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Van's RV-9 construction number list

Full type:
Van's RV-9
Sort value:
RV- 9
Search aliasses:
RV 9, RV-9, RV.9, RV9, Vans
C/n known:
Seen on c/n:
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Almost all planes are homebuilts, which means many of these have a custom construction number. Factory supplied kit numbers seem to run in the 9xxxx sequence, which can be sorted correctly. The rest are not in any sequence and many need a database suffix to be distinguished from each other. No clear sort order is possible.
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The plane information linked to each construction number is sorted by country and registration, it is not in chronological order.

1N179RVUnited StatesCivil
2N129RVUnited StatesCivil
135N738SUnited StatesCivil
165N165DHUnited StatesCivil
487N82PRUnited StatesCivil
1061N923DCUnited StatesCivil
1409N350BWUnited StatesCivil
9155N119WBUnited StatesCivil
9958N193JFUnited StatesCivil
021207N459RVUnited StatesCivil
90001N901RVUnited StatesCivil
90003N903CMUnited StatesCivil
90004ZU-FMOSouth AfricaCivil
N395ETUnited StatesCivil
90008N994WUnited StatesCivil
90011N945DUnited StatesCivil
90013N942WGUnited StatesCivil
90015N349RVUnited StatesCivil
90016N15LWUnited StatesCivil
90017N93AZUnited StatesCivil
90019ZU-FTWSouth AfricaCivil
N119TJUnited StatesCivil
90021N921XCUnited StatesCivil
90024N61LDUnited StatesCivil
90025N94MEUnited StatesCivil
90029N10DWUnited StatesCivil
90032N900JJUnited StatesCivil
90034N149DEUnited StatesCivil
90035N359HWUnited StatesCivil
90038N194GPUnited StatesCivil
90040N899CVUnited StatesCivil
90041N259RCUnited StatesCivil
90042N942FLUnited StatesCivil
90045N94HWUnited StatesCivil
90046N52161United StatesCivil
90050N94PKUnited StatesCivil
90054N709RVUnited StatesCivil
90055N4850BUnited StatesCivil
90057N63KDUnited StatesCivil
90058N994KSUnited StatesCivil
90059N194XCUnited StatesCivil
90060N194BNUnited StatesCivil
90062G-CEEPUnited KingdomCivil
N966AMUnited StatesCivil
90063N557BDUnited StatesCivil
90065N16RFUnited StatesCivil
90071N8058VUnited StatesCivil
90073N973YUnited StatesCivil
90075N61DXUnited StatesCivil
90080N189DWUnited StatesCivil
N703JUnited StatesCivil
90084N666BPUnited StatesCivil
N747KUnited StatesCivil
90085N89EEUnited StatesCivil
90087N38CAUnited StatesCivil
90092N7JCUnited StatesCivil
90094ZU-FDHSouth AfricaCivil
N1012WUnited StatesCivil
90097N813ATUnited StatesCivil
90098N989RVUnited StatesCivil
90099N527LBUnited StatesCivil
90102N349CWUnited StatesCivil
90103N820LPUnited StatesCivil
90106N786ESUnited StatesCivil
90107N904DCUnited StatesCivil
90108N512HCUnited StatesCivil
90-109N726PKUnited StatesCivil
90111N5787BUnited StatesCivil
90112N912MBUnited StatesCivil
90114N353BHUnited StatesCivil
90115N115TXUnited StatesCivil
N972KKUnited StatesCivil
90117N966HSUnited StatesCivil
90118N194GLUnited StatesCivil
90120N120LMUnited StatesCivil
90121G-IOSLUnited KingdomCivil
N211TXUnited StatesCivil
90126N619KBUnited StatesCivil
90127N127VAUnited StatesCivil
90130N102LYUnited StatesCivil
9-0132N872RVUnited StatesCivil
90134N134NMUnited StatesCivil
90137N506MUnited StatesCivil
90140N931RKUnited StatesCivil
90142N2745PUnited StatesCivil
90150N82JNUnited StatesCivil
90152N345SMUnited StatesCivil
90153N153RVUnited StatesCivil
90158N911WHUnited StatesCivil
90159N244MCUnited StatesCivil
90164N164DVUnited StatesCivil
90167N299BJUnited StatesCivil
90176N385WUnited StatesCivil
90177N194KWUnited StatesCivil
90178N208RDUnited StatesCivil
std = stored, pre = preserved, dlt = derelict, dum = dumped, wfu = withdrawn from use, i/a = instructional airframe