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Van's RV-14 construction number list

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Van's RV-14
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RV 14, RV-14, RV.14, RV14, Vans
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

140486N144DPUnited StatesCivil
140494N114KBUnited StatesCivil
140497N914JUnited StatesCivil
140499N221RVUnited StatesCivil
140505N58TVUnited StatesCivil
140507N507PWUnited StatesCivil
140508N616JTUnited StatesCivil
140509N14YZUnited StatesCivil
140512N662FUnited StatesCivil
140514N33CEUnited StatesCivil
140524N524MPUnited StatesCivil
140528N410KAUnited StatesCivil
140530N383WMUnited StatesCivil
140532N4072BUnited StatesCivil
140537N218DTUnited StatesCivil
140538N953KFUnited StatesCivil
140541N359MKUnited StatesCivil
140542N615BJUnited StatesCivil
140547N547JPUnited StatesCivil
140552N114PAUnited StatesCivil
140553N1418FUnited StatesCivil
140555N461WGUnited StatesCivil
140561N94MSUnited StatesCivil
140562N3318SUnited StatesCivil
140570N8487GUnited StatesCivil
140585N544JCUnited StatesCivil
140588N702TPUnited StatesCivil
140597N323KVUnited StatesCivil
140600N260CGUnited StatesCivil
140602N41898United StatesCivil
140604N918ZHUnited StatesCivil
140619N529GMUnited StatesCivil
140627N265KMUnited StatesCivil
140634N15HWUnited StatesCivil
140644N1442PUnited StatesCivil
140645N14LCUnited StatesCivil
140648N520RVUnited StatesCivil
140649N107DGUnited StatesCivil
140655N715DCUnited StatesCivil
140669N114JBUnited StatesCivil
140671N614USUnited StatesCivil
140693N37MRUnited StatesCivil
140708N56BZUnited StatesCivil
140726N8181JUnited StatesCivil
140731N120MBUnited StatesCivil
140733N214WYUnited StatesCivil
140737N737MRUnited StatesCivil
140745N6841GUnited StatesCivil
140769N957VWUnited StatesCivil
140838N127JTUnited StatesCivil
140850N84BRUnited StatesCivil
140890N258SMUnited StatesCivil
LAA 393-15383G-OXIVUnited KingdomCivil
LAA 393-15585G-JGRVUnited KingdomCivil
001{JEG}N872LJUnited StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe