boeing H-47 ChinookH- 47[c/n list][fleet lists]
Boeing H-64 ApacheH- 64[c/n list][fleet lists]
Boeing L-15 ScoutL-15[c/n list][fleet lists]
Boeing P-12P-12
Boeing P-26 PeashooterP-26
Boeing PBB Sea RangerPBB
Boeing PW-9PW-9
Boeing Vertol 360BV.360[c/n list][fleet lists]
Boeing Vertol H-46 Sea KnightH- 46[c/n list][fleet lists]
Boeing X-32X-32
Boeing-Sikorsky H-66 ComancheH- 66
Boeing-Stearman Model 75PT-13[c/n list]
Bölkow Bo 102Bo 102
Bölkow Bo 103Bo 103
Bölkow Bo 207Bo 207[c/n list]
Bölkow Bo 46Bo 46
Bölkow PhoebusPhoebus
Bombardier BD.700 Global ExpressBD.700[c/n list][fleet lists]
Bombardier Challenger 300CL-300[c/n list][fleet lists]
Bombardier Challenger 600CL-600[c/n list][fleet lists]
Bombardier CRJ200CRJ.200[c/n list][fleet lists]
Bombardier CRJ700CRJ.700[c/n list][fleet lists]
Bombardier CSeriesCSeries[c/n list][fleet lists]
Boom XB-1XB-1[c/n list]
Boulton Paul BalliolBalliol
Boulton Paul DefiantDefiant
Bowers Fly BabyFly Baby
Bowlus BA-100 Baby AlbatrossBA-100
Brändli BX-2 CherryBX-2[c/n list]
Brändli BX-3BX-3[c/n list]
Brantly 305Brantly 305
Brantly B-2B-2[fleet lists]
Braunschweig LF-1 ZaunkönigLF-1
Breda Ba.19Ba.19
Bréguet 1050 AlizéBr.1050[c/n list][fleet lists]
Bréguet 1100Br.1100[c/n list]
Bréguet 14Br. 14
Bréguet Br.1001 TaonBr.1001[c/n list]
Bréguet Br.1150 AtlantiqueBr.1150[c/n list][fleet lists]
Bréguet Br.19 Super BidonBr. 19
Bréguet Br.761Br. 761
Bréguet Br.900 LouisetteBr. 900[c/n list]
Bréguet Br.901 MouetteBr. 901[c/n list]
Bréguet Br.904 NymphaleBr. 904[c/n list]
Bréguet Br.905 FauvetteBr. 905[c/n list]
Bréguet Br.906 ChoucasBr. 906[c/n list]
Bréguet Br.940Br. 940
Breguet G.11G.11
Breguet Type IVType IV
Brewster F2A BuffaloF2A
Brewster SB2A BuccaneerSB2A
Briegleb BG-12BG-12
Bristol 173Bristol 173[c/n list]
Bristol 188Bristol 188
Bristol BeaufighterBeaufighter
Bristol BeaufortBeaufort
Bristol BelvedereBelvedere
Bristol BlenheimBlenheim
Bristol BolingbrokeBolingbroke
Bristol BrabazonBrabazon
Bristol BritanniaBritannia
Bristol BuckinghamBuckingham
Bristol BulldogBulldog
Bristol F.2 FighterF.2 Fighter
Bristol FreighterFreighter[c/n list][fleet lists]
Bristol M.1M.1
Bristol ScoutScout
Bristol SycamoreSycamore[c/n list]
Bristol Type 173Bristol Type 173
British Aerospace 125BAe 125[c/n list][fleet lists]
British Aerospace 146BAe 146[c/n list][fleet lists]
British Aerospace ATPATP[c/n list][fleet lists]
British Aerospace EAPEAP
British Aerospace HarrierHarrier[c/n list][fleet lists]
British Aerospace HawkHawk[c/n list][fleet lists]
British Aircraft Corporation BAC One-ElevenBAC1-11[c/n list][fleet lists]
Britten SheriffSheriff[c/n list]
Britten-Norman BN-1BN-1
Britten-Norman BN-2 IslanderBN-2[c/n list][fleet lists]
Britten-Norman BN-2 TrislanderBN-2[c/n list]
Britten-Norman BN-3 NymphBN-3
BRM Aero BristellBristell
Brock KB-2KB-2
Broome LeBeauBroome LeBeau
Brown B-1 RacerBrown Racer
Brown B-2 RacerBrown Racer
Brown StarliteStarlite
Brügger ColibriMB-2
Brumby 600Brumby 600[c/n list]
Brumby 610 EvolutionBrumby 610[c/n list]
Brunner-Winkle BirdBird
Bryce Wolff WRD-01WRD-01
Bücker Bü 131 JungmannBu 131
Bücker Bü 133 JungmeisterBu 133[fleet lists]
Bücker Bü 181 BestmannBu 181
Budd BB-1 PioneerBB-1[c/n list][fleet lists]
Budd RB ConestogaRB[c/n list][fleet lists]
Buhl LA-1 Bull PupLA-1
Burnelli CBY-3CBY-3
Buse'Air 150Buse'Air 150
Bushby Mustang IIMustang
Bushcaddy L-160L-160[c/n list]
Bushcaddy R-120R-120[c/n list]
Bushcaddy R-80R- 80[c/n list]
Butler BlackhawkBlackhawk[c/n list]
CAB GY-20 MinicabGY- 20[c/n list]
CAB GY-30 SupercabGY- 30[c/n list]
CAC BoomerangCA-12
CAC CA-28 CeresCA-28[c/n list]
CAC KangarooCA-15
CAC WackettCA- 6[c/n list]
CAC WinjeelCA-25[c/n list]
CAC WirrawayCA- 1
CAC WoomeraCA- 4
CAC/PAC JF-17 ThunderJF-17[fleet lists]
CAG ToxoToxo
CAIC Z-10Z-10
Calidus B-250B-250[c/n list]
CallAir Model ACallAir[c/n list]
Callus Centaur 2000Centaur 2000
Campbell CougarCampbell Cougar
Canadair CL-215 ScooperCL-215[c/n list][fleet lists]
Canadair CL-415 SuperScooperCL-415[c/n list][fleet lists]
Canadair CL-44CL-44[c/n list][fleet lists]
Canadair CL-66CL-66
Canadair CL-84 DynavertCL-84
Canadair CP-107 ArgusCP-107[fleet lists]
Canadair CT-114 TutorCT-114[c/n list][fleet lists]
Canadian Home Rotors SafariSafari
CANT Z.506 AironeZ.506
CAP-4 PaulistinhaCAP-4
Capra & Sebe Virvas 4000Virvas 4000
Caproni Ca.100Ca.100
Caproni Ca.113Ca.113
Caproni Ca.18Ca. 18
Caproni Ca.193Ca.193[c/n list]
Caproni Ca.3Ca. 3
Caproni Ca.310Ca.310
Caproni Campini N.1CC.2[c/n list]
Caproni Trento F.5F. 5[c/n list]
Caproni Vizzola C22 VenturaVentura
Caproni Vizzola CalifCalif
Caproni-Reggiane Re.2000 Falco IRe.2000
Carmam AiglonAiglon
CASA C-101 AviojetC-101[c/n list][fleet lists]
CASA C-201 AlcotánC-201
CASA C-202 HalcónC-202
CASA C-207 AzorC-207[c/n list][fleet lists]
CASA C-212 AviocarC-212[c/n list][fleet lists]
CASA/IPTN CN-235CN-235[c/n list][fleet lists]
Cassar ALCA-2ALCA-2[c/n list]
Cassutt RacerCassutt Racer
Castaibert MonoplaneCastaibert
Castel C.25SC.25
Caudron AiglonAiglon
Caudron C.270 LucioleC.270
Caudron C.430 RafaleC.430
Caudron C.59C. 59
Caudron C.60C. 60
Caudron C.635 SimounC.635
Caudron C.714C.714
Caudron C.800C.800
Caudron G.3G.3
Caudron G.4G.4
Celier Xenon 2Xenon
Centrair 101 PegaseCentrair 101
Centrair 201 MarianneCentrair 201
Central Aircraft SceptreSceptre[c/n list]
Cerva CE.43 GuépardCE.43[c/n list]
Cessna 120Ce.120[c/n list]
Cessna 150Ce.150[c/n list][fleet lists]
Cessna 152Ce.152[c/n list]
Cessna 162 SkycatcherCe.162[c/n list]
Cessna 170Ce.170[c/n list]
Cessna 172 SkyhawkCe.172[c/n list][fleet lists]
Cessna 175 SkylarkCe.175[c/n list]
Cessna 177 CardinalCe.177[c/n list]
Cessna 180 SkywagonCe.180[c/n list]
Cessna 182 SkylaneCe.182[c/n list][fleet lists]
Cessna 185 SkywagonCe.185[c/n list]
Cessna 188Ce.188[c/n list]
Cessna 195 BusinesslinerCe.195[c/n list][fleet lists]
Cessna 206Ce.206[c/n list][fleet lists]
Cessna 208 CaravanCe.208[c/n list]
Cessna 210 CenturionCe.210[c/n list]
Cessna 303 CrusaderCe.303[c/n list]
Cessna 310Ce.310[c/n list][fleet lists]
Cessna 337 SkymasterCe.337[c/n list][fleet lists]
Cessna 340Ce.340[c/n list]
Cessna 402Ce.402[c/n list][fleet lists]
Cessna 404 TitanCe.404[c/n list][fleet lists]
Cessna 408 SkyCourierCe.408[c/n list]
Cessna 411Ce.411[c/n list][fleet lists]
Cessna 414 ChancellorCe.414[c/n list]
Cessna 421 Golden EagleCe.421[c/n list]
Cessna 425 CorsairCe.425[c/n list]
Cessna 441 Conquest IICe.441[c/n list]
Cessna 500 Citation ICe.500[c/n list][fleet lists]
Cessna 510 Citation MustangCe.510[c/n list][fleet lists]
Cessna 525 CitationJetCe.525[c/n list][fleet lists]
Cessna 526Ce.526[c/n list]
Cessna 550 Citation IICe.550[c/n list][fleet lists]
Cessna 560 Citation ExcelCe.560XL[c/n list][fleet lists]
Cessna 560 Citation VCe.560[c/n list][fleet lists]
Cessna 620Ce.620[c/n list]
Cessna 650 Citation IIICe.650[c/n list][fleet lists]
Cessna 680 Citation SovereignCe.680[c/n list][fleet lists]
Cessna 700 Citation LongitudeCe.700[c/n list]
Cessna 750 Citation XCe.750[c/n list][fleet lists]
Cessna A-37 DragonflyA-37
Cessna AT-17 BobcatAT-17
Cessna C-165 AirmasterCe.C165[fleet lists]
Cessna CH-1 SkyhookCe.CH1
Cessna Modal ACe.A
Cessna NGPCessna NGP[c/n list]
Cessna O-1 Bird DogO- 1[fleet lists]
Cessna T-37 TweetT-37[c/n list][fleet lists]
CFM Streak ShadowShadow
Champion 402 LancerChampion 402[c/n list]
Chargus CycloneChargus Cyclone
Chase C-122 AvitrucC-122
Chase CG-14CG-14
Chase CG-20CG-20
Chengdu J-10J-10
Chester SpecialChester Special[c/n list]
Chilton DW.1Chilton DW.1[c/n list]
Chris Tena Mini CoupeMini Coupe
Chrislea Super AceSuper Ace
Christen Eagle IIEagle II
Ciani EC 38/56 UrendoEC 38[c/n list]
Ciani EC 40/62 EventualeEC 40
Cierva C.19C.19
Cierva C.24C.24
Cierva C.30C.30
Cierva C.8C. 8
Cierva CR TwinCR Twin
Cijan-Obad OraoOrao
Circle CW.4Circle CW.4[c/n list]
Cirrus SR20SR20[c/n list][fleet lists]
Cirrus SR22SR22[c/n list]
Cirrus Vision SF50SF50[c/n list]
Cirrus VK-30VK-30[c/n list]
Citroën RE-2RE-2[c/n list]
Civil Air Department RG-1 RohiniRG-1
CKD-Praga E-114E-114
Claudius-Dornier CD-02 SeastarCD-02[c/n list]
Clemson SpecialClemson Special[c/n list]
Clutton-Tabenor FREDFRED
CMC LeopardLeopard[c/n list]
CNNA HL-1HL-1[c/n list]
Cobalt Co50 ValkyrieValkyrie[c/n list]
Colomban Cri-CriCri-Cri
Columbia 350Columbia 350[c/n list]
Columbia 400Columbia 400[c/n list]
Colyaer Freedom S100Freedom S100
COMAC ARJ-21 XiangfengARJ-21[c/n list][fleet lists]
COMAC C919C919[c/n list][fleet lists]
Command-Aire 3C33C3
Commonwealth SkyrangerSkyranger
Comp Air JetComp Air Jet[c/n list][fleet lists]
Comper CLA.7 SwiftComper CLA.7 Swift[c/n list]
Comte AC-4 GentlemanAC-4
Consolidated B-24 LiberatorB-24[c/n list]
Consolidated PB2Y CoronadoPB2Y
Consolidated PB4Y-2 PrivateerPB4Y-2
Consolidated PBY CatalinaPBY[fleet lists]
Consolidated PT-1 TrustyPT- 1
Convair 880CV-880[c/n list][fleet lists]
Convair 990 CoronadoCV-990[c/n list][fleet lists]
Convair B-36 PeacemakerB-36
Convair B-58 HustlerB-58[c/n list][fleet lists]
Convair C-99C- 99
Convair CV-240CV-240[c/n list][fleet lists]
Convair CV-340CV-340[c/n list][fleet lists]
Convair F-102 Delta DaggerF-102[fleet lists]
Convair F-106 Delta DartF-106[fleet lists]
Convair F2Y Sea DartF2Y
Convair XF-92F- 92
Convertawings Model A QuadrotorConvertawings A
Corben Baby AceBaby Ace
Corby CJ-1 StarletCJ-1
Corendon AirlinesCorendon Airlines
Cranwell CLA.2CLA.2[c/n list]
Cranwell CLA.3CLA.3[c/n list]
Cranwell CLA.4CLA.4[c/n list]
Croses B-EC-7 Tous-TerrainEC-7[c/n list]
Croses B-EC-9 Paras-CargoEC-9[c/n list]
Croses EC-1 PouplumeEC-1[c/n list]
Croses EC-6 CriquetEC-6
Croses EC-8 TourismeEC-8[c/n list]
Crosley Moonbeam 2-POLB2-POLB
CubCrafters Carbon CubCub Carbon[c/n list]
CubCrafters Top CubCub Top[c/n list]
CubCrafters XCubCub X[c/n list]
Culk RC-1 EasyRC-1[c/n list]
Culver CadetCadet[c/n list]
Culver DartDart[c/n list]
Culver Model VCulver V[c/n list]
Culver PQ-14 CadetPQ-14
Curtiss C-46 CommandoC- 46
Curtiss F11C GoshawkF11C
Curtiss F6C HawkF6C
Curtiss F7C SeahawkF7C
Curtiss F9C SparrowhawkF9C
Curtiss HSHS
Curtiss JNJN
Curtiss Model FMF
Curtiss Model H AmericaCurtiss H
Curtiss N2C FledglingN2C
Curtiss NCNC
Curtiss O-52 OwlO-52
Curtiss OrioleOriole
Curtiss P-36 HawkP-36
Curtiss P-40 WarhawkP-40
Curtiss P-6 HawkP- 6
Curtiss R3CR3C
Curtiss RobinRobin
Curtiss Robin J-1J-1
Curtiss SB2C HelldiverSB2C
Curtiss SBC HelldiverSBC
Curtiss SOC SeagullSOC
Curtiss XF15CF15C
Curtiss-Wright AT-9 JeepAT- 9
Curtiss-Wright CW-12CW-12
Curtiss-Wright CW-15 SedanCW-15
Curtiss-Wright CW-19 CoupeCW-19
Curtiss-Wright JuniorCW- 1
Curtiss-Wright SNC FalconSNC
Curtiss-Wright XP-55 AscenderP-55
Custer Channel WingCCW[c/n list]
Cvjetkovic CA-65 SkyflyCA-65
CVT M-200M-200
CVV.4 PellicanoCVV.4[c/n list]
CVV.5 PaperoCVV.5[c/n list]
CVV.8 BonaventuraCVV.8[c/n list]
CZAW SportCruiserSportCruiser[c/n list]
Czech Technical University ZA-01ZA-01
Dart TotternhoeTotternhoe
Dassault Dornier Alpha JetAlpha Jet[fleet lists]
Dassault Étendard IIEtendard II[c/n list][fleet lists]
Dassault Étendard IVEtendard[c/n list][fleet lists]
Dassault Falcon 10Falcon 10[c/n list][fleet lists]
Dassault Falcon 20Falcon 20[c/n list][fleet lists]
Dassault Falcon 2000Falcon2000[c/n list][fleet lists]
Dassault Falcon 2000EXFalcon2000[c/n list][fleet lists]
Dassault Falcon 30Falcon 30[c/n list]
Dassault Falcon 50Falcon 50[c/n list][fleet lists]
Dassault Falcon 5XFalcon 5X[c/n list][fleet lists]
Dassault Falcon 6XFalcon 6X[c/n list]
Dassault Falcon 7XFalcon 7X[c/n list][fleet lists]
Dassault Falcon 8XFalcon 8X[c/n list][fleet lists]
Dassault Falcon 900Falcon 900[c/n list][fleet lists]
Dassault Falcon 900EXFalcon 900[c/n list][fleet lists]
Dassault MD 315 FlamantMD 315
Dassault MD 450 OuraganMD 450
Dassault MD.452 MystèreMD 452
Dassault MercureMercure[c/n list][fleet lists]
Dassault Mirage 2000Mirage 2000[c/n list][fleet lists]
Dassault Mirage 3Mirage 3[fleet lists]
Dassault Mirage 4Mirage 4[fleet lists]
Dassault Mirage 4000Mirage 4000
Dassault Mirage 5Mirage 5[fleet lists]
Dassault Mirage F1Mirage F1[fleet lists]
Dassault Mirage F2Mirage F2
Dassault Mirage G8Mirage G8
Dassault RafaleRafale[fleet lists]
Dassault Super MystèreSuper Mystère[fleet lists]
Dassault-Bréguet Super ÉtendardSuper Étendard[c/n list][fleet lists]
David Gittens Ikenga 530ZIkenga 530Z
Davis D-1D-1
Daytona CubDaytona Cub[c/n list]
de Havilland Australia DHA-3 DroverDHA-3[c/n list]
de Havilland Australia DHA-G1DHA-G1
de Havilland Canada DHC-1 ChipmunkDHC-1[c/n list][fleet lists]
de Havilland Canada DHC-2 BeaverDHC-2[fleet lists]
de Havilland Canada DHC-3 OtterDHC-3[c/n list]
de Havilland Canada DHC-4 CaribouDHC-4[c/n list][fleet lists]
de Havilland Canada DHC-5 BuffaloDHC-5[c/n list][fleet lists]
de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin OtterDHC-6[c/n list][fleet lists]
de Havilland Canada DHC-7DHC-7[c/n list][fleet lists]
de Havilland Canada DHC-8DHC-8[c/n list][fleet lists]
de Havilland DH.100 VampireVampire[fleet lists]
de Havilland DH.103 HornetHornet
de Havilland DH.104 DoveDove[c/n list][fleet lists]
de Havilland DH.106 CometComet[c/n list][fleet lists]
de Havilland DH.110 Sea VixenSea Vixen
de Havilland DH.112 VenomVenom[fleet lists]
de Havilland DH.114 HeronHeron
de Havilland DH.50DH. 50
de Havilland DH.53 Humming BirdDH. 53
de Havilland DH.60 MothMoth
de Havilland DH.80 Puss MothPuss Moth
de Havilland DH.82 Tiger MothTiger Moth
de Havilland DH.83 Fox MothDH.83
de Havilland DH.84 DragonDragon
de Havilland DH.85 Leopard MothDH. 85
de Havilland DH.86 ExpressExpress
de Havilland DH.87 Hornet MothHornet Moth
de Havilland DH.88 CometDH. 88[c/n list]
de Havilland DH.89 Dragon RapideDragon Rapide
de Havilland DH.9DH. 9
de Havilland DH.90 DragonflyDragonfly
de Havilland DH.94 Moth MinorMoth Minor
de Havilland DH.98 MosquitoMosquito
de Lackner DH-4 Heli-VectorDH-4
Dean-Wilson DW200 BoomerangDW200[c/n list]
Denel H-2 RooivalkRooivalk
Denney KitfoxKitfox
Deperdussin MonocoqueMonocoque
Deperdussin Taxi-typeTaxi-type
Desaer ATL-100ATL-100
DesoutterDesoutter[c/n list]
Dewoitine D-26D- 26
Dewoitine D-27D- 27
Dewoitine D-520D-520
Dewoitine D-9D- 9
DFS HabichtHabicht
DFS KranichKranich
DFS Olympia MeiseOlympia Meise
DFS ReiherReiher
DFS SG 38 SchulgleiterSG 38
DFS WeiheWeihe
DG Flugzeugbau DG-1000DG-1000
DG Flugzeugbau DG-800DG- 800
Diamond D-JetD-Jet[c/n list]
Diamond DA-20DA-20[c/n list]
Diamond DA-40DA-40[c/n list][fleet lists]
Diamond DA-42DA-42[c/n list]
Diamond DA-50DA-50[c/n list]
Diamond DA-62DA-62[c/n list]
Diamond DART-450DART-450
Diamond HK-36 Super DimonaHK-36[c/n list][fleet lists]
Diana Sailplanes SZD-56 DianaSZD-56[c/n list]
Dijkman Dulkes Dijkhastar IIDijkhastar II[c/n list]
DINFIA IA 35 HuanqueroIA 35
DINFIA IA 46 RanquelIA 46
DINFIA IA 53 MamboretáIA 53
Distar UFM-13 LambadaUFM-13
Doak VZ-4VZ-4
Doman LZ-5LZ-5
Dornier Do 17Do 17
Dornier Do 228Do 228[c/n list][fleet lists]
Dornier Do 24Do 24
Dornier Do 27Do 27[c/n list][fleet lists]
Dornier Do 28Do 28[c/n list][fleet lists]
Dornier Do 29Do 29
Dornier Do 31Do 31[fleet lists]
Dornier Do 328Do 328[c/n list][fleet lists]
Dornier Do 335 PfeilDo 335
Dornier Do 728Do 728
Dornier Do JDo J
Douglas A-1 SkyraiderA- 1[c/n list]
Douglas A-20 HavocA-20
Douglas A-26 InvaderA-26
Douglas A-3 SkywarriorA- 3[c/n list][fleet lists]
Douglas A-4 SkyhawkA- 4[c/n list][fleet lists]
Douglas A2D SkysharkA2D[c/n list][fleet lists]
Douglas B-18 BoloB-18[c/n list]
Douglas B-23 DragonB-23[c/n list]
Douglas B-66 DestroyerB-66[c/n list][fleet lists]
Douglas BTD DestroyerBTD
Douglas C-124 Globemaster IIC-124[c/n list][fleet lists]
Douglas C-133 CargomasterC-133[c/n list][fleet lists]
Douglas C-74 GlobemasterC- 74[c/n list][fleet lists]
Douglas D-558-1 SkystreakD-558-1[c/n list][fleet lists]
Douglas D-558-2 SkyrocketD-558-2[c/n list][fleet lists]
Douglas DC-10DC-10[c/n list][fleet lists]
Douglas DC-2DC- 2[fleet lists]
Douglas DC-3 DakotaDC- 3[c/n list][fleet lists]
Douglas DC-4DC- 4[c/n list]
Douglas DC-5DC- 5[c/n list]
Douglas DC-6DC- 6[c/n list][fleet lists]
Douglas DC-7DC- 7[c/n list]
Douglas DC-8DC- 8[c/n list][fleet lists]
Douglas F3D SkyknightF3D
Douglas F4D SkyrayF4D[c/n list]
Douglas F5D SkylancerF5D[c/n list][fleet lists]
Douglas MailplanesM-1
Douglas O-38O-38
Douglas RD DolphinRD
Douglas SBD DauntlessSBD
Douglas TBD DevastatorTBD
Douglas World CruiserDWC
Douglas X-3 StilettoX- 3
Dova DV-1 SkylarkDV-1
Driggs-Johnson DJ-1 BumblebeeDJ-1
Druine D.31 TurbulentD.31[c/n list]
Druine D.60 CondorD.60[c/n list]
Duigan Pusher BiplaneDuigan Biplane
Dyn'Aéro MCR-01MCR-01
Dyn'Aéro MCR-4MCR-4
Dyn'Aéro Twin-RTwin-R[c/n list]
E And K SBM-03 KosSBM-03
EADS CASA C-295C-295[c/n list][fleet lists]
Eagle Aircraft Eagle 150Eagle 150[c/n list]
Eagle Aircraft Eagle DW.1DW.1
Eagle EA-100EA-100[c/n list]
Early Bird JennyEarly Bird Jenny
Eastman E-2 Sea RoverE-2
Eclipse 500Eclipse 500[c/n list]
Edgar Percival EP.9 ProspectorEP.9
EFW N-20 AiguillonN-20
Eichmann AerobatAerobat[c/n list]
Eipper QuicksilverQuicksilver
Eiri-Avion PIK-20PIK-20
Eklund TE-1TE-1[c/n list]
Ekolot KR-030 TopazKR-030[c/n list]
EKW C-35C-35
EKW C-36C-36
Electroflight NXTENXTE[c/n list]
Elliotts of Newbury EoN 460EoN 460
Elliotts of Newbury OlympiaOlympia
Elliotts Primary EoNEoN AP-7[c/n list]
Embraer C-390 MillenniumC-390[c/n list][fleet lists]
Embraer EMB 110 BandeiranteEmb110[c/n list][fleet lists]
Embraer EMB 120 BrasiliaEmb120[c/n list]
Embraer EMB 121 XinguEmb121[c/n list][fleet lists]
Embraer EMB 145Emb145[c/n list][fleet lists]
Embraer EMB 170Emb170[c/n list][fleet lists]
Embraer EMB 190Emb190[c/n list][fleet lists]
Embraer EMB 200 IpanemaEmb200[c/n list]
Embraer EMB 312 TucanoEmb312[c/n list][fleet lists]
Embraer EMB 400 UrupemaEmb400
Embraer EMB 550Emb550[c/n list][fleet lists]
Embraer PhenomEmb500[c/n list][fleet lists]
Embraer/Alenia AMXAMX[fleet lists]
Embraer/FMA CBA 123 VectorEmb123
Emroth-Emair MA-1MA-1
ENAER T-35 PillánT-35[fleet lists]
English Electric CanberraCanberra[c/n list][fleet lists]
English Electric LightningLightning[c/n list][fleet lists]
Enstrom 280Enstrom280
Enstrom 480Enstrom480[fleet lists]
Epic LTEpic LT[c/n list]
ERCO ErcoupeErcoupe[c/n list]
Etrich TaubeTaube
Eugeniusz Pieniazek KukulkaEugeniusz Pieniazek Kukulka
Euro-ALA Jet FoxJet Fox
Euro-Enaer EE-10 EagletEE-10
Eurocopter EC120 ColibriEC120[c/n list][fleet lists]
Eurocopter EC130EC130
Eurocopter EC135EC135[c/n list][fleet lists]
Eurocopter EC145EC145[c/n list][fleet lists]
Eurocopter EC155EC155
Eurocopter EC175EC175
Eurocopter EC665 TigerTiger[c/n list][fleet lists]
Eurocopter X3X3
Eurofighter EF.2000 TyphoonEF.2000[c/n list][fleet lists]
Europa Aviation EuropaEuropa[c/n list]
Eurowing Ltd GoldwingGoldwing
Evangel 4500Evangel 4500[c/n list]
Evans VP-1 VolksplaneVP-1
Evans VP-2VP-2
Evektor EV-55 OutbackEV-55
Evektor EV-97 SportStarEV-97[c/n list][fleet lists]
Evektor VUT-100 CobraVUT-100[c/n list]
Eviation AliceAlice[c/n list]
EWR VJ101CVJ101[c/n list]
Extra EA-200EA-200[c/n list]
Extra EA-230EA-230[c/n list]
Extra EA-260EA-260[c/n list]
Extra EA-300EA-300[c/n list][fleet lists]
Extra EA-400EA-400[c/n list]
Extra EA-500EA-500[c/n list]
F L S Z Der Kricket DK-1DK-1
F+W C-3605 SchleppC-3605[fleet lists]
Facet SapphireSapphire
FAdeA IA-100 MalvinaIA-100
Faint 10KTFaint 10KT[c/n list]
Fairchild 11 HuskyF.11
Fairchild 22F.22
Fairchild 24F.24
Fairchild 46F.46
Fairchild 71F.71
Fairchild 82F.82[c/n list]
Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt IIA-10[c/n list][fleet lists]
Fairchild C-119 Flying BoxcarC-119[c/n list][fleet lists]
Fairchild C-123 ProviderC-123[c/n list]
Fairchild C-82 PacketC- 82[c/n list][fleet lists]
Fairchild FC-1FC-1
Fairchild Hiller FH-1100FH-1100
Fairchild KR-34KR-34
Fairchild PT-19PT-19
Fairchild Super 71FS.71
Fairchild Swearingen MetrolinerMetro[c/n list][fleet lists]
Fairchild T-46T-46
Fairey AlbacoreAlbacore
Fairey BarracudaBarracuda
Fairey BattleBattle
Fairey Delta 2Delta
Fairey FireflyFirefly
Fairey FulmarFulmar
Fairey GannetGannet[fleet lists]
Fairey IIIFairey III
Fairey Jet GyrodyneJet Gyrodyne[c/n list]
Fairey SwordfishSwordfish
FAJ Jastreb Vuk-TVuk-T
Farman F.190F.190
Farman F.400F.400
Farman F.46F. 46
Farman FF.65 SportFF.65
Farman HF.20HF.20
Farman MF.11 ShorthornMF.11
Farman MF.7 LonghornMF. 7
Faucett F-19F-19
Fauvel AV.10AV.10[c/n list]
Fauvel AV.22AV.22[c/n list]
Fauvel AV.36AV.36
Fauvel AV.45AV.45[c/n list]
Fauvel AV.60AV.60[c/n list]
Fawcett 120Fawcett 120[c/n list]
FBA SchreckSchreck
FBA Type AFBA Type A
FFA AS-202 BravoAS-202[c/n list][fleet lists]
FFA DiamantDiamant
FFA P-16P-16
FFB FlamingoFlamingo
FFVS J-22J-22
Fiat C.29C.29
Fiat CR.32CR.32
Fiat CR.42 FalcoCR.42
Fiat G.212G.212[c/n list]
Fiat G.46G. 46
Fiat G.5G. 5
Fiat G.50 FrecciaG. 50
Fiat G.55 CentauroG. 55
Fiat G.80G. 80
Fiat G.91G. 91[c/n list][fleet lists]
Fibera KK-1e UtuKK-1
Fieseler Fi.156 StorchFi.156
First Strike Aviation SuperCatSuperCat
Fischer BrauseBrause
Fisher CelebrityCelebrity[c/n list]
Fisher FP-202 KoalaFP-202
Fisher P-75 EagleP-75
Fisher R-80 Tiger MothR-80[c/n list]
Flaglor ScooterScooter
Flaris LAR-01LAR-01[c/n list]
Fleet CanuckCanuck
Fleet FawnFleet 7
Fleet FinchFinch
Fleet FortFort
Fleet FreighterFreighter
Fleet Model 1N2Y
Fleetwings F401 SeabirdF401[c/n list]
Fletcher FD-25FD-25
Flexiform Solo StrikerFlexiform Solo Striker
Flight Design CTFlight Design CT
Fly Synthesis CatalinaCatalina[c/n list]
Fly Synthesis SyncroSyncro
Fly Synthesis TexanTexan
Flyer F600NGF600NG[c/n list]
FMA 20 El BoyeroFMA 20
FMA I.Ae. 33 Pulqui IIIAe 33
FMA IA 50 Guaraní IIIA 50
FMA IA 58 PucaráIA 58[c/n list][fleet lists]
FMA IA 63 PampaIA 63[c/n list]
Focke-Achgelis Fa 223Fa 223
Focke-Achgelis Fa 330 BachstelzeFa 330
Focke-Wulf A.16A.16
Focke-Wulf Fw.189 UhuFw.189
Focke-Wulf Fw.190 WürgerFw.190
Focke-Wulf Fw.200 CondorFw.200
Focke-Wulf Fw.44 StieglitzFw. 44
Focke-Wulf Fw.58 WeiheFw. 58
Focke-Wulf Fw.61Fw. 61
Focke-Wulf Ta.152Ta.152
Fokker 100Fokker100[c/n list][fleet lists]
Fokker 50Fokker 50[c/n list][fleet lists]
Fokker C.IC.I
Fokker C.IVC.IV
Fokker C.VC.V
Fokker C.XC.X
Fokker D.XD.X
Fokker Dr.1Fokker Dr.1
Fokker F25 PromotorFokker 25[c/n list]
Fokker F27 FriendshipFokker 27[c/n list][fleet lists]
Fokker F28 FellowshipFokker 28[c/n list][fleet lists]
Fokker G.IG.I
Fokker S.11 InstructorS.11[c/n list][fleet lists]
Fokker S.12S.12[c/n list][fleet lists]
Fokker S.13 Universal TrainerS.13
Fokker S.14 MachtrainerS.14[fleet lists]
Fokker S.IVS.IV
Fokker SpinSpin
Fokker Super UniversalUniversal
Fokker T.IIT.II
Fokker UniversalUniversal
Folland GnatGnat[fleet lists]
Ford TrimotorFord
Fouga CM.170 MagisterCM.170[c/n list][fleet lists]
Fouga CM.175 ZéphyrCM.175[c/n list][fleet lists]
Fouga CM.88 GemeauxCM. 88[c/n list]
Found FBA-1FBA-1[c/n list]
Found FBA-2FBA-2[c/n list]
Fournier RF-10RF-10[c/n list][fleet lists]
Fournier RF-3RF- 3[c/n list]
Fournier RF-4RF- 4[c/n list]
Fournier RF-47RF-47[c/n list]
Fournier RF-5RF- 5[c/n list][fleet lists]
Fournier RF-7RF- 7[c/n list]
Fournier RF-8RF- 8
Fournier RF-9RF- 9[c/n list]
Foxcon Terrier 200Terrier 200
Frankfort CinemaCinema
Franklin PS-2PS-2
Franklin SportSport
Fuji FA-200 Aero SubaruFA-200[c/n list]
Fuji KM-2KM-2[c/n list][fleet lists]
Fuji LM-1 NikkoLM-1
Fuji T-1T- 1[c/n list][fleet lists]
Fuji T-3T- 3[c/n list][fleet lists]
Fuji T-5T- 5[c/n list][fleet lists]
Fuji T-7T- 7[c/n list][fleet lists]
Fuji-Rockwell Commander 700RC.700[c/n list]
Fulton FA-2 AirphibianFA-2
Funk Model BFunk B
Gabardini IdroIdro
GAC Aristocrat 102Aristocrat 102
Gadfly HDW-1HDW-1[c/n list]
GAF NomadNomad[c/n list][fleet lists]
GAF PikaPika
Game Composites GB1 GameBirdGB1[c/n list]
Ganzavia GAK-22 DinoGAK-22[c/n list]
Gardan GY-100 BagheraGY-100[c/n list]
Gavilán G358G.358
Genairco BiplaneGenairco
General Aircraft GAL.42 Cygnet IIGAL.42[c/n list]
General Aircraft GAL.45 OwletGAL.45[c/n list]
General Aircraft GAL.49 HamilcarHamilcar
General Aircraft MonosparMonospar
General Aircraft Monospar ST-25ST-25
General Avia F.22 PinguinoF. 22[c/n list]
General Aviation GA-43GA-43[c/n list]
General Dynamics F-111 AardvarkF-111[c/n list][fleet lists]
General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconF- 16[c/n list][fleet lists]
Gérin VarivolVarivol
Giles G-200G-200[c/n list]
Giles G-202G-202[c/n list]
GippsAero GA-10GA- 10[c/n list]
GippsAero GA-8 AirvanGA- 8[c/n list]
Gippsland GA-200 FatmanGA-200[c/n list]
Glaser-Dirks DG-100DG- 100
Glaser-Dirks DG-200DG- 200
Glaser-Dirks DG-300DG- 300
Glaser-Dirks DG-400DG- 400
Glaser-Dirks DG-500DG- 500
Glaser-Dirks DG-600DG- 600
Glasflügel BS-1BS-1
Glasflügel H-201 Standard-LibelleH-201
Glasflügel H-205 Club LibelleH-205
Glasflügel H-206 HornetH-206
Glasflügel H-301 LibelleH-301
Global Explorer 2Explorer 2[c/n list]
Globe GC-1 SwiftGC-1[c/n list]
Gloster E.28/39E.28/39
Gloster GamecockGamecock
Gloster GauntletGauntlet
Gloster GladiatorGladiator
Gloster JavelinJavelin
Gloster MeteorMeteor
Goair TrainerGoair Trainer[c/n list]
Gogetair G600G600[c/n list]
Golden Avio F30F. 30[c/n list]
Goodyear GA-2 DuckGA- 2
Goodyear GA-400R GizmoGA-400[c/n list]
Göppingen Gö 1 WolfGo 1
Göppingen Gö 4Go 4
Göppingen Gö 6 MinimoaGo 6
Gourdou-Leseurre GL.2GL. 2
Grade MonoplaneGrade Monoplane
Granville Brothers Gee Bee QEDGee Bee[c/n list][fleet lists]
Granville Brothers Gee Bee SportsterGee Bee
Great Lakes 2T-1 Sport TrainerGreat Lakes 2T-1[c/n list]
Great Lakes HomebuiltHomebuilt
Grega GN-1 AircamperGN-1
Grigorovich M-5M-5
Grinvalds OrionOrion[c/n list]
Grob G-102 AstirG-102[c/n list]
Grob G-103 Twin AstirG-103[c/n list]
Grob G-104 Speed AstirG-104[c/n list]
Grob G-109G-109[c/n list][fleet lists]
Grob G-115G-115[c/n list][fleet lists]
Grob G-116G-116
Grob G-120G-120[c/n list][fleet lists]
Grob G-140G-140[c/n list]
Grob G-160G-160[c/n list]
Grob G-180 SPnG-180
Grob G-520 EgrettG-520[c/n list]
Grob G-850 Strato 2CG-850[c/n list]
Grob GF-200GF-200
Gross JG-2 PantherJG-2[c/n list]
Grumman A-6 IntruderA- 6[c/n list][fleet lists]
Grumman AF GuardianAF
Grumman American AA-1AA-1[c/n list]
Grumman American AA-5AA-5[c/n list]
Grumman C-1 TraderC- 1[c/n list][fleet lists]
Grumman C-2 GreyhoundC- 2[c/n list][fleet lists]
Grumman E-1 TracerE- 1[c/n list][fleet lists]
Grumman F-14 TomcatF- 14[fleet lists]
Grumman F10F JaguarF10F
Grumman F11F TigerF11F
Grumman F3FF3F
Grumman F4F WildcatF4F
Grumman F6F HellcatF6F
Grumman F7F TigercatF7F
Grumman F8F BearcatF8F
Grumman F9F Panther/CougarF9F
Grumman FFFF
Grumman G.164 Ag CatG.164[c/n list][fleet lists]
Grumman G.21 GooseG. 21[c/n list][fleet lists]
Grumman G.44 WidgeonG. 44[c/n list][fleet lists]
Grumman G.73 MallardG. 73[c/n list]
Grumman Gulfstream IG.159[c/n list][fleet lists]
Grumman HU-16 AlbatrossHU-16[c/n list][fleet lists]
Grumman JF DuckJF
Grumman S-2 TrackerS- 2[c/n list][fleet lists]
Grumman TBF AvengerTBF
Grumman V-1 MohawkV- 1[c/n list][fleet lists]
Grumman X-29X-29
Grumman XJLXJL
Guanyi GA20GA20
Guerchais-Roche ÉmouchetEmouchet
Guimbal Cabri G2Cabri G2[c/n list]
Gulfstream American GA-7 CougarGA-7[c/n list]
Gulfstream G.100G.100[c/n list][fleet lists]
Gulfstream G.1159 Gulfstream IIG. 2[c/n list][fleet lists]
Gulfstream G.1159 Gulfstream IIIG. 3[c/n list][fleet lists]
Gulfstream G.200G.200[c/n list][fleet lists]
Gulfstream G.280G.280[c/n list]
Gulfstream G.400G.400[c/n list]
Gulfstream G.450G.450[c/n list][fleet lists]
Gulfstream G.500G.500[c/n list][fleet lists]
Gulfstream G.550G.550[c/n list][fleet lists]
Gulfstream G.600G.600[c/n list][fleet lists]
Gulfstream G.650G.650[c/n list][fleet lists]
Gulfstream G.700G.700
Gulfstream G.800G.800
Gulfstream IVG. 4[c/n list][fleet lists]
Gulfstream VG. 5[c/n list][fleet lists]
Gusty A60Gusty A60[c/n list]
Haase-Kensche-Schmetz HKS-1HKS-1
Häfeli DH-5DH-5
HAL AjeetAjeet
HAL ATS-1 ArdhraATS-1
HAL DhruvDhruv[fleet lists]
HAL HA-31 BasantHA-31
HAL HAOP-27 KrishakHAOP-27
HAL HF-24 MarutHF-24
HAL HJT-16 KiranHJT-16
HAL HJT-36 SitaraHJT-36
HAL HPT-32 DeepakHPT-32
HAL HUL-26 PushpakHUL-26
HAL TejasTejas
Halberstadt C.VHalberstadt C.V
Halberstadt CL.IIHalberstadt CL.II
Halberstadt CL.IVHalberstadt CL.IV
Hall Cherokee 2Cherokee
Hamburger Flugzeugbau HFB320 Hansa JetHFB320[c/n list][fleet lists]
Hamilton H-47H-47
Hamlin Sparrowhawk IISparrowhawk
Handley Page HP.115HP.115
Handley Page HP.137 JetstreamJetstream[c/n list][fleet lists]
Handley Page HP.39 GugnuncHP.39
Handley Page HP.52 HampdenHampden
Handley Page HP.57 HalifaxHalifax
Handley Page HP.67 HastingsHastings
Handley Page HP.80 VictorVictor[c/n list][fleet lists]
Handley Page HP.81 HermesHermes
Handley Page HPR.1 MarathonMarathon
Handley Page HPR.7 Dart HeraldHPR.7[c/n list][fleet lists]
Hanoi Institute HL-1HL-1
Hanoi Institute TL-1 Tu LucTL-1
Hanriot H.180H.180
Hanriot HD.1HD.1
Hansa-Brandenburg B.IB.I
Hansa-Brandenburg W.33W.33
Harbin SH-5SH-5
Harbin Y-11Y-11[c/n list]
Harbin Y-12Y-12[c/n list]
Harbin Z-20Z-20
Havertz HZ-5HZ-5[c/n list]
Hawker 400Hawker 400[c/n list][fleet lists]
Hawker 4000Hawker 4000[c/n list][fleet lists]
Hawker CygnetCygnet
Hawker DanecockDanecock
Hawker FuryFury
Hawker HartHart
Hawker HectorHector
Hawker HunterHunter[fleet lists]
Hawker HurricaneHurricane
Hawker NimrodNimrod
Hawker P.1052P.1052[fleet lists]
Hawker Sea FurySea Fury
Hawker Sea HawkSea Hawk[c/n list][fleet lists]
Hawker Siddeley HS 121 TridentTrident[c/n list][fleet lists]
Hawker Siddeley HS 748HS 748[c/n list][fleet lists]
Hawker Siddeley NimrodNimrod[c/n list][fleet lists]
Hawker TempestTempest
Hawker TomtitTomtit
Hawker TyphoonTyphoon
HB-Flugtechnik HB-207 AlfaHB-207[c/n list]
HB-Flugtechnik HB-208 AmigoHB-208[c/n list]
Heath Aviation CNA-40CNA-40
Heath CA-1 ParasolCA-1
Heinkel HE 5HE 5
Heinkel He-111He-111
Heinkel He-114He-114
Heinkel He-115He-115
Heinkel He-162 VolksjägerHe-162
Heinkel He-219 UhuHe-219
Heinkel He-72 KadettHe- 72
Heinonen HK-1 KeltiäinenHK-1[c/n list]
Helio CourierH-295[c/n list][fleet lists]
Helio HS-550 StallionHS-550
Helio Twin CourierH-500[c/n list]
Helwan HA.300HA.300
Hemmiger LH-22 Baby-FalkLH-22
Henschel Hs-126Hs-126
Heston JC.6Heston JC.6
Heuberger-Rinker H-5 StingerH-5 Stinger[c/n list]
Hill HummerHummer
Hill-Ray KR-1KR-1
Hiller H-23 RavenH- 23[fleet lists]
Hiller H-32 HornetH- 32
Hiller H-44 Hiller-CopterH- 44
Hiller Ten99Ten99
Hinon Hikouki X1G1BX1G1B
Hirth Hi-27 AcrostarHi-27
Hispano HA.200 SaetaHA.200
Hispano-Suiza HS-34HS-34
Hiway SkytrikeSkytrike
HN KonkubinKonkubin
Hogslund/Traugott-Olsen 2GHogslund 2G
Hollsmidt 222HT-1
Holmes KH-1KH-1
Honda HA-420 HondaJetHA-420[c/n list]
Honda MH02MH02[c/n list]
Horikawa H-22H-22
Horikawa H-23H-23
Horten H.II HabichtH.II
Horten H.IVH.IV
Horten Ho 229Ho 229
Howard 500Howard 500
Howard DGA-15 NightingaleDGA-15
Howard DGA-3 PeteDGA- 3
Howard DGA-4DGA- 4
Howard DGA-8DGA- 8
HPA TT62 AlektoTT62
HS-44 AerokotHS-44
Huff-Daland PetrelPetrel
Hughes H.1 RacerH. 1[c/n list]
Hughes H.269H.269[c/n list][fleet lists]
Hughes H.4 HerculesH. 4
Hughes H.500H.500[c/n list][fleet lists]
Hughes LightwingLightwing
Hughes PR-BreezePR-Breeze
Humbert Moto Du CielMoto Du Ciel
Humbert TétrasTetras
Hunting H.126H.126[c/n list]
Hurel-Dubois HD.31HD.31
Hütter Hü 17Hü 17
HWL PegazPegaz
Høningstad Norge CNorge
I.Ae. 22 DLIAe 22
I.Ae. 24 CalquinIAe 24
I.Ae. 27 Pulqui IIAe 27
I.Ae. 31 ColibríIAe 31
I.Ae. 34 Clen AntúIAe 34
I.Ae. 41 UrubúIAe 41
IAF KanpurKanpur
IAI AravaArava[c/n list][fleet lists]
IAI KfirKfir
IAI LaviLavi
IAI NesherNesher
IAI TzukitCM.170[c/n list]
IAI WestwindWestwind[c/n list]
IAR 317 AirfoxIAR 317
IAR 80IAR 80
IAR 813IAR 813
IAR 822IAR 822
IAR 823IAR 823[c/n list]
IAR 824IAR 824
IAR 828IAR 828
IAR 93 VulturIAR 93[c/n list][fleet lists]
IAR 99 ȘoimIAR 99[fleet lists]
ICA IS-28IS-28
ICA IS-29IS-29
ICON A5A5[c/n list]
ICP SavannahSavannah[c/n list]
Ikarus 214Ikarus 214
Ikarus 451Ikarus 451
Ikarus Aero 2Aero 2
Ikarus C42Ikarus C42[c/n list]
Ikarus KošavaKosava
Ikarus KurirKurir
Ikarus MeteorMeteor
Ikarus S-451Ikarus 451
Ikarus S-49S-49
Ikarus T-451Ikarus 451
Ilyushin DB-3DB-3
Ilyushin Il-10Il- 10
Ilyushin Il-102Il-102
Ilyushin Il-103Il-103[c/n list][fleet lists]
Ilyushin Il-112Il-112[c/n list]
Ilyushin Il-114Il-114
Ilyushin Il-12Il- 12
Ilyushin Il-14Il- 14[fleet lists]
Ilyushin Il-18Il- 18
Ilyushin Il-2Il- 2
Ilyushin Il-28Il- 28[fleet lists]
Ilyushin Il-38Il- 38[fleet lists]
Ilyushin Il-4Il- 4
Ilyushin Il-40Il- 40
Ilyushin Il-62Il- 62[c/n list][fleet lists]
Ilyushin Il-76Il- 76[fleet lists]
Ilyushin Il-86Il- 86[c/n list][fleet lists]
Ilyushin Il-96Il- 96[c/n list][fleet lists]
IMAM Ro.37Ro.37
IMAM Ro.43Ro.43
IMCO CallAir A-9CallAir A-9[c/n list]
Indonesian Aerospace N-219N-219
Iniziative Industriali Italiane Sky ArrowSky Arrow
Inland S-300 SportS-300
Instytut Szybownictwa IS-1 SępIS-1
Instytut Szybownictwa IS-3IS-3
Instytut Szybownictwa IS-6X NietoperzIS-6
Instytut Szybownictwa IS-A SalamandraIS-A
Instytut Szybownictwa IS-B KomarIS-B
Instytut Szybownictwa IS-C ŻurawIS-C
Interavia I-1I-1
Interstate S-1 CadetS-1
IPE KW1 Quero QeuroKW1
IPT-0 Bichinho IIIPT-0
IPTN N-250N-250[c/n list]
Irkut MC-21MC-21[c/n list]
Ismeretlen KPS-3 FamadárKPS-3
Italair F.20 PegasoF. 20[c/n list]
Itochu N-62N-62
IVL C.24C.24
IVL D.26 HaukkaD.26
Jabiru J120J120
Jabiru J160J160
Jabiru J170J170
Jabiru J230J230
Jabiru J400J400
JAC NK-96NK-96
Jameson RJJ-1 Gypsy HawkRJJ-1[c/n list][fleet lists]
Janka Gyöngyös 33Gyongyos 33
Janowski J-1 Don KichoteJ-1
JAP/Harding MonoplaneMonoplane
Jastreb RodaJastreb Roda
Javron PA-12PA-12[c/n list]
Javron PA-18 Super CubPA-18[c/n list]
Jeannin StahltaubeJeannin Stahltaube
Jiefang 9Jiefang 9
Jodel D.11D. 11
Jodel D.18D. 18
Jodel D.9 BébéD. 9
Jodel DR.100DR.100[c/n list]
Jodel DR.200DR.200[c/n list]
Jodel DR.250DR.250[c/n list]
Jodel DR.400DR.400[c/n list]
Jodel DR.500 PrésidentDR.500[c/n list]
John Ferg SpititSpitit[c/n list]
Johnson RocketRocket[c/n list]
Jora JoraJora
Jos Peeters Peean-9KPeean-9K
Junkers A 50A 50
Junkers D.ID.I
Junkers F.13F.13
Junkers G 31G 31
Junkers J.1J.1
Junkers J.4J.4
Junkers Ju-188Ju-188
Junkers Ju-352 HerkulesJu-352
Junkers Ju-388Ju-388
Junkers Ju-52Ju- 52[c/n list][fleet lists]
Junkers Ju-86Ju- 86
Junkers Ju-87 StukaJu- 87
Junkers Ju-88Ju- 88
Junkers W 33W 33
Junkers W 34W 34
Jurca MJ-2 TempêteMJ-2
Jurca MJ-5 SiroccoMJ-5
Jurca MJ-7 GnatsumMJ-7
Just Aircraft EscapadeJA-10[c/n list]
Just Aircraft SuperstolJA-30[c/n list]
KAI KC-100 NaraonKC-100
KAI KF-21 BoramaeKF-21
KAI KT-1 WoongbiKT-1[fleet lists]
KAI KUH-1 SurionKUH-1
KAI T-50 Golden EagleT-50[c/n list]
Kaman H-2 SeaspriteH- 2[c/n list][fleet lists]
Kaman H-43 HuskieH- 43
Kaman K-16K-16[c/n list]
Kaman K-225K-225
Kaman K-MAXK-1200
Kamov Ka-18Ka-18
Kamov Ka-25Ka-25
Kamov Ka-26Ka-26[c/n list]
Kamov Ka-27Ka-27[fleet lists]
Kamov Ka-50 Chornaya AkulaKa-50
Kamov Ka-52 AlligatorKa-52
Kamov Ka-60Ka-60
Kantor-Kuklik Racek 3 MrkevRecak 3
Kappa 77 KP-2U SovaKP-2U
Karakorum K-8K-8
Karhumäki Karhu 48BKarhu 48
Kari-Keen Sioux CoupeSioux Coupe
Kassel 12Kassel 12
Kawanishi H8KH8K
Kawanishi N1K ShidenN1K
Kawasaki C-1C-1[c/n list][fleet lists]
Kawasaki C-2C-2[c/n list][fleet lists]
Kawasaki KAL-1KAL-1
Kawasaki KAL-2KAL-2
Kawasaki KAT-1KAT-1
Kawasaki Ki-100Ki-100
Kawasaki Ki-45 ToryuKi-45
Kawasaki Ki-48 SokeiKi-48
Kawasaki Ki-61 HienKi-61
Kawasaki OH-1 NinjaOH-1[c/n list][fleet lists]
Kawasaki P-1P-1[c/n list][fleet lists]
Kawasaki T-4T- 4[c/n list][fleet lists]
Kay GyroplaneKay
Kazan AnsatAnsat
Kellet KD-1KD-1
Kellett K-2K-2
Kensgaila VK-9VK-9
Kesselyák KM-400KM-400
Kingsford Smith PL-7 TankerPL- 7
Kinner PlayboyPlayboy
Kinner SportsterSportster
Kirigamine Hato K-14K-14
Kirigamine Taka-7Taka-7
Kirigamine Tobi 1Tobi 1
Kjeller FF.9 KaieFF.9
Klein Vision AirCarAirCar[c/n list]
Klemm Kl 107Kl 107[c/n list]
Klemm Kl 25Kl 25
Klemm Kl 35Kl 35
Knechtel KN-1KN-1
Knepper KA-1 CrusaderKA-1[c/n list]
Knoller C.IIC.II
Kochyerigin DI-6DI-6
Kokkola KO-04 Super UpstartKO-04[c/n list]
Koltseplan NarushevichKoltseplan Narushevich
Konrad Mock AutogyroKonrad Mock Autogyro
Kopter SH09SH09
Korea Aerospace Research Institute BandihoBandiho
Korean Air Changgong-91Changgong
Kotula-Lundy GrafliteGraflite[c/n list]
Kreider-Reisner ChallengerChallenger
Kreit Lambrickx KL-2KL-2
Kronfeld DroneDrone
Küffer Helicopter KH 92KH-92
LAD Mita 3Mita 3
Laird LC-BLC-B
Laird SolutionSolution
Laird-Turner RT-14 MeteorRT-14
Laister-Kauffman TG-4TG-4
LAK-12 LietuvaLAK-12
Lake LA-250 RenegadeLA-250[c/n list]
Lake LA-4 BuccaneerLA- 4[c/n list]
Lancair 320Lancair 320
Lancair 360Lancair 360
Lancair ESLancair ES
Lancair EvolutionEvolution
Lancair IVLancair IV
Lancair TigressTigress
Lange AntaresAntares[c/n list]
Latécoère 225Latécoère 225
Latécoère 25Latécoère 25
Latécoère 28Latécoère 28
Lavochkin La-11La- 11
Lavochkin La-15La- 15
Lavochkin La-150La-150
Lavochkin La-152La-152
Lavochkin La-160La-160
Lavochkin La-168La-168
Lavochkin La-250La-250
Lavochkin La-5La- 5
Lavochkin La-7La- 7
Lavochkin La-9La- 9
Lavochkin-Gorbunov-Gudkov LaGG-3LaGG-3
Layzell CricketCricket
Lazarov LAZ-7LAZ-7
Lazer Z-2300Z-2300[c/n list]
Lea Kestrel KermitKermit
LearAvia Lear Fan 2100Lear Fan[c/n list][fleet lists]
Learjet Lj-23Lj-23[c/n list][fleet lists]
Learjet Lj-31Lj-31[c/n list][fleet lists]
Learjet Lj-35Lj-35[c/n list][fleet lists]
Learjet Lj-45Lj-45[c/n list][fleet lists]
Learjet Lj-55Lj-55[c/n list][fleet lists]
Learjet Lj-60Lj-60[c/n list][fleet lists]
Learjet Lj-85Lj-85[c/n list]
Leduc 0.10Leduc 0.10
Leduc 0.22Leduc 0.22
Legal Eagle KitplanesLegal Eagle
Lehtovaara PIK-16 VasamaPIK-16
Leonardo Helicopters AW249AW249
LET L-13 BlaníkL- 13[c/n list]
Let L-200 MoravaL-200[c/n list][fleet lists]
LET L-23 Super BlaníkL- 23[fleet lists]
Let L-410 TurboletL-410[c/n list][fleet lists]
Let L-610L-610[c/n list][fleet lists]
Let LF-109 PionýrLF-109
Letov Jastreb 54Jastreb 54
Letov KB-5 JadranKB-5
Letov LF-107 LuňákLF-107
Letov Ljubljana KB-6 MatajurKB-6
Letov Š-1S- 1
Letov Š-18S-18
Letov Š-20S-20
LeWann Biplane DD-1LeWann Biplane DD-1
LFU 205LFU-205[c/n list]
Liberty XL2Liberty XL2[c/n list]
Light Miniature LM-1LM-1
Lincoln LS-2 SportLincoln Sport
Lincoln-Page LP-3LP-3
Lincoln-Page PTPT
Lipnur NU-200 SikumbangNU-200
Lisunov Li-2Li-2
Lockheed C-130 HerculesC-130[c/n list][fleet lists]
Lockheed C-141 StarlifterC-141[c/n list][fleet lists]
Lockheed C-5 GalaxyC- 5[c/n list][fleet lists]
Lockheed ConstellationL. 749[c/n list][fleet lists]
Lockheed F-104 StarfighterF-104[c/n list][fleet lists]
Lockheed F-117 NighthawkF-117[c/n list][fleet lists]
Lockheed F-90F- 90
Lockheed F-94 StarfireF- 94
Lockheed H-56 CheyenneH- 56[c/n list]
Lockheed HudsonHudson
Lockheed L.10 ElectraL. 10
Lockheed L.1011 TriStarL.1011[c/n list][fleet lists]
Lockheed L.12 Electra JuniorL. 12
Lockheed L.1329 JetStarL.1329[c/n list][fleet lists]
Lockheed L.14 Super ElectraL. 14
Lockheed L.18 LodestarL. 18[c/n list]
Lockheed L.188 ElectraL. 188[c/n list][fleet lists]
Lockheed L.8 SiriusL. 8
Lockheed L.9 OrionL. 9
Lockheed Martin F-22 RaptorF- 22[c/n list][fleet lists]
Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning IIF- 35[c/n list][fleet lists]
Lockheed Martin X-59 QuesstX-59
Lockheed P-2 NeptuneP-2[fleet lists]
Lockheed P-3 OrionP-3[c/n list][fleet lists]
Lockheed P-38 LightningP-38
Lockheed P-80 Shooting StarP-80[fleet lists]
Lockheed PV VenturaPV[c/n list][fleet lists]
Lockheed R-71 BlackbirdR-71[c/n list][fleet lists]
Lockheed R6V ConstitutionR6V[c/n list]
Lockheed S-3 VikingS- 3[c/n list][fleet lists]
Lockheed T-33 Shooting StarT-33[c/n list][fleet lists]
Lockheed T2V SeaStarT2V[c/n list][fleet lists]
Lockheed U-2 Dragon LadyU- 2[fleet lists]
Lockheed VegaVega
Lockheed XFVXFV
Lockheed YO-3 Quiet StarO- 3[c/n list][fleet lists]
Loening C-2 Air YachtC-2
Loening OLOL
Lohner L-1 AlbatrosLohner L-1 Albatros
Lommatzsch Lom-59 Lo-MeiseLom-59
Long Henderson Longster HL-1HL-1
Loravia LCA-11 TopazeLCA-11
Loving WR-1 LoveWR-1
LTV A-7 Corsair IIA- 7[c/n list][fleet lists]
LTV L450FL450[c/n list]
LTV XC-142C-142
Luscombe 11 SedanLuscombe 11[c/n list]
Luscombe 8 SilvaireLuscombe 8[c/n list]
Luscombe P3 Rattler StrikeLuscombe P3
Luton LA-4 MinorLA-4
Luton LA-5 MajorLA-5
Luverene Kraemer American TriwingTriwing
LWD JunakJunak
LWD SzpakSzpak
LWD ZuchZuch
M&D Flugzeugbau AVo 68 SamburoAVo 68
Macchi M-39M- 39
Macchi M-67M- 67
Macchi MB-308MB-308[c/n list]
Macchi MB-320MB-320[c/n list]
Macchi MB-323MB-323
Macchi MC-200 SaettaMC-200
Macchi MC-202 FolgoreMC-202
Macchi MC-205 VeltroMC-205
Macchi MC-72MC- 72
MacCready Mahoney SorceressSorceress[c/n list]
MacDonald S-21S-21[c/n list]
Macera SparvieroSparviero
MacGregor MG-65MG-65[c/n list]
Maerc Sarl H-00H-00
Magni M-16 Tandem TrainerMagni M-16 Tandem Trainer
Magnus FusionFusion[c/n list]
Mainair RapierRapier
Mainair Tri-FlyerTri-Flyer
Malmö MFI.10 VipanMFI.10[c/n list]
Malmö MFI.9MFI. 9[c/n list]
Manuel HawkHawk[c/n list]
Manuel WrenWren
Margański & Mysłowski EM-10 BielikEM-10
Margański & Mysłowski EM-11 OrkaEM-11[c/n list]
Marganski Swift S-1Swift S-1[c/n list]
Martin 2-0-2Martin 2-0-2
Martin 4-0-4Martin 4-0-4[c/n list]
Martin AM MaulerAM
Martin B-10B-10
Martin B-26 MarauderB-26
Martin JRM MarsJRM
Martin M-130M-130
Martin Marietta X-24X-24
Martin P4M MercatorP4M
Martin P5M MarlinP5M
Martin PBM MarinerPBM
Martinsyde BuzzardBuzzard
Matějček M-17 UniversalM-17
Mauboussin M.120 CorsaireM.120
Maule M-4M-4[c/n list]
Maule M-5M-5[c/n list]
Maule M-7M-7[c/n list][fleet lists]
Maule M-8M-8[c/n list]
Maule M-9M-9[c/n list]
Mavi IşıkIsik
Max Holste MH.1521 BroussardMH.1521[c/n list][fleet lists]
MBB/Kawasaki BK117BK.117[c/n list][fleet lists]
McCandless M4 AirbuggyMcCandless M4[c/n list]
McCarley Mini-MacMini-Mac[c/n list]
McCulloch J-2J-2[c/n list]
McCulloch MC-4MC-4
McDonnell 220MD-220[c/n list][fleet lists]
McDonnell Douglas C-15C- 15[fleet lists]
McDonnell Douglas DC-9DC- 9[c/n list][fleet lists]
McDonnell Douglas F-15 EagleF- 15[c/n list][fleet lists]
McDonnell Douglas F-18 HornetF- 18[c/n list][fleet lists]
McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom IIF- 4[c/n list][fleet lists]
McDonnell Douglas MD-11MD-11[c/n list][fleet lists]
McDonnell Douglas MD-80MD-80[c/n list][fleet lists]
McDonnell F-101 VoodooF-101[c/n list][fleet lists]
McDonnell F-85 GoblinF- 85
McDonnell F2H BansheeF2H
McDonnell F3H DemonF3H
McDonnell FH PhantomFH[c/n list]
McDowall MonoplaneMcDowall Monoplane
McKinnie 165McKinnie 165
MD Helicopters MD600MD600
MD Helicopters MD900 ExplorerMD900[c/n list][fleet lists]
MD-160 Lun EkranoplaneMD-160
MDC TrailerTrailer[c/n list]
MDM-1 FoxMDM-1[c/n list]
Medway SLA100 ExecutiveSLA100
Merckle SM 67SM 67
Mercury Air K-10 ShoestringK-10
Messerschmitt Bf.108 TaifunBf.108
Messerschmitt Bf.109Bf.109
Messerschmitt Bf.110Bf.110
Messerschmitt M17M17
Messerschmitt Me 163 KometMe 163
Messerschmitt Me 209Me 209
Messerschmitt Me 210Me 210
Messerschmitt Me 262 SchwalbeMe 262
Messerschmitt Me 323 GigantMe 323
Messerschmitt Me 410 HornisseMe 410
Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm Bo 105Bo 105[c/n list][fleet lists]
Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm Bo 108Bo 108
Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm Bo 209 MonsunBo 209[c/n list]
Metal Aircraft Corporation FlamingoFlamingo
Meyer Little TootLittle Toot
MFI BA-12 SländanBA-12
Micro Aviation B22 BantamB22
Micro Aviation PulsarPulsar
Micro Biplane Aviation Tiger Cub 440Tiger Cub
Microflight SpectrumSpectrum
Microturbo Microjet 200Microjet 200[c/n list][fleet lists]
Mielec M-15M-15
Mifka Mi.1 LenaMifka Mi.1
Mignet HM.14 Pou-du-CielHM.14
Mikoyan MiG-31MiG-31
Mikoyan MiG-35MiG-35
Mikoyan MiG-ATMiG-AT
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-1MiG- 1
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-105MiG-105
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15MiG-15[fleet lists]
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17MiG-17
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19MiG-19
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21MiG-21[c/n list][fleet lists]
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23MiG-23[fleet lists]
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25MiG-25
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-27MiG-27
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29MiG-29[fleet lists]
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-3MiG- 3
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-9MiG- 9
Mikoyan-Gurevich Ye-150Ye-150
Mil Mi-1Mi- 1[fleet lists]
Mil Mi-10Mi-10
Mil Mi-14Mi-14[c/n list][fleet lists]
Mil Mi-2Mi- 2[c/n list][fleet lists]
Mil Mi-24Mi-24[fleet lists]
Mil Mi-26Mi-26[c/n list][fleet lists]
Mil Mi-28Mi-28
Mil Mi-34Mi-34
Mil Mi-38Mi-38[c/n list]
Mil Mi-4Mi- 4[fleet lists]
Mil Mi-6Mi- 6
Mil Mi-8Mi- 8[c/n list][fleet lists]
Mil V-12V-12
Mil V-7V-7
Miles M.100 StudentM.100[c/n list]
Miles M.12 MohawkM.12
Miles M.14 MagisterM.14[fleet lists]
Miles M.18 series 2M.18
Miles M.2 HawkM. 2
Miles M.25 MartinetM.25
Miles M.3 FalconM. 3
Miles M.38 MessengerM.38
Miles M.4 MerlinM. 4
Miles M.5 SparrowhawkM. 5[c/n list]
Miles M.57 AerovanM.57[c/n list]
Miles M.65 GeminiM.65
Miles M.9 MasterM. 9
Mitsubishi A6M ZeroA6M
Mitsubishi F-1F- 1[c/n list][fleet lists]
Mitsubishi F-2F- 2[c/n list][fleet lists]
Mitsubishi G4MG4M
Mitsubishi J2M RaidenJ2M
Mitsubishi J8M ShūsuiJ8M
Mitsubishi Ki-46Ki-46
Mitsubishi Ki-51Ki-51
Mitsubishi MH2000MH2000
Mitsubishi MU-2MU-2[c/n list][fleet lists]
Mitsubishi Regional JetMRJ[c/n list]
Mitsubishi T-2T- 2[c/n list][fleet lists]
ML UtilityUtility ML.1
Modern Air Sports GoldwingGoldwing
Monbushō 1Monbusho 1
Mong MS-1 SportMS-1
Monnett MoneraiMonerai
Monnett MoniMoni
Monnett SoneraiSonerai
Monocoupe 90Monocoupe
Monocoupe MonocoachMonocoach
Monte-Copter Model 12Monte-Copter 12[c/n list]
Monte-Copter Model 15 Tri-PhibianMonte-Copter 15[c/n list]
Montgomerie-Parsons Two PlaceMontgomerie-Parsons Two Place[c/n list]
Mooney M10 CadetM10[c/n list]
Mooney M18 MiteM18[c/n list]
Mooney M20M20[c/n list]
Mooney M22 MustangM22[c/n list]
Moragon StelaStela
Morane-Saulnier G TypeMS.G
Morane-Saulnier H TypeMS.H
Morane-Saulnier MS.147MS.147
Morane-Saulnier MS.180MS.180
Morane-Saulnier MS.230MS.230
Morane-Saulnier MS.315MS.315
Morane-Saulnier MS.406MS.406
Morane-Saulnier MS.50MS. 50
Morane-Saulnier MS.603MS.603
Morane-Saulnier MS.733 AlcyonMS.733
Morane-Saulnier MS.760 ParisMS.760[c/n list][fleet lists]
Moravan Zlín Z 400Z 400[c/n list]
Morgan Aero Works SierraSierra
Morovan Z 135Z 135
Moswey Segelflugzeug-Werke Moswey IIIMoswey III
Moynet 360 JupiterM-360[c/n list]
Mráz M.1 SokolM.1
Mudry CAP 10CAP 10[c/n list][fleet lists]
Mudry CAP 20CAP 20[c/n list][fleet lists]
Mudry CAP 230CAP 230[c/n list][fleet lists]
Muniz M-7M-7
Murphy JDM-8JDM-8[c/n list]
Murphy MaverickMaverick[c/n list]
Murphy RadicalRadical[c/n list]
Murphy RebelRebel[c/n list]
Murphy RenegadeRenegade[c/n list]
Murphy Super RebelSuper Rebel[c/n list]
Murphy YukonYukon[c/n list]
Mustang Aeronautics Midget Mustang MM-1MM-1
MX Aircraft MXSMXS[c/n list]
Myasishchev M-101TM-101[c/n list]
Myasishchev M-4 MolotM- 4
Myasishchev M-50M- 50
Myasishchev M-55M- 55
Myasishchev VM-T AtlantVM-T[c/n list][fleet lists]
Mylius My-103 MistralMy-103[c/n list]
Nagoya City FlyerNagoya City Flyer
Nakajima B5NB5N
Nakajima J1N GekkoJ1N
Nakajima Ki-27Ki-27
Nakajima Ki-43Ki-43
Nakajima Ki-84 HayateKi-84
Nakajima KikkaKikka
NAL HansaHansa
NAMC J-12J-12
NAMC YS-11YS-11[c/n list][fleet lists]
Nanchang CJ-6CJ-6
Nanchang Q-5Q-5
Nando Groppo DUIDUI[c/n list]
Nando Groppo FolderFolder
Nando Groppo G70G70[c/n list]
Nando Groppo GroppinoGroppino[c/n list]
Nando Groppo TrailTrail[c/n list]
Nardi FN.305FN.305
Naval Aircraft Factory N3NN3N
Naval Aircraft Factory TSTS
Neiva B MonitorMonitor
Neiva CampeiroCampeiro
Neiva N621 UniversalN621
Neiva RegenteRegente
Nelson DragonflyDragonfly
Neukom ElfeElfe
New Standard D-25D-25
New Standard D-29D-29
NHI H-3 KolibrieH-3[c/n list]
NHIndustries NH90NH90[c/n list][fleet lists]
Nicholas-Beazley NB-3NB-3
Nicholas-Beazley NB-8GNB-8G
Nicollier MenestrelMenestrel
Niess 5FGNiess 5FG[c/n list]
Nieuport 10Nieuport 10
Nieuport 11Nieuport 11
Nieuport 12Nieuport 12
Nieuport 17Nieuport 17
Nieuport 23Nieuport 23
Nieuport 24Nieuport 24
Nieuport 28Nieuport 28
Nihon University N-58 CygnetN-58
Nimmo NAC-SB-1NAC-SB-1
Noorduyn NorsemanNorseman[c/n list][fleet lists]
Nord N.1200 NorécrinN.1200
Nord N.1500 GriffonN.1500
Nord N.2200N.2200[c/n list]
Nord N.2501 NoratlasN.2501[c/n list][fleet lists]
Nord N.260 Super BroussardN. 260[c/n list][fleet lists]
Nord N.262 FrégateN. 262[c/n list][fleet lists]
Nord N.3200N.3200
Nord N.3202N.3202
Nord N.3400 NorbarbeN.3400[c/n list][fleet lists]
Nord NC.850NC.850[c/n list]
Nord NC.856 NorvigieNC.856[c/n list][fleet lists]
Norman NDN-1 FirecrackerNDN-1[c/n list]
Norman NDN-6 FieldmasterNDN-6[c/n list]
North American A-36 ApacheA-36
North American A-5 VigilanteA- 5[c/n list][fleet lists]
North American AJ SavageAJ[c/n list][fleet lists]
North American B-25 MitchellB-25
North American B-45 TornadoB-45
North American B-70 ValkyrieB-70
North American BT-9BT-9
North American F-100 Super SabreF-100[fleet lists]
North American F-107F-107
North American F-82 Twin MustangF- 82
North American F-86 SabreF- 86[c/n list][fleet lists]
North American F-93F- 93
North American NA-16NA-16
North American NavionNavion[c/n list]
North American O-47O-47
North American P-51 MustangP-51
North American P-64P-64
North American Rockwell V-10 BroncoV-10[c/n list][fleet lists]
North American SabrelinerSabreliner[c/n list][fleet lists]
North American SN2JSN2J[c/n list]
North American T-2 BuckeyeT- 2[c/n list][fleet lists]
North American T-28 TrojanT-28
North American T-6 TexanT- 6
North American X-15X-15
Northrop A-17A-17
Northrop A-9A- 9[c/n list]
Northrop C-125 RaiderC-125
Northrop C-19 AlphaC-19
Northrop DeltaDelta
Northrop F-20 TigersharkF- 20[c/n list][fleet lists]
Northrop F-23F- 23
Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter/Tiger IIF- 5[c/n list][fleet lists]
Northrop F-89 ScorpionF- 89
Northrop GammaGamma
Northrop Grumman B-2 SpiritB- 2[c/n list][fleet lists]
Northrop Grumman B-21 RaiderB-21
Northrop Grumman E-2 HawkeyeE- 2[fleet lists]
Northrop Grumman FirebirdFirebird[c/n list]
Northrop HL-10HL-10
Northrop M2-F3M2-F3[c/n list][fleet lists]
Northrop N-1MN-1M[c/n list]
Northrop N-3PB NomadN-3PB
Northrop N-9MN-9M
Northrop P-61 Black WidowP-61
Northrop T-38 TalonT-38[c/n list][fleet lists]
Northrop X-21X-21
Northrop X-4 BantamX- 4
Northrop YF-17 CobraF- 17[fleet lists]
NPO Molniya-1Molniya-1[c/n list]
Nurtanio NU-25 KunangNU- 25
NV Vliegtuigbouw Sagitta 013Sagitta 013
Nyge-Aero SparrowSparrow
Oberlerchner Mg 19 SteinadlerMg 19
Oberlerchner Mg 23Mg 23
Oberlerchner StandardOberlerchner Standard
Ohnishi OG-2Ohnishi OG-2
Oldfield Baby LakesBaby Lakes
Orličan L-40 Meta SokolL-40[c/n list]
Orličan M-2 SkautM-2[c/n list]
Orličan M-3 BonzoM-3[c/n list]
Orličan VSO-10 VosaVSO-10
Orličan VT-16 OrlikVT- 16
Otto Aviation Celera 500LCelera 500[c/n list][fleet lists]
PAC CT/4 AirtrainerCT/4[c/n list][fleet lists]
PAC Fletcher FU-24FU-24
PAC P-750 XSTOLP-750
Pacific D-8D-8
Pajno V-1V-1[c/n list]
Panavia TornadoTornado[c/n list][fleet lists]
Pannonautó Vállalat WD-II SzöcskeWD-II
Parker Jeanie's TeenieTeenie
Partenavia P.52 TigrottoP.52[c/n list]
Partenavia P.53 AeroscooterP.53[c/n list]
Partenavia P.55 TornadoP.55[c/n list]
Partenavia P.57 FachiroP.57[c/n list]
Partenavia P.59 JollyP.59[c/n list]
Partenavia P.64 OscarP.64[c/n list][fleet lists]
Partenavia P.68P.68[c/n list][fleet lists]
Partenavia P.70 AlphaP.70[c/n list]
Partenavia P.86 MosquitoP.86
Pasotti F.6 AironeF. 6[c/n list]
Pasotti F.9 SparvieroF. 9[c/n list]
Patriot Aircraft PA-18R Recruit CubPA-18R[c/n list]
Paul Rigault RPH.01RPH.01[c/n list]
Payen Pa.49Pa.49[c/n list]
Pazmany PL-1PL- 1
Pegasus QuantumQuantum
Pendergast PP108PP108[c/n list]
Penkala BiplanePenkala
Penn-Smith GyroplanePenn-Smith Gyroplane[c/n list]
Percival GullGull
Percival P.28 ProctorProctor
Percival P.40 PrenticePrentice[c/n list]
Percival P.50 PrincePrince
Percival P.50 Sea Prince T.1Percival P.50 Sea Prince T.1
Percival P.56 ProvostProvost[fleet lists]
Percival P.66 PembrokePembroke[c/n list][fleet lists]
Percival Vega GullVega Gull
Performance Composite Aircraft PCAD 700PCAD 700[c/n list]
Performance Turbine LegendTurbine Legend[c/n list]
Petlyakov Pe-2Pe-2
Petlyakov Pe-8Pe-8
Pheasant H-10H-10
Piaggio P.136P.136[c/n list][fleet lists]
Piaggio P.148P.148[c/n list]
Piaggio P.149P.149[c/n list][fleet lists]
Piaggio P.150P.150[c/n list]
Piaggio P.166P.166[c/n list][fleet lists]
Piaggio P.180 AvantiP.180[c/n list][fleet lists]
Piaggio PD.808PD.808[c/n list][fleet lists]
Piasecki H-21 ShawneeH- 21
Piasecki HRP RescuerHRP[c/n list]
Piasecki HUP RetrieverHUP
Piasecki PV-2PV-2
Piasecki VZ-8 AirgeepVZ-8
Piel CP.30 EmeraudeCP.30
Piel CP.80 ZefirCP.80
Pietenpol Air CamperAir Camper
Pietenpol Sky ScoutSky Scout
Pike John 1929XFPike John 1929XF
Pilatus B4-PC11PC-11
Pilatus P-2P-2[c/n list][fleet lists]
Pilatus P-3P-3[c/n list][fleet lists]
Pilatus PC-12PC-12[c/n list][fleet lists]
Pilatus PC-21PC-21[c/n list][fleet lists]
Pilatus PC-24PC-24[c/n list][fleet lists]
Pilatus PC-6 PorterPC- 6[c/n list][fleet lists]
Pilatus PC-7 MkIIPC- 7[c/n list][fleet lists]
Pilatus PC-7 Turbo TrainerPC- 7[c/n list][fleet lists]
Pilatus PC-9PC- 9[c/n list][fleet lists]
Pilatus SB-2 PelicanSB-2[c/n list]
Piper J-2 CubJ-2[c/n list]
Piper J-3 CubJ-3[c/n list]
Piper J-4 Cub CoupeJ-4[c/n list]
Piper J-5 Cub CruiserJ-5[c/n list]
Piper PA-11 Cub SpecialPA-11[c/n list]
Piper PA-12 Super CruiserPA-12[c/n list]
Piper PA-14 Family CruiserPA-14[c/n list]
Piper PA-15 VagabondPA-15[c/n list]
Piper PA-16 ClipperPA-16[c/n list]
Piper PA-18 Super CubPA-18[c/n list][fleet lists]
Piper PA-20 PacerPA-20[c/n list]
Piper PA-23 AztecPA-23[c/n list][fleet lists]
Piper PA-24 ComanchePA-24[c/n list][fleet lists]
Piper PA-25 PawneePA-25[c/n list]
Piper PA-28 CherokeePA-28[c/n list][fleet lists]
Piper PA-29 PapoosePA-29[c/n list][fleet lists]
Piper PA-30 Twin ComanchePA-30[c/n list][fleet lists]
Piper PA-31 NavajoPA-31[c/n list][fleet lists]
Piper PA-32 Cherokee SixPA-32[c/n list]
Piper PA-34 SenecaPA-34[c/n list]
Piper PA-35 PoconoPA-35[c/n list][fleet lists]
Piper PA-36 Pawnee BravePA-36[c/n list]
Piper PA-38 TomahawkPA-38[c/n list]
Piper PA-42 CheyennePA-42[c/n list]
Piper PA-44 SeminolePA-44[c/n list]
Piper PA-46 MalibuPA-46[c/n list]
Piper PA-47 PiperJetPA-47[c/n list]
Piper PA-48 EnforcerPA-48[c/n list][fleet lists]
Piper PA-6 Sky SedanPA- 6[c/n list]
Piper PA-60 AerostarPA-60[c/n list]
Piper PA-8 SkycyclePA- 8[c/n list]
Piper PAT-1PAT-1[c/n list]
Piper PT-1PT-1[c/n list][fleet lists]
Piper/Smith PA-18 Super CubPA-18WB[c/n list]
Pipistrel SinusSinus
Pipistrel Velis ElectroVelis Electro
Pipistrel Virus SWVirus SW
Pissoort Pou-Planeur JP.2JP.2[c/n list]
Pitcairn PA-1 FleetwingPA- 1[c/n list]
Pitcairn PA-18PA-18[c/n list]
Pitcairn PA-19PA-19[c/n list]
Pitcairn PA-2 SesquiwingPA- 2[c/n list]
Pitcairn PA-22PA-22[c/n list]
Pitcairn PA-3 OrowingPA- 3[c/n list]
Pitcairn PA-36PA-36[c/n list]
Pitcairn PA-39PA-39[c/n list]
Pitcairn PA-4 Fleetwing IIPA- 4[c/n list]
Pitcairn PA-5 MailwingPA-5[c/n list][fleet lists]
Pitcairn PAA-1PAA-1[c/n list]
Pitcairn PCA-1PCA-1[c/n list]
Pitcairn PCA-2PCA-2[c/n list]
Pitts Model 12Pitts 12
Pitts SpecialSpecial[c/n list][fleet lists]
Planair PL-010 CuriacoPL-010[c/n list]
Platzer KiebitzKiebitz
Podlanska Wytwomia Samolotow PWS-26PWS-26
Polikarpov I-15 ChaikaI- 15
Polikarpov I-153 ChaikaI-153
Polikarpov I-16I- 16
Polikarpov I-17I- 17
Polikarpov I-3I- 3
Polikarpov I-5I- 5
Polikarpov Po-2 KukuruznikPo-2
Polikarpov R-5R-5
Polikarpov R-ZR-Z
Politechnika Warszawska PW-4 PelikanPW-4
Politechnika Warszawska PW-5 SmykPolitechnika Warszawska PW-5 Smyk
Polyt IIPolyt II
Polyt IIIPolyt 3
Polyteknikkojen Ilmailukerho PIK-11 TumppuPIK-11
Polyteknikkojen Ilmailukerho PIK-3PIK- 3
Polyteknikkojen Ilmailukerho PIK-5PIK- 5
Poncelet VivetteVivette[c/n list]
Popovski H.11-B1 SoroH.11-B1
Porterfield 35 FlyaboutPortfield 35
Porterfield CollegiateCP-50
Pöschel EquatorEquator
Potez 36Potez 36
Potez 43Potez 43
Potez 53Potez 53
Potez 60 SauterellePotez 60
Potez 840Potez 840[c/n list]
Potez Heinkel CM.191CM.191[c/n list][fleet lists]
Pottier P.100P.100[c/n list]
Pottier P.130 CoccinelleP.130[c/n list]
Pottier P.190S CastorP.190[c/n list]
Pottier P.210S CoatiP.210S
Pottier P.220S KoalaP.220S[c/n list]
Pottier P.230S PandaP.230S[c/n list]
Pottier P.240S SaigaP.240[c/n list]
Pottier P.250S XerusP.250[c/n list]
Pottier P.270S AmsterP.270[c/n list]
Pottier P.320P.320[c/n list]
Pottier P.40P. 40[c/n list]
Pottier P.50 BouvreuilP. 50[c/n list]
Pottier P.60 MinacroP. 60[c/n list]
Pottier P.70P. 70[c/n list]
Pottier P.80P. 80[c/n list]
Powerchute Systems KestrelPowerchute Kestrel
Praga E-211E-211[c/n list]
Pratt-Read TG-32TG-32
Preceptor N3 PupPup
Prescott PusherPrescott Pusher[c/n list]
Pretty Prairie Special IIIPretty Prairie Special III
Price Flying FleaFlying Flea
Přikryl-Blecha PB.6 RacekPB.6
Procaer F.15 PicchioF. 15[c/n list]
Procaer F.400 CobraF.400[c/n list]
ProFe Straton D-7Straton
Promavia F.1300 Jet SqualusF.1300[c/n list]
Pterodactyl AscenderPterodactyl
Pützer ElsterElster
Putzer MotorrabMotorrab
PZL 101 GawronPZL 101[c/n list]
PZL 102 KosPZL 102[c/n list]
PZL 104 WilgaPZL 104[c/n list]
PZL 105 FlamingPZL 105[c/n list][fleet lists]
PZL 106 KrukPZL 106[c/n list]
PZL 126 MrówkaPZL 126[c/n list]
PZL 130 OrlikPZL 130[c/n list]
PZL I-22 IrydaI-22[fleet lists]
PZL KaniaKania[fleet lists]
PZL M-2M- 2
PZL M-26 IskierkaM-26[c/n list]
PZL M-4 TarpanM- 4
PZL MD-12MD-12
PZL P-11P-11
PZL P-24P-24
PZL S-4 KaniaS-4[c/n list][fleet lists]
PZL SW-4 PuszczykSW-4[c/n list][fleet lists]
PZL TS-11 IskraTS-11[c/n list][fleet lists]
PZL TS-8 BiesTS- 8
PZL W-3 SokółW-3[c/n list][fleet lists]
PZL-Mielec M-18 DromaderM-18[c/n list][fleet lists]
PZL-Mielec M-20 MewaM-20[c/n list]
PZL-Zwidnik BŻ-4 ŻukBZ-4
Quest KodiakKodiak
Quickie Aircraft Q-2Q-2
Quikkit Glass GooseGoose
Raab KräheKrahe
Raab-Katzenstein RK-26 TigerschwalbeRK-26
Raab-Katzenstein RK-9 GrasmückeRK- 9
Rabnecz ExperimentalRabnecz
Rainbow Aircraft CheetahCheetah
Raj Hamsa X'AirX-Air
Raj Hamsa X'Air HanumanX-Air Hanuman
Rand Robinson KR-1KR-1
Rand Robinson KR-2KR-2
Rans S-10 SakotaS-10[c/n list]
Rans S-11 PursuitS-11[c/n list]
Rans S-12 AiraileS-12[c/n list]
Rans S-16 ShekariS-16[c/n list]
Rans S-17 StingerS-17[c/n list]
Rans S-18 Stinger IIS-18[c/n list]
Rans S-19 VenterraS-19[c/n list]
Rans S-20 RavenS-20[c/n list]
Rans S-21 OutboundS-21[c/n list]
Rans S-4 CoyoteS- 4[c/n list]
Rans S-6 Coyote IIS- 6[c/n list]
Rans S-7 CourierS- 7[c/n list]
Rans S-9 ChaosS- 9[c/n list]
Rearwin CloudsterCloudster
Rearwin JuniorJunior[c/n list]
Rearwin SpeedsterSpeedster
Rearwin SportsterSportster
Reflex Lightning BugLightning Bug[c/n list]
Regent Rocket 260Rocket 260[c/n list]
Reggiane Re.2002 ArieteRe.2002
Reid and Sigrist R.S.3R.S.3
Reims-Cessna F406 Caravan IICe.406[c/n list][fleet lists]
Reinhard CumulusCumulus
Remos GXRemos GX
Republic F-105 ThunderchiefF-105[c/n list][fleet lists]
Republic F-12 RainbowF- 12
Republic F-84 ThunderjetF- 84
Republic F-91 ThunderceptorF- 91
Republic P-43 LancerP-43
Republic P-47 ThunderboltP-47
Republic RC-3 SeabeeRC-3[c/n list]
Repülőgépgyár Levente IILevente II
Revolution Mini-500Mini 500
RFB FanlinerFanliner
RFB FantrainerFantrainer[c/n list][fleet lists]
RFB RW-3 MultoplanRW-3[c/n list]
Rickards CorellaCorella[c/n list]
Rider R-3R-3
Rihn DR.107 One DesignDR.107[c/n list]
Rihn DR.109DR.109[c/n list]
Riley DoveRiley Dove
Robin ATLATL[c/n list]
Robin HR.100HR.100[c/n list][fleet lists]
Robin HR.200HR.200[c/n list]
Robin R.1180 AiglonR.1180[c/n list]
Robin R.3000R.3000[c/n list]
Robinson R22R22[c/n list]
Robinson R44R44[c/n list][fleet lists]
Robinson R66R66[c/n list]
Rockwell B-1 LancerB- 1[c/n list][fleet lists]
Rockwell Commander 112RC.112[c/n list]
Rockwell-MBB X-31X-31
Roe I TriplaneTriplane
Rogallo Hang GliderRogallo Hang Glider
Rogalski-Wigura-Dzewiecki RWD 13RWD 13
Rokospol ViaVia
Rolladen-Schneider LS1LS1
Rollason BetaBeta[c/n list]
Rose ParakeetParakeet
Rotec Rally 2BRotec Rally 2B
Rotortec Cloud DancerCloud Dancer
Rotorway ExecutiveRotorway Executive
Rotorway Scorpion TooScorpion Too
Roussoulieres CR-02 CharlyCR-02[c/n list]
Rowe UFOUFO[c/n list][fleet lists]
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2B.E.2
Royal Aircraft Factory F.E.2F.E.2
Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.8R.E.8
Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5S.E.5
RP KestrelKestrel[c/n list]
Rubik E-31 EsztergomE-31
Rubik R-07 VöcsökR-07
Rubik R-08 PilisR-08
Rubik R-15 KomaR-15
Rubik R-16 LepkeR-16
Rubik R-18 KányaR-18
Rubik R-22 FutárR-22
Rubik R-25 MokányR-25
Rubik R-26 GóbéR-26
Rubik R-32 BicskeR-32
Rud Aero RA-2RA-2[c/n list]
Rud Aero RA-3RA-3[c/n list]
Rumpler 6BRumpler 6B
Ruschmeyer R90R90[c/n list]
Rutan 68 Biplane RacerRutan 68[c/n list]
Rutan Long-EZLong-EZ
Rutan QuickieQuickie
Rutan VariEzeVariEze
Rutan VariViggenVariViggen
Rutan VoyagerVoyager
Ryan FR FireballFR
Ryan NYPRyan NYP[c/n list]
Ryan X-13 VertijetX-13
Ryan XV-5 VertifanV- 5
SAAB 105S. 105[c/n list][fleet lists]
SAAB 2000S.2000[c/n list][fleet lists]
SAAB 210 LildrakenS. 210
SAAB 340S. 340[c/n list][fleet lists]
SAAB 90 ScandiaS. 90
SAAB 91 SafirS. 91[c/n list][fleet lists]
SAAB B-17B-17
SAAB B-18B-18
SAAB J-21J-21
SAAB J-29 TunnanJ-29[c/n list][fleet lists]
SAAB J-32 LansenJ-32[c/n list][fleet lists]
SAAB J-35 DrakenJ-35[c/n list][fleet lists]
SAAB J-37 ViggenJ-37[c/n list][fleet lists]
SAAB J-39 GripenJ-39[c/n list][fleet lists]
SAAB MFI.15 SafariMFI.15[c/n list][fleet lists]
SAI KZ-IIKZ-II[c/n list][fleet lists]
SAI KZ-IIIKZ-III[c/n list]
SAI KZ-IVKZ-IV[c/n list]
SAI KZ-VIIKZ-VII[c/n list][fleet lists]
SAI KZ-XKZ-X[c/n list][fleet lists]
Saiman 202Saiman 202
SAN Jodel D.140 MousquetaireD.140[c/n list][fleet lists]
Sargent Kenneth Grasshopper D-8Grasshopper D-8
Saunders ST-27ST-27
Saunders ST-28ST-28
Saunders-Roe CloudSaunders-Roe Cloud
Saunders-Roe SkeeterSkeeter[c/n list][fleet lists]
Saunders-Roe SR.53SR.53
Saunders-Roe SR.A/1SR.A/1
Sauper JokerJoker
Savoia-Marchetti S.55S. 55
Savoia-Marchetti S.56S. 56
Savoia-Marchetti SM.75SM. 75
Savoia-Marchetti SM.79SM. 79
Savoia-Marchetti SM.82SM. 82
Savoia-Marchetti SM.95SM. 95
Scaled Composites 133 ATTTSC133[c/n list]
Scaled Composites 143 TriumphSC143[c/n list]
Scaled Composites 151 ARESSC151[c/n list]
Scaled Composites 158 Pond RacerSC158[c/n list]
Scaled Composites 271SC271[c/n list]
Scaled Composites 281 ProteusSC281
Scaled Composites 311 GlobalFlyerSC311[c/n list][fleet lists]
Scaled Composites 316 SpaceShipOneSC316[c/n list]
Scaled Composites 318 White KnightSC318[c/n list]
Scaled Composites 339 SpaceShipTwoSC339[c/n list]
Scaled Composites 348 White Knight TwoSC348[c/n list]
Scaled Composites 351 StratolaunchSC351[c/n list][fleet lists]
Scaled Composites 367 BiPodSC367[c/n list]
Scaled Composites 400 SwiftSC400[c/n list][fleet lists]
Scaled Composites 401SC401[c/n list]
Scheibe BergfalkeBergfalke
Scheibe Doppelraab IVDoppelraab
Scheibe SF-23 SperlingSF-23
Scheibe SF-24 MotorspatzSF-24
Scheibe SF-25 FalkeSF-25[c/n list]
Scheibe SF-27 Zugvogel VSF-27
Scheibe SF-28 Tandem FalkeSF-28
Scheibe SF-34 DelphinSF-34
Scheibe SpatzSpatz
Scheibe SpechtSpecht
Scheibe ZugvogelZugvogel
Schempp-Hirth CirrusCirrus
Schempp-Hirth Duo DiscusDuo Discus
Schempp-Hirth JanusJanus
Schempp-Hirth NimbusNimbus
Schempp-Hirth Standard CirrusStandard Cirrus
Schempp-Hirth VentusVentus
Schleicher AS 33Schleicher 33[c/n list]
Schleicher AS 34Schleicher 34[c/n list]
Schleicher ASG 29Schleicher 29[c/n list]
Schleicher ASG 32Schleicher 32[c/n list]
Schleicher ASH 25Schleicher 25[c/n list]
Schleicher ASH 26Schleicher 26[c/n list]
Schleicher ASH 30Schleicher 30[c/n list]
Schleicher ASH 31Schleicher 31[c/n list]
Schleicher ASK 13Schleicher 13[c/n list]
Schleicher ASK 14Schleicher 14[c/n list]
Schleicher ASK 16Schleicher 16[c/n list]
Schleicher ASK 18Schleicher 18[c/n list]
Schleicher ASK 21Schleicher 21[c/n list][fleet lists]
Schleicher ASK 23Schleicher 23[c/n list]
Schleicher ASW 12Schleicher 12[c/n list]
Schleicher ASW 15Schleicher 15[c/n list]
Schleicher ASW 17Schleicher 17[c/n list]
Schleicher ASW 19Schleicher 19[c/n list]
Schleicher ASW 20Schleicher 20[c/n list]
Schleicher ASW 22Schleicher 22[c/n list]
Schleicher ASW 24Schleicher 24[c/n list]
Schleicher ASW 27Schleicher 27[c/n list]
Schleicher ASW 28Schleicher 28[c/n list]
Schleicher CondorCondor
Schleicher K 10Schleicher 10
Schleicher K 7 RhönadlerSchleicher 7
Schleicher K 8Schleicher 8
Schleicher Ka 1 RhönlausSchleicher 1
Schleicher Ka 2 RhönschwalbeSchleicher 2
Schleicher Ka 3Schleicher 3
Schleicher Ka 4 Rhönlerche IISchleicher 4
Schleicher Ka 6Schleicher 6
Schleicher RhönbussardRhönbussard
Schmidt Helicom Commuter JuniorCommuter Junior
Schneider ES-49ES-49
Schneider ES-52 KookaburraES-52[c/n list]
Schneider ESG-31 SchlesierlandESG-31
Schneider Grunau 9ESG- 9
Schneider Grunau BabyGrunau Baby
Schneider SCH-2 AutogyroSCH-2
Schreder Airmate HP-11HP-11
Schreder HP-18HP-18
Schuffenhauer GyrocopterSchuffenhauer
Schweizer S.330S.330
Schweizer SGM 2-37SGM2-37
Schweizer SGS 1-26SGS 1-26
Schweizer SGS 2-12SGS 2-12
Schweizer SGS 2-32SGS2-32
Schweizer SGS 2-33SGS2-33
Schweizer SGS 2-8SGS 2-8
Schweizer SGU 2-22SGU 2-22
Scott VikingViking
Scottish Aviation BulldogBulldog[c/n list][fleet lists]
Scottish Aviation PioneerPioneer[c/n list]
Scottish Aviation Twin PioneerTwin Pioneer[c/n list]
Seabird SB-1 RouseaboutSB-1
Seabird SB-4 SentinelSB-4[c/n list]
Seabird SB-7 SeekerSB-7[c/n list]
Seawind 300Seawind[c/n list]
Sedlbauer AirabonitaAirabonita[c/n list]
Sego Hawk Point FiveHawk 0[c/n list]
Sego-Groen Hawk 1Hawk 1[c/n list]
Sego-Groen Hawk 2Hawk 2[c/n list]
Sego-Groen Hawk 4Hawk 4[c/n list]
Sego-Groen Hawk 6Hawk 6[c/n list]
SEPECAT JaguarJaguar[c/n list][fleet lists]
Sequoia F.8 FalcoF. 8[c/n list]
Series 101Series 101
Seversky P-35P-35
Seversky SEV-3SEV-3
SFAN IISFAN II[c/n list]
Shanghai Y-10Y-10
Sharp DR-90 NemesisDR-90[c/n list]
Shavrov Sh-2Sh-2
Shenstone HarbingerHarbinger
Shenyang J-8J- 8
Shenyang JJ-1JJ-1
Shin Meiwa US-1AUS-1[c/n list][fleet lists]
ShinMaywa US-2US-2[c/n list][fleet lists]
Short S.16 ScionS.16
Short S.23 EmpireEmpire
Short S.25 SunderlandSunderland
Short S.45 SolentSolent
Short SA.4 SperrinSperrin[c/n list]
Short SA.6 SealandSA.6[c/n list]
Short SB.4 SherpaSB.4[c/n list][fleet lists]
Short SB.5SB.5[c/n list]
Short SB.6 SeamewSeamew[c/n list]
Short SC.1SC.1
Short SC.5 BelfastSC.5[c/n list][fleet lists]
Shorts 330SD.330[c/n list][fleet lists]
Shorts 360SD.360[c/n list][fleet lists]
Shorts SC.7 SkyvanSC.7[fleet lists]
SIAI-Marcheti SF.600 CanguroSF.600[c/n list]
SIAI-Marchetti FN.333 RivieraFN.333[c/n list]
SIAI-Marchetti S.205S.205[c/n list][fleet lists]
SIAI-Marchetti S.210S.210[c/n list]
SIAI-Marchetti S.211S.211[c/n list][fleet lists]
SIAI-Marchetti SM.1019SM.1019[c/n list][fleet lists]
SIAI-Marchetti SM.102SM. 102[c/n list]
SIAT 223 FlamingoSIAT 223[c/n list]
Siebel Si 204Si 204
Siebert Sie-3Sie-3
Siemens-Schuckert D.IVD.IV
Siemetzki ASRO-3ASRO-3
Siemetzki ASRO-4ASRO-4[c/n list]
Sikorsky H-19 ChickasawH- 19[fleet lists]
Sikorsky H-3 Sea KingH- 3[c/n list][fleet lists]
Sikorsky H-34 ChoctawH- 34[c/n list][fleet lists]
Sikorsky H-37 MojaveH- 37[c/n list][fleet lists]
Sikorsky H-5H- 5
Sikorsky H-52 SeaguardH- 52[c/n list][fleet lists]
Sikorsky H-53 Sea StallionH- 53[fleet lists]
Sikorsky H-54 TarheH- 54[c/n list][fleet lists]
Sikorsky H-60 Black HawkH- 60[c/n list][fleet lists]
Sikorsky R-4R-4
Sikorsky R-6R-6
Sikorsky S.39S. 39
Sikorsky S.43S. 43
Sikorsky S.52S. 52
Sikorsky S.60S. 60[c/n list][fleet lists]
Sikorsky S.61RS. 61R[c/n list][fleet lists]
Sikorsky S.76S. 76[c/n list][fleet lists]
Sikorsky S.92S. 92[c/n list][fleet lists]
Simmonds SpartanSpartan
Simunek VBS-1 KunkadloVBS-1
Simunek-Kamaryt SK-1 TrempikSK-1[c/n list]
Sino Swearingen SJ30SJ30[c/n list]
SIPA S.1000 CoccinelleS.1000[c/n list]
SIPA S.1100S.1100[c/n list]
SIPA S.200S. 200[c/n list]
SIPA S.251 AntilopeS. 251[c/n list]
SIPA S.300S. 300[c/n list]
SIPA S.90S. 90[c/n list]
Siren C.30 EdelweissC.30[c/n list]
Siren-Bertin C.34 Edelweiss IVC.34[c/n list]
Skandinaviska Aero BHT-1BHT-1[c/n list]
Sky-Walker Sky-Walker 1+1Sky-Walker 1+1
Skyfox CA-21CA-21[c/n list]
Skyfox CA-22CA-22[c/n list]
Skyfox CA-25 ImpalaCA-25[c/n list]
Skyline SL-231 ScoutSL-231[c/n list]
Skyote Aeromarine SkyoteSkyote
Slepcev StorchStorch
Sling Aircraft Sling 2Sling 2[c/n list]
Sling Aircraft Sling 4Sling 4[c/n list]
Slingsby T.1 FalconT. 1[c/n list]
Slingsby T.12 Kirby GullGull
Slingsby T.13 PetrelT.13
Slingsby T.21 SedberghSedbergh[c/n list]
Slingsby T.24 Falcon 4Falcon
Slingsby T.3 PrimaryPrimary
Slingsby T.30 PrefectPrefect[c/n list]
Slingsby T.31 Tandem TutorTandem Tutor
Slingsby T.34 SkySky
Slingsby T.38 GrasshopperGrasshopper
Slingsby T.4 Falcon 3Falcon
Slingsby T.41 Skylark 2T.41
Slingsby T.43 SkylarkSkylark
Slingsby T.45 SwallowSwallow
Slingsby T.49 CapstanCapstan
Slingsby T.50 Skylark 4T.50
Slingsby T.51 DartDart
Slingsby T.53T.53
Slingsby T.59 KestrelT.59
Slingsby T.6 KiteKite
Slingsby T.67 FireflyT.67[c/n list][fleet lists]
Slingsby T.7 Kirby CadetCadet
Slingsby T.8 Kirby TutorTutor
Slingsby T.9 King KiteKing Kite
SlipStream GenesisGenesis
SME Aero TigaMD3
Smith DSA-1 MiniplaneDSA-1
SNCAC NC.702 MartinetNC.702
SNCASE SE161 LanguedocSE161
SNCASE SE5000 BaroudeurSE5000
SOBEH H-2H-2[c/n list]
SOCATA GY-80 HorizonGY- 80[c/n list]
SOCATA RallyeRallye[c/n list][fleet lists]
SOCATA ST-10 DiplomateST-10
SOCATA ST-60 Rallye 7ST-60[c/n list][fleet lists]
SOCATA TBTB[c/n list][fleet lists]
SOCATA TB-30 EpsilonTB-30[c/n list][fleet lists]
SOCATA TBMTBM[c/n list][fleet lists]
Soko 522Soko 522
Soko G-2 GalebG-2
Soko G-4 Super GalebG-4[c/n list][fleet lists]
Soko J-1 JastrebJ- 1
Soko J-2 OraoJ- 2
Soko J-20 KragujJ-20
Solar ImpulseSolar Impulse[c/n list]
Somers-Kendall SK-1SK-1[c/n list]
Sonaca 200Sonaca 200[c/n list]
Sonex OnexOnex
Sonex SonexSonex
Sonex SubsonexSubsonex[c/n list]
Sonex WaiexWaiex
Sopwith 1½ StrutterStrutter
Sopwith BabyBaby
Sopwith CamelCamel
Sopwith DolphinDolphin
Sopwith PupPup
Sopwith SnipeSnipe
Sopwith TabloidTabloid
Sopwith TriplaneSopwith Triplane
Southern Cross Aviation SC-1SC-1[c/n list]
Spallinger S.21S.21
Spanlinger S.18S.18
Sparmann S-1Sparmann S-1
Spartan C2C2
Spartan CruiserCruiser
Spartan ExecutiveExecutive
Spectrum BeaverSpectrum Beaver
Speed Johnson F4F BeercatSpeed Johnson F4F Beercat[c/n list]
Spencer S-12 Air CarS-12
Spijker V.2Spijker V.2
Spinks AkromasterAkromaster[c/n list]
Spirit of CavarocSpirit of Cavaroc
Sportavia RS-180 SportsmanRS-180[c/n list]
St. Louis C2 CardinalC2
St. Louis YPT-15YPT-15
Stamer-Lippisch Z-12 ZoglingZ-12
Stampe & Renard SR.7SR.7
Stampe SV.4SV.4[c/n list][fleet lists]
Standard E-1Standard E
Standard JStandard J
Star CavalierCavalier
Starr Bumble BeeBumble Bee
Stearman 4 SpeedmailStearman 4
Stearman 6 CloudboyStearman 6
Stearman C3Stearman C3
Stearman M-2 SpeedmailStearman M-2
Stearman-Hammond Y-1Y-1
Steen SkyboltSkybolt
Stemme S-10S-10[c/n list]
Stephens AkroAkro
Sterz P77P77[c/n list]
Stewart Foo Fighter JD2FFFoo Fighter
Stinson 108Stinson 108[fleet lists]
Stinson DetroiterDetroiter
Stinson JuniorJunior
Stinson L-13 GrasshopperL-13
Stinson L-5 SentinelL- 5
Stinson Model WStinson W
Stinson ReliantReliant
Stinson VoyagerVoyager
Stipa-CaproniStipa-Caproni[c/n list]
Stits SA-2A Sky BabySA-2A[c/n list]
Stits SA-3A PlayboySA-3
Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair IGlasair I
Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair IIGlasair II
Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair IIIGlasair III
Stoddard-Hamilton GlaStarGlaStar
Stolp SA-300 Starduster TooSA-300
Stolp SA-500 StarletSA-500
Stolp SA-750 Acroduster TooSA-750
Storey Thomas HomebuildStorey Thomas
Story-Eyerly SpecialStory-Eyerly Special[c/n list]
Striplin Lone RangerLone Ranger
Sud Aviation SA321 Super FrelonSA321[fleet lists]
Sud Aviation SA330 PumaSA330[c/n list][fleet lists]
Sud Aviation SA341 GazelleSA341[c/n list][fleet lists]
Sud Aviation SA365 DauphinSA365[c/n list][fleet lists]
Sud Aviation SE210 CaravelleSE210[c/n list][fleet lists]
Sud SE3130 Alouette 2SE3130[c/n list][fleet lists]
Sud SE3160 Alouette 3SE3160[c/n list][fleet lists]
Sud SE3200 FrelonSE3200
Sud-Est SE3101SE3101
Sud-Ouest Delta VXDelta VX
Sud-Ouest SO1110 ArielSO1110
Sud-Ouest SO1221 DjinnSO1221
Sud-Ouest SO30 BretagneSO 30[c/n list][fleet lists]
Sud-Ouest SO4050 Vautour IISO4050[c/n list][fleet lists]
Sud-Ouest SO6000 TritonSO6000
Sud-Ouest SO6020 EspadonSO6020
Sud-Ouest SO9000 TridentSO9000
Süddeutsche Flugzeugwerke Merckle LF-2LF-2
Süddeutsche Flugzeugwerke Merckle SM-67SM-67
Sukhoi Su-15Su-15
Sukhoi Su-17Su-17[c/n list][fleet lists]
Sukhoi Su-2Su- 2
Sukhoi Su-24Su-24
Sukhoi Su-25Su-25[fleet lists]
Sukhoi Su-26Su-26[c/n list]
Sukhoi Su-27Su-27[c/n list]
Sukhoi Su-29Su-29[c/n list][fleet lists]
Sukhoi Su-31Su-31[c/n list]
Sukhoi Su-34Su-34[c/n list]
Sukhoi Su-7Su- 7
Sukhoi Su-80Su-80[c/n list]
Sukhoi Su-9Su- 9
Sukhoi SuperjetSSJ[c/n list][fleet lists]
Sukhoi T-4T-4
Sunward SA60L AuroraSA60[c/n list]
Super 18Super 18[c/n list]
Supermarine 510Supermarine 510
Supermarine AttackerAttacker
Supermarine S.6S.6
Supermarine S.6BS.6B
Supermarine ScimitarScimitar
Supermarine SeafangSeafang
Supermarine SouthamptonSouthampton
Supermarine SpitfireSpitfire
Supermarine StranraerStranraer
Supermarine SwiftSwift
Supermarine WalrusWalrus
SVC ČavkaČavka
SVC MačkaMačka
Swallow OX-5Swallow
Swallow TPSwallow TP
Swearingen SX-300SX-300
Sweeney ThunderboltThunderbolt
Sylvaire BushmasterBushmaster
Symphony SA-160SA-160
SZD-10 CzaplaSZD-10
SZD-12 Mucha StoSZD-12
SZD-15 SrokaSZD-15
SZD-17 JaskółkaSZD-17
SZD-18 CzajkaSZD-18
SZD-19 ZefirSZD-19[c/n list]
SZD-21 KobuzSZD-21
SZD-22 Mucha StandardSZD-22[c/n list]
SZD-24 FokaSZD-24[c/n list]
SZD-25A LisSZD-25[c/n list]
SZD-27 KormoranSZD-27[c/n list]
SZD-30 PiratSZD-30[c/n list]
SZD-32 Foka 5SZD-32[c/n list]
SZD-35 BekasSZD-35[c/n list]
SZD-36 CobraSZD-36[c/n list]
SZD-38 Jantar 1SZD-38[c/n list]
SZD-40 HalnySZD-40[c/n list]
SZD-41 JantarSZD-41[c/n list]
SZD-42 Jantar 2SZD-42[c/n list]
SZD-43 OrionSZD-43[c/n list]
SZD-45 OgarSZD-45[c/n list]
SZD-48 Jantar StandardSZD-48[c/n list]
SZD-50 PuchaczSZD-50[c/n list]
SZD-51 JuniorSZD-51[c/n list]
SZD-52 KrokusSZD-52[c/n list]
SZD-55 NexusSZD-55[c/n list]
SZD-60 GokoSZD-60
SZD-8 JaskółkaSZD- 8
SZD-9 BocianSZD- 9[c/n list]
Szep A HFC 125HFC
Tachihi R-52R-52[c/n list]
Tachihi R-53R-53[c/n list]
Tachihi R-HMR-HM[c/n list]
Tachikawa Ki-36Ki-36
Tachikawa Ki-54 OtsuKi-54
TAI HürkuşHurkus
TAI T625 GökbeyT625[c/n list]
Taylor AerocarAerocar[c/n list]
Taylor CubCub[c/n list]
Taylor JT-1 MonoplaneJT-1
Taylor TitchJT-2
Taylorcraft 20 Ranch WagonTaylorcraft 20
Taylorcraft AusterAuster
Taylorcraft BTaylorcraft B[c/n list]
Taylorcraft DTaylorcraft D
Taylorcraft FTaylorcraft F[c/n list]
Taylorcraft L-2 GrasshopperL-2
Taylorcraft TG-6TG-6
Team HiMaxHiMax
TEAM Mini-MaxMini-Max
Technoavia RysachokRysachok[c/n list][fleet lists]
Technoavia SM-92 FinistSM-92[c/n list]
Technoavia SP-95SP-95
Tecnam AstoreAstore[c/n list]
Tecnam P2002 SierraP2002[c/n list][fleet lists]
Tecnam P2004 BravoP2004[c/n list]
Tecnam P2006TP2006T[c/n list]
Tecnam P2008P2008[c/n list]
Tecnam P2010P2010[c/n list]
Tecnam P2012 TravellerP2012[c/n list]
Tecnam P92P 92[c/n list]
Tecnam P96 GolfP 96[c/n list]
Temco T-35 BuckarooT-35[c/n list]
Temco TT-1 PintoTT-1[c/n list]
Teratorn TierraTierra
Terrafugia TransitionTransition[c/n list]
TeST TST-10 AtlasTST-10
TeST TST-8 Alpin DMTST- 8
TeST TST-9 JuniorTST- 9
Texas A&M College AG-1AG- 1[c/n list]
Texas Aircraft TA-01 ColtTA-01[c/n list]
Texas-Temple SportsmanSportsman
Textron E530 ScorpionScorpion[c/n list]
Thatcher CX4CX4[c/n list]
Thatcher CX5CX5[c/n list]
Thatcher CX7CX7[c/n list]
Thomas-Morse S-4S-4
Thomas-Morse S-6S-6
Thorp T-18 TigerT- 18
Thorp T-211T-211[c/n list]
Thorp T-3T- 3
Thulin GThulin G
Thulin NAThulin NA
Thurston TA-16 TrojanTA-16[c/n list]
Thurston TA-19 SeamasterTA-19
Thurston TSC-1 TealTSC-1[c/n list]
Thurston TSC-2TSC-2[c/n list]
Tilbury FlashTilbury Flash[c/n list]
Tipsy BTipsy B
Tipsy STipsy S
Tipsy T.66 NipperT.66
Titan T-51 MustangT-51
Titan TornadoTornado
TL Ultralight TL-2000 StingTL-2000
TL Ultralight TL-3000 SiriusTL-3000[c/n list]
TL Ultralight TL-96 StarTL- 96
Tohi SATohi SA[c/n list]
Toyo T-T.10TT10
Toyota TAA-1TAA-1[c/n list]
Trago Mills SAH-1SAH-1[c/n list]
Transall C-160C-160[c/n list][fleet lists]
Transavia PL-12 AirtrukPL-12[c/n list]
Transland AG-2AG- 2[c/n list]
Transland AG-3AG- 3[c/n list]
Travel Air 2000Travel Air 2000
Travel Air 4000Travel Air 4000
Travel Air 6000Travel Air 6000
Travel Air Type RTravel Air R[c/n list]
Treadwell .55 Scale P-38P-38[c/n list]
Truax Papoose DT-1Papoose DT-1[c/n list]
Truck Low Wing LGT1LGT1
Tugan LJW7 GannetLJW7
Tupolev ANT-14 PravdaANT-14
Tupolev ANT-16ANT-16
Tupolev ANT-2ANT- 2
Tupolev ANT-25ANT-25
Tupolev ANT-3ANT- 3
Tupolev ANT-40ANT-40
Tupolev ANT-7ANT- 7
Tupolev ANT-9ANT- 9
Tupolev I-4I-4
Tupolev I-8I-8
Tupolev TB-1TB-1
Tupolev TB-3TB-3
Tupolev Tu-104Tu-104
Tupolev Tu-114Tu-114
Tupolev Tu-116Tu-116
Tupolev Tu-124Tu-124[fleet lists]
Tupolev Tu-126Tu-126
Tupolev Tu-134Tu-134[fleet lists]
Tupolev Tu-14Tu- 14
Tupolev Tu-144Tu-144
Tupolev Tu-154Tu-154[c/n list][fleet lists]
Tupolev Tu-16Tu- 16
Tupolev Tu-160Tu-160
Tupolev Tu-2Tu- 2
Tupolev Tu-204Tu-204[c/n list][fleet lists]
Tupolev Tu-22Tu- 22
Tupolev Tu-22MTu- 22M
Tupolev Tu-28Tu- 28
Tupolev Tu-334Tu-334[c/n list]
Tupolev Tu-4Tu- 4
Tupolev Tu-95Tu- 95[fleet lists]
Turbine Cubs of Wyoming PA-18PA-18[c/n list]
Turner T-40T-40[c/n list]
Udet U-10U-10
UL-Jih FascinationFascination
Ultralair WeedhopperWeedhopper
Ultralight Aviation SkydartSkydart
Universal American Flea ShipFlea Ship
Universidad Nacional CormoranCormoran
UTVA 213 VihorUTVA 213
UTVA 65 PrivrednikUTVA 65
UTVA Aero 3Aero 3
UTVA C-3 TrojkaTrojka
UTVA LastaLasta
Valentin TaifunTaifun[c/n list]
Valmet L-70 VinkaL-70[c/n list][fleet lists]
Valmet L-90 RedigoL-90[fleet lists]
Valmet VihuriVihuri
Van's RV-1RV- 1[c/n list]
Van's RV-10RV-10[c/n list]
Van's RV-12RV-12[c/n list]
Van's RV-14RV-14[c/n list]
Van's RV-3RV- 3[c/n list]
Van's RV-4RV- 4[c/n list]
Van's RV-5RV- 5[c/n list]
Van's RV-6RV- 6[c/n list]
Van's RV-7RV- 7[c/n list]
Van's RV-8RV- 8[c/n list]
Van's RV-9RV- 9[c/n list]
Varga 2150 KachinaVarga 2150[c/n list]
VEB Baade 152Baade 152
VEB Lommatzsch FES-530FES-530
Velie Monocoupe 70Monocoupe 70
Velocity XLVelocity XL
Verges VJ-1 GringoVJ-1
Verhees DeltaVerhees Delta[c/n list]
Verner W-01 BroucekW-01
Verville-Sperry M-1 MessengerM-1
VFW-Fokker 614VFW-614[c/n list][fleet lists]
VFW-Fokker H2H2[c/n list]
VFW-Fokker H3 SprinterH3[c/n list]
Vickers FB.27 VimyVimy
Vickers FB.5 GunbusVickers FB.5
Vickers ValettaValetta
Vickers ValiantValiant
Vickers VanguardVanguard
Vickers VarsityVarsity
Vickers VC.1 VikingViking
Vickers VC.10VC.10[fleet lists]
Vickers VildebeestVildebeest
Vickers ViscountViscount[c/n list][fleet lists]
Vickers WarwickWarwick
Vickers WellesleyWellesley
Vickers WellingtonWellington
Vidor Champion VChampion V
Viking DragonflyDragonfly
Viper Aircraft ViperJetViperJet[c/n list]
VisionAire VA-10 VantageVA-10[c/n list][fleet lists]
VL E.31 KotkaE.31
VL HumuHumu[c/n list][fleet lists]
VL MyrskyMyrsky
VL PyörremyrskyPyörremyrsky[c/n list][fleet lists]
VL PyryPyry
VL SääskiSaaski
VL TuiskuTuisku
VL ViimaViima
Vlach MonoplaneVlach
Vogt Lo-100Lo-100
Vogt Lo-120SLo-120
Voisin VVoisin V
Volmer VJ-22VJ-22[c/n list]
Volmer VJ-24 SunFunVJ-24
Vought F-8 CrusaderF- 8[fleet lists]
Vought F4U CorsairF4U
Vought F7U CutlassF7U
Vought O2U CorsairO2U
Vought OS2U KingfisherOS2U
Vought V173V173
Vought-Sikorsky VS-44VS-44
VSB-66 OrliceVSB-66
VSM-40 DémantVSM-40
VTC DelfinDelfin
VTC TrenerTrener
Vulcanair V1.0V1.0[c/n list]
Vulcanair VF600W MissionVF600W[c/n list]
Vultee A-31 VengeanceA-31
Vultee BT-13 ValiantBT-13
VUT-001 MarabuVUT-001[c/n list]
VUT-051 RayVUT-051[c/n list]
VUT-061 TurboVUT-061[c/n list]
Waco 10Waco 10[c/n list]
Waco 4Waco 4
Waco 9Waco 9[c/n list]
Waco AWaco A[c/n list]
Waco CG-4CG-4
Waco CootieCootie
Waco CRGWaco CRG[c/n list]
Waco Custom CabinWaco Custom Cabin[c/n list]
Waco DWaco D[c/n list]
Waco FWaco F[c/n list]
Waco FBHWaco FBH[c/n list]
Waco MWaco M[c/n list]
Waco Primary GliderWaco Glider[c/n list]
Waco RPTWaco RPT[c/n list]
Waco Standard CabinWaco Standard Cabin[c/n list]
Wag-Aero Chuby CubyChuby Cuby
Wag-Aero CubyCuby
Wag-Aero Wag-a-BondWag-a-bond
Wagner FJ-V3 AerocarFJ-V3[c/n list]
Wallace TouroplaneTouroplane
Wallis V-122 LibelleV-122[c/n list]
Ward E.47 ElfWard E.47
Ward P.45 GnomeWard P.45
Wassmer WA-20 JavelotWA-20
Wassmer WA-26 SqualeWA-26
Wassmer WA-30 BijaveWA-30
Wassmer WA-40 Super IVWA-40[c/n list]
Wassmer WA-52 EuropaWA-52[c/n list]
Wassmer WA-80 PiranhaWA-80[c/n list]
Waterman ArrowbileArrowbile
Weatherley 201Weatherley 201[c/n list]
Weatherley 620Weatherley 620[c/n list]
Wedell-Williams 22WW-22
Wedell-Williams 44WW-44
Wedell-Williams 45WW-45
Weir AutogiroWeir Autogiro
Wendt TravellerWendt Traveller
Westland LynxLynx[c/n list][fleet lists]
Westland LysanderLysander
Westland ScoutScout[fleet lists]
Westland WallaceWallace
Westland WapitiWapiti
Westland WaspWasp[c/n list][fleet lists]
Westland WestminsterWestminster[c/n list][fleet lists]
Westland WG.30WG.30[c/n list]
Westland WyvernWyvern
Wheeler ExpressExpress
Whittaker MW-2 ExcaliburMW-2[c/n list]
Whittaker MW-5 SorcererMW-5
Whittaker MW-8MW-8
Widerøe C.5 PolarC.5
Wiley Post Model AWiley Post A
Williams-Cangie WC-1 SundancerWC-1
WindRyder HurricaneWindRyder Hurricane
Wing D-1 DerringerD-1[c/n list]
Wittman BusterBuster
Wombat GyrocopterWombat
World Aircraft SpiritSpirit
Wright FlyerWright Flyer
WWS-2 ŻabaZaba
Xian KJ-600KJ-600
Xian MA60MA60[c/n list][fleet lists]
XtremeAir XA-41XA-41[c/n list]
XtremeAir XA-42XA-42[c/n list]
Yakovlev AIR-1AIR-1
Yakovlev AIR-6AIR-6
Yakovlev UT-1UT-1
Yakovlev UT-2UT-2
Yakovlev Yak-1Yak- 1
Yakovlev Yak-11Yak- 11
Yakovlev Yak-112 FilinYak-112
Yakovlev Yak-12Yak- 12
Yakovlev Yak-130Yak-130
Yakovlev Yak-14Yak- 14
Yakovlev Yak-141Yak-141
Yakovlev Yak-15Yak- 15
Yakovlev Yak-17Yak- 17
Yakovlev Yak-18Yak- 18
Yakovlev Yak-23Yak- 23
Yakovlev Yak-24Yak- 24
Yakovlev Yak-25Yak- 25
Yakovlev Yak-27Yak- 27
Yakovlev Yak-28Yak- 28
Yakovlev Yak-3Yak- 3
Yakovlev Yak-30Yak- 30
Yakovlev Yak-32Yak- 32
Yakovlev Yak-36Yak- 36
Yakovlev Yak-38Yak- 38
Yakovlev Yak-40Yak- 40[c/n list][fleet lists]
Yakovlev Yak-42Yak- 42[c/n list][fleet lists]
Yakovlev Yak-50Yak- 50
Yakovlev Yak-52Yak- 52[fleet lists]
Yakovlev Yak-54Yak- 54
Yakovlev Yak-55Yak- 55
Yakovlev Yak-58Yak- 58
Yakovlev Yak-6Yak- 6
Yakovlev Yak-7Yak- 7
Yakovlev Yak-9Yak- 9
Yeoman YA-1 CropmasterYA-1[c/n list]
Yokosuka D4Y SuiseiD4Y
Yokosuka K5YK5Y
Yomiuri Y-1Y-1[c/n list]
Zenair CH-200CH-200
Zenair CH-300CH-300
Zenair CH-601CH-601[c/n list]
Zenair CH-701CH-701
Zenith CH-801CH-801
Zivko Edge 360Edge 360[c/n list]
Zivko Edge 540Edge 540[c/n list]
Zlín LG-130 KmotrLG-130
Zlin Savage CubSavage Cub
Zlín Z 124 GalankaZ 124
Zlín Z 22 JunakZ 22
Zlín Z 23 HonzaZ 23
Zlín Z 24 KrajánekZ 24
Zlín Z 25 ŠohajZ 25
Zlín Z 26 TrenerZ 26
Zlín Z 37 ČmelákZ 37[c/n list]
Zlín Z 42Z 42[c/n list][fleet lists]
Zlín Z 43Z 43[c/n list][fleet lists]
Zlín Z 50Z 50[c/n list]
Zlín Z 526 Trener-MasterZ 526[c/n list]
Zlín Z-XIIZ 12
Zlín Z-XIIIZ 13
Zmaj Fizir FNFN
Zsebő Z-03 IfjúságZ-03