Spottingmode custom made serial books

Special offer: BeNeLux Military Serials

All BeNeLux military serials, including the Police, Coast Guard and NATO fleets

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Special offer: Military Transport Planes - Europe

Comprehensive overview of over 1.000 transport planes in use by European air arms

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Well, no need for all of that anymore. The Spottingmode custom serial books are created from the published fleet lists, combined with your own sightings in the online plane log database. The result is a pdf that comes with always a fresh list of planes, and marks for those you have seen.

And as it is custom, you decide which fleet lists are included. Just select all that you want.

As a user with a paid membership, you have unlimited access to the serial books (*). Create different books, store those and have a pdf created of it at anytime. Every time you create it, it will have the current list and all your sightings that are in the database at that moment.

* Spottingmode does reserve the right to limit the use of service at any time, without notice, if the service is abused