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Piaggio P.148 construction number list

Full type:
Piaggio P.148
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Search aliasses:
P-148, P.148, P148
C/n known:
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

MM53544ItalyAir Forcepre
121MM53545ItalyAir Force
MM53546ItalyAir Force
123MM53547ItalyAir Force
124MM53548ItalyAir Force
125MM53549ItalyAir Force
126MM53550ItalyAir Force
127MM53551ItalyAir Force
128MM53552ItalyAir Force
129MM53553ItalyAir Force
130MM53554ItalyAir Force
131MM53555ItalyAir Force
132MM53556ItalyAir Force
133MM53557ItalyAir Force
134MM53558ItalyAir Force
135MM53559ItalyAir Force
136MM53560ItalyAir Force
137MM53561ItalyAir Force
138MM53562ItalyAir Forcepre
139MM53563ItalyAir Force
140MM53564ItalyAir Force
AT-564ZaireAir Force
141MM53565ItalyAir Force
142MM53566ItalyAir Force
143MM53567ItalyAir Force
144MM53568ItalyAir Forcedum
145MM53569ItalyAir Force
AT-569ZaireAir Force
146MM53570ItalyAir Force
147MM53571ItalyAir Force
148MM53572ItalyAir Force
149MM53573ItalyAir Force
150MM53574ItalyAir Force
AT-574ZaireAir Force
151MM53575ItalyAir Force
152MM53576ItalyAir Force
153MM53577ItalyAir Force
154MM53578ItalyAir Force
155MM53579ItalyAir Force
MM53580ItalyAir Force
157MM53581ItalyAir Force
158MM53582ItalyAir Force
159MM53583ItalyAir Force
160MM53584ItalyAir Force
161MM53585ItalyAir Force
162MM53586ItalyAir Force
163MM53587ItalyAir Force
MM53588ItalyAir Force
165MM53589ItalyAir Force
166MM53590ItalyAir Forcepre
167MM53591ItalyAir Force
168MM53592ItalyAir Force
169MM53593ItalyAir Force
172MM53724ItalyAir Force
MM53725ItalyAir Force
174MM53726ItalyAir Force
175MM53727ItalyAir Forcepre
176MM53728ItalyAir Force
AT-728ZaireAir Force
177MM53729ItalyAir Force
178MM53730ItalyAir Force
179MM53731ItalyAir Force
180MM53732ItalyAir Force
181MM53733ItalyAir Force
182MM53734ItalyAir Force
183MM53735ItalyAir Force
184MM53736ItalyAir Force
185MM53737ItalyAir Force
186MM53738ItalyAir Force
187MM53739ItalyAir Force
MM53740ItalyAir Forcepre
189MM53741ItalyAir Force
MM53742ItalyAir Force
191MM53743ItalyAir Force
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe