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107 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Belgium. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Antwerpen - Stampe en Vertongen Museum, Belgium51.18959427N 4.45203638EVariousBoth17 Jul 201610
Balen, Belgium51.18493652N 5.19405794ECM.170Military11 Nov 20171
Beauvechain, Belgium50.76429367N 4.76636600ESeveral aircraft stored, exact location unknownMilitary27 Jan 20178
Beauvechain, Belgium50.75333786N 4.75549936ESeveral aircraft at dumpMilitary27 Jan 20176
Beauvechain, Belgium50.75375366N 4.77806377EA.109Military27 Jan 20171
Beervelde, Belgium51.06943130N 3.88852406EF-104Military2 Sep 20121
Beerzel, Belgium51.05175781N 4.67967033ERobin 3000Civil31 Mar 20181
Bessemer - Belgisch Militair Radio en Communicatie Museum, Belgium50.91817856N 5.60780525EMiG-21, MiG-23, F-104Military5 Nov 20193
Bevekom, Belgium50.74438477N 4.76980448ESF.260Military1 Dec 20121
Bevekom, Belgium50.75405884N 4.78332520EF-16Military13 May 20141
Bevekom, Belgium50.74253082N 4.76757288ECM.170
credits: AngleofAttack
Military13 May 20141
Bevekom, Belgium50.75592804N 4.78179836EF-104Military15 Dec 20141
Bevekom - 1W Historical Center, Belgium50.75570297N 4.77974129EVariousMilitary22 Sep 201417
Bierset, Belgium50.64682007N 5.44478512EBAe.146 (pin on current spot, visible on latest GE image)Civil20 Jul 20201
Borlo, Belgium50.74115372N 5.18224192EAlouette II (not clearly visible on GE image, visible on street view)Military31 Mar 20181
Brasschaat, Belgium51.30784988N 4.50916004EPA-23 at Disco "Dixies"Civil31 Mar 20181
Brasschaat - Gunfire Museum, Belgium51.33416748N 4.50420713EAlouette 2, AusterMilitary18 Oct 20183
Brugelette, Belgium50.58376312N 3.88317871EBe.18 inside zoo Pairi Diaza (now inside hangar)Civil25 Dec 20171
Brugelette, Belgium50.58239365N 3.88962793EPA-38 inside zoo Pairi Diaza (with the lions)Civil25 Dec 20171
Brugelette, Belgium50.58332062N 3.88855910EMS.880 inside building at the ZOOCivil31 Mar 20181
Brussel - Koninklijk Musem van het Leger, Belgium50.84127045N 4.39438200EVariousBoth15 Nov 201890
Brussels, Belgium50.91515732N 4.49491882EAlouette 2 (kept inside police hangar)Military17 Jul 20162
Brussels, Belgium50.90555191N 4.46733761EC-130 stored at Lufthansa BrusselsMilitary29 Feb 20201
Brussels, Belgium50.89770126N 4.46066189EBAe.146 in use by fire departmentCivil4 May 20201
Brussels, Belgium50.90212631N 4.50574780ECe.525?Civil28 Jul 2020
Brustem, Belgium50.80316925N 5.20294476ECM.170Military12 Sep 20121
Brustem, Belgium50.78780746N 5.20587301EMirage 5, CM.170Military29 Feb 20202
Buzet, Belgium50.54349136N 4.38065624ECM.170Military25 May 20201
Charleroi, Belgium50.45596313N 4.44713926EF-16Military2 Sep 20121
Charleroi, Belgium50.46130753N 4.44896698EB727, Alouette 2 at Wallonie Aerotraining NetworkBoth29 Jun 20192
Charleroi, Belgium50.46150589N 4.45010614EVampireMilitary14 Jan 20131
Charleroi, Belgium50.42013168N 4.47793531EA310, Ce.152Civil10 Oct 20162
Charleroi, Belgium50.41630554N 4.44710732EAlouette 2Military20 Jul 20201
Chaudfontaine, Belgium50.59197617N 5.65844536EMiG-21Military22 Jan 20171
Chievres, Belgium50.58613586N 3.84479904EF-84Military2 Sep 20121
Chievres, Belgium50.59038925N 3.81891894EMeteorMilitary18 Sep 20121
Chievres, Belgium50.59490585N 3.83040237EHunterMilitary17 Jul 20161
Dinant, Belgium50.26125717N 4.91463280EMeteor (not visible due to trees)Military17 Jul 20161
Etterbeek - Police Museum, Belgium50.82690811N 4.39116812EAlouette 2Notset18 Dec 20121
Evere, Belgium50.87299728N 4.42972374EMirage 5, F-104Military15 Dec 20142
Florennes, Belgium50.23301315N 4.65181446EF-16 (FA47 removed, may have been replaced with FA04, need confirmation of that)Military17 Jul 20161
Florennes, Belgium50.24481964N 4.62316799EVariousBoth27 Jan 20177
Florennes, Belgium50.22695541N 4.65346956EF-84Military17 Jul 20161
Florennes, Belgium50.22945786N 4.65242577EMirage 5Military17 Jul 20161
Florennes, Belgium50.22804642N 4.65310383EF-84Military17 Jul 20161
Florennes, Belgium50.24356842N 4.62571383E3x F-84Military17 Jul 20163
Florennes, Belgium50.23064804N 4.65511703EF-16Military17 Jul 20161
Franchimont, Belgium50.18309402N 4.64282274EF-84Military15 Dec 20121
Franchimont, Belgium50.18305206N 4.64057302EHunter (submerged as diving attractionMilitary17 Jul 20161
Gent, Belgium51.00263214N 3.72142148EL-29, Mi-2Military31 Jan 20172
Geraardsbergen, Belgium50.75148392N 3.86178446EDC-4Notset13 Apr 20131
Grimbergen, Belgium50.94861603N 4.39566660EZephyrMilitary12 Sep 20121
Grimbergen, Belgium50.94374084N 4.39125919EPA-32, Be.36Civil27 Dec 20182
Hasselt, Belgium50.96966934N 5.37498331EDo.27, exact location unknown.Civil22 Jan 20171
Hasselt, Belgium50.94936752N 5.39889002EN.1203Civil31 Mar 20181
Houthalen, Belgium51.01372147N 5.36053371EB.47Civil17 Apr 20171
Keiheuvel, Belgium51.17916489N 5.21371412EF-84Military2 Sep 20121
Kessel, Belgium51.14786148N 4.62867212EF-84Military29 Nov 20161
Kleine Brogel, Belgium51.17434692N 5.47281742EF-84Military2 Sep 20121
Kleine Brogel, Belgium51.14911270N 5.45854092EVariousMilitary27 Jan 20174
Kleine Brogel, Belgium51.17257690N 5.46118116EF-16 i/a somewhere at the baseMilitary22 Jan 20171
Kleine Brogel, Belgium51.17341995N 5.46010494EF-84Military28 Jan 20171
Kleine Brogel - Air Museum, Belgium51.14965057N 5.46273565EVariousMilitary27 Jan 20175
Koksijde, Belgium51.09896469N 2.64215112EVarious kept on base, may not always be hereMilitary27 Mar 20196
Kortrijk, Belgium50.82212067N 3.22213674EEmb.121
credits: vico sanders
Civil5 Dec 20171
La Gombe, Belgium50.50916290N 5.56677198EF-84 (submerged in lake as diving attraction)Military17 Jul 20161
Lac de l'Eau, Belgium50.18402863N 4.38152885EAlouette 2 (submerged as diving attraction)Military17 Jul 20161
Leopoldsburg, Belgium51.12007141N 5.29610777EF-84Military12 Sep 20121
Leopoldsburg, Belgium51.11991119N 5.29578209ESF.260Military17 Jul 20161
Lint, Belgium51.13380432N 4.47985792EF-104G preserved at AED studiosMilitary27 Jan 20171
Lommel, Belgium51.25365829N 5.38674593EJet ProvostMilitary11 Nov 20171
Melsbroek, Belgium50.91704941N 4.49210739EC-119, DC-3, PembrokeMilitary26 Apr 20143
Milmort, Belgium50.68992233N 5.57653618ECM.170Military18 Dec 20121
Milmort, Belgium50.68811035N 5.58243704EF-16Military18 Dec 20121
Neuville, Belgium50.17738342N 4.52884674EMiG-15Military22 Jan 20171
Nieuwenrode, Belgium50.97138596N 4.36032104EN.1101 insideCivil23 Nov 20191
Oostende, Belgium51.20022964N 2.85585403EVarious i/a at Vlaams Luchtvaart Opleiding CentrumBoth27 Mar 20198
Overijse, Belgium50.77991486N 4.49969816ECM.170 suspended from ceiling at British & SportscarsMilitary23 Nov 2019
Paal, Belgium, Belgium51.04924011N 5.17435312EWhirlwind at the "Foets" company, exact location TBC but will be at this addressMilitary11 Jun 20181
Pampa Range, Belgium51.05014038N 5.46849012E2x F-84 as range target (from the 3 previously at location #6576, not known which have moved)Military18 Apr 2020
Peer, Belgium51.13869095N 5.45350790EF-104Military1 Dec 20121
Plancenoit, Belgium50.66854095N 4.41355610ECe.150 inside Disco "Le Rétro"Civil31 Mar 20181
Poperinge, Belgium50.82501602N 2.72653484EDC-3
credits: Wijgert IJlst
Military20 Jul 20201
Ramskapelle - For Freedom Museum, Belgium51.31322098N 3.25219989EN.1203Civil22 Nov 20161
Ranst, Belgium51.17389679N 4.61361933EAndover in use as i/a at the Ambulance & Fire training centre. Excact addres: Oostmalsesteenweg 75, 2520 Ranst, BelgiëCivil22 May 20161
Reninge - Oldtimer Museum, Belgium50.91242981N 2.77145481EAeronca 7ACCivil20 Jul 20201
Rocourt, Belgium50.67842865N 5.54836130EF-16Military18 Dec 20121
Saffraanberg, Belgium50.78505325N 5.23406363EF-104Military1 Dec 20121
Saffraanberg, Belgium50.78519440N 5.23077869EvariousMilitary22 Mar 20156
Saffraanberg, Belgium50.78553391N 5.23179197EMirage 5 (not yet visible on GE image)Military17 Jul 20161
Saint-Hubert, Belgium50.04058075N 5.40468836EL-13Civil31 Mar 20181
Schoonaarde, Belgium50.89377213N 4.59405184ERallyeCivil17 Jul 20161
Sint Gertrudis, Belgium50.74525452N 5.06376219EBelgium Military museum storage (inside, not sure which building)Military27 Jan 201733
Spa, Belgium50.47827530N 5.91136837EF-84, Mirage 5Military2 Sep 20122
Stekene, Belgium51.21553040N 4.05528069ECe.172Civil11 May 20171
Sterrebeek, Belgium50.86983490N 4.48154211E2x F-104Military30 Dec 20192
Tournai, Belgium50.61680222N 3.34646392EMirage 5Military17 Jul 20161
Veerle, Belgium51.05298996N 5.00038624EF-104Military1 Dec 20121
Veerle, Belgium51.05217743N 4.99890089EG.91, F-84 (not yet visible on GE image)Military19 Mar 20192
Verviers, Belgium50.55361557N 5.85679102EVariousCivil22 Jan 20172
Vodecée, Belgium50.20763016N 4.59173107EF-84 (back again after restoration, not yet visible on GE image)Military15 Nov 20181
Wetteren, Belgium50.99602127N 3.84881759EB707, T-33Both25 Jun 20142
Zeebrugge, Belgium51.32234955N 3.20890117E3x Mi-26Civil5 Nov 20193
Zemst, Belgium50.99946594N 4.44689512EP.149Civil2 Dec 20171
Zomergem, Belgium51.12672806N 3.60797834EViscountCivil15 Dec 20121
Zomergem, Belgium51.13164139N 3.52215075E3 Gazelles stored at a private heliport.Military13 Oct 20173
Zwarte Ruiter, Belgium51.18732071N 3.96661019EMi-2Civil22 Jan 20171