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Van's RV-4 construction number list

Full type:
Van's RV-4
Sort value:
RV- 4
Search aliasses:
Harmon Rocket, RV 4, RV-4, RV.4, RV4, Vans
C/n known:
Seen on c/n:
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

10N35250United StatesCivil
11N282EMUnited StatesCivil
14N64DLUnited StatesCivil
16N443JAUnited StatesCivil
18N18LMUnited StatesCivil
19N19GXUnited StatesCivil
20N20JEUnited StatesCivil
21N204CPUnited StatesCivil
22N413BXUnited StatesCivil
24N240WUnited StatesCivil
26N426RCUnited StatesCivil
27N12DSUnited StatesCivil
29N45EMUnited StatesCivil
30N73GCUnited StatesCivil
32N4087QUnited StatesCivil
33N511TGUnited StatesCivil
37N37RVUnited StatesCivil
39N9414SUnited StatesCivil
40N40VZUnited StatesCivil
42N64GSUnited StatesCivil
44N153TKUnited StatesCivil
49N134RSUnited StatesCivil
N185BUnited StatesCivil
50N58250United StatesCivil
057N114DCUnited StatesCivil
N57CGUnited StatesCivil
RV4-61N131RUnited StatesCivil
N61DLUnited StatesCivil
N9061United StatesCivil
62N3882NUnited StatesCivil
63N63SMUnited StatesCivil
65N443DTUnited StatesCivil
68N4684CUnited StatesCivil
70N4588LUnited StatesCivil
71N76YUnited StatesCivil
72N90GRUnited StatesCivil
79N479JJUnited StatesCivil
82N95JFUnited StatesCivil
84N437TUnited StatesCivil
87N7LCUnited StatesCivil
88N488RVUnited StatesCivil
92N891LHUnited StatesCivil
93N96BRUnited StatesCivil
97N812BSUnited StatesCivil
99N485GBUnited StatesCivil
102N66GRUnited StatesCivil
104N474SCUnited StatesCivil
105N85JPUnited StatesCivil
106N410BWUnited StatesCivil
107N107RVUnited StatesCivil
111N5422QUnited StatesCivil
113N45RVUnited StatesCivil
114N114RVUnited StatesCivil
115N84RMUnited StatesCivil
117N77GBUnited StatesCivil
123N245MDUnited StatesCivil
124N425RUnited StatesCivil
126N126RVUnited StatesCivil
129N129MFUnited StatesCivil
130N102JPUnited StatesCivil
N130JPUnited StatesCivil
142N1080JUnited StatesCivil
147N575MMUnited StatesCivil
149N635TBUnited StatesCivil
154N154PKUnited StatesCivil
N154WUnited StatesCivil
156N30TSUnited StatesCivil
159N391BGUnited StatesCivil
161N443TTUnited StatesCivil
164N721JKUnited StatesCivil
165N165MPUnited StatesCivil
167N8103GUnited StatesCivil
172N40RKUnited StatesCivil
N5EEUnited StatesCivil
193N289BBUnited StatesCivil
195N144MRUnited StatesCivil
197N165DRUnited StatesCivil
202N202SSUnited StatesCivil
204N626ALUnited StatesCivil
206N206PMUnited StatesCivil
215N43MPUnited StatesCivil
218N94LJUnited StatesCivil
222N469VSUnited StatesCivil
223N221RLUnited StatesCivil
224N157JPUnited StatesCivil
227N444RVUnited StatesCivil
229N24RVUnited StatesCivil
230N131HSUnited StatesCivil
231N811RLUnited StatesCivil
234N234RVUnited StatesCivil
243N3226NUnited StatesCivil
246N246HNUnited StatesCivil
247N247BLUnited StatesCivil
249N469DKUnited StatesCivil
250N250DSUnited StatesCivil
255N774RVUnited StatesCivil
262N741WBUnited StatesCivil
263ZK-RGDNew ZealandCivil
264N110KWUnited StatesCivil
N443SJUnited StatesCivil
265N489JUnited StatesCivil
270N427AWUnited StatesCivil
272N57KHUnited StatesCivil
279N3976NUnited StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe