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Rockwell Commander 112 construction number list

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Rockwell Commander 112
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Commander, RC 112, RC 114, RC-112, RC-114, RC.112, RC.114, RC112, RC114
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

1N112ACUnited StatesCivil
3N112NRUnited StatesCivil
4N112ARUnited StatesCivil
5N112GAUnited StatesCivil
6N112RRUnited StatesCivil
7N112JCUnited StatesCivil
8N1002JUnited StatesCivil
9N1009JUnited StatesCivil
10N1003JUnited StatesCivil
11N1011JUnited StatesCivil
12N1012JUnited StatesCivil
13N1013JUnited StatesCivil
14N1014JUnited StatesCivil
15N1015JUnited StatesCivil
16N1004JUnited StatesCivil
17N1017JUnited StatesCivil
18N1018JUnited StatesCivil
19N1019JUnited StatesCivil
20N1020JUnited StatesCivil
21N1021JUnited StatesCivil
22N1022JUnited StatesCivil
23N112CAUnited StatesCivil
24N1024JUnited StatesCivil
26N1026JUnited StatesCivil
28N1028JUnited StatesCivil
29N1029JUnited StatesCivil
N1030JUnited StatesCivil
31N1031JUnited StatesCivil
32N1032JUnited StatesCivil
33N690RUUnited StatesCivil
34N1034JUnited StatesCivil
35N1035JUnited StatesCivil
36N1036JUnited StatesCivil
37N1037JUnited StatesCivil
38N112SJUnited StatesCivil
39N1039JUnited StatesCivil
40N1040JUnited StatesCivil
41N1041JUnited StatesCivil
42N112MGUnited StatesCivil
44N1044JUnited StatesCivil
45N1045JUnited StatesCivil
46N1046JUnited StatesCivil
47N1047JUnited StatesCivil
48N1048JUnited StatesCivil
49N1049JUnited StatesCivil
50N1050JUnited StatesCivil
51N1051JUnited StatesCivil
52N1052JUnited StatesCivil
N1053JUnited StatesCivil
54N1054JUnited StatesCivil
55N1055JUnited StatesCivil
56N1056JUnited StatesCivil
57N1057JUnited StatesCivil
58N1058JUnited StatesCivil
59N1059JUnited StatesCivil
60N1060JUnited StatesCivil
61N1061JUnited StatesCivil
62N1062JUnited StatesCivil
63N1063JUnited StatesCivil
64N1064JUnited StatesCivil
65N112HAUnited StatesCivil
67N1067JUnited StatesCivil
69N1069JUnited StatesCivil
70N114JVUnited StatesCivil
71N1071JUnited StatesCivil
72N1072JUnited StatesCivil
G-BDEJUnited KingdomCivil
74N1074JUnited StatesCivil
75N1075JUnited StatesCivil
76N1076JUnited StatesCivil
77N1077JUnited StatesCivil
78N1078JUnited StatesCivil
79N112RCUnited StatesCivil
80ZS-IZMSouth AfricaCivil
N1080JUnited StatesCivil
81N1081JUnited StatesCivil
82N1082JUnited StatesCivil
83N1083JUnited StatesCivil
84N1084JUnited StatesCivil
85N1085JUnited StatesCivil
86N1086JUnited StatesCivil
87N1087JUnited StatesCivil
88N112RAUnited StatesCivil
90N735MUnited StatesCivil
91N1091JUnited StatesCivil
92N5WPUnited StatesCivil
93N1093JUnited StatesCivil
94N1094JUnited StatesCivil
95N1095JUnited StatesCivil
96N1096JUnited StatesCivil
97N88MSUnited StatesCivil
N1149JUnited StatesCivil
100N1098JUnited StatesCivil
101N1039JUnited StatesCivil
102N1102JUnited StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe