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Sud Aviation SA330 Puma
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AS 332, AS 532, AS.332, AS.532, AS332, AS532, Cougar, EC 225, EC 725, EC.225, EC.725, EC225, EC725, Eurocopter, H-14, H-15, H-34, H-36, Hkp-10, HM-3, HM-4, IAR 330, IAR.330, IAR330, Oryx, Puma, SA 330, SA.330, SA330, Super Puma
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England, France, Romania, South Africa
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All four digit construction numbers were built in France (except those with a F line number, those were built in England), the 001 - 050 range was built in South Africa as Oryx and the 1 - 160 range are IAR.330s built in Romania
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