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Around the world thousands of old planes can be found at various locations and in various conditions. In Museums, on sticks, in the middle of small villages, in use as bars and nightclubs, dumped by the roadside or quiet victims of all kinds of abuse. This site tries to create as accurate an overview as possible of all these planes that do not fly anymore. This is an ongoing effort as many of these planes still do move and find new homes, besides of course the 'new' old planes to appear. Check the list to find locations near you, view the pictures or simply download the complete overview!

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Latest updates on linked planes

Latest updates of planes linked to the wrecks & relics locations. Planes for which you have sightings in the plane log database are highlighted in yellow (light yellow if only a sighting by construction number).

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceLocationStatus
0441530441L-39CCzech RepublicAir ForceČepí, Czech Republicstd
0115330115L-39CCzech RepublicAir ForceČepí, Czech Republicstd
387340333Mi-24DEast GermanyAir ForceRechlin Hafendorf - Luftfahrttechnisches Museum, Germanypre
40403J-6IIChinaAir ForceDatangshan - Museum, Chinapre
D-4058AV.36GermanyCivilFinow - Museum, Germanypre
C-FCRZ11061F.28-1000CanadaCivilVancouver, Canadai/a
...PA-24South KoreaCivilTaean, South Koreapre
AF-7684177AB.205A1ZambiaAir ForceLusaka, Zambiapre
18138038CF-100 Mk.3DCanadaAir ForceLangley - Canadian Museum of Flight, Canadapre
G-661536824090Mi-2GhanaAir ForceKumasi - Military Museum, Ghanapre
FZ658/P12217Dakota IIIUnited KingdomAir ForceTrenton - National Air Force Museum of Canada, Canadapre
13620444004CH-136CanadaAir ForceTrenton - National Air Force Museum of Canada, Canadapre
1889060070CF-188BCanadaAir ForceTrenton, Canadai/a
1303144067CC-130ECanadaAir ForceTrenton, Canadai/a
1140331033CT-114CanadaAir ForceTrenton, Canadastd
0103MiG-15UTIPakistanAir ForceRisalpur, Pakistanpre
52-5412193-141F-86FPakistanAir ForceRisalpur, Pakistanpre
1403026OH-13SPakistanArmyQasim, Pakistanpre
TN-AIR47730DC-9-32CongoCivilBrazzaville, Congostd
45-055736010C-54GUnited StatesAir ForceBerlin - Tempelhofpre
TN-AJM47198DC-9-32CongoCivilRand, South Africastd
C-FBGOCA-215Be.D18SCanadaCivilFort Frances, Canada, Canadastd
C-FERMCA-62Be.D18SCanadaCivilFort Frances, Canada, Canadastd
C-FRVL7835Be.D18SCanadaCivilFort Frances, Canada, Canadastd
C-FZRIA-940Be.D18SCanadaCivilFort Frances, Canada, Canadastd

Latest updates (of 16627 locations in the database)

Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada49.17930984N 123.1727066WVarious small propsCivil21 March 2019
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada49.19913483N 123.19374084WF.28, SA.226Civil21 March 2019
Boudary Bay, British Columbia, Canada49.08043671N 123.00244141WS.76Civil21 March 2019
Lusaka, Zambia15.31704044S 28.44440269EDC-3Military21 March 2019
Livingstone, Zambia17.82540703S 25.81678963EPembrokeMilitary21 March 2019
Trenton, Ontario, Canada44.11711121N 77.54772949WVariousMilitary21 March 2019
Sarghoda, Pakistan32.05372238N 72.66647339EF-104Military21 March 2019
Rafiqui, Pakistan30.75203323N 72.26398468EMiG-15Military21 March 2019
Quetta, Pakistan30.23790932N 66.93525696E2x MiG-19Military21 March 2019
Peshawar, Pakistan33.99288177N 71.52606964EF-86Military21 March 2019
Pointe Noire, Congo4.8186841S 11.88511944EB737Civil21 March 2019
Brazzaville, Congo4.2615428S 15.24702263EVariousCivil21 March 2019
Rand, South Africa26.24115562S 28.15274811EVarious (visible on latest GE image)Civil21 March 2019
Fort Frances, Canada, Ontario, Canada48.62804413N 93.36051941W4x Be.18Civil21 March 2019
Grand Blend, Ontario, Canada43.27440643N 81.78315735WT-33Military21 March 2019
Garoua, Cameroon9.33908463N 13.38667297ECM.170Military21 March 2019
Garoua, Cameroon9.33934593N 13.38319778ECM.170Military21 March 2019
Airdrie, Alberta, Canada51.27028656N 113.93704224WCe.172Civil21 March 2019
Veerle, Belgium51.05217743N 4.99890089EG.91, F-84 (not yet visible on GE image)Military19 March 2019
Quetta, Pakistan30.23106384N 67.04165649EO-1?Military19 March 2019