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Around the world thousands of old planes can be found at various locations and in various conditions. In Museums, on sticks, in the middle of small villages, in use as bars and nightclubs, dumped by the roadside or quiet victims of all kinds of abuse. This site tries to create as accurate an overview as possible of all these planes that do not fly anymore. This is an ongoing effort as many of these planes still do move and find new homes, besides of course the 'new' old planes to appear. Check the list to find locations near you, view the pictures or simply download the complete overview!

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Latest updates on linked planes

Latest updates of planes linked to the wrecks & relics locations. Planes for which you have sightings in the plane log database are highlighted in yellow (light yellow if only a sighting by construction number).

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceLocationStatus
N173PA175G.159United StatesCivilCartersville, United Statesdlt
XT773WA555Wessex HU.5United KingdomNavyShawburry, United Kingdomi/a
05215/9522-0049Hkp-5ASwedenArmyGothenburg-Save - Aeroseum, Swedenpre
N30DC31-7401267PA-31-310United StatesCivilMiami, United Statespre
N4339P23-1840PA-23-160United StatesCivilDetroit, United Statespre
911128-1043TH-55AHondurasAir ForceComayagua, Honduraspre
67-1541218-0756TH-55AUnited StatesArmyWest Chester - American Helicopter Museum, United Statespre
N8046Q16-0448TH-55AUnited StatesCivilLakeport, United Statesi/a
N6145V0045S.300CBUnited StatesCivilLancaster - Cold War Air Museum, United Statespre
05241/41S1258Hkp-5BSwedenArmyVännäs - Motormuseum, Swedenpre
N202560099S.300CBUnited StatesCivilWilliamsport, United Statesi/a
ZK-HSJ260472H.269CNew ZealandCivilChristchurch - Ferrymead Museum, New Zealandpre
ZK-HHY440293H.269CNew ZealandCivilKaiapoi - NZ Helicopter Heritage Museum, New Zealandpre
ZK-HEI520141RH.269CNew ZealandCivilKaiapoi - NZ Helicopter Heritage Museum, New Zealandpre
OY-HAD25-0031H.269A1DenmarkCivilOdense, Denmarkpre
HE.20-15/78-441280754H.269CSpainAir ForceGranada-Armilla, Spainpre
HE.20-12/78-411280746H.269CSpainAir ForceCuatro Vientos - Museo del Aire, Spainpre
CC-KKO125-0219H.269BChilePoliceChile - Museo Histórico de Carabineros de Chile, Chilepre
AP0141190848H.269CTaiwanPoliceTainan, Taiwanpre
AP0131090847H.269CTaiwanPoliceTaichung, Taiwani/a
AP0121090832H.269CTaiwanPoliceKaohsiung, Taiwanpre
2121H.269CTaiwanAir ForceChungli, Taiwani/a
2112980724H.269CTaiwanAir ForceTaoyuan, Taiwani/a
21101280751H.269CTaiwanAir ForceLongtan, Taiwanpre
2109980721H.269CTaiwanAir ForceHualian, Taiwanpre

Latest updates (of 18188 locations in the database)

Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Cartersville, Georgia, United States34.14127350N 84.83509827WG.159 wreckCivil23 Nov 2020
Rednal, England, United Kingdom52.84197235N 2.93703842WWessex at a paintball fieldMilitary23 Nov 2020
Shawbury, England, United Kingdom52.79435730N 2.66407728WMany aircraft stored all over the airfield in hangarsMilitary23 Nov 2020
Shawburry, England, United Kingdom52.78644180N 2.67251301WWessexMilitary23 Nov 2020
Shawburry, England, United Kingdom52.78737640N 2.67460513WDominieMilitary23 Nov 2020
Bangui, Central African Republic4.39697218N 18.52379990EB737Civil23 Nov 2020
Miami, Florida, United States25.80134773N 80.20027924WPA-31 fuselage as art pieceCivil21 Nov 2020
Detroit, Michigan, United States42.36318970N 83.08319855WPA-23, was seen on this corner in 2020, may now have moved a bit, but still in this area, probably covered in grafitti nowCivil21 Nov 2020
Acme, Michigan, United States44.76459503N 85.46717072WSmall prop inside abandoned hangarCivil21 Nov 2020
Comayagua, Honduras14.38552475N 87.61277008WH.269Military21 Nov 2020
Vännäs - Motormuseum, Sweden63.90846634N 19.73397255EVariousMilitary20 Nov 2020
Dayton, Ohio, United States39.78825760N 84.08347321WVarious i/a at USAFSAMMilitary20 Nov 2020
Ionia, Michigan, United States42.94141388N 85.0721283WVarious i/a at School of Missionary Aviation TrainingCivil20 Nov 2020
Hastings, Michigan, United States42.66120529N 85.32711029WLuscombe 8 nose down as billboardCivil20 Nov 2020
Charleroi, Belgium50.42022705N 4.47821426ECe.150Civil18 Nov 2020
Bhopal, India23.29713821N 77.37422943EMiG-21Military15 Nov 2020
Coimbatore - Police Museum, India10.99678135N 76.96847534EHPT-32 (not yet visible on GE image, arrived december 2019)Military15 Nov 2020
Bengalore, India13.08024502N 77.59390259ESmall twin propCivil15 Nov 2020
Sri Ram Nagar, India12.97797394N 79.95873260EMiG-23Military14 Nov 2020
Madikeri, India12.41820145N 75.74375153EMiG-21Military14 Nov 2020

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