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Around the world thousands of old planes can be found at various locations and in various conditions. In Museums, on sticks, in the middle of small villages, in use as bars and nightclubs, dumped by the roadside or quiet victims of all kinds of abuse. This site tries to create as accurate an overview as possible of all these planes that do not fly anymore. This is an ongoing effort as many of these planes still do move and find new homes, besides of course the 'new' old planes to appear. Check the list to find locations near you, view the pictures or simply download the complete overview!

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Latest updates on linked planes

Latest updates of planes linked to the wrecks & relics locations. Planes for which you have sightings in the plane log database are highlighted in yellow (light yellow if only a sighting by construction number).

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceLocationStatus
I-OMGA32-8306032PA-32-301ItalyCivilVerona, Italydlt
MM80366/3-053106AB.204ASItalyNavyCatania, Italypre
MM54193/SST-16198MB-326ItalyAir ForceDecimomannu, Italystd
149263/TCB-263107CS2 TrackerTurkeyNavyTopel, Turkeypre
151668/TCB-668201CS2 TrackerTurkeyNavyKayseri, Turkeypre
62-837CF104TurkeyAir ForceKayseri, Turkeypre
CN-TBGM-1485Be.C23MoroccoCivilVillarubia, Spainstd
N442MT337-0331Ce.337AUnited StatesCivilVillarubia, Spaindlt
EC-HAT172-69055Ce.172NSpainCivilVillarubia, Spaindlt
EC-GQB205-0277Ce.205SpainCivilVillarubia, Spaindlt
G-SEFA38-78A0597PA-38-112United KingdomCivilAlicante-Mutxamel, Spaindum
4010Do28TurkeyAir ForceKayseri, Turkeypre
GN-6708185-1218Ce.A185EVenezuelaArmyMaracay - Estado Aragua Museum, Venezuelapre
14055185-0851U-17ATurkeyArmyOsmaneli, Turkeypre
TC-CDL185-0860U-17ATurkeyCivilAnkara - Museum, Turkeypre
TC-CDG185-0847U-17ATurkeyCivilDinar, Turkeypre
21165N.7056F-5ATurkeyAir ForceHavza, Turkeypre
69-75144155RF-4ETurkeyAir ForceKarabük, Turkeypre
D-ECDB0623Ce.F150KGermanyCivilKootwijkerbroek, The Netherlandspre
MM80201004AB.102ItalyAir ForceTorricola, Italypre
MM6408/2-07212G.91R/1BItalyAir ForceTorino - Centro Storico Fiat, Italypre
.../32-01G.91R/1BItalyAir ForceRomanore, Italypre
MM19724624F-86EMItalyAir ForceRivolto, Italypre
MM6292/2-22156G.91R/1AItalyAir ForceRivolto, Italypre
MM7090/2-14IX002AMXItalyAir ForceRivolto, Italypre

Latest updates (of 17815 locations in the database)

Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Verona, Italy45.47161484N 10.93008900EPA-32 (not yet visible on GE image)Civil5 Jun 2020
Wallblake, Anguilla18.20386887N 63.05284882W3x Small prop wreckCivil5 Jun 2020
Catania, Italy37.45831680N 15.06459045EUH-1Military5 Jun 2020
Catania, Italy37.47232056N 15.06116867EP.166Military5 Jun 2020
Catania, Italy37.47412109N 15.06066990EP.166Military5 Jun 2020
Catania, Italy37.45730591N 15.05760765EUH-1Military5 Jun 2020
Sigonella, Italy37.39851379N 14.88033009EG.91 dismantledMilitary5 Jun 2020
Monastir, Italy39.35282135N 9.04966259ET-6 fuselageMilitary5 Jun 2020
Decimomannu, Italy39.34539413N 8.96659565EMB-326Military5 Jun 2020
Fertilia, Italy40.63404465N 8.28030396ES-2Military5 Jun 2020
Cordoba, Spain37.84248734N 4.84474897W2x Ce.337, 2x small prop fuselageCivil4 Jun 2020
Villarubia, Spain37.83483124N 4.89635086WVarious small propsCivil4 Jun 2020
Alicante-Mutxamel, Spain38.43983841N 0.47547299WCe.421, PA-38Civil4 Jun 2020
Tekoa, Washington, United States47.23659515N 117.04188538WBe.35Civil4 Jun 2020
Ankara-Guvercinlik, Turkey39.94419861N 32.75182343EUH-1Military4 Jun 2020
Ankara-Guvercinlik, Turkey39.94476318N 32.74395370EAH-1Military4 Jun 2020
Yeşilyurt - Savunma Sanayi ve Savaş Makinaları Açık Hava Müzesi, Turkey38.33208847N 38.22542572EF-4 (not yet visible on GE image, exact location TBC)Military4 Jun 2020
Kayseri, Turkey38.70441818N 35.51700592EDo.28Military4 Jun 2020
Kayseri, Turkey38.69927979N 35.51424789ECN-235Military4 Jun 2020
Kızılcahamam, Turkey40.47343826N 32.65287018EF-4Military4 Jun 2020

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There are currently 26 locations for which some info is known, but not enough to find an exact location. Please check them and let us know if you have any information about one or more. Find them here.