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Pilatus P-2 construction number list

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Pilatus P-2
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

20A-101SwitzerlandAir Force
21U-101SwitzerlandAir Force
U-131SwitzerlandAir Force
22A-102SwitzerlandAir Force
23A-103SwitzerlandAir Force
U-103SwitzerlandAir Force
24A-104SwitzerlandAir Force
U-104SwitzerlandAir Force
25A-105SwitzerlandAir Force
U-105SwitzerlandAir Force
26A-106SwitzerlandAir Force
U-106SwitzerlandAir Force
27A-107SwitzerlandAir Force
U-107SwitzerlandAir Force
28A-108SwitzerlandAir Force
U-108SwitzerlandAir Force
29A-109SwitzerlandAir Force
U-109SwitzerlandAir Force
30A-110SwitzerlandAir Force
U-110SwitzerlandAir Force
G-PTWOUnited KingdomCivil
31A-111SwitzerlandAir Force
U-111SwitzerlandAir Force
32A-112SwitzerlandAir Force
33A-113SwitzerlandAir Force
U-113SwitzerlandAir Force
34A-114SwitzerlandAir Force
U-114SwitzerlandAir Force
35A-115SwitzerlandAir Forcepre
U-115SwitzerlandAir Force
36-4116A-116SwitzerlandAir Force
U-116SwitzerlandAir Force
37A-117SwitzerlandAir Force
U-117SwitzerlandAir Force
38A-118SwitzerlandAir Force
U-118SwitzerlandAir Force
39A-119SwitzerlandAir Force
U-119SwitzerlandAir Force
40A-120SwitzerlandAir Force
U-120SwitzerlandAir Force
41A-121SwitzerlandAir Force
U-121SwitzerlandAir Force
42A-122SwitzerlandAir Force
U-122SwitzerlandAir Force
43A-123SwitzerlandAir Force
U-123SwitzerlandAir Force
44A-124SwitzerlandAir Force
U-124SwitzerlandAir Force
45A-125SwitzerlandAir Forcepre
U-125SwitzerlandAir Force
46A-126SwitzerlandAir Force
U-126SwitzerlandAir Force
47A-127SwitzerlandAir Force
U-127SwitzerlandAir Force
48A-128SwitzerlandAir Force
U-128SwitzerlandAir Force
49U-103SwitzerlandAir Force
U-129SwitzerlandAir Force
50U-104SwitzerlandAir Force
U-133SwitzerlandAir Force
51U-105SwitzerlandAir Force
U-134SwitzerlandAir Forcepre
52U-106SwitzerlandAir Force
U-135SwitzerlandAir Force
U-107SwitzerlandAir Force
U-136SwitzerlandAir Force
57U-108SwitzerlandAir Force
U-137SwitzerlandAir Force
58U-109SwitzerlandAir Force
U-138SwitzerlandAir Force
59U-110SwitzerlandAir Force
U-139SwitzerlandAir Force
60U-111SwitzerlandAir Force
U-140SwitzerlandAir Force
61U-112SwitzerlandAir Force
U-141SwitzerlandAir Force
62U-113SwitzerlandAir Force
U-142SwitzerlandAir Force
63U-114SwitzerlandAir Force
U-143SwitzerlandAir Force
U-115SwitzerlandAir Force
U-144SwitzerlandAir Force
65U-116SwitzerlandAir Force
U-145SwitzerlandAir Force
66U-117SwitzerlandAir Force
U-146SwitzerlandAir Force
67U-118SwitzerlandAir Force
U-147SwitzerlandAir Force
68U-119SwitzerlandAir Force
U-148SwitzerlandAir Force
69U-120SwitzerlandAir Force
70U-121SwitzerlandAir Force
U-150SwitzerlandAir Force
71U-122SwitzerlandAir Force
72U-123SwitzerlandAir Force
U-152SwitzerlandAir Force
73U-124SwitzerlandAir Force
U-153SwitzerlandAir Force
74U-125SwitzerlandAir Force
U-154SwitzerlandAir Force
75U-126SwitzerlandAir Force
U-155SwitzerlandAir Force
76U-127SwitzerlandAir Force
U-156SwitzerlandAir Force
77U-128SwitzerlandAir Force
U-157SwitzerlandAir Force
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe