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Van's RV-10 construction number list

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Van's RV-10
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RV 10, RV-10, RV.10, RV10, Vans
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Almost all planes are homebuilts, which means many of these have a custom construction number. Factory supplied kit numbers seem to run in the 4xxxx sequence, which can be sorted correctly. The rest are not in any sequence and many need a database suffix to be distinguished from each other. No clear sort order is possible.
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

1N410RVUnited StatesCivil
7N152RVUnited StatesCivil
102ZU-DIXSouth AfricaCivil
145N1017HUnited StatesCivil
1337N42BUUnited StatesCivil
5130N47ECUnited StatesCivil
40001N755SBUnited StatesCivil
40004N410VUnited StatesCivil
40006N610RVUnited StatesCivil
40007N107VAUnited StatesCivil
40008N86GRUnited StatesCivil
40009N410PJUnited StatesCivil
40010N410JAUnited StatesCivil
40012N847RWUnited StatesCivil
40013N213RVUnited StatesCivil
40014N504CLUnited StatesCivil
40015N916SLUnited StatesCivil
N104MLUnited StatesCivil
40017N471BGUnited StatesCivil
40020N9900MUnited StatesCivil
40021N952LCUnited StatesCivil
40022N30BYUnited StatesCivil
40025N52KSUnited StatesCivil
40026N143DVUnited StatesCivil
40029N939SBUnited StatesCivil
40031N968TPUnited StatesCivil
40033N829GWUnited StatesCivil
40036N10GTUnited StatesCivil
40037N781SUnited StatesCivil
40038N660RVUnited StatesCivil
40040N710GCUnited StatesCivil
40043N410MRUnited StatesCivil
40044N710RVUnited StatesCivil
40046N347JKUnited StatesCivil
40047N3146SUnited StatesCivil
40050N306JEUnited StatesCivil
N330KGUnited StatesCivil
40052N89YSUnited StatesCivil
40054N898NDUnited StatesCivil
40055N459DLUnited StatesCivil
N652RTUnited StatesCivil
40057N661GUnited StatesCivil
40058N961RVUnited StatesCivil
40059N31TDUnited StatesCivil
40060N777WJUnited StatesCivil
40063N324RGUnited StatesCivil
40064N305KTUnited StatesCivil
40065N110DVUnited StatesCivil
40066ZU-ZOESouth AfricaCivil
40067N989TSUnited StatesCivil
40070N787RVUnited StatesCivil
40071N710WHUnited StatesCivil
40072N919ARUnited StatesCivil
40073N410FSUnited StatesCivil
40075N719SBUnited StatesCivil
40076N917VAUnited StatesCivil
40077N69KTUnited StatesCivil
40078N686DPUnited StatesCivil
40079N984MCUnited StatesCivil
40080N475PVUnited StatesCivil
40081N324PTUnited StatesCivil
40082N75252United StatesCivil
40084N242BDUnited StatesCivil
40086N62KAUnited StatesCivil
40088N1188CUnited StatesCivil
40090N10FDUnited StatesCivil
40091N325HPUnited StatesCivil
40093N865HBUnited StatesCivil
40096N810VAUnited StatesCivil
40097N816RFUnited StatesCivil
40099N510DDUnited StatesCivil
40102N319BCUnited StatesCivil
40103N19JZUnited StatesCivil
40105N442PMUnited StatesCivil
40106N474RVUnited StatesCivil
40108N104MEUnited StatesCivil
40109N104LJUnited StatesCivil
40110N241TGUnited StatesCivil
40111N104XPUnited StatesCivil
40112N766LMUnited StatesCivil
40116N416ASUnited StatesCivil
40117N410PBUnited StatesCivil
40122N210LMUnited StatesCivil
40125N104BKUnited StatesCivil
40128N104EWUnited StatesCivil
40130N24YMUnited StatesCivil
40131N929EHUnited StatesCivil
40132ZU-WIZSouth AfricaCivil
N468DCUnited StatesCivil
40134N475TDUnited StatesCivil
40135N110TDUnited StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe