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Taylorcraft F construction number list

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Taylorcraft F
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Taylorcraft F
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F 19, F 21, F 22, F-19, F-21, F-22, F.19, F.21, F.22, F19, F21, F22, Model 19, Sportsman, Taylorcraft 19, Taylorcraft F-19, Taylorcraft F-21, Taylorcraft F-22
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The list includes the Model 19 built by the original Taylorcraft up to 1946 and the later F-19, F-21 and F-22 built by the Taylorcraft Aviation Corporation between 1971 and 1985.
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

F-1017N2005WUnited StatesCivil
F-1018N2005ZUnited StatesCivil
F-1019N2006AUnited StatesCivil
F-1020N2006UUnited StatesCivil
F-1021N2006JUnited StatesCivil
F-1022N4417EUnited StatesCivil
F-1500N2006LUnited StatesCivil
F-1501N2006CUnited StatesCivil
F-1502N2006SUnited StatesCivil
F-1503N2006TUnited StatesCivil
F-1504N2006WUnited StatesCivil
F-1505N2006XUnited StatesCivil
F-1506N4417AUnited StatesCivil
F-1507N4417BUnited StatesCivil
N4417FUnited StatesCivil
F-1509N4417NUnited StatesCivil
F-1510N4417PUnited StatesCivil
F-1511N4417QUnited StatesCivil
N4417RUnited StatesCivil
N44177United StatesCivil
F-1514N4418FUnited StatesCivil
F-1515N4418MUnited StatesCivil
F-1516N4417HUnited StatesCivil
F-1517N4418NUnited StatesCivil
F-1518N4418UUnited StatesCivil
F-1519N4419CUnited StatesCivil
F-1520N4418VUnited StatesCivil
F-1521N4418YUnited StatesCivil
F-1522N82092United StatesCivil
F-1523N8ZUUnited StatesCivil
F-1626N24091United StatesCivil
F-2201N180GTUnited StatesCivil
F-2202N2202TUnited StatesCivil
F-2203N191TCUnited StatesCivil
F-2204N69NDUnited StatesCivil
F-2205N145KVUnited StatesCivil
F-2206N4419JUnited StatesCivil
F-2207G-BWBIUnited KingdomCivil
N22UKUnited StatesCivil
F-2208N221UKUnited StatesCivil
F-2209N4419PUnited StatesCivil
F-2210N222UKUnited StatesCivil
F-2211N7883TUnited StatesCivil
F-2212N223UKUnited StatesCivil
F-2213N224UKUnited StatesCivil
N87HJUnited StatesCivil
F-2215N225JTUnited StatesCivil
F-2216N82023United StatesCivil
F-2217N82026United StatesCivil
F-2218N82011United StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe