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47 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Alberta. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Airdrie, Alberta, Canada51.27004623N 113.93718719WDHC-3? fuselageCivil29 Dec 2016
Airdrie, Alberta, Canada51.27028656N 113.93704224WCe.172Civil21 Mar 20191
Calgary, Alberta, Canada51.09653473N 114.00932312WVarious airlinersCivil14 Dec 20123
Calgary, Alberta, Canada51.04818344N 114.06346893WNorseman (inside PetroCanada building)Civil7 Nov 20161
Calgary, Alberta, Canada51.10118484N 114.00678253WVarious i/a at Southern Alberta Institute of TechnologyBoth24 Oct 201610
Calgary, Alberta, Canada51.09760666N 114.01380157WVariousCivil17 Mar 20185
Calgary, Alberta, Canada51.11297226N 114.01087189WVariousCivil30 Mar 2023
Calgary, Alberta, Canada51.11032867N 114.00847626WB737Civil25 Jun 20191
Calgary - Hangar Flight Museum, Alberta, Canada51.09357834N 114.01377106WVariousBoth5 Nov 201620
Calgary - Heritage Park, Alberta, Canada50.98287582N 114.1020813WTiger Moth, in the Gasoline Alley of Heritage ParkMilitary24 Oct 20161
Calgary - Police Interpretive Center, Alberta, Canada51.09872437N 113.96933746WAS.350Civil6 May 20211
Calgary - The Military Museums, Alberta, Canada51.01266861N 114.11750031WF-5, various insideMilitary24 Jul 20157
Calgary Springbank, Alberta, Canada51.09762192N 114.37483215WSeveral DHC-6 hulks and partsCivil7 Nov 20161
Calgary Springbank, Alberta, Canada51.10229492N 114.37282562WCe.303
credits: Milan Cibulka
Civil12 Feb 20241
Claresholm, Alberta, Canada50.01951981N 113.58950043WT-6Military7 Nov 2016
Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada54.41032410N 110.27642822WVariousMilitary14 Dec 20145
Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada54.41276550N 110.21395111WCT-114, F-104Military7 Nov 20162
Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada54.41288757N 110.24137115WF-5, T-33, F-18Military23 May 20153
Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada54.41097641N 110.28508759WT-33Military3 Sep 20171
Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada54.41727829N 110.27462006WF-5Military11 Dec 20181
Cold Lake - Museum, Alberta, Canada54.43490601N 110.18169403WVariousMilitary23 May 201510
Didsbury, Alberta, Canada51.73756790N 114.21826935WATR.42 fuselage and an unknown fuselage section at a paintball fieldCivil17 Oct 20231
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada53.63040543N 113.62987518WT-33Military8 Mar 20191
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada53.67104721N 113.48056793WH-58Military14 Dec 20121
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada53.65990829N 113.87242889WB737Civil11 Dec 20171
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada53.31359863N 113.5835495WB737Civil13 Jun 2018
Edmonton - Alberta Aviation Museum, Alberta, Canada53.56572723N 113.51634216WVariousBoth26 Sep 201625
Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada56.65004349N 111.23851013WCT-114
credits: Václav Kudela
Military3 Mar 20211
Innisfail, Alberta, Canada52.02772903N 113.94599915WF-104Military14 Dec 20121
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada49.69525909N 112.81154633WT-33Military14 Dec 20121
Lethbrigde, Alberta, Canada49.63444519N 112.79013062WDHC-6 with Time Air Historical Society, arrived November 2021, to be part of a new museum. Exact location/hangar not yet known.Civil3 Dec 20211
Morrinville, Alberta, Canada53.73945236N 113.64939117WUnfinished homebuilt as weathervaneCivil3 May 2021
Nanton - Bomber Command Museum of Canada, Alberta, Canada50.35033798N 113.77687836WVariousMilitary1 Sep 201716
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada52.17840576N 113.88549042WVarious stored proplinersCivil14 Dec 20123
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada52.17593765N 113.88551331WT-6Military14 Dec 20121
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada52.18243408N 113.88693237WVarious proplinersCivil29 Jan 201618
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada52.29827881N 113.86592865WVarious insideMilitary12 Dec 20184
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada52.43029404N 114.90978241WT-33Military24 May 20151
Suffield, Alberta, Canada50.27420807N 111.17798615WGazelleMilitary19 Oct 20181
Suffield, Alberta, Canada50.26068497N 111.11969757WS-2Military4 Mar 20191
Suffield, Alberta, Canada50.25857162N 111.1175766WF-101Military12 Sep 2019
Villeneuve, Alberta, Canada53.66288376N 113.86103058WBe.18Civil24 Aug 2016
Warner, Alberta, Canada49.28218842N 112.20237732WT-33Military14 Dec 20121
Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada52.96195221N 113.39546204WB-25, 2x unknownBoth8 Mar 20191
Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada52.97069550N 113.37416077WCT-134Military3 Sep 20171
Wetaskiwin - Reynolds Alberta Museum, Alberta, Canada52.96310043N 113.42012024WVariousBoth5 Nov 201653
Yorkton, Alberta, Canada51.25811386N 102.46588898WSeveral wrecks and partsCivil6 Jun 2018

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