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130 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Alabama. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Albertville, Alabama, United States34.22830963N 86.24901581WVarious i/a at Albertville Aviation CenterCivil18 Dec 2016
Alexander City, Alabama, United States32.92618942N 85.97681427WA-7Military6 May 20141
Athens - Alabama Veterans Museum, Alabama, United States34.80735016N 86.9699173WH-58Military3 Jun 20161
Birgmingham, Alabama, United States33.56383133N 86.74058533WSouthern Museum of Flight storage locationMilitary1 Jul 20211
Birmingham, Alabama, United States33.57666779N 86.75335693WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20126
Birmingham, Alabama, United States33.55472565N 86.7530899WSeveral DC-9Civil1 Jul 2021
Birmingham - Southern Museum of Flight, Alabama, United States33.56293869N 86.74152374WVariousBoth2 Sep 201221
Birmingham - Southern Museum of Flight, Alabama, United States33.56346512N 86.73803711WVariousBoth23 Nov 201626
Brewton, Alabama, United States31.05142593N 87.05904388WT-34Military4 Sep 20121
Cairns, Alabama, United States31.28238487N 85.72113037WAH-1Military30 Apr 20141
Cairns, Alabama, United States31.27740288N 85.716362WH-58Military27 Mar 20151
Craig Field, Alabama, United States32.36053085N 86.98410034WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
Cullman, Alabama, United States34.17538834N 86.90078735WPA-23? fuselageCivil16 Nov 2021
Daleville, Alabama, United States31.29754257N 85.7210083WUH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Decatur, Alabama, United States34.65090179N 86.94748688WCe.500, CommanderCivil4 Dec 20171
Decatur, Alabama, United States34.64879990N 86.94817352W2x An-2Civil4 Dec 2017
Decatur, Alabama, United States34.64920044N 86.94729614WH-58Military8 Jun 20181
Dothan, Alabama, United States31.28989983N 85.46389008WAH-1Military26 Dec 20121
Dothan, Alabama, United States31.22290993N 85.38782501WUH-1Military14 Mar 20151
Elba, Alabama, United States31.40734482N 86.04319763WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Enterprise, Alabama, United States31.34727478N 85.86442566WUH-1Military2 Jun 20131
Enterprise, Alabama, United States31.29562759N 85.89789581WC-23, unknown twin prop, partsBoth27 Mar 20151
Enterprise, Alabama, United States31.29545021N 85.85444641WSeveral UH-1sMilitary13 Oct 2022
Enterprise, Alabama, United States31.29659462N 85.85447693WH-60
credits: Antheii
Military13 Oct 2022
Eufaula, Alabama, United States31.94010544N 85.13274384WUH-1Military16 Aug 20171
Evergreen, Alabama, United States31.41962814N 87.04309845WFJ-3, T-28Military2 Sep 20122
Florala, Alabama, United States31.00124550N 86.32852936WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
Florence, Alabama, United States34.81224823N 87.62418365WAH-1, F-4Military27 Mar 20152
Fort McClellan, Alabama, United States33.72966766N 85.78553009WUH-1Military27 Mar 2015
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.32376289N 85.71063232WUH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.33880234N 85.71120453WCe.310, Be.50, CommanderMilitary17 Oct 20193
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.38413048N 85.70165253WUH-1Military2 Jun 20131
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.33861351N 85.75488281WUH-1Military15 May 20141
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.33219719N 85.68769836WH-47 (wreck)Military15 May 2014
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.33226967N 85.68826294WH-58Military17 Oct 2019
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.33377457N 85.68767548WVariousMilitary17 Oct 2019
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.32638359N 85.70779419WAH-1, H-58Military15 May 20142
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.32217026N 85.74261475W3x UH-1, U-8Military15 Dec 20164
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.32124519N 85.7401123WUH-1, H-47, OH-58Military31 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.32196999N 85.71595001WVarious i/a at Army Aviation Technical Training SchoolMilitary15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.45852280N 85.76981354WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.46407509N 85.77955627WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.45544815N 85.77590942WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.45492172N 85.78830719WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.45842743N 85.80542755WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.46818924N 85.82322693WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.47335815N 85.81304932WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.44503784N 85.77570343WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.44975853N 85.77377319WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.46881866N 85.81665039WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.46571732N 85.80329895WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.45440865N 85.76786041WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.45832443N 85.81472778WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.45770073N 85.81622314WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.45447350N 85.83997345WUH-1, 2x OH-58Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.32789993N 85.7069397WStorage facility of the museum (exact building not 100% sure)Military26 Nov 20201
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.32862663N 85.71574402WAH-1, H-6, H-47, H-60Military1 Jul 2021
Fort Rucker - US Army Museum of Army Aviation, Alabama, United States31.32403755N 85.71273804WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201229
Gadsden, Alabama, United States34.03728867N 86.02402496WUH-1 (not yet visible on GE image)Military6 Sep 20211
Geneva, Alabama, United States31.04125023N 85.86581421WUH-1Military9 Jun 20181
Haleyville, Alabama, United States34.28035355N 87.5987854WL.18Civil5 Oct 20211
Hazel Green, Alabama, United States34.91612244N 86.64538574WNavionCivil6 Jun 20181
Headland, Alabama, United States31.36322594N 85.31301117WCe.172Civil29 Jun 20201
Highland Home, Alabama, United States31.95169449N 86.31347656WF-16Military1 Sep 20131
Hoover, Alabama, United States33.37660599N 86.78644562WAH-1Military27 Mar 20151
Huntsville, Alabama, United States34.64765930N 86.63431549WAH-1Military13 Apr 20131
Huntsville, Alabama, United States34.64763641N 86.63787842WH-6Military23 Feb 2019
Huntsville - US Space & Rocket Center, Alabama, United States34.71216583N 86.65444946WVariousMilitary10 Jul 20175
Huntsville - USSRC Aviation Challenge Camp, Alabama, United States34.70998001N 86.6410141WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201211
Huntsville - Veterans Memorial Museum, Alabama, United States34.69205856N 86.58615112WVariousMilitary3 Dec 20164
Jacksonville, Alabama, United States33.79522705N 85.76169586WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Jasper, Alabama, United States33.84056473N 87.23690033WF-4Military12 Sep 20121
Lincoln - International Motorsports Hall of Fame, Alabama, United States33.57834625N 86.07210541WPA-60Civil23 Feb 20191
Lineville, Alabama, United States33.31715012N 85.74423981WF-100, UH-1Military4 Jun 20142
Lockhart, Alabama, United States31.02457428N 86.35590363WDC-3Military15 Dec 20161
Lowe, Alabama, United States31.36294174N 85.74800873WUH-1Military13 Nov 20151
Madrid, Alabama, United States31.00791168N 85.40696716WUH-1Military30 Apr 20141
Manchester, Alabama, United States33.90592575N 87.31800842WGnatCivil23 Feb 2019
Manchester, Alabama, United States33.90499496N 87.31764221W2x small propCivil23 Feb 2019
Marion, Alabama, United States32.62283707N 87.31951141WF-84Military27 Mar 20151
Maxwell, Alabama, United States32.37905121N 86.34393311WT-38Military24 Nov 20121
Maxwell, Alabama, United States32.38205719N 86.34623718WB-52Military2 Sep 20121
Maxwell, Alabama, United States32.38180542N 86.34532928WB-25Military2 Sep 20121
Maxwell, Alabama, United States32.38312912N 86.34539795WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20125
Maxwell, Alabama, United States32.37600327N 86.3484726WT-41Civil14 Jul 20141
Maxwell, Alabama, United States32.38141251N 86.34624481WH-53Military18 Dec 20121
Maxwell, Alabama, United States32.38525009N 86.354599WT-41Military12 Dec 2015
Mobile, Alabama, United States30.69892693N 88.24157715WHU-25Civil24 Nov 20121
Mobile, Alabama, United States30.70932961N 88.16131592WT-33Military4 Sep 20121
Mobile, Alabama, United States30.64660645N 88.06692505WVarious i/a at Coastal Alabama Community CollegeCivil14 Feb 2022
Mobile - USS Alabama memorial, Alabama, United States30.68239594N 88.01605988WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201218
Mobile - USS Alabama memorial, Alabama, United States30.68684196N 88.01590729WF-4Military24 Nov 20121
Monroeville, Alabama, United States31.50212288N 87.33587646WT-33, UH-1Military18 Sep 20122
Montgomery, Alabama, United States32.30516815N 86.40510559WF-4, F-16, F-84Military2 Sep 20123
Montgomery, Alabama, United States32.28681564N 86.39250183WUH-1Military4 Sep 20121
Montgomery, Alabama, United States32.40452576N 86.25000763WDC-3Military3 Jun 20131
Montgomery, Alabama, United States32.41095352N 86.24414062WBT-15Military14 Jul 20141
Montgomery, Alabama, United States32.30338669N 86.42897797WScrapyard with large number of plane partsBoth13 Nov 2015
Newton, Alabama, United States31.29638863N 85.58544922WLarge number of UH-1Military13 Nov 201834
Ozark, Alabama, United States31.43090248N 85.62495422WLj-25Civil2 Sep 20121
Ozark, Alabama, United States31.46925735N 85.67734528WUH-1Military30 Apr 20141
Ozark, Alabama, United States31.43542480N 85.62496185WLarge number of stored UH-1Military9 May 20149
Ozark, Alabama, United States31.43749428N 85.6269989WLarge number of stored UH-1Military9 May 20144
Ozark, Alabama, United States31.42993164N 85.62368774WAH-1Military30 Jan 20181
Ozark, Alabama, United States31.43214035N 85.62267303WCommanderCivil28 Jul 2020
Ozark, Alabama, United States31.42991829N 85.61967468WVarious former USArmy planes and helicopters at Friends of Army Aviation (some airworthy)Both14 Feb 20221
Ozark, Alabama, United States31.43125153N 85.62205505WAH-1, UH-1, H-58, Be.90 and maybe more i/a at Alabama Aviation College (exact hangar not sure)Both14 Feb 20221
Ozark, Alabama, United States31.42931366N 85.61987305WMultiple AH-1, UH-1 and H-58
credits: Antheii
Military13 Oct 2022
Ozark, Alabama, United States31.42878151N 85.61682129WSmall prop
credits: Antheii
Civil13 Oct 2022
Priceville, Alabama, United States34.52244186N 86.89028168WUH-1, T-34Military13 May 20212
Redstone, Alabama, United States34.66892242N 86.67808533WAH-1Military13 Apr 20131
Redstone, Alabama, United States34.67813873N 86.67874146WUH-1, C-23, H-58, H-47Military9 Jun 20182
Redstone, Alabama, United States34.64924622N 86.66562653WUH-1, H-6Military9 Jun 20181
Redstone, Alabama, United States34.63536072N 86.64618683WVariousMilitary23 Feb 20194
Redstone, Alabama, United States34.69746399N 86.66595459WAH-1Military3 Jun 20131
Redstone, Alabama, United States34.66936874N 86.67973328WUH-1Military27 Mar 20151
Redstone, Alabama, United States34.64209366N 86.63980865WAH-1Military23 Feb 2019
Sanford, Alabama, United States31.30365944N 86.39380646WUH-1Military22 May 20141
Scottsboro, Alabama, United States34.65336990N 86.04235077WAH-1 (not yet visible on GE image)Military28 Jun 20211
Selma, Alabama, United States32.40547180N 87.04272461WT-33Military3 Jun 20141
Sylacauga, Alabama, United States33.17441177N 86.30062866WSmall propCivil8 May 2017
Troy, Alabama, United States31.78583336N 85.96343994WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Troy, Alabama, United States31.86095428N 86.00592041Wvarious T-2 fuselagesMilitary27 Mar 2015
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States33.22423935N 87.61238861WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States33.19315338N 87.52548981WA-7, UH-1Military2 Sep 20122
Tuskegee, Alabama, United States32.43160248N 85.71084595WF-4Military2 Sep 20121
Tuskegee, Alabama, United States32.45786667N 85.68130493WF9F-6Military2 Sep 20121
Vinemont, Alabama, United States34.30132294N 86.79315186WBe.18Unknown10 Oct 2016
Vinemont, Alabama, United States34.26138306N 86.86360168WM20Civil16 Nov 2021
Weedon Field, Alabama, United States31.95185089N 85.12678528WSmall propCivil16 Aug 2017