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65 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Austria. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Aigen im Ennstal, Austria47.53191376N 14.13731480ESeveral airframes stored inside the hangarsMilitary20 May 20174
Aigen im Ennstal, Austria47.53152466N 14.14358330EAlouette 3 (exact location TBC)Military15 Apr 20191
Allentsteig, Austria48.69144821N 15.39381886E2x Draken, UH-1, TB-9Both29 Nov 20214
Allentsteig, Austria48.66508484N 15.43541431EJ-29, 2x G.46Military29 Jul 20153
Bad Ischl - Museum, Austria47.68330002N 13.62511158EVariousBoth14 May 201324
Bad Mitterndorf, Austria47.55133820N 13.94798279EDismantled BK.117 insideCivil10 Oct 2023
Buchsberg, Austria48.12109375N 13.00575256EMiG-21Military14 May 20131
Donaustadt, Austria48.24868011N 16.44938278EPZL 104 inside Louis Giga Store Wien-Nord
credits: Antheii
Civil18 Sep 20211
Dornbirn, Austria47.39552307N 9.73036671EUH-1Military2 Feb 20241
Eisenstadt, Austria47.84469604N 16.53770828EVarious i/aMilitary4 Nov 20214
Frastanz - Voralberger Museumswelt, Austria47.21916962N 9.62890720EAlouette 2
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil21 Feb 20231
Graz, Austria47.06951141N 15.40754128EJ-35Military27 Mar 20151
Graz, Austria47.09591675N 15.41030312EZ-37 in front, Il-62, B727 on the roof of an event centerCivil7 Jun 20203
Graz - Österreichisches Luftfahrtmuseum, Austria46.98655319N 15.44745255EVariousBoth26 Nov 201428
Groß-Siegharts, Austria48.79540634N 15.40949154EF-104Military10 Oct 20181
Groß-Siegharts, Austria48.79610825N 15.40975952ETornadoMilitary19 Apr 20181
Habach, Austria47.81766510N 13.16067028EAlpha Jet, F-104Civil27 Sep 20212
Hagenbrunn, Austria48.32784271N 16.45059776EMiG-21Military14 May 20131
Hof, Austria48.29911423N 15.36794090EJ-29Military29 Jul 20151
Hollabrunn, Austria48.56039429N 16.06922722EB.47 inside the "Hollabrunner Technik Leistungszentrum"Military20 May 20171
Kilb, Austria48.08635712N 15.42854404ER22 in use as simulator inside hangar
credits: Antheii
Civil19 Oct 20211
Kössen, Austria47.65557480N 12.42050171EAn-2Civil22 May 20171
Krems, Austria48.44572830N 15.63120174ECe.175 stored in hangarCivil16 Aug 20221
Laxenburg, Austria48.05784988N 16.35287666ECe.172 (half inside, half outside)Civil11 Oct 20161
Linz, Austria48.23004913N 14.18847752EJ-29Military14 May 20131
Linz, Austria48.22262955N 14.19977474EDrakenMilitary14 May 20131
Linz, Austria48.30628967N 14.31132793EJ-29Military14 May 20131
Linz, Austria48.23059082N 14.18869781ESeveral aircraft stored inside hangarMilitary22 May 201713
Linz, Austria48.23692322N 14.17890453ECe.500, PA-44 (visible on latest GE image)
credits: Antheii
Civil21 Sep 20222
Linz-Horsching, Austria48.23104858N 14.19103527EDraken, UH-1 (visible on latest GE image)Military21 Sep 20222
Poysdorf, Austria48.65638351N 16.63199234EMi-2Unknown7 Oct 20161
Probstdorf, Austria48.16564560N 16.61416817EMi-8Military14 May 20131
Radstadt, Austria47.38539886N 13.49206638EPuma, UH-1 (inside)
credits: John Clarke
Civil27 Jun 20232
Ratschendorf, Austria46.75126648N 15.81235027EVariousBoth10 Nov 20215
Salzburg, Austria47.79946136N 12.98404694EDrakenMilitary24 Feb 20151
Salzburg, Austria47.78928757N 13.00010395EC-47Civil22 May 20171
Salzburg, Austria47.79158020N 13.00780678ESycamoreCivil22 May 20171
Salzburg - Red Bull Hangar, Austria47.79365921N 13.00734043EVarious (Alpha Jet preserved outside)Both14 May 201330
Seisenegg, Austria48.13819885N 14.92506599EMi-2 inside swingers club CaribikMilitary19 Apr 20181
Spital am Semmering, Austria47.61184692N 15.75544930EM20
credits: Antheii
Civil20 Oct 20211
St. Georgen am Ybbsfelde, Austria48.10569382N 14.95279598ERallye
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil14 Oct 20201
St. Johann im Pongau, Austria47.39366531N 13.22276211EUH-1 stored in the back of an barn, exact location TBC, still at location? Alouette 2 inside building (visible through windows)Military16 Aug 20202
St.Michael in der Obersteiermark, Austria47.33535767N 15.00874710EUH-1Military12 Nov 20161
Suben, Austria48.40153122N 13.44888878ES.91 inside hangarMilitary22 May 20171
Telfs, Austria47.31908417N 11.05514240EF-104Military14 May 20131
Theresienfeld, Austria47.85130310N 16.24697495EBe.C23Civil1 Sep 20131
Tulln, Austria48.31878281N 16.08482742EDrakenMilitary14 May 20131
Tulln, Austria48.32604218N 16.12050056ESAAB 91Military14 May 20131
Tulln, Austria48.32564163N 16.12009239EVarious i/aMilitary22 May 20173
Unterwald, Austria46.98135757N 15.16319847EMiG-23Military10 Mar 20161
Vienna, Austria48.12419510N 16.54707909EJ-29Military28 Aug 20191
Vienna - Heeresgeschichtliches Museum Vienna, Austria48.18437958N 16.38876915EJ-29, Draken outside, more old planes insideBoth14 May 20134
Vienna - Technisches Museum, Austria48.19093323N 16.31810570EVarious civilCivil14 May 20136
Voitsberg, Austria47.04681778N 15.15687275EJ-35Military4 Nov 20141
Voslau, Austria47.96409225N 16.25228691EDrakenMilitary24 Feb 20151
Voslau, Austria47.96750641N 16.26015663EPembroke nose sectionMilitary20 May 20171
Vöslau - Austrian Aviation Museum, Austria47.96769714N 16.26017570EVarious (visit only by prior arrangement)
credits: Antheii
Civil14 Oct 202114
Wagrain, Austria47.32644272N 13.34582138EH.369 preserved on top of a Ski-Hut bar/restaurantCivil25 Feb 20171
Wiener Neustadt, Austria47.84511948N 16.25862503EDA-20 (real, or static frame built from parts?)
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil21 Mar 2021
Wiener Neustadt, Austria47.84189606N 16.26254463E2x Diamond Twin
credits: Antheii
Civil19 Oct 20212
Wiener Neustadt - Aviaticum, Austria47.84272003N 16.25297165EVariousCivil25 Oct 201623
Zeltweg, Austria47.20053482N 14.76209736EDraken, L-19Military23 Mar 20162
Zeltweg, Austria47.19034195N 14.75413227ERallyeCivil6 Aug 20191
Zeltweg, Austria47.20584869N 14.75911522ECe.303 in this shed
credits: Antheii
Civil19 Oct 20211
Zeltweg - Museum, Austria47.19746017N 14.75357246EVariousMilitary25 Oct 201633