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Taylorcraft F construction number list

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Taylorcraft F
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Taylorcraft F
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F 19, F 21, F 22, F-19, F-21, F-22, F.19, F.21, F.22, F19, F21, F22, Model 19, Sportsman, Taylorcraft 19, Taylorcraft F-19, Taylorcraft F-21, Taylorcraft F-22
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The list includes the Model 19 built by the original Taylorcraft up to 1946 and the later F-19, F-21 and F-22 built by the Taylorcraft Aviation Corporation between 1971 and 1985.
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

F-067N69GGUnited StatesCivil
F-068N3615TUnited StatesCivil
F-069N3668TUnited StatesCivil
F-070N3616TUnited StatesCivil
F-071N3617TUnited StatesCivil
F-073N3666TUnited StatesCivil
F-074N3667TUnited StatesCivil
F-075N9587TUnited StatesCivil
F-076N3669TUnited StatesCivil
F-077N3670TUnited StatesCivil
F-078N25694United StatesCivil
F-079N3679TUnited StatesCivil
F-080N3672TUnited StatesCivil
F-081N3673TUnited StatesCivil
N3674TUnited StatesCivil
F-083N18ECUnited StatesCivil
F-084N3676TUnited StatesCivil
F-085N3677TUnited StatesCivil
F-086N3678TUnited StatesCivil
F-087N3680TUnited StatesCivil
F-088N3681TUnited StatesCivil
F-089N3682TUnited StatesCivil
F-090N3683TUnited StatesCivil
F-091N3684TUnited StatesCivil
F-092N3685TUnited StatesCivil
F-093N3686TUnited StatesCivil
F-094N3687TUnited StatesCivil
F-095N3688TUnited StatesCivil
F-096N3689TUnited StatesCivil
F-097N3690TUnited StatesCivil
F-098N3691TUnited StatesCivil
F-099N3692TUnited StatesCivil
F-100N3693TUnited StatesCivil
F-101N3694TUnited StatesCivil
F-102N3695TUnited StatesCivil
F-103N3696TUnited StatesCivil
F-104N19TEUnited StatesCivil
F-105N208APUnited StatesCivil
F-106N3697TUnited StatesCivil
F-107N3698TUnited StatesCivil
F-108N37YDUnited StatesCivil
F-109N927APUnited StatesCivil
F-110N3719TUnited StatesCivil
F-111N3728TUnited StatesCivil
F-112N3756TUnited StatesCivil
F-115N3774TUnited StatesCivil
F-116N3787TUnited StatesCivil
F-117N3794TUnited StatesCivil
F-118N3861TUnited StatesCivil
F-119G-BRIJUnited KingdomCivil
N3863TUnited StatesCivil
F-120N3937TUnited StatesCivil
F-121N3947TUnited StatesCivil
F-122N3980TUnited StatesCivil
F-123N3995TUnited StatesCivil
F-124N2000UUnited StatesCivil
F-125N2000VUnited StatesCivil
F-126ZS-ORYSouth AfricaCivil
N20001United StatesCivil
F-128N20002United StatesCivil
F-129N20004United StatesCivil
F-130N2001AUnited StatesCivil
F-132N20007United StatesCivil
F-133N2001JUnited StatesCivil
F-134N2001KUnited StatesCivil
F-135N2001TUnited StatesCivil
F-136N2001ZUnited StatesCivil
F-137N2002AUnited StatesCivil
F-138N2002CUnited StatesCivil
N2002HUnited StatesCivil
F-141N2002LUnited StatesCivil
F-142N2002VUnited StatesCivil
F-143N2002YUnited StatesCivil
F-144N20021United StatesCivil
F-145N20022United StatesCivil
F-147N2003CUnited StatesCivil
F-148N2003JUnited StatesCivil
F-150N2003KUnited StatesCivil
F-151N2003LUnited StatesCivil
F-152N2003XUnited StatesCivil
F-153N2004AUnited StatesCivil
F-1001N2004BUnited StatesCivil
F-1002N2005SUnited StatesCivil
F-1004N2004HUnited StatesCivil
F-1005G-BPJVUnited KingdomCivil
N2004LUnited StatesCivil
F-1006N2004UUnited StatesCivil
F-1007N2004VUnited StatesCivil
F-1008N2004YUnited StatesCivil
F-1009N20048United StatesCivil
F-1010N2005BUnited StatesCivil
F-1012N2005RUnited StatesCivil
F-1013N2005UUnited StatesCivil
F-1014N2005JUnited StatesCivil
F-1015N2005EUnited StatesCivil
F-1016N2005KUnited StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe