Planes linked to locations in Benin

These are all the planes linked to locations in Benin. This list may not be complete, as the database is constantly being updated as more information becomes available. If you are logged in and have a plane log created, the planes you have sightings for in the database will be highlighted in yellow.

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceLocationStatus
CS031743HS.748 2ABelgiumAir ForceCotonoudum
TY-32H0304A.109BABeninAir ForceCotonoustd
TY-33H0332A.109BABeninAir ForceCotonoustd
TY-34H0343A.109BABeninAir ForceCotonoustd
TY-35H0337A.109BABeninAir ForceCotonoustd
TY-31H1803AS.350BBeninAir ForceCotonoustd
TY-22A1742HS.748 2ABeninAir ForceCotonoustd
9L-LFB193P-1156L.1011-385-1Sierra LeoneCivilCotonoupre
records 1 to 8 of 8