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Piper PA-28 Cherokee

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Piper PA-28 Cherokee
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Archer, Arrow, Cherokee, Dakota, Emb 710, Emb 711, Emb 712, Emb-710, Emb-711, Emb-712, Emb.710, Emb.711, Emb.712, Emb710, Emb711, Emb712, Embraer 710, Embraer 711, Embraer 712, PA 28, PA-28, PA.28, PA28, Warrior
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Argentina, Brazil, Chile, United States
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There are several series in the PA-28 construction numbers. Original series starting at 28-1 up to about 35820. Then from 1971 onwards the year was added to the series and each year blocks were assigned per subtype. This lasted until 1986, after which the New Piper Company, later again Piper, created new series of 7 digit numbers: 28yyxxx with yy different values per subtype and xxx being the incremental sequences. The different blocks are:
  • PA-28-161: 2816xxx, 2841xxx, 2842xxx
  • PA-28-181: 2843xxx, 2881xxx, 2890xxx
  • PA-28R-201: 2837xxx, 2844xxx
  • PA-28R-201T: 2803xxx
  • PA-28RT-201: 2831xxx
  • PA-28-236: 2811xxx
Doubles exist between the first and the last series and in the database these can be distinguished by using a dash after 28 in the first series and no dash in the third series.
Just under a 1000 aircraft were produced in Argentina by Chincul between 1972 and 1995. The c/n for those fall within the normal series, but are often quoted with an AR prefix. This is used in the database where known, but is optional. Note that for the 7 digit series (from 1987 onwards), the Argentinians are often quoted with a dash and an extra 8, AR28-816019 for example. This presentation is not used in the database, but will link to the correct record when inserted.
Embraer produced some 700 aircraft as Embraer 710, 711 and 712. Construction numbers are 710xxx, etc.
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