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Around the world thousands of old planes can be found at various locations and in various conditions. In Museums, on sticks, in the middle of small villages, in use as bars and nightclubs, dumped by the roadside or quiet victims of all kinds of abuse. This site tries to create as accurate an overview as possible of all these planes that do not fly anymore. This is an ongoing effort as many of these planes still do move and find new homes, besides of course the 'new' old planes to appear. Check the list to find locations near you, view the pictures or simply download the complete overview!

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Latest updates on linked planes

Latest updates of planes linked to the wrecks & relics locations. Planes for which you have sightings in the plane log database are highlighted in yellow (light yellow if only a sighting by construction number).

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceLocationStatus
C9-STF12205DC-3MozambiqueCivilKaapstad, South Africastd
.../128 whSu-24MAzerbaijanAir ForceNasosnyy, Azerbaijanstd
RP-C7255842ATR.72-212APhilippinesCivilManilla, Philippinesstd
RP-C802223607B737-247PhilippinesCivilManilla, Philippinesstd
RP-105421B-0812Cessna 421BPhilippinesCivilManilla, Philippinesi/a
RP-C801123606B737-247PhilippinesCivilManilla, Philippinesstd
N228DG128ATR.42-320United StatesCivilManilla, Philippinesstd
RP-C800922879B737-2B7PhilippinesCivilManilla, Philippinesi/a
FR5638FR56SO.1221SFranceArmyDubendorf - Fliegermuseum, Switzerlandpre
D-HAHE607UH-12BGermanyCivilDubendorf - Fliegermuseum, Switzerlandpre
C-534314C-3603SwitzerlandAir ForceDubendorf - Fliegermuseum, Switzerlandpre
EP-GAU681-6012Aero Commander 681 Hawk CommanderIranGovernment AgencyTehran - Aircraft Museum, Iranpre
PK-MGK11188F.28-4000IndonesiaCivilSurabaya-Juanda, Indonesiai/a
BZ477Boston IIIACanadaAir ForceConche, Canadapre
C-FDFBCV-605OA-10ACanadaCivilBotwood, Canadapre
CF-ZQECA-128C-45CanadaCivilWinnipeg, Canadadlt
CF-AMYA-46Be.18SCanadaCivilWinnipeg, Canadadlt
OM-RIQ117447314An-2SlovakiaCivilMartin - Museum, Slovakiapre
210623442106Li-2TCzechoslovakiaAir ForceVysneho Komarnika, Slovakiapre
3020453PBN-2A-21PhilippinesNavySangley Point, Philippinespre
PK-GNC47481DC-9-32IndonesiaCivilJakarta, Indonesiai/a
C-FPQM/714CV-425PBV-1ACanadaCivilGander, Canadastd
BW769Hudson Mk.IIICanadaAir ForceGander - North Atlantic Aviation Museum, Canadapre
CF-GPE1850DH.82A Tiger MothCanadaCivilGander - North Atlantic Aviation Museum, Canadapre
U.9-40/15-9040C-127SpainAir ForceSevilla, Spainstd

Latest updates (of 16411 locations in the database)

Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Da Nang, Viet Nam16.04943275N 108.20726013EVariousMilitary20 January 2019
Da Nang, Viet Nam16.03919601N 108.20565033EMiG-21Military20 January 2019
Cam Ranh, Viet Nam11.97659492N 109.22705841EKa-25Military20 January 2019
Surakarta, Indonesia7.51149893S 110.75133514EF-5Military20 January 2019
Mejayan, Indonesia7.54296875S 111.65250397EF-5Military20 January 2019
Jakarta, Indonesia6.13731384S 106.64267731EDC-9Civil20 January 2019
Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada48.94377136N 54.57436371WCatalina (still here?)Civil20 January 2019
Conche, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada50.88197327N 55.89161301WBoston wreckMilitary20 January 2019
Botwood, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada49.15255737N 55.34059525WCatalinaCivil20 January 2019
Hoyt, New Brunswick, Canada45.56998825N 66.46144867WF-101Military20 January 2019
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada49.89097977N 97.23370361W3x Be.18Civil20 January 2019
Miramar, California, United States32.86547089N 117.13602448WC-130, F-18, H-53Military19 January 2019
Sevilla, Spain37.41346741N 5.89223909WC-130, P-3, Do.27Military18 January 2019
Nantong, China32.06188583N 120.97650146EVariousCivil18 January 2019
Xinyingzicun, China40.62566376N 110.98708344EAn-24Civil18 January 2019
Zichuan, China36.64075851N 117.95114899EMiG-15Military18 January 2019
Zibo, China36.81268311N 117.98922729EMiG-19Military18 January 2019
Zhuzhou, China27.86269379N 113.17318726EMiG-15/17Military18 January 2019
Zhuozhou, China39.50246048N 115.96176147EMiG-15Military18 January 2019
Zurich, Switzerland47.45244980N 8.54601192EMi-8 in use as foodtruck Heligrill (visible on latest GE image)Civil18 January 2019