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51 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Algeria. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Ain Arnat, Algeria36.18605423N 5.33209229EVariousMilitary4 July 2018
Ain Arnat, Algeria36.18758774N 5.33196211EMi-8, Mi-2Military5 July 20182
Ain Arnat, Algeria36.18560028N 5.32516718E7x Mi-8Military28 July 2018
Aïn el Beida, Algeria31.93464661N 5.40245724EMiG-23Military14 August 2017
Ain Oussera, Algeria35.51684189N 2.90482736ESu-7Military23 January 20161
Ain Oussera, Algeria35.51858521N 2.88443971EMiG-25Military23 January 2016
Ain Oussera, Algeria35.51751709N 2.88582301EMiG-21Military17 March 2019
Algiers, Algeria36.70726776N 3.23166490E2x B737 storedCivil29 November 20122
Algiers, Algeria36.70653534N 3.21113539ESeveral small props (parts)Unknown12 January 2017
Algiers, Algeria36.70554733N 3.21425819E3x F27, small propUnknown20 April 2018
Algiers, Algeria36.72359085N 3.20056605E2x Rebel 912Military18 April 20192
Algiers - Musée central de l'Armée, Algeria36.74238586N 3.06974268EMiG-17Military2 April 20161
Bechar, Algeria31.64710808N 2.24958467WMiG-17Military1 December 2015
Biskra, Algeria34.80971909N 5.73002291EMi-24Military12 January 2017
Biskra, Algeria34.80900192N 5.73305798EMi-24?Military29 November 20141
Biskra, Algeria34.81053543N 5.74270058ESeveral helicopter fuselagesMilitary29 November 2014
Blida, Algeria36.49584198N 2.81177926E2x Su-7, 2x MiG-21, An-12 i/a at Ecole Nationale de Techniques AeronautiqueMilitary14 August 20175
Blida, Algeria36.49864960N 2.82171535EMi-6Military12 January 20171
Blida, Algeria36.49124527N 2.80787349EMiG-21Military18 September 20121
Blida, Algeria36.50804520N 2.80788302E3x Il-28, MiG-17Military14 August 2017
Blida, Algeria36.50631714N 2.80943966E2x Il-28, plus more parts?Military12 January 20171
Blida, Algeria36.49542618N 2.80599093ESu-7Military27 September 20171
Boufarik, Algeria36.55717087N 2.88515425EMiG-21 and twin transporterMilitary12 January 20171
Boufarik, Algeria36.56405640N 2.88618922E1x jetMilitary12 January 2017
Boufarik, Algeria36.54237366N 2.86851382E2x F.27, C-130Military19 April 20182
Bousfer, Algeria35.70959473N 0.80358303WMiG-21Military17 October 20161
Bousfer, Algeria35.71295929N 0.8090601WMiG-21, Su-7, CM.170, MiG-17Military17 March 20194
Bousfer, Algeria35.73038483N 0.80189198WMiG-17, MiG-21Military17 October 20162
Bousfer, Algeria35.73927307N 0.785658WSu-7Military17 October 20161
Bousfer, Algeria35.73675919N 0.79295403WMiG-21, 4x MiG-23Military17 October 2016
Bousfer, Algeria35.73001099N 0.80613792WMiG-21Military5 July 20181
Bousfer, Algeria35.73073578N 0.80295402WMiG-23Military17 March 2019
Dar El Beïda, Algeria36.70529556N 3.22483063EMiG-21, MiG-23Military11 September 20171
El Djamila, Algeria36.77711868N 2.92881680EMiG-15, Mi-4, small propMilitary12 January 20172
El Djamila, Algeria36.77996826N 2.92888737EMiG-17?Military12 January 2017
Laghouat, Algeria33.77663040N 2.90627265ESu-7Military28 July 20181
Mecheria, Algeria33.53125763N 0.25768489WMiG-15/17, MiG-21Military12 January 2017
Mecheria, Algeria33.53340912N 0.2629413W2x MiG-15Military14 August 2017
Mecheria, Algeria33.52702332N 0.26221478W4x MiG-21, MiG-23Military17 March 2019
Mecheria, Algeria33.53182983N 0.26039314WMiG-21Military5 May 2018
Rabuni - People’s Liberation Army museum, Algeria27.47146416N 8.1123209WMirage F1 (wreck)Military22 December 20141
Tafaraoui, Algeria35.52708435N 0.54080319WCM.170, MiG-17?Military5 May 2018
Tafaraoui, Algeria35.53423691N 0.5322839WMi-4, T-34, Su-7, CM.170, Il-28, Su-22? PA-38?, one moreMilitary5 May 2018
Tafaraoui, Algeria35.52716064N 0.53637284WT-34, PA-38?Military5 May 2018
Tafaraoui, Algeria35.53165054N 0.53615153WCM.170Military17 March 2019
Tafaraoui, Algeria35.53515244N 0.52558148WSmall propMilitary12 January 2017
Tafaraoui, Algeria35.53752899N 0.52602005WCM.170, T-34, PA-38?Military5 May 2018
Tafaraoui, Algeria35.53365326N 0.52698004WMiG-15, MiG-17, MiG-21Military21 May 20151
Tafaraoui, Algeria35.53897858N 0.52649701W2x small propMilitary14 August 2017
Tamarasset, Algeria22.82521057N 5.43428135EMiG-21, MiG-23Military26 June 20151
Touggourt, Algeria33.06406403N 6.09085846EF.27, Da.20Civil20 April 2018