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Van's RV-3 construction number list

Full type:
Van's RV-3
Sort value:
RV- 3
Search aliasses:
RV 3, RV-3, RV.3, RV3, Vans
C/n known:
Seen on c/n:
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Almost all planes are homebuilts, which means many of these have a custom construction number. Factory supplied kit numbers seem to run in the 1xxxx sequence, which can be sorted correctly. The rest are not in any sequence and many need a database suffix to be distinguished from each other. No clear sort order is possible.
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

18N592SUnited StatesCivil
19N19RVUnited StatesCivil
49N143GJUnited StatesCivil
50N47RVUnited StatesCivil
58N55TDUnited StatesCivil
65N39GHUnited StatesCivil
69N43RMUnited StatesCivil
71N1379BUnited StatesCivil
72N929GUnited StatesCivil
77N77SAUnited StatesCivil
79N113PWUnited StatesCivil
88N12JVUnited StatesCivil
90N50NJUnited StatesCivil
97N38JBUnited StatesCivil
99N99RVUnited StatesCivil
103N103RVUnited StatesCivil
108N20RVUnited StatesCivil
N112RVUnited StatesCivil
118N66CJUnited StatesCivil
122N153HUnited StatesCivil
126N31120United StatesCivil
131N91741United StatesCivil
134N303WFUnited StatesCivil
139N87844United StatesCivil
142N81902United StatesCivil
161N161BTUnited StatesCivil
173N17RVUnited StatesCivil
N47112United StatesCivil
177N6HXUnited StatesCivil
190N93JPUnited StatesCivil
213N1165VUnited StatesCivil
218N89BGUnited StatesCivil
219N333RVUnited StatesCivil
221N1428ZUnited StatesCivilstd
241N234FTUnited StatesCivil
242N242RVUnited StatesCivil
244N244WWUnited StatesCivil
255N77RVUnited StatesCivil
263N263BEUnited StatesCivil
264N750WUnited StatesCivil
N32APUnited StatesCivil
271N271RVUnited StatesCivil
275N937VYUnited StatesCivilpre
279N279BWUnited StatesCivil
292N3SUnited StatesCivil
298N920SRUnited StatesCivil
310N83851United StatesCivil
326N14JHUnited StatesCivil
332N332RVUnited StatesCivil
344N8490VUnited StatesCivil
366N132FMUnited StatesCivil
369N46DHUnited StatesCivil
380N380RBUnited StatesCivil
381N86HBUnited StatesCivil
383N23FSUnited StatesCivil
387N100HSUnited StatesCivil
390N390WHUnited StatesCivil
393N14520United StatesCivil
397N555RMUnited StatesCivil
400N819JUnited StatesCivil
405N22RVUnited StatesCivil
409N45APUnited StatesCivil
417N9030NUnited StatesCivil
441N112KWUnited StatesCivil
443N23062United StatesCivil
448N80JYUnited StatesCivil
454N9030FUnited StatesCivil
455N25JSUnited StatesCivil
459N18DTUnited StatesCivil
470N126KPUnited StatesCivil
477N98RVUnited StatesCivil
485N485RVUnited StatesCivil
488N993FLUnited StatesCivil
495N333LTUnited StatesCivil
499N87JPUnited StatesCivil
500N81TDUnited StatesCivil
505N80688United StatesCivil
508N9307AUnited StatesCivil
512N2232BUnited StatesCivil
513N279RMUnited StatesCivil
516N37674United StatesCivil
523N65JPUnited StatesCivil
528N99HVUnited StatesCivil
532N33GLUnited StatesCivil
547N3149UUnited StatesCivil
552N1387XUnited StatesCivil
559N5AJUnited StatesCivil
561N40DCUnited StatesCivil
575N212AJUnited StatesCivil
580N8138JUnited StatesCivil
584N767QUnited StatesCivil
592N4892JUnited StatesCivil
N203RVUnited StatesCivil
602N4227KUnited StatesCivil
603N56WAUnited StatesCivil
618N28DUUnited StatesCivil
623N218RBUnited StatesCivil
N623RVUnited StatesCivil
649N80LKUnited StatesCivil
662N2754JUnited StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe