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Piper PA-18 Super Cub
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Fpl-51, L-18, L-21, PA 18, PA 19, PA-18, PA-19, PA.18, PA.19, PA18, PA19, SAFAT 01, SAFAT-01, SAFAT.01, SAFAT01, Super Cub, U-7
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Argentina, Sudan, United States
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Initial construction number series runs from 18-1 to 18-9004. From 1973 till 1983 the year was added and the numbers were in the format 18-yy09xxx. When the New Piper Company restarted production in the second half of the 80ies, the numbers were in the 1809xxx range (without a dash). A small batch was built in Argentina (AR18809xxx numbers). MDCxxxx numbers were frames built in Switzerland from spare parts. xxxxCC numbers were built by CubCrafters from spare parts and canibalized frames. Also included in the list are several homebuilts and replicas. In some cases these might have been created from other certified kits (like the Piper/Smith PA-18) for which separate main types exist in the database, however, it is not always known which kit was used.
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