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250 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Argentina. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Ataliva, Argentina30.99861145S 61.41736221WIA-58 (not yet visible on GE image)Military14 Mar 20231
Bahia Blanca, Argentina38.73799133S 62.16677094WS-2Military13 Jan 20161
Bahia Blanca, Argentina38.73012924S 62.1750412W2x MetrolinerUnknown30 Dec 20232
Bahia Blanca, Argentina38.67314148S 62.3561058WMS.760Military30 Nov 20131
Bahia Blanca, Argentina38.73332596S 62.15895462WAlouette 3 (on a pedestal in front of a hangar, exact location not sure)Military20 May 20201
Bahia Blanca - Museo de Aviacion Naval, Argentina38.73479462S 62.1640625WVariousMilitary29 Nov 201338
Baradero, Argentina33.81843185S 59.49330521WDC-3, DH.104, MeteorBoth19 Aug 20163
Baterias, Argentina38.94440842S 61.94924545WH-3Military22 Sep 20181
Belén de Escobar, Argentina34.35486221S 58.79047012WF.28 cockpit
credits: Milan Cibulka
Civil24 Oct 20201
Bell Ville, Argentina32.66028595S 62.69878006WPrentice
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 20161
Buenos Aires, Argentina34.68936157S 58.39323807WF-86Military14 Jan 20131
Buenos Aires, Argentina34.58505249S 58.36966324WMeteorMilitary21 Feb 20131
Buenos Aires, Argentina34.58632278S 58.36657333WA-4Military14 Apr 20131
Buenos Aires, Argentina34.73770523S 58.49781799WL.188Military18 Aug 20161
Buenos Aires, Argentina34.65668869S 58.588974WVarious i/a
credits: Carlos Fortner
Both21 Jan 20165
Buenos Aires, Argentina34.68556213S 58.55888367WBAC1-11
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 20161
Buenos Aires, Argentina34.60214233S 58.59200668WG.46
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
Buenos Aires, Argentina34.56236649S 58.40685654WVariousCivil20 May 20202
Buenos Aires, Argentina34.57270813S 58.40021133WUH-1, Bo.105Civil29 Mar 20242
Buenos Aires, Argentina34.80682373S 58.52841949WB737
credits: Deaks
Civil31 May 2018
Buenos Aires, Argentina34.58063889S 58.41054535WAe-45 on the roof of Bar Harbor
credits: Milan Cibulka
Civil5 Oct 20221
Buenos Aires, Argentina34.53997803S 58.46339035WSkyvan (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Lucas31
Civil5 Apr 20241
Buenos Aires - Faena Arts Center, Argentina34.61383057S 58.36164093WPA-24 (may have been only temporary exhibition)Civil20 Dec 20141
Buenos Aires - Museo General Pacheco, Argentina34.45618439S 58.62530518WDC-3
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military19 Aug 20161
Buenos Aires - Museo Histórico de Gendarmería Nacional, Argentina34.58119965S 58.37498093WAlouette 2Military24 Sep 20181
Buenos Aires - Museo Historico de la Prefectura Naval Argentina, Argentina34.42074966S 58.58768463WH.500Military13 Jan 20161
Buenos Aires - Museo Histórico del Ejército, Argentina34.63016129S 58.54302597WVariousMilitary19 Aug 20167
Buenos Aires - Museo Malvinas e Islas del Atlántico Sur, Argentina34.53657913S 58.46250153WCe.185Civil19 Aug 20161
Buenos Aires - Technopolis, Argentina34.56093216S 58.50701523WB737 (many other frames have been seen here, most are probably no longer here)Both7 Jun 20201
Campana, Argentina34.17017365S 58.95946884WIA-58Military5 Oct 20221
Campo de Mayo, Argentina34.54213715S 58.6783905W4x OV-1, 2x UH-1Military24 Sep 20186
Campo de Mayo, Argentina34.54257202S 58.67564392WTwin propMilitary13 Jan 2016
Campo de Mayo, Argentina34.53995514S 58.67609406WVarious in and around these hangars and platformMilitary24 Sep 201822
Campo de Mayo, Argentina34.54469681S 58.67850876WCe.337, Be.65, MetroMilitary24 Sep 20183
Campo de Mayo, Argentina34.53294373S 58.67556381W5x OV-1 dismantled insideMilitary5 Oct 20224
Campo de Mayo, Argentina34.55211258S 58.66410446WOV-1Military18 Aug 20161
Campo de Mayo, Argentina34.54255676S 58.64812469WUH-1Military13 Jan 20161
Campo de Mayo, Argentina34.53455353S 58.67548752WUH-1, also some frames of the Museo de Aviacion de Ejercito should be housed here in one of the hangars
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military18 Aug 20164
Campo De Mayo, Argentina34.53187943S 58.69107819WVariousMilitary12 Aug 20213
Campo de Mayo, Argentina34.54985428S 58.66446304WVarious i/a? Visible on some of the GE images.Unknown24 Sep 2018
Campo de Mayo, Argentina34.54999924S 58.66606522WUH-1Unknown24 Sep 2018
Cañuelas, Argentina34.99865341S 58.69942093WB737Civil18 Dec 20181
Cañuelas, Argentina35.08869171S 58.73500443WCe.310, Ce.337, PA-28 fuselageCivil1 Jul 20201
Carlos Casares, Argentina35.63322067S 61.38866425WT-28
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
Catamarca, Argentina28.45132065S 65.78221893WMS.760Military27 Mar 20211
Chascomus, Argentina35.53977966S 58.04904556WMB-326Military27 Dec 2014
Chivilcoy, Argentina34.9589119S 60.03585434WMeteorMilitary30 Nov 20131
Colon, Argentina33.92570114S 61.05062103WCygnet
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil19 Feb 20191
Colonia Suiza, Argentina33.7949791S 59.55273438WB737, SA.226
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil24 Sep 20201
Comandante Luis Piedrabuena, Argentina49.99878311S 68.95008087WBe.18Military17 Oct 20161
Comandante Luis Piedrabuena, Argentina49.97576523S 68.90484619WMirage 5Military15 Mar 20231
Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina45.86224747S 67.49150085WG.46Military20 Dec 20141
Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina45.79324341S 67.46701813WIA-58Military10 Mar 20181
Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina45.78131485S 67.45645905WF.27Military10 Mar 20181
Concordia, Argentina31.44650459S 58.12778854WCe.320Civil28 Jan 20211
Cordoba, Argentina31.31868362S 64.21176147WCommanderCivil26 Apr 20171
Cordoba, Argentina31.4428978S 64.27495575WF-86Military14 Jan 20131
Cordoba, Argentina31.44051743S 64.27439117WT-28, MS.760, T-34Military13 Jan 20163
Cordoba, Argentina31.43453598S 64.27910614WMeteorMilitary29 Nov 20131
Cordoba, Argentina31.434021S 64.28230286WIA-58Military26 Nov 20231
Cordoba, Argentina31.43280602S 64.2767334WIA-58Military26 Nov 20231
Cordoba, Argentina31.43274307S 64.25495911WIA.50Military14 Jan 20131
Cordoba, Argentina31.42921638S 64.25480652WVarious i/aMilitary3 Apr 20168
Cordoba, Argentina31.43472862S 64.19454193WCBA-123Civil5 Oct 20171
Cordoba, Argentina31.43289566S 64.2562561WH.500Military19 Aug 20161
Cordoba, Argentina31.43302345S 64.25865936WA-4, Mirage, MS.760Military14 Dec 20153
Cordoba, Argentina31.43300629S 64.25757599WT-34Military1 Oct 20181
Cordoba, Argentina31.3098259S 64.21360016W3x B737Civil12 Jun 20203
Cordoba, Argentina31.43812943S 64.24163055WIA-50 fuselageMilitary1 Oct 20181
Cordoba, Argentina31.36545372S 64.3083725WIA-50 at a paintball fieldMilitary1 Oct 20181
Cordoba, Argentina31.44398308S 64.27361298WSeveral T-34s inside hangarsMilitary1 Oct 201816
Cordoba, Argentina31.43502998S 64.26332092WVariousMilitary1 Oct 20183
Cordoba - Museo de la Industria, Argentina31.40920448S 64.16957855WIA-50 (maybe more)Military30 Nov 20133
Coronel Brandsen, Argentina35.18429565S 58.29882431WCommander inside hangar for restoration, exact hangar not 100% sureCivil21 May 20181
Coronel Vidal, Argentina37.47035217S 57.76384735WMB.326Military30 Nov 20131
Corrientes, Argentina27.44660759S 58.75799179W2x Small propCivil21 May 20181
Crespo, Argentina32.01216507S 60.30377579WIA-50Military10 May 20181
Diamante, Argentina32.06119537S 60.64544296WIA.50
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
Dolores, Argentina36.30368042S 57.64765167WMirage 3 (not yet visible on GE image)Military16 Oct 20211
Don Torcuato, Argentina34.49796295S 58.6071167WCommander, small twin prop
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil11 Oct 20171
Don Torcuato, Argentina34.49890137S 58.60641861WAerostarCivil11 Oct 20171
El Cóndor, Argentina41.0591507S 62.83966827WFingerMilitary26 Nov 20231
El Palomar, Argentina34.61444855S 58.60602951WC-130Military30 Dec 20231
El Palomar, Argentina34.60868835S 58.59936142WIA-50Military27 Nov 20151
El Palomar, Argentina34.60934067S 58.60134888WVarious i/a at Escuela de Educación Secundaria Técnica Nº4 (exact hangar not sure)Both9 May 20184
El Palomar, Argentina34.60990143S 58.60081863WC-130 nose sectionMilitary24 Sep 20181
Ensenada, Argentina34.84674835S 57.92451859WT-6Military30 Nov 20131
Ensenada, Argentina34.8453331S 57.89697647WT-6Military9 Mar 20141
Estancia Santa Romana, Argentina33.7793808S 65.24222565WPA-23
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 20161
Estancia Santa Romana, Argentina33.77910995S 65.24390411WMi-2
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 20161
Esther, Argentina33.08398056S 60.57027054WPA-23Civil12 Aug 20211
Ezeiza, Argentina34.78482819S 58.53075027WA-4Military30 Nov 20131
Ezeiza, Argentina34.78604126S 58.53632355WMS.760Military1 Jul 20201
Ezeiza, Argentina34.79398346S 58.55420685WLj-24Civil18 Apr 20161
Ezeize, Argentina34.8026886S 58.52722168WVarious stored airlinersCivil24 Sep 20201
Florentino Ameghino, Argentina34.84752655S 62.48067856WMS.760Military5 Oct 20221
Funes, Argentina32.92977142S 60.81526947WMirage 3Military30 Nov 20131
Funes, Argentina32.93054581S 60.81720734WMeteorMilitary30 Nov 20131
General Roca, Argentina39.00343704S 67.6099472WCe.320Civil1 Jul 20201
General Rodriquez, Argentina34.68386459S 59.032547WDC-3Civil9 May 20181
Gonnet - República de los Niñós, Argentina34.88309097S 58.01703644WB737, JetstreamCivil29 Jun 20192
Goya, Argentina29.09539223S 59.21466827WMeteorMilitary30 Nov 20131
Ingeniero Huergo, Argentina39.10530472S 67.22676849WSA.226Civil10 Sep 20211
Isla Demarchi, Argentina34.62758636S 58.35221481WBo.105Military6 Nov 20171
Isla Demarchi, Argentina34.62239075S 58.34551239WBo.105Unknown24 Sep 2018
Junin, Argentina34.55121231S 60.92585373WMeteorMilitary30 Nov 20131
Junin, Argentina34.54904938S 60.9261322WDHC-7 forward fuselageCivil24 Sep 20181
Justo Daract - Museo Hangar Interfuerzas Estancia Santa Romana, Argentina33.75004196S 65.24370575WVariousBoth18 Aug 201622
La Plata, Argentina34.96169281S 57.89402008WPA-23, FH-1100Civil12 Aug 20212
La Plata, Argentina34.96217728S 57.8948822WVarious small prop wrecksCivil30 Nov 20133
La Plata, Argentina34.87672806S 57.95840073WDH.104Civil19 Aug 20161
La Plata, Argentina34.90740585S 57.94484711WCe.441, Bo.105 i/a at Facultad de Ingeniería de la Universidad Nacional de La Plata (exact building not 100% sure)Civil20 May 20202
La Plata, Argentina34.87789536S 57.95990753WOV-1 cockpit, UH-12 and some more
credits: Lucas31
Both5 Apr 20242
La Plata - Museo Mouras, Argentina34.98197174S 58.17921066WFinger (inside)Military16 Oct 20211
Laboulaye, Argentina34.12848282S 63.36323547WFinger preserved at the Aero Club, exact location TBCMilitary10 Mar 20181
Laguna Brava, Argentina28.35294533S 68.89044952WC-46 (wreck only)Civil13 Jan 20161
Leones, Argentina32.6636467S 62.30154037WA-4Military4 Jan 20151
Loreto, Argentina28.28504753S 64.17937469WC-46Civil2 Dec 20131
Loreto, Argentina28.30064583S 64.18666077WMeteorMilitary2 Dec 20131
Lujan, Argentina34.5544014S 59.1253891WB747 nose section
credits: Deaks
Civil7 Mar 20171
Luján - Museo del Transporte, Argentina34.56250381S 59.12089157WDornier J, Grunau BabyCivil24 Sep 20182
Luque, Argentina31.64588928S 63.34534454WMB.326Military27 Dec 20141
Maipú, Argentina32.94861984S 68.8113327WMirage 3Military1 Oct 2018
Mar del Plata, Argentina38.00786209S 57.67192841WA-4Military30 Nov 20131
Mar del Plata, Argentina38.00894165S 57.67266464WVarious insideCivil1 Jul 20211
Mar del Plate, Argentina37.94224548S 57.58346176WCanberra, MeteorMilitary16 Feb 20242
Mariano Moreno, Argentina34.55376053S 58.77964783WMeteorMilitary29 Nov 20131
Mariano Moreno, Argentina34.55422592S 58.77953339WH.500Military19 Aug 20161
Mariano Moreno, Argentina34.55651093S 58.78581619WUH-1Military5 Oct 20171
Matanza, Argentina34.72720337S 58.50613785WL-200Civil12 Jul 20161
Mendoza, Argentina32.84328461S 68.80123138WA-4, Mirage, MS760Military29 Nov 20133
Mendoza, Argentina32.87212372S 68.81768036WMS.760Military30 Nov 20131
Mendoza, Argentina32.93058777S 68.81458282WA-4Military30 Nov 20131
Mendoza, Argentina32.85697937S 68.77757263WMS.760Military5 Aug 20181
Mendoza, Argentina32.82424164S 68.7671051WMS.760Military5 Aug 20181
Mendoza - Museo de la IV Brigade Aerea, Argentina32.83916092S 68.79785919Wvarious, on base, exact location unsure, need confirmationMilitary30 May 20153
Merlo, Argentina34.68169403S 58.74866867WMeteor, Mirage 3Military24 Sep 20182
Merlo, Argentina34.67610168S 58.73058319WMeteorMilitary30 Nov 20131
Moron, Argentina34.67053986S 58.63515091WBAC1-11Civil29 Nov 20131
Moron, Argentina34.67021179S 58.63449478WGliderUnknown20 Jun 2020
Moron, Argentina34.66963959S 58.63761139WB737, Be.18Civil27 Mar 20212
Moron, Argentina34.66695786S 58.63730621WVarious stored planesUnknown23 Apr 20143
Moron, Argentina34.67222214S 58.6345787WMS.760Military29 Nov 20131
Moron, Argentina34.67259216S 58.63285446WH.500
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
Moron, Argentina34.66317368S 58.64484024WF.27Civil20 Jun 20201
Moron, Argentina34.66991425S 58.63478851WMS.760Military1 Oct 20181
Moron, Argentina34.66971207S 58.63514709WVarious i/aMilitary1 Oct 20184
Moron, Argentina34.66552734S 58.64231491WCe.310Civil20 Jun 2020
Moron, Argentina34.6627655S 58.6435585WB737Civil20 Jun 20201
Moron, Argentina34.67007065S 58.63658142WCe.206 (visible on latest GE image)Military15 Oct 20201
Moron - Museo Nacional de Aeronautica, Argentina34.67515564S 58.63825226WVariousBoth29 Nov 201363
Morteros, Argentina30.6819458S 62.02480698WA-4 (forward fuselage only, not clearly visible)Military30 Nov 20131
Navarro, Argentina35.00585175S 59.26869202WS-2Military26 Nov 20231
Neuquen, Argentina38.95290375S 68.1401062WMeteorMilitary21 Feb 20131
Neuquen, Argentina38.95198822S 68.14967346WDH.104Civil1 Oct 20181
Neuquen, Argentina38.95326233S 68.14554596WTwin prop fuselageCivil21 Feb 2013
Oliva - Museo de Malvinas, Argentina32.03957367S 63.57296753WA-4, Canberra, IA-58, Mirage 3Military2 Feb 20186
Orán, Argentina23.15094757S 64.32714844WM-18, Be.55Civil8 Oct 20181
Pablo Nogues, Argentina34.49623108S 58.69773483WOV-1Military30 Nov 20131
Pablo Nogues, Argentina34.49663544S 58.69683456WPuma
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
Parana, Argentina31.77982521S 60.47678757WCanberra, IA.50, IA.35, F.27Military1 Jan 20184
Parana, Argentina31.78775406S 60.48287582WVarious, partsUnknown21 Feb 20134
Parana, Argentina31.78655434S 60.51013184WDC-3Civil4 Jan 20151
Parana, Argentina31.75523186S 60.37600327WIA.50
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
Parana, Argentina31.72600174S 60.50278091WCanberraMilitary22 Apr 20171
Parana, Argentina31.78461838S 60.47654343W2x F.27Military5 Oct 20172
Pilar, Argentina31.68234444S 63.884758WIA-58Military19 Aug 20161
Pilar, Argentina34.5061264S 58.9240303WC-130, Mirage 3Military6 Sep 20192
Posadas, Argentina27.39363289S 55.97349167WCe.182, small twin propBoth5 Jul 20201
Puerto Belgrano, Argentina38.88333893S 62.08689117WF9FMilitary14 Apr 20131
Puerto Belgrano, Argentina38.88825607S 62.08675003WMB.326Military13 Jan 20161
Puerto Belgrano, Argentina38.88879776S 62.08790207WAlouette 3, MB-326 as i/a at "Escuela de Suboficiales de la Armada"Military24 Sep 20182
Puerto Iguaçu, Argentina25.73116875S 54.47496414WA-4 (replica?)Military16 Sep 2013
Puerto San Julián, Argentina49.31033325S 67.71685791WFingerMilitary5 Oct 20171
Puerto San Julián, Argentina49.30271149S 67.7932663WT-28Military26 Nov 20231
Punta Alta, Argentina38.88694763S 62.07617569WMB.326Military30 Nov 20131
Punta Indio, Argentina35.35484314S 57.30405807WF9FMilitary24 Sep 20181
Punta Indio, Argentina35.35195923S 57.29459763WT-28, T-6Military24 Sep 20182
Punta Indio, Argentina35.35347748S 57.30131531WMB.326Military8 Nov 20141
Quilmes, Argentina34.70990753S 58.24009705WH.500Military30 Nov 20131
Quilmes, Argentina34.70452118S 58.24135971WVarious i/aBoth29 Mar 20249
Quilmes, Argentina34.70648193S 58.23835373WVarious i/a at IMPA TRQBoth20 May 20205
Quilmes, Argentina34.71132278S 58.24970627WH.500
credits: Lucas31
Military29 Mar 20241
Rafaela, Argentina31.27715302S 61.51124191WLodestarCivil17 Jul 20141
Reconquista, Argentina29.19077682S 59.68823242WIA-35Military29 Nov 20131
Reconquista, Argentina29.19158745S 59.68521118WIA-58Military29 Nov 20131
Reconquista, Argentina29.16312408S 59.65898132WIA-58Military5 Oct 20221
Resistencia, Argentina27.44450378S 59.02457047WMeteorMilitary19 Aug 20161
Rio Cuarto, Argentina33.08547592S 64.28178406WDagger, A-4Military30 Nov 20132
Rio Cuarto, Argentina33.09109116S 64.27722931WMirage 3, usually kept in one of the hangarsMilitary2 Feb 20181
Rio Cuarto, Argentina33.08985901S 64.27390289WVariousMilitary16 Sep 2020
Rio Cuarto, Argentina33.09130096S 64.27800751WA-4Military16 Sep 2020
Rio Cuarto, Argentina33.09064484S 64.27839661WMirage 3Military16 Sep 2020
Rio Cuarto - Museo Tecnológico Aeroespacial, Argentina33.07846832S 64.26806641WDC-3, A-4, Commander, MS.760Both21 Oct 20165
Rio Gallegos, Argentina51.6171875S 69.20726776WMirage 5Military29 Nov 20161
Rio Gallegos, Argentina51.60630798S 69.29501343WVarious i/a at "Escuela Industrial N°6: X Brig. Aérea"Military1 Oct 20181
Rio Grande, Argentina53.77335739S 67.70341492WMB.326Military13 Jan 20161
Rio Grande, Argentina53.77565384S 67.70076752WMirage 5Military8 Nov 20141
Rio Grande, Argentina53.78130341S 67.74759674WDHC-7, SA.226
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil13 Mar 20184
Río Tercero, Argentina32.168396S 64.10250092WIA-58Military18 Aug 20161
Rosario, Argentina32.91952896S 60.78287506WSA.226Military18 Aug 20161
Rosario, Argentina32.91981125S 60.78446198W3x SF.340 (5 listed, not known which 2 are gone)Civil20 May 20205
Rosario de la Frontera, Argentina25.80060005S 64.93078613WPA-23Civil1 Oct 20181
Rufino, Argentina34.28698349S 62.67704391WMirage 5Military10 Mar 20181
Salsipuedes, Argentina31.10604668S 64.29174805WIA-58Military14 May 20211
Salta, Argentina24.77519417S 65.41440582WMeteorMilitary2 Dec 20131
Salta, Argentina24.84171677S 65.4810791W3x DC-9, several small propsCivil9 Sep 20213
Salta, Argentina24.84591484S 65.50429535WPA-34 at Hangar Bar/Restaurant
credits: Noscoavia
Civil20 Dec 20231
San Antonio Oeste, Argentina40.75960159S 65.02633667WDH.104Civil13 Jan 20161
San Fernando, Argentina34.448246S 58.58131027WVariousCivil27 Apr 20177
San Fernando, Argentina34.43367004S 58.55885315WDC-3
credits: Lucas31
Military29 Mar 20241
San Fernando, Argentina34.45137405S 58.5800972WC-212
credits: Lucas31
Military5 Apr 20241
San Fernando, Argentina34.45336914S 58.57919693WVarious
credits: Lucas31
Civil5 Apr 20244
San Fernando, Argentina34.45178986S 58.57867432WBe.55
credits: Lucas31
Civil5 Apr 20241
San Francisco, Argentina31.4212265S 62.13692856WIA-50Military30 Nov 20131
San Juan, Argentina31.53429985S 68.5370636WMS.760Military14 Dec 20151
San Juan, Argentina31.60729408S 68.54538727WPA-31Civil17 May 2020
San Juan, Argentina31.57712364S 68.42058563W3x DC-9Civil17 May 20203
San Justo, Argentina34.73315048S 58.60040283WIA-50Military30 Nov 20131
San Justo, Argentina30.77134323S 60.5735817WMS.760
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
San Lorenzo, Argentina32.74477768S 60.72701263WMirage 3Military6 Aug 20181
Santa Fe, Argentina31.62912369S 60.69857788WMB.326Military30 Nov 20131
Santa Rosa, Argentina36.60078049S 64.28121948WMeteorMilitary2 Dec 20131
Santiago del Estero, Argentina27.75897598S 64.29779053WPA-23
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 2016
Sauce Viejo, Argentina31.70926666S 60.80528641WT-28Military29 Nov 20131
Tancacha, Argentina32.24148941S 63.98168182WIA-50Military30 Nov 20131
Tandil, Argentina37.22595215S 59.25397873WMeteorMilitary20 Dec 20141
Tandil, Argentina37.3203392S 59.1302681WMeteorMilitary7 May 20131
Tandil, Argentina37.31164551S 59.15834808WMirage 3Military24 Sep 20181
Tandil, Argentina37.23561859S 59.24129105WVarious stored inside hangarsMilitary6 Oct 20173
Tandil, Argentina37.23189545S 59.23735809WVarious MiragesMilitary24 Sep 20184
Tandil, Argentina37.22683716S 59.25260925WMirage, FingerMilitary24 Sep 20182
Tandil, Argentina37.34750366S 58.98953629WSmall propCivil3 Jun 2019
Tigre - Museo Naval de la Nacion, Argentina34.41332626S 58.58615112WVariousMilitary30 Nov 20133
Trelew, Argentina43.21683121S 65.27449036W2x L.188Military26 Nov 20232
Trelew, Argentina43.21905136S 65.27054596WT-28Military5 Mar 20141
Trelew, Argentina43.21506882S 65.27152252WP-3, L.188
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
Trelew, Argentina43.23771286S 65.32282257WL.188Military26 Nov 20231
Tres Arroyos, Argentina38.39206696S 60.2754097WMirage 3Military30 Nov 20131
Ushuaia, Argentina54.81580353S 68.30735016WDC-3Military30 Nov 20131
Veronica, Argentina35.38127518S 57.34897995WMB-326Military24 Sep 20181
Villa Cañas, Argentina33.96332932S 61.63266373WIA-58Military26 Nov 20231
Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina31.41858673S 64.49551392WMirage 3Military14 Apr 20131
Villa Lugano, Argentina34.67952728S 58.46618271WMirage 3Military19 Aug 20161
Villa Lugano, Argentina34.66818619S 58.46704102WBo.105Civil8 Jun 20191
Villa Lugano, Argentina34.65850449S 58.45029831WCommanderMilitary14 Mar 20231
Villa Mercedes, Argentina33.66163254S 65.45731354WA-4Military4 Jan 20151
Villa Ramallo, Argentina33.5037117S 60.06631088WMirage 3Military26 Nov 20231
Villa Reynolds, Argentina33.7201004S 65.38191223WA-4Military29 Nov 20131
Villa Reynolds, Argentina33.72122955S 65.38214874WLincolnMilitary8 Dec 20131