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Piper J-3 Cub construction number list

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Piper J-3 Cub
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Cub, Grasshopper, J 3, J-3, J.3, J3, L-4, LNP, NE, TG-8
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The main Piper J-3 Cub series run from about 2000 to 23180, as a continuation of the earlier Taylor Cub and Piper J-2 Cub. However, some earlier numbers are already officially listed as J-3. These are listed here, but might actually have been J-2 Cubs.
Cxxx and xxxC numbers were constructed in Canada and MDCxxxx numbers in Switzerland (mostly from parts).
The G-xxx series are for the TG-8 glider, most survivors were later converted to regular powered Cubs.
At the end of the listing are several out of sequence numbers which mostly belong to replicas. Some of these might actually have been constructed from specific kit models, but this is not always known.
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

G-AFFJUnited KingdomCivil
1999NC16792United StatesCivil
2000NC20200United StatesCivil
2001NC20201United StatesCivil
2002NC20202United StatesCivil
2003NC20203United StatesCivil
2004NC20204United StatesCivil
2005NC20205United StatesCivil
2006NC20206United StatesCivil
2007NC20207United StatesCivil
2008NC20208United StatesCivil
2009NC20209United StatesCivil
2010NC20210United StatesCivil
2011NC20211United StatesCivil
2012NC20212United StatesCivil
2013NC20213United StatesCivil
2014NC20214United StatesCivil
2015NC20215United StatesCivil
2016NC20216United StatesCivil
2017NC20217United StatesCivil
2018NC20218United StatesCivil
2019NC20219United StatesCivil
2020NC20220United StatesCivil
2021NC20221United StatesCivil
2022NC20222United StatesCivil
2023NC20223United StatesCivil
2024NC20224United StatesCivil
2025NC20225United StatesCivil
2026NC20226United StatesCivil
2027NC20227United StatesCivil
2028NC20228United StatesCivil
2029NC20229United StatesCivil
2030NC20230United StatesCivil
2031NC20231United StatesCivil
2032NC20232United StatesCivil
2033NC20233United StatesCivil
2034NC20234United StatesCivil
2035NC20235United StatesCivil
2036NC20236United StatesCivil
2037NC20237United StatesCivil
2038NC20238United StatesCivil
2039NC20239United StatesCivil
2040NC20240United StatesCivil
2041NC20241United StatesCivil
2042NC20240United StatesCivilpre
NC20242United StatesCivil
2043NC20243United StatesCivil
2044NC20244United StatesCivil
2045NC20245United StatesCivil
2046NC20246United StatesCivil
2047NC20247United StatesCivil
2048NC20248United StatesCivil
2049NC20249United StatesCivil
2050NC20250United StatesCivil
2051NC20251United StatesCivil
2052NC20252United StatesCivil
2053NC20253United StatesCivil
2054NC20254United StatesCivil
2055NC20255United StatesCivilpre
2056NC20256United StatesCivil
2057NC20257United StatesCivil
2058NC20258United StatesCivil
2059NC20259United StatesCivil
2060NC20260United StatesCivil
2061NC20261United StatesCivil
2062NC20262United StatesCivil
2063NC20263United StatesCivil
2064NC20264United StatesCivil
2065NC20265United StatesCivil
2066NC20266United StatesCivil
2067NC20267United StatesCivil
2068NC20268United StatesCivil
2069NC20269United StatesCivil
2070NC20270United StatesCivil
2071NC20271United StatesCivil
2072NC20272United StatesCivil
2073NC20273United StatesCivil
2074NC20274United StatesCivil
2075NC20275United StatesCivil
2076NC20276United StatesCivil
2077NC20277United StatesCivil
2078NC20278United StatesCivil
2079N2079United StatesCivil
NC20279United StatesCivil
2080NX20280United StatesCivil
2081NC20281United StatesCivil
2082NC20282United StatesCivil
2083NC20283United StatesCivil
2084NC20284United StatesCivil
2085NC20285United StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe