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Rans S-21 Outbound construction number list

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Rans S-21 Outbound
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Outbound, Rans, S 21, S-21, S.21, S21
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

07160001N215RDUnited StatesCivil
04180002N615RDUnited StatesCivil
05180003N133TXUnited StatesCivil
06180004N652DFUnited StatesCivil
06180005N229VKUnited StatesCivil
N4850United StatesCivil
06180006N616PWUnited StatesCivil
06180007N260SBUnited StatesCivil
06180008N679KSUnited StatesCivil
07180011N1210GUnited StatesCivil
08180012N612KHUnited StatesCivil
09180014N1421United StatesCivil
10180018N63BGUnited StatesCivil
10180019N782PRUnited StatesCivil
10180021N4488BUnited StatesCivil
10180022N915BSUnited StatesCivil
10180024N313LUnited StatesCivil
11180027N930VKUnited StatesCivil
12180029N321LMUnited StatesCivil
12180033N80BKUnited StatesCivil
12180034N555WHUnited StatesCivil
01190037N88DVUnited StatesCivil
02190039N24LHUnited StatesCivil
05190045N104RRUnited StatesCivil
06190049N327JBUnited StatesCivil
07190054N919CEUnited StatesCivil
07190055N390TFUnited StatesCivil
07190056N69NCUnited StatesCivil
07190057N680THUnited StatesCivil
08190058N306BCUnited StatesCivil
09190060N63011United StatesCivil
09190064N2269EUnited StatesCivil
71N420DCUnited StatesCivil
11190073N14KHUnited StatesCivil
11190075N269MBUnited StatesCivil
12190077N21USUnited StatesCivil
12190079N219CBUnited StatesCivil
02200084N46JHUnited StatesCivil
02200088N229PWUnited StatesCivil
02200089N193HUnited StatesCivil
04200098N688WAUnited StatesCivil
04200099N521RDUnited StatesCivil
05200101N1525CUnited StatesCivil
05200105N116MEUnited StatesCivil
06200111N52DCUnited StatesCivil
07200126N20PHUnited StatesCivil
08200127N73KAUnited StatesCivil
08200132N891ECUnited StatesCivil
10200139N535DKUnited StatesCivil
02210158N826BRUnited StatesCivil
03210169N415RDUnited StatesCivil
06210180N282EBUnited StatesCivil
06210190N413MNUnited StatesCivil
08210200N492MKUnited StatesCivil
10210214N6219BUnited StatesCivil
11210223N32AVUnited StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe