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229 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Australia. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia34.79179382S 138.64625549ECe.310Civil26 Oct 20141
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia34.94146729S 138.53317261EVimyCivil18 Jul 20191
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia34.79124832S 138.63639832EVarious at Reevers Warbirds, exact location TBCBoth18 Jul 20193
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia34.94797516S 138.52920532EFokker 27 fuselageCivil29 Jul 20191
Adelaide - Classic Jets Fighter Museum, South Australia, Australia34.78908539S 138.63771057EF4U, now in a smaller hangar, not sure which exactlyMilitary8 Oct 20201
Adelaide - South Australian Aviation Museum, South Australia, Australia34.84828568S 138.51165771EVariousBoth23 Oct 201423
Albion Park - Historical Aircraft Restoration Society, New South Wales, Australia34.56142807S 150.78967285EVarious (some airworthy)Both30 Oct 201446
Albury, New South Wales, Australia36.07247543S 146.95086670EDC-2 (exact current location unknown)Military8 Jul 20191
Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia23.80810356S 133.91326904ECommanderCivil29 Jan 20231
Alice Springs - Central Australian Aviation Museum, Northern Territory, Australia23.70257378S 133.86448669EvariousCivil24 Oct 20149
Amberley, Queensland, Australia27.64308548S 152.70123291ECanberraMilitary20 Dec 20121
Amberley, Queensland, Australia27.64865875S 152.69598389EF-111Military7 Nov 20171
Amberley, Queensland, Australia27.62446594S 152.69400024EG.222 fuselage (not yet visible on GE image, exact location unknown)Military26 Mar 20201
Amberley - Aviation Heritage Center, Queensland, Australia27.63862991S 152.70925903EVarious (restoration/storage)Military3 Nov 201413
Amberley - Aviation Heritage Center, Queensland, Australia27.6419754S 152.70706177EVariousMilitary16 Jul 20199
Amelup, Western Australia, Australia34.22378159S 118.21474457EDC-3 in use as a restaurant at Lily Dutch WindmillCivil17 Oct 20161
Archerfield, Queensland, Australia27.5687809S 152.99806213EVarious inside hangar of Flying FightersBoth16 Jul 20194
Archerfield, Queensland, Australia27.57709122S 153.01232910EA-26Civil16 Jul 20191
Ashburton, Victoria, Australia37.86745453S 145.08984375EPA-28Civil18 Mar 20231
Avalon, Victoria, Australia38.02595901S 144.48374939EB747Civil4 Jan 20171
Avalon, Victoria, Australia38.02046204S 144.47804260ECanberra - currently stored inside, future in doubtMilitary7 Apr 2019
Avalon, Victoria, Australia38.02803802S 144.47384644EVarious (exact location unknown)Military7 Apr 201925
Baldivis, Western Australia, Australia32.37348175S 115.92411041EBe.90 at a paintball fieldCivil9 Apr 2018
Balickera, New South Wales, Australia32.68859863S 151.80050659EUH-1Military8 Jan 20171
Balickera, New South Wales, Australia32.69123459S 151.79931641EUH-1 at a paintball fieldMilitary8 Jan 20171
Ballarat - Aviation Museum, Victoria, Australia37.5147171S 143.78848267EVariousBoth29 Oct 20144
Ballarat - Friends of the Anson Air Museum, Victoria, Australia37.5188446S 143.78778076ESeveral AnsonsMilitary3 Sep 20183
Bamaga, Queensland, Australia10.93887806S 142.46554565EBeaufort wreck (various large parts under the trees)Military24 Oct 2014
Bamaga, Queensland, Australia10.91541958S 142.42680359EDC-3 wreck (exact location not 100% sure, pictures place it here or on the other side of the road, a little to the south)Civil24 Oct 20141
Bandiana - Army Museum, Victoria, Australia36.14472961S 146.92689514EVarious (exact location on base not 100% sure)Military27 Oct 20142
Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia33.91768265S 150.99411011ECV-580Civil13 Jul 20191
Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia33.91881943S 150.99319458EPBY under restorationCivil19 Jul 20191
Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia33.41521835S 149.65481567EMiG-15Civil8 Jul 20191
Beadell, Western Australia, Australia28.27339745S 126.97167206ECe.310 wreckCivil10 Nov 20171
Benalla - Aviation Museum, Victoria, Australia36.55441284S 145.99836731EVariousBoth18 Oct 202211
Beverley, Western Australia, Australia32.10876846S 116.92247772EVampireMilitary9 May 20131
Beverley, Western Australia, Australia32.10931015S 116.92469788EVampireMilitary26 Oct 20141
Braybrook, Victoria, Australia37.79413605S 144.86221313EVampireMilitary19 Sep 20231
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia27.41509247S 153.10496521EVarious i/a at Aviation AustraliaCivil19 Nov 20165
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia27.36094093S 153.13368225EFokker 100Civil15 Jul 20171
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia27.38732147S 153.13458252EFokker 70 wfu for spare partsCivil10 Jul 20181
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia27.3698349S 153.12658691E2x DC-9Civil13 Mar 20232
Brisbane - Queensland Museum, Queensland, Australia27.47289085S 153.01809692EAvro 581Civil29 Nov 20201
Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia31.99887085S 141.46954346ENomadCivil15 Oct 20131
Brymaroo, Queensland, Australia27.22807693S 151.62727356ECanberraMilitary9 May 20131
Bundaberg - Hinkler Aviation Museum, Queensland, Australia24.85168648S 152.33625793EAvro Baby (should be on loan from Queensland museum)Civil23 Oct 20142
Caboolture - Warplane Museum, Queensland, Australia27.07831573S 152.98420715EVariousMilitary25 Oct 201414
Cairns, Australia16.87886047S 145.74676514EVariousCivil17 Jul 20193
Cairns, Queensland, Australia16.87210464S 145.74325562EUnknown twin prop
credits: Thomas Stuenkel
Civil21 Sep 2023
Caloundra, Queensland, Australia26.79992294S 153.12236023EUH-1Military29 Nov 20161
Caloundra - Queensland Air Museum, Queensland, Australia26.79810333S 153.10858154EVariousBoth2 Jan 201785
Calvert, Queensland, Australia27.67453003S 152.51930237EVampireMilitary16 Jul 20191
Calvin Grove, South Australia, Australia34.69416809S 138.57934570ESmall propCivil23 May 2019
Cambridge, Tasmania, Australia42.82246017S 147.47564697ESeveral wrecksCivil25 Apr 2017
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia35.30175781S 149.18338013ETS-11Civil22 Dec 20171
Canberra - Australian War Memorial, Australian Capital Territory, Australia35.28051758S 149.14912415EVariousMilitary30 Oct 201429
Canberra - National Museum of Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Australia35.29312897S 149.12139893EDove, Proctor, Gull 6Civil1 Apr 20183
Carabooda, Western Australia, Australia31.60555458S 115.71258545ESmall twin prop at a paintball fieldCivil9 Jan 2017
Cawdor, New South Wales, Australia34.1086998S 150.69522095ECe.421 at a paintball fieldCivil9 Jul 20191
Cessnock, New South Wales, Australia32.78141785S 151.33810425ESmall prop (only visible on latest GE image)Civil8 Jul 2019
Charters Towers, Queensland, Australia20.04787445S 146.26895142EBe.65
credits: Milan Cibulka
Civil12 Feb 20241
Charters Towers, Queensland, Australia20.04776382S 146.27015686ESeveral small props and some wrecksCivil12 Feb 2024
Clyde, New South Wales, Australia33.83444214S 151.02015686EHeron, many parts missing (not visible on GE image, may be here only for a short time)Military2 May 2021
Cohuna, Victoria, Australia35.81800842S 144.23345947ESmall propCivil29 Jul 2018
Coldstream, Victoria, Australia37.72778702S 145.40972900EPA-28Civil23 Dec 20191
Coldstream, Victoria, Australia37.72800827S 145.40898132ESmall twin prop fuselageCivil30 Dec 2017
Corowa, New South Wales, Australia35.99516296S 146.38664246EVampireMilitary8 Jul 20191
Cowaramup, Western Australia, Australia33.89749527S 115.02950287ETiger Moth insideCivil21 Nov 20171
Cranbourne, Victoria, Australia38.1174736S 145.28704834EMB.326Military29 Nov 20161
Cunderdin, Western Australia, Australia31.62449837S 117.22322845EP-2Civil22 Aug 20191
Cunderdin - Municipal Museum, Western Australia, Australia31.65221024S 117.24268341ETiger Moth inside hanging from the ceilingCivil21 Nov 20171
Dalby, Queensland, Australia27.16300011S 151.26573181EVarious small propsCivil2 Feb 201816
Daly Waters, Northern Territory, Australia16.26325035S 133.37635803EDC-3 wreckMilitary29 Jan 20231
Daly Waters, Northern Territory, Australia16.30828667S 133.38510132ECommanderCivil15 Jan 20231
Daly Waters, Northern Territory, Australia16.2536335S 133.36956787EB.206 on the roof of the Daly Waters Pub, not sure of exact location. Parts of the helicopter are fake, but certainly built around a real frame.Military12 Oct 20162
Dandenong, Victoria, Australia37.98620224S 145.21986389EUH-1Military4 Jan 20171
Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia12.42123318S 130.86555481EMirage 3Military20 Dec 20121
Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia12.44930553S 130.83946228EVarious, storage area of the Darwin Australian Aviation Heritage museumMilitary13 Jul 20192
Darwin - Australian Aviation Heritage Centre, Northern Territory, Australia12.42504883S 130.89604187EVariousBoth24 Mar 201722
Dingley Village, Victoria, Australia37.96481705S 145.11877441E2x Commander at a paintball fieldCivil9 Jan 2017
Drysdale, Victoria, Australia38.17471695S 144.58287048EPA-28Civil14 Oct 20171
East Sale, Victoria, Australia38.10475922S 147.12129211ECA-25, MB-326, PC-9Military30 Nov 20213
Edinburgh, South Australia, Australia34.71567154S 138.64395142EMB.326Military2 Apr 20161
Edinburgh, South Australia, Australia34.72413635S 138.64549255EMB-326Military23 May 20191
Edingburgh, South Australia, Australia34.71641541S 138.64599609EP-3 (not yet visible on GE image)Military26 Apr 20211
Emerald, Queensland, Australia23.56830978S 148.17562866ECe.210Civil4 Sep 20191
Enoggera, Queensland, Australia27.42433167S 152.98493958EUH-1Military7 Oct 20231
Essendon, Victoria, Australia37.72198105S 144.89727783E2x CommanderCivil28 Jul 2020
Evans Head - Heritage Aviation Museum, New South Wales, Australia29.102211S 153.42109680EVariousMilitary11 Jul 20199
Forbes, New South Wales, Australia33.38928986S 148.00779724EVampireMilitary20 Dec 20121
Gidgegannup, Western Australia, Australia31.71160698S 116.28855896EDismantled Be.90 at a paintball field (not visible on GE image, but should be around here)Civil2 Nov 2023
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia28.15947533S 153.50654602ESmall twin propCivil24 Jul 2018
Gove, Northern Territory, Australia12.27200031S 136.82458496EVenturaMilitary13 Jul 20191
Greenock - Lincoln Nitschke Military and Historical Aircraft Collection, South Australia, Australia34.43814087S 138.93711853EVariousMilitary29 Sep 20199
Griffith, New South Wales, Australia34.28888321S 146.05093384EFireflyMilitary4 Jan 20171
Hamilton - Sir Reginald Ansett Transport Museum, Victoria, Australia37.74181747S 142.03607178EFokker Universal (more?)Civil21 Mar 20151
Harrington Park - Camden Museum of Aviation, New South Wales, Australia34.03720474S 150.73866272EVarious - closed and will not reopen at this locationMilitary11 Jul 201923
Holsworthy, New South Wales, Australia33.99474716S 150.95515442EUH-1Military24 Sep 20161
Holsworthy, New South Wales, Australia33.96875381S 150.95516968EC-130 fuselageMilitary2 Dec 20161
Illawara, New South Wales, Australia34.55047607S 150.78602600EP.166 (part of HARS, see location #9283)Civil2 Jan 20171
Jandakot, Western Australia, Australia32.09345627S 115.87879944EMooney M20Civil4 Jan 20171
Jandakot, Western Australia, Australia32.0888443S 115.88169861EVarious i/a at Polytechnic WestCivil22 Nov 20175
Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Australia30.72691536S 121.47158051EJ/5B insideCivil21 Nov 20171
Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia14.41446781S 132.33322144ECe.310 wreckCivil21 Nov 20171
Katherine East, Northern Territory, Australia14.48661709S 132.31896973ER.22Civil20 Apr 20231
Kuranda, Queensland, Australia16.81909943S 145.63308716EDC-3 (wreck underneath the trees)Civil4 Jan 20181
Lake Boga- Catalina Museum, Victoria, Australia35.45089722S 143.62767029EPBY-5Military4 Jan 20171
Lake Corangamite, Victoria, Australia38.11935043S 143.41722107EWirraway wreck (pin more or less where it should be in the water)Military29 Oct 20141
Larras Lee, New South Wales, Australia32.95855331S 148.87579346E3x DC-3Civil11 Jul 20193
Larras Lee, New South Wales, Australia32.96284485S 148.88313293EDC-3Civil11 Jul 20191
Launceston, Tasmania, Australia41.54336548S 147.20582581EDesoutter in the terminalCivil22 May 20211
Launching Place, Victoria, Australia37.76714325S 145.64459229ECe.402 (formerly the site of the Derelict Aircraft Museum which has moved to location #23091, the Cessna may move there as well)Civil9 Jul 20191
Leonora, Western Australia, Australia28.87997627S 121.31589508ECe.310Civil10 Feb 2018
Lismore, New South Wales, Australia28.82338715S 153.25996399EP-3 (will go on display at the "Evans Head Heritage Aviation Museum" #11885 in 2020)Military11 Jul 20191
Longreach - Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame, Western Australia, Australia23.44417953S 144.27470398EBe.65 insideCivil24 May 20211
Longreach - Qantas Founders Museum, Queensland, Australia23.43953133S 144.27233887EVariousCivil31 Oct 20145
Ludenham, New South Wales, Australia33.85948563S 150.71678162EH-34 at a paintball fieldMilitary14 Oct 20171
Luskintyre - Aviation Flying Museum, New South Wales, Australia32.66637421S 151.41625977EMostly vintage planes, some airworthyBoth23 Oct 2014
Lyndoch, South Australia, Australia34.61884689S 138.89283752EG-115Civil29 Sep 2019
Lyra, Queensland, Australia28.84725571S 151.85755920EBe.35Civil11 Oct 20171
Mackay - Tiger Moth Museum, Queensland, Australia21.16605568S 149.18202209E3x Tiger Moth
credits: Thomas Stuenkel
Civil15 Oct 20233
Mareeba - The Beck Museum, Queensland, Australia17.05311966S 145.43342590EVarious - museum closedBoth17 Jul 20197
Maryborough, Queensland, Australia25.51929283S 152.71267700EEmb.110Civil11 Dec 20231
Maryborough, Queensland, Australia25.51733208S 152.71247864EWackett under restoration for the new Maryborough Military Aviation MuseumCivil11 Jul 20201
Meandarra - ANZAC Memorial Museum, Queensland, Australia27.322855S 149.88261414ECanberraMilitary17 Jul 20191
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia37.82408905S 144.91319275ECanberraMilitary30 Oct 20141
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia37.65602112S 144.84228516EF.28 fuselageCivil29 Dec 2017
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia38.06578064S 145.20054626EB.47Civil3 Feb 20181
Melbourne - Melbourne Museum, Victoria, Australia37.80355835S 144.97174072EDuigan Biplane ReplicaCivil1 Mar 20181
Melton, Victoria, Australia37.6186409S 144.56776428EUnmarked CJ-6
credits: Antheii
Unknown31 Jan 2024
Merridin - Military Museum, Western Australia, Australia31.48328018S 118.28068542EUH-1, MB-326, B.206Military30 Dec 20173
Miles, Queensland, Australia26.50165558S 150.09934998EViscount at Possum Park campsiteCivil5 Nov 20211
Minlaton, South Australia, Australia34.7678566S 137.59771729EBristol M-1CMilitary17 Jul 20191
Mitchell - Australian War Memorial Annex, Australian Capital Territory, Australia35.21523666S 149.14448547EVarious in storage facilityMilitary24 Sep 201615
Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia37.9759903S 145.08744812ERallyeCivil18 Jul 2019
Moorabbin - Australian National Aviation Museum, Victoria, Australia37.97655106S 145.09124756EVariousBoth2 Dec 201344
Moree, New South Wales, Australia29.48429871S 149.84519958EDC-3Military4 Jan 20171
Moree, New South Wales, Australia29.49490738S 149.84507751EBe.77Civil11 Jun 20201
Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia20.72486687S 139.48812866EDHA-3Civil25 Oct 20141
Mudgeeraba - Gold Coast War Museum, Queensland, Australia28.09900856S 153.32650757E2x UH-1 (other planes are replicas)Military16 Jul 2019
Mulwala, New South Wales, Australia36.00366211S 146.00065613EDC-3Military24 Oct 20141
Mundoo, Queensland, Australia17.56201553S 146.01216125EDC-3, unknown fuselageCivil16 Jul 20191
Myalup, Western Australia, Australia33.02170181S 115.70010376EDC-3Civil4 Jan 20171
Narrandera, New South Wales, Australia34.74497223S 146.55055237ETiger Moth (inside)Military28 Oct 20141
Narromine - Aviation Museum, New South Wales, Australia32.22203064S 148.22932434EF-86 and some vintage planesBoth11 Jul 20191
Northam, Western Australia, Australia31.64288139S 116.64485931ESmall prop, still here?Civil21 Nov 2017
Nowra, New South Wales, Australia34.86681747S 150.60241699EUH-1Military4 Jan 20171
Nowra, New South Wales, Australia34.9389801S 150.55627441EAS.350, SH-60Military11 Jul 20192
Nowra, New South Wales, Australia34.94705963S 150.54873657EHunter (only visible on latest GE image)Military12 Jul 20191
Nowra, New South Wales, Australia34.94002914S 150.55003357EDC-3 (only visible on latest GE image)Military12 Jul 20191
Nowra, New South Wales, Australia34.94347S 150.52581787E2x S-2, bizjet (only visible on latest GE image)Both12 Jul 2019
Nowra, New South Wales, Australia34.93003845S 150.54463196E2x S-2Military12 Jul 20192
Nowra, New South Wales, Australia34.9452858S 150.52728271EVarious is storage at Air Affairs, for HARS (exact location unknown)Military18 Jul 20192
Nowra - Museum, New South Wales, Australia34.93603897S 150.55480957EVariousBoth4 Jan 201728
Nyngan, New South Wales, Australia31.56306267S 147.19665527EUH-1Military25 Oct 20141
Oakey, Queensland, Australia27.41667747S 151.72927856EUH-1Military25 Oct 20141
Oakey, Queensland, Australia27.41427994S 151.73971558EDHC-4 fuselageMilitary29 Dec 20161
Oakey - Museum of Australian Army Flying, Queensland, Australia27.41640663S 151.74345398EVariousMilitary13 Dec 201319
Parkes - Aviation Museum, New South Wales, Australia33.13829041S 148.23251343EVarious, also storage for HARSBoth30 Dec 201712
Parwan - Australian Gliding Museum, Victoria, Australia37.73467636S 144.43402100EVariousCivil24 Jul 2021
Pearce, Western Australia, Australia31.66363907S 116.02544403EMB-326 (under cover)Military22 Nov 20171
Perth, Western Australia, Australia31.92798042S 115.97348022EBAe.146Civil4 Jan 20171
Perth, Western Australia, Australia31.92202187S 115.96640778EEmb.110Civil29 Nov 2021
Perth, Western Australia, Australia31.93888474S 115.97155762EA330 (visible on latest GE image, damaged in 2020 and still remains here)Civil12 Jun 20231
Perth - Aviation Heritage Museum, Western Australia, Australia32.04892349S 115.85894012EVariousBoth24 Oct 201422
Philip Island - National Vietnam Veterans Museum, Victoria, Australia38.52065659S 145.32452393EVariousMilitary2 Jan 20179
Point Cook - RAAF Museum, Victoria, Australia37.92982864S 144.74876404EVariousBoth4 Jan 201756
Port Lincoln, South Australia, Australia34.60490036S 135.88832092EUnknown twin propCivil4 Aug 2018
Port Lincoln, South Australia, Australia34.60149765S 135.87503052ESeveral Ce.337Civil29 Sep 2019
Port Lincoln, South Australia, Australia34.60394287S 135.87455750EAuster 5 suspended from ceiling inside terminalCivil28 Apr 20211
Port Pirie, South Australia, Australia33.18891907S 138.00355530EUH-1 (inside)Military25 Oct 20141
Rathmines, New South Wales, Australia33.03922272S 151.59469604ECatalina under restoration somewhere at this location, for eventual displayCivil12 Jul 20191
Rewan, Queensland, Australia24.97711754S 148.38902283EDC-3 wreck (parts only)Military24 Oct 20141
Richmond, New South Wales, Australia33.59820175S 150.77464294EDHC-4 fuselage sectionMilitary12 Jul 20191
Robertson, Northern Territory, Australia12.42884064S 130.97332764EUH-1 (only visible on latest GE image)Military24 Sep 20161
Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia23.37146759S 150.47695923EMiG-21 (exact hangar unknown)Military16 Jul 20191
Rupanyup, Victoria, Australia36.63160706S 142.72103882EDC-3Military24 Oct 20141
Salt Ash, New South Wales, Australia32.79711914S 151.92660522ECe.310? at a paintball fieldCivil8 Jan 2017
Scone - Vintage Fighter Restorations, New South Wales, Australia32.03675079S 150.83456421EVarious, also several airworthy warbirdsBoth12 Jul 20194
Scottsdale - Military Museum, Tasmania, Australia41.15710449S 147.51649475EUH-1 (inside)Military22 May 20211
Seymour, Victoria, Australia37.01963806S 145.13061523EUH-1Military24 Sep 20161
Singleton - Australian Infantry Museum, New South Wales, Australia32.6289978S 151.17507935EUH-1 (building only visible on latest GE image)Military10 Dec 20171
Southern Cross, Western Australia, Australia31.2232914S 119.32247925EPBY dismantled (exact location not 100% sure, at the local men's shed)Military9 Nov 20211
Steinfield, South Australia, Australia34.31349945S 139.33108521EVariousCivil18 Jul 2019
Swanbourne - SAS museum, Western Australia, Australia31.97135353S 115.76562500EUH-1 (inside), H-47 (wrapped in plastic outside)Military29 Dec 20162
Sydney - Australian National Maritime Museum, New South Wales, Australia33.86921692S 151.19876099EH-60Military13 Jul 20191
Sydney - Powerhouse Museum, New South Wales, Australia33.87814331S 151.19972229EVariousCivil28 Oct 20146
Table Top, New South Wales, Australia35.96822739S 147.00846863ESmall prop, looks like a Ce.152, but may also be completely fake, needs to be confirmedCivil11 Oct 2016
Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia31.0817337S 150.84217834EF.27Civil9 Mar 20181
Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia31.08824348S 150.84750366ESmall prop fuselageCivil13 Jul 2019
Tamworth - East-West Airlines Museum, New South Wales, Australia31.08571053S 150.84880066EAnson (inside museum, exact location not 100% sure)Civil28 Oct 20141
Temora - Aviation Museum, New South Wales, Australia34.42759705S 147.51484680EVariousBoth26 Oct 201411
The Oaks, New South Wales, Australia34.08191681S 150.55953979EHS.125Civil4 Jan 20172
Tingha, New South Wales, Australia29.98693848S 151.30026245EP.166Civil28 Nov 20201
Tooradin, Victoria, Australia38.21564484S 145.42163086ESeveral small propsCivil30 Dec 20172
Tooraweenah - Butler Air Transport Museum, New South Wales, Australia31.43979836S 148.89968872ENew museum is being set up in this town, location not yet knownUnknown30 Oct 20143
Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia27.54326248S 151.91668701EStipa-Caproni inside one of the hangars (not known which)Civil20 Oct 20211
Townsville, Queensland, Australia19.26350975S 146.76853943EP-2, DHC-4Military17 Jul 20192
Townsville, Queensland, Australia19.26213646S 146.76124573EUH-1Military17 Jul 20191
Townsville, Queensland, Australia19.24900246S 146.75650024ESD.330Civil30 Dec 20171
Townsville - RAAF Aviation Heritage Center, Queensland, Australia19.26301384S 146.76666260EVariousMilitary6 May 20214
Tyabb, Victoria, Australia38.27005005S 145.18115234ESeveral small prop fuselagesCivil30 Dec 20171
Tyabb, Victoria, Australia38.2636795S 145.18243408EVarious at The Old Aeroplane CompanyBoth22 Aug 20197
Tyabb, Victoria, Australia38.26618958S 145.18089294EPA-34 and more?Civil22 Aug 20191
Vansittart Bay, Mitchell Plateau, Western Australia, Australia14.12825203S 126.30942535EDC-3 wreckMilitary21 Apr 20181
Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia35.14972687S 147.46801758EVariousMilitary4 Jan 20175
Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia35.1195488S 147.37500000EVampireMilitary20 Dec 20121
Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia35.15737915S 147.45982361ESF.340Civil4 Jan 20171
Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia35.15541458S 147.46855164EMB.326 (need confirmation this is indeed the MB.326)Military26 Oct 20141
Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia35.15983582S 147.46850586EVarious i/aMilitary13 Jul 20195
Walcha - Pioneer Cottage Museum, New South Wales, Australia30.97975731S 151.59393311ETiger MothCivil13 Jul 20191
Wanneroo, Western Australia, Australia31.79771423S 115.85092926EVampireMilitary26 Oct 20141
Werribee, Victoria, Australia37.90806198S 144.64579773EB-24 (on rebuild, will probably move somewhere else once finished)Military5 Nov 20142
West Sale, Victoria, Australia38.09650421S 146.96105957ESeveral S-2 (several may have been moved already, others may be inside now, confirmation needed about which are still here)Military4 Jul 201811
West Sale - Gippsland Armed Forces Museum, Victoria, Australia38.09603882S 146.96424866EVariousMilitary22 Aug 20195
West Wyalong, New South Wales, Australia33.92298508S 147.19953918EDC-3Military24 Oct 20141
White Gum, Western Australia, Australia31.86527252S 116.93528748E2x B737, Emb.110, S.61 or S.62Civil15 Mar 20233
Whitsunday, Queensland, Australia20.27892685S 148.75471497ELA-4Civil24 Sep 20161
Williamtown, New South Wales, Australia32.79230118S 151.84083557ECanberraMilitary17 Aug 20171
Williamtown, New South Wales, Australia32.79175949S 151.84182739EMB-326Military17 Aug 20171
Williamtown - Fighterworld Museum, New South Wales, Australia32.80289459S 151.85046387EVariousMilitary31 Oct 201414
Willowbank, Queensland, Australia27.67138481S 152.68942261E2x CanberraMilitary4 Jan 20172
Wingham, New South Wales, Australia31.86986923S 152.37425232EVampireMilitary26 Oct 20141
Woolgoola, New South Wales, Australia30.11131096S 153.19506836EUH-1Military25 Oct 20141
Woomera - Missile Museum, South Australia, Australia31.19864464S 136.82502747ECanberra, MeteorMilitary2 Dec 20132
Yalca - Derelict Aircraft Museum, Victoria, Australia35.9280014S 145.23562622EVarious in derelict state (not yet visible on GE image)Both9 Jul 201914
Yarrawonga, Victoria, Australia36.03035355S 146.02507019EPA-31
credits: Milan Cibulka
Civil14 Feb 20241
Yarrawonga, Victoria, Australia36.02848434S 146.02807617EPA-30
credits: Milan Cibulka
Civil14 Feb 20241
Yarrawonga, Victoria, Australia36.02923584S 146.02668762EVarious wrecks
credits: Milan Cibulka
Civil14 Feb 20242

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