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Taylor Cub construction number list

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Taylor Cub
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Cub, E-2, F-2, G-2, H-2
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

11N10249United StatesCivil
NC10547United StatesCivil
12NC10594United StatesCivil
13NC10784United StatesCivil
15NC11615United StatesCivil
16NC11623United StatesCivil
17NC11645United StatesCivil
18NC11647United StatesCivil
NC12610United StatesCivilpre
19NC11646United StatesCivil
20NC11657United StatesCivil
21NC11658United StatesCivil
22NC11662United StatesCivil
23NC11663United StatesCivil
24NC11672United StatesCivil
25NC11673United StatesCivil
26NC11674United StatesCivil
27NC12607United StatesCivil
28NC12608United StatesCivil
29NC12609United StatesCivil
30NC12610United StatesCivil
31NC12626United StatesCivil
32NC12627United StatesCivil
33NC12628United StatesCivil
34NC12629United StatesCivil
35NC12630United StatesCivil
36NC12664United StatesCivilpre
37NC12665United StatesCivil
38NC12666United StatesCivil
39NC12667United StatesCivil
40NC12668United StatesCivil
41NC12695United StatesCivil
42NC12696United StatesCivil
43NC12697United StatesCivil
44NC12698United StatesCivil
45NC13115United StatesCivil
46NC13116United StatesCivil
47N13114United StatesCivil
NC13117United StatesCivil
NC87United StatesCivil
49NC13119United StatesCivil
50NC13120United StatesCivil
51NC13143United StatesCivil
52NC13144United StatesCivil
53NC13145United StatesCivil
54NC13146United StatesCivil
55NC13147United StatesCivil
56NC13175United StatesCivil
57NC13176United StatesCivil
58NC13177United StatesCivil
59NC13178United StatesCivil
60NC13179United StatesCivil
61NC2394United StatesCivil
62NC2395United StatesCivil
63NC2396United StatesCivil
64NC2414United StatesCivil
65NC2434United StatesCivil
66NC2735United StatesCivil
67NC2761United StatesCivil
68NC2780United StatesCivil
69NC2994United StatesCivil
70NC2999United StatesCivil
71N3049United StatesCivil
72N75870United StatesCivil
NC9376United StatesCivil
73NC9377United StatesCivil
74NX13272United StatesCivil
75NC825MUnited StatesCivil
76NC826MUnited StatesCivil
77NC744NUnited StatesCivil
78NC745NUnited StatesCivil
79NC746NUnited StatesCivil
80NC743NUnited StatesCivil
81NC747NUnited StatesCivil
82NC798NUnited StatesCivil
83NC951VUnited StatesCivil
84N2122United StatesCivil
NC2119United StatesCivil
85NC2120United StatesCivil
86NC2126United StatesCivil
87NC2142United StatesCivil
88NC2169United StatesCivil
89NC14308United StatesCivil
90NC14309United StatesCivil
91NC14310United StatesCivil
92NC14311United StatesCivil
93NC14312United StatesCivil
94NC14327United StatesCivil
95NC14328United StatesCivil
96NC14329United StatesCivil
97NC14330United StatesCivil
98NC14331United StatesCivil
99NC14332United StatesCivil
100NC14344United StatesCivil
101NC14345United StatesCivil
102NC14346United StatesCivil
103NC14347United StatesCivil
104NC14348United StatesCivil
105NC14349United StatesCivil
107NC14351United StatesCivil
108NC14352United StatesCivil
109NC14353United StatesCivil
110NC14354United StatesCivil
111CZ-110Canal ZoneCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe