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Pitcairn PA-5 Mailwing construction number list

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Pitcairn PA-5 Mailwing
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Mailwing, PA-5, PA-6, PA-7, PA-8, PA.5, PA.6, PA.7, PA.8, Sport Mailwing, Super Mailwing, Super Sport Mailwing
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The PA-5 and PA-6 versions both have a production list starting at 1. The PA-5 list has an added suffix to distinquish the two versions.
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

1{5}NC2895United StatesCivilpre
2{5}NC1515United StatesCivil
3{5}NC3320United StatesCivil
4{5}NC3465United StatesCivil
5{5}NC3466United StatesCivil
6{5}NC3467United StatesCivil
7{5}NC3468United StatesCivil
8{5}NC3469United StatesCivil
9{5}NC3835United StatesCivil
10{5}NC3836United StatesCivil
11{5}NC3837United StatesCivil
12{5}NC3838United StatesCivil
13{5}NC4231United StatesCivil
14{5}NC4232United StatesCivil
15{5}NC129EUnited StatesCivil
NC4233United StatesCivil
16{5}NC4234United StatesCivil
17{5}NC4235United StatesCivil
18{5}G-CYXJUnited KingdomCivil
NC4233United StatesCivil
19{5}NC500United StatesCivil
20{5}NC5062United StatesCivil
21{5}NC5117United StatesCivil
22{5}NC5129United StatesCivil
23{5}NC5564United StatesCivil
24{5}NC5636United StatesCivil
25{5}NC5863United StatesCivil
26{5}NC5677United StatesCivil
27{5}NC5808United StatesCivil
28{5}NC6617United StatesCivil
29{5}NC6618United StatesCivil
30{5}NC6708United StatesCivil
1NC7152United StatesCivil
2NC13912United StatesCivil
NC19United StatesCivil
3NC13913United StatesCivil
NC20United StatesCivil
4NC7557United StatesCivil
5NC7866United StatesCivil
6NC7867United StatesCivil
7NC7868United StatesCivil
8NC7965United StatesCivil
9NC7966United StatesCivil
10NC7967United StatesCivil
11NC36EUnited StatesCivil
12NC37EUnited StatesCivil
13NC38EUnited StatesCivil
14NC127EUnited StatesCivil
15NC129EUnited StatesCivil
16G-CAWFUnited KingdomCivil
NC128EUnited StatesCivil
17G-CAWGUnited KingdomCivil
18NC215EUnited StatesCivil
19NC298EUnited StatesCivil
20NC338EUnited StatesCivil
21NC353EUnited StatesCivil
22NC354EUnited StatesCivil
23NC355EUnited StatesCivil
24NC482EUnited StatesCivil
NC483EUnited StatesCivil
26NC585United StatesCivil
27NC557EUnited StatesCivil
28NC643EUnited StatesCivil
29NC644EUnited StatesCivil
30NC680EUnited StatesCivil
31NC681EUnited StatesCivil
32NC682EUnited StatesCivil
33NC683EUnited StatesCivil
34NC684EUnited StatesCivil
35NC210HUnited StatesCivil
36NC211HUnited StatesCivil
37NC212HUnited StatesCivil
38NC213HUnited StatesCivil
39NC214HUnited StatesCivil
40NC800HUnited StatesCivil
41NC801HUnited StatesCivil
42NC802HUnited StatesCivil
43NC803HUnited StatesCivil
44NC804HUnited StatesCivil
45NC545KUnited StatesCivil
46NC546KUnited StatesCivil
47NC547KUnited StatesCivil
48NC548KUnited StatesCivil
49NC549KUnited StatesCivil
50NR213MUnited StatesCivil
51NC68MUnited StatesCivil
52NC69MUnited StatesCivil
53NC70MUnited StatesCivil
54NC71MUnited StatesCivil
55NC878MUnited StatesCivil
56NC877MUnited StatesCivil
57NC876MUnited StatesCivil
58NC824NUnited StatesCivil
59NC875MUnited StatesCivil
NC876MUnited StatesCivil
60NC825NUnited StatesCivil
61NC826NUnited StatesCivil
140NC351VUnited StatesCivil
141NC377VUnited StatesCivil
142NC378VUnited StatesCivil
143NC53WUnited StatesCivil
144NC54WUnited StatesCivil
145NC93WUnited StatesCivil
146NC94WUnited StatesCivil
147NC95WUnited StatesCivil
148NC96WUnited StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe