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Sling Aircraft Sling 2 construction number list

Full type:
Sling Aircraft Sling 2
Sort value:
Sling 2
Search aliasses:
Airplane Factory, Sling 2, The Airplane Factory
C/n known:
Seen on c/n:
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

004ZU-TAESouth AfricaCivil
005ZU-NRCSouth AfricaCivil
006ZU-MDKSouth AfricaCivil
007KZU-IKCSouth AfricaCivil
008ZU-OSHSouth AfricaCivil
009ZU-FKJSouth AfricaCivil
010ZU-FJFSouth AfricaCivil
011ZU-JVLSouth AfricaCivil
012ZU-WRJSouth AfricaCivil
013KZU-IMHSouth AfricaCivil
014ZU-MGLSouth AfricaCivil
015ZU-FMJSouth AfricaCivil
017N511NGUnited StatesCivil
019ZU-FTVSouth AfricaCivil
020ZU-FWFSouth AfricaCivil
021ZU-IFTSouth AfricaCivil
022ZU-MCASouth AfricaCivil
023ZU-FNMSouth AfricaCivil
024ZU-TVTSouth AfricaCivil
025ZU-IAPSouth AfricaCivil
026ZU-FPOSouth AfricaCivil
027ZU-IFRSouth AfricaCivil
028ZU-FNNSouth AfricaCivil
029ZU-FRXSouth AfricaCivil
030ZU-FZBSouth AfricaCivil
031ZU-FOHSouth AfricaCivil
032ZU-IJMSouth AfricaCivil
033ZU-FTUSouth AfricaCivil
034ZU-ZDLSouth AfricaCivil
035ZU-FXASouth AfricaCivil
036ZU-TSFSouth AfricaCivil
037ZU-FXGSouth AfricaCivil
038ZU-FUASouth AfricaCivil
039ZU-FRJSouth AfricaCivil
040ZU-SIGSouth AfricaCivil
041KZU-IHKSouth AfricaCivil
042ZU-FYNSouth AfricaCivil
045ZU-FRPSouth AfricaCivil
046ZU-ZUZSouth AfricaCivil
047KZU-XYZSouth AfricaCivil
049ZU-FYESouth AfricaCivil
050ZU-STTSouth AfricaCivil
051ZU-FSCSouth AfricaCivil
052ZU-FZZSouth AfricaCivil
053ZU-LYNSouth AfricaCivil
054ZU-FVKSouth AfricaCivil
057ZU-FSLSouth AfricaCivil
059ZU-KRJSouth AfricaCivil
060ZU-FWGSouth AfricaCivil
061ZU-WESSouth AfricaCivil
062ZU-FSPSouth AfricaCivil
063ZU-FVUSouth AfricaCivil
064ZU-FTMSouth AfricaCivil
065N951MWUnited StatesCivil
066N5420KUnited StatesCivil
069ZU-IAZSouth AfricaCivil
071ZU-FTFSouth AfricaCivil
073ZU-FZESouth AfricaCivil
074N174SLUnited StatesCivil
075N348GSUnited StatesCivil
076ZU-FTGSouth AfricaCivil
077ZU-FTHSouth AfricaCivil
078ZU-FUBSouth AfricaCivil
080ZU-FUSSouth AfricaCivil
081ZU-FCTSouth AfricaCivil
082ZU-FXNSouth AfricaCivil
084ZU-FTYSouth AfricaCivil
085KZU-IDESouth AfricaCivil
087ZU-FUDSouth AfricaCivil
088ZU-FVWSouth AfricaCivil
089ZU-FVRSouth AfricaCivil
090ZU-FWKSouth AfricaCivil
092ZU-MABSouth AfricaCivil
093ZU-SAASouth AfricaCivil
094ZU-WCGSouth AfricaCivil
095ZU-FZOSouth AfricaCivil
097ZU-SLZSouth AfricaCivil
098ZU-FWDSouth AfricaCivil
099ZU-FVJSouth AfricaCivil
100ZU-WHOSouth AfricaCivil
101ZU-MGBSouth AfricaCivil
102ZU-FWNSouth AfricaCivil
104ZU-KIESouth AfricaCivil
105ZU-FWUSouth AfricaCivil
106ZU-FWISouth AfricaCivil
107ZU-FYLSouth AfricaCivil
108ZU-FWYSouth AfricaCivil
109ZU-FYMSouth AfricaCivil
112ZU-MALSouth AfricaCivil
113ZU-FXOSouth AfricaCivil
114ZU-IVOSouth AfricaCivil
115ZU-IAXSouth AfricaCivil
ZU-WAXSouth AfricaCivil
117ZU-FZVSouth AfricaCivil
122ZU-FYASouth AfricaCivil
123ZU-MDVSouth AfricaCivil
125ZU-FYFSouth AfricaCivil
127ZU-KHGSouth AfricaCivil
128ZU-SBTSouth AfricaCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe