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134 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Arizona. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Apache Junction, Arizona, United States33.39571762N 111.58116913WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
Apache Junction, Arizona, United States33.36555099N 111.5750351WUH-1Military3 Jun 20161
Bellemont, Arizona, United States35.22850418N 111.82064819WUH-1Military30 Mar 20151
Benson, Arizona, United States31.99747276N 110.35665894WDC-3Civil14 Oct 20221
Benson, Arizona, United States31.99292183N 110.3128891WPA-28 fuselageCivil9 May 20231
Bouse, Arizona, United States33.91909027N 113.99575043WLong-EZ
credits: jmyoungs30
Civil30 Jun 2024
Buckeye - Lauridsen Aviation Museum, Arizona, United States33.42588806N 112.68186951WVariousBoth31 Dec 20144
Casa Grande, Arizona, United States32.89002228N 111.78889465WLarge number of H-19Military18 Nov 2015
Chandler, Arizona, United States33.23432159N 111.7721405WF-86 (visible on latest GE image)Military31 May 20221
Chandler Memorial, Arizona, United States33.24634552N 111.91149902W4x DC-4Civil29 Oct 20144
Chandler Memorial, Arizona, United States33.24589920N 111.90887451WPV-2Civil29 Oct 20141
Chandler Memorial, Arizona, United States33.24560547N 111.90644073W2x PV-2Civil29 Jan 20242
Clifton, Arizona, United States33.06208420N 109.30156708WUH-1 (delivered here in November 2023 for a memorial site, likely permanent, but not 100% sure, exact spot to be determined)Military3 Dec 2023
Coolidge, Arizona, United States32.93505859N 111.42169189WVariousCivil22 Mar 20244
Coolidge, Arizona, United States32.93539429N 111.4205246WBe.35Civil26 May 20201
Corona, Arizona, United States31.96589279N 110.7720871WF-4Military4 Sep 20121
Davis Monthan, Arizona, United States32.17609024N 110.88293457WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Davis Monthan, Arizona, United States32.14874268N 110.8163147WVarious airframes for crash rescue trainingMilitary23 Sep 20161
Davis Monthan, Arizona, United States32.14956665N 110.88202667WH-34Military14 Dec 20161
Davis-Monthan, Arizona, United States32.18632507N 110.87308502WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201210
Davis-Monthan, Arizona, United States32.17973328N 110.85746765WA-4Military25 Jul 20151
Davis-Monthan - AMARG, Arizona, United States32.16023636N 110.84992981WVariousMilitary2 Sep 2012
Deer Valley, Arizona, United States33.68418121N 112.07722473WCM.170Civil5 Jun 20181
Douglas, Arizona, United States31.34051704N 109.5379715WF-16Military3 Jun 20131
Duncan, Arizona, United States32.71809006N 109.10877228WF-100Military3 Jun 20131
Eloy, Arizona, United States32.80493546N 111.58419037WVarious around these hangarsCivil15 Aug 20213
Eloy, Arizona, United States32.80303955N 111.58587646WT-33 (dismantled, but seems to be moving around nonetheless)Military17 Nov 20171
Fort Huachuca, Arizona, United States31.56179428N 110.33969879WOV-1, C-12Military18 Sep 20122
Gila Bend, Arizona, United States32.96018600N 112.6795578W2x F-101Military26 Dec 20122
Gila Bend, Arizona, United States32.88431549N 112.72743988WF-84Military4 Sep 20121
Gila Bend, Arizona, United States32.66697693N 112.61299896W2x F-102/F-106 range targetsMilitary26 Dec 2012
Gila Bend, Arizona, United States32.87808990N 112.73390198W2x A-4 fuselage, unknown fuselage and multiple partsMilitary26 Feb 2018
Gila Bend, Arizona, United States32.66185760N 112.87600708WF9F Cougar as range targetMilitary26 Aug 2021
Glendale, Arizona, United States33.52494049N 112.18557739WF-100Military4 Sep 20121
Glendale, Arizona, United States33.52335739N 112.30124664WBe.90 (and others, moving around often)Civil31 Jan 20183
Glendale, Arizona, United States33.53934860N 112.26111603WPiper Cub hanging inside storeCivil15 Jul 2021
Glendale, Arizona, United States33.53591156N 112.2928772WVarious i/a at Western Maricopa Education CenterCivil17 Nov 20175
Glendale, Arizona, United States33.51464081N 112.25556946W2x OV-1Military15 Jul 20212
Glendale, Arizona, United States33.52251053N 112.3001709WSeveral helicoptersCivil9 Feb 2022
Glendale, Arizona, United States33.52208328N 112.30085754W2x UH-1Civil9 Feb 2022
Glendale, Arizona, United States33.54269791N 112.3082962WSmall prop at Glendale Regional Public Safety Training Center
credits: jmyoungs30
Civil29 Feb 2024
Globe, Arizona, United States33.35316467N 110.6607666WHU-16Civil30 Mar 20151
Globe, Arizona, United States33.35345078N 110.65994263W2x Be.18Civil4 Dec 20172
Goodyear, Arizona, United States33.42771530N 112.3705368WVarious stored airlinersCivil2 Sep 201213
Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States35.94932938N 112.14636993WJetstream fuselageCivil2 Dec 2023
Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States35.96394348N 112.13274384WB.47 insideCivil21 Jun 2021
Grand Canyon - Planes of Fame Museum, Arizona, United States35.64769745N 112.14156342WVariousBoth2 Sep 201226
Kingman, Arizona, United States35.25640106N 113.94205475WVarious civil storedCivil2 Sep 2012
Kingman - Kingman Army Airfield Museum, Arizona, United States35.25507736N 113.9542923WVariousCivil24 Nov 20175
La Cholla, Arizona, United States32.45467377N 110.99992371WA-4Military22 Jun 20181
La Cholla, Arizona, United States32.45754242N 110.99871826WPrivate residence made up of B737 nose section, B727 tail section and two B707 fuselage sectionsCivil22 Jun 2018
Laguna, Arizona, United States32.87955856N 114.39512634WUH-1Military22 Jun 20181
Laguna, Arizona, United States32.86951828N 114.38310242WC-130 fuselageMilitary22 Jun 20181
Laguna, Arizona, United States32.86601639N 114.39839172WAH-1Military22 Jun 20181
Laguna, Arizona, United States32.86592865N 114.40088654WC-141 fuselage, UH-1
credits: Polyarnik
Military22 Jun 20181
Laguna, Arizona, United States32.86731720N 114.40222931WH-46, H-53Military9 Jan 2024
Libby, Arizona, United States31.58109093N 110.347435WU-21, and AH-1 cockpit?Military22 Jun 2018
Luke, Arizona, United States33.52998734N 112.37601471WF-16Military2 Sep 20121
Luke, Arizona, United States33.53999710N 112.36483765WF-16Military2 Sep 20121
Luke, Arizona, United States33.53997040N 112.36108398WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20128
Marana, Arizona, United States32.40314102N 111.22153473WVarious stored A-4 and other partsBoth12 Sep 201215
Marana, Arizona, United States32.41118240N 111.22310638WVarious stored A-4 and othersBoth12 Sep 20126
Marana, Arizona, United States32.41205597N 111.22409058WVariousCivil14 Jan 20189
Marana, Arizona, United States32.42957687N 111.30543518WAH-1Military12 Sep 20121
Marana, Arizona, United States32.52011871N 111.32823944W2x AH-1, H-58Military30 Mar 20153
Marana, Arizona, United States32.50944901N 111.32728577WLarge number of stored airliners all over the fieldCivil13 Feb 201362
Marana, Arizona, United States32.50413895N 111.31354523WVarious for scrappingCivil30 Nov 20201
Marana, Arizona, United States32.42042160N 111.23548126WVarious partsCivil8 Aug 20231
Marana, Arizona, United States32.51573944N 111.32211304WDC-9Civil14 Dec 20161
Marana, Arizona, United States32.41941833N 111.18370819WH-34 in a paintball fieldUnknown14 Dec 2016
Marana, Arizona, United States32.40909576N 111.22351074W2x Be.18Civil14 Jan 20182
Marana, Arizona, United States32.50672150N 111.29481506WB747 fuselageCivil29 Apr 20211
Maricopa, Arizona, United States33.05397797N 112.14674377WVariousMilitary28 Jul 20211
Mesa, Arizona, United States33.46107864N 111.72184753WVarious storedBoth2 Sep 201219
Mesa, Arizona, United States33.46146011N 111.73209381WVarious on this platformBoth11 Feb 20187
Mesa, Arizona, United States33.47580719N 111.74516296WCommanderCivil14 Dec 2016
Mesa, Arizona, United States33.48993301N 111.62446594WUH-1Military22 Aug 20211
Mesa - Champlin Fighter Museum, Arizona, United States33.45277786N 111.73456573WVariousBoth2 Sep 201234
Mirage, Arizona, United States33.57334137N 112.31910706W4x H-34 at a paintball fieldMilitary8 Jan 20171
Parker, Arizona, United States34.29887009N 114.12210083WBe.18Civil17 Jul 20211
Peoria, Arizona, United States33.61508560N 112.24570465WUH-1Military7 May 20211
Phoenix, Arizona, United States33.39702988N 112.0640564WA-26Military1 Jan 20241
Phoenix, Arizona, United States33.42382431N 112.01277924WF-104Military2 Sep 20121
Phoenix, Arizona, United States33.42506409N 112.01311493WT-33, F-84Military2 Sep 20122
Phoenix, Arizona, United States33.42304230N 112.01428223WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Phoenix, Arizona, United States33.46662903N 111.96256256WA-7, F-16Military28 Jan 20212
Phoenix, Arizona, United States33.43383026N 112.13005066WScrap yardCivil7 Jun 2021
Phoenix, Arizona, United States33.43461990N 112.1295929WScrap yardCivil7 Jun 20211
Phoenix, Arizona, United States33.43640518N 112.12525177WScrap yardCivil7 Jun 20212
Phoenix, Arizona, United States33.63090515N 111.99144745WMultiple helicopters in back yard with American Patriot Helicopters
credits: jmyoungs30
Both6 Jul 20237
Phoenix, Arizona, United States33.44333267N 112.02037048WUnknown Boeing forward fuselageCivil23 Apr 2024
Phoenix - Arizona Military Museum, Arizona, United States33.46703720N 111.9691391WUH-1 (inside)Military28 Jan 20211
Phoenix - Police Museum, Arizona, United States33.44757462N 112.07604218WH.269Civil6 May 20211
Phoenix Regional, Arizona, United States32.99005508N 111.91537476WSeveral UH-1 and small propsBoth26 Feb 20181
Phoenix Regional, Arizona, United States32.98886490N 111.91477966WPA-23Civil5 Oct 2020
Pima, Arizona, United States32.84627914N 109.87747192WC-119 and some small propsBoth18 Nov 20151
Prescott - Embry-Riddle University, Arizona, United States34.61728668N 112.45067596WF-104Military2 Sep 20121
Quartzsite, Arizona, United States33.67536163N 114.20883179W2x F-4Military4 Sep 20122
Quartzsite, Arizona, United States33.66069412N 114.25002289WUnknownCivil1 Jul 2018
Quartzsite, Arizona, United States33.66070175N 114.24897766WU-8, Lj-25, B.47Both24 Nov 20212
Quartzsite, Arizona, United States33.66322327N 114.24858093WVariousBoth24 Nov 20217
Queen Creek, Arizona, United States33.20964813N 111.62325287WB.206 fuselage
credits: jmyoungs30
Civil22 Mar 20241
Ryan Field, Arizona, United States32.13580322N 111.17573547WCM.170Civil9 Dec 20171
San Carlos, Arizona, United States33.35761261N 110.45252991WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Scottsdale, Arizona, United States33.62150955N 111.91639709WStearman, under this roofCivil7 Feb 20221
Show Low, Arizona, United States34.25904465N 110.0254364WCe.310 initially next to building, moved next to street by December 2016. Property was sold, and Cessna probably gone, as it is no longer visible on streetview by June 2018.
credits: Antheii
Civil8 May 20221
Show Low, Arizona, United States34.25667191N 110.01125336WSalvage yard with at least 20+ helicopter hulks and a couple of single engined aircraft (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Antheii
Both28 May 2022
Sunsites, Arizona, United States31.98490524N 109.85470581WLarge amount of helicoptersMilitary22 Jun 2018
Three Points, Arizona, United States32.06535339N 111.31759644WAH-1Military12 Sep 20121
Tonopah, Arizona, United States33.53101730N 112.95430756WAA-5Civil1 Jun 20221
Tucson, Arizona, United States32.13307571N 110.9484787WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20126
Tucson, Arizona, United States32.12713623N 110.95806885Wvarious civil storedCivil2 Sep 20124
Tucson, Arizona, United States32.11501694N 110.95000458WVarious civil storedCivil2 Sep 2012
Tucson, Arizona, United States32.11986160N 110.95922089Wvarious i/a at Pima Community CollegeCivil1 Nov 20166
Tucson, Arizona, United States32.14549255N 110.85621643WVarious at United Aeronautical CorporationMilitary14 Jan 20192
Tucson, Arizona, United States32.20484543N 110.95751953WAC.100 (kitplane hanging inside)Civil14 Mar 20231
Tucson, Arizona, United States32.12638474N 110.94078827WF-5 fuselageMilitary7 Aug 2021
Tucson, Arizona, United States32.12355423N 110.83073425WH-34 (and another unknown fuselage section) at a paintball fieldMilitary12 Dec 2022
Tucson, Arizona, United States32.14883423N 110.87833405W2x HH-52 Stored in yard owned by Bourque IndustriesMilitary28 Dec 20232
Tucson, Arizona, United States32.12329102N 110.95574188WVarious airlinersCivil7 Apr 2024
Tucson - Pima Air & Space Museum, Arizona, United States32.13969421N 110.86864471WVariousBoth2 Sep 2012264
White Hills, Arizona, United States35.72377014N 114.48696136WB.206 displayed at the entrance to a shooting range on a trailer, not yet visible on GE image, visible on street view
credits: Dave Broome
Civil18 Sep 2023
White Hills, Arizona, United States35.71611023N 114.48220062WBe.65 fuselage
credits: Bob Prescott
Civil18 Sep 2023
White Hills, Arizona, United States35.71633911N 114.48013306WLong-EZCivil18 Sep 20231
White Hills, Arizona, United States35.71995926N 114.48062897WUnknown twin propCivil18 Sep 2023
Wilcox, Arizona, United States32.22687912N 110.00601959WVariousMilitary25 Oct 20169
Williams, Arizona, United States33.31188583N 111.67465973WVarious i/a at Chandler-Gilbert Community CollegeCivil8 Dec 20169
Williams Gateway, Arizona, United States33.31032181N 111.67100525WT-38Military4 Sep 20121
Yuma, Arizona, United States32.65577316N 114.58164215WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20126
Yuma, Arizona, United States32.65674973N 114.5848465WC-12, Harrier, UH-1Military8 Jan 20243
Yuma, Arizona, United States32.64711761N 114.60897827WAV-8, H-53, 2x MiG-21Military8 Jan 20245
Yuma Proving Grounds, Arizona, United States32.83368301N 114.39939117WAH-1Military10 May 20141
Yuma Proving Grounds, Arizona, United States32.91709137N 114.40538025W5x helicopterMilitary10 May 2014
Yuma Proving Grounds, Arizona, United States32.86531830N 114.44438934WC-212 fuselageMilitary30 Sep 2016