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309 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Brazil. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Acre, Brazil9.97313309S 67.84888458WEmb.110 in motel Classic as one of the suits (by the hour)Civil3 Aug 20181
Alfonso Pena, Brazil25.52998352S 49.1808548WVariousCivil22 May 20193
Alta Floresta, Brazil9.87068272S 56.10560989Wsmall prop
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 2016
Alta Floresta, Brazil9.86849785S 56.08264542WDC-3
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 20161
Altamira, Brazil3.20047712S 52.25508499WATR.72Civil14 May 20191
Amareis, Brazil22.85881424S 47.11121368WDC-8 (nose section only)
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 2016
Americana, Brazil22.75267029S 47.35250854WEmb.326Military6 Nov 20171
Anapolis, Brazil16.32401657S 48.95638275WMirage 3Military13 Feb 20131
Anapolis, Brazil16.25892639S 48.9374733WMirage 3Military13 Jan 20161
Anapolis, Brazil16.24062157S 48.96637344WMirage 3
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
Anapolis, Brazil16.32481384S 48.93027496WMirage 3Military4 May 20191
Anapolis, Brazil16.24056244S 48.97181702WMirage 2000 (exact current location unknown)Military28 Dec 20191
Anta Gorda, Brazil28.98519516S 52.01251221WNavion Rangemaster at old airfield (visible on older GE images, no longer on newest, under trees?)Civil17 Jun 2020
Aracaju, Brazil10.83940029S 37.1960907WBizjet
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 2016
Araçariguama, Brazil23.43722916S 47.05478668WViscount
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 20161
Araraquara, Brazil21.73591042S 48.18976974W2x B737Civil14 Nov 20142
Araraquara, Brazil21.84090424S 48.14816666WDHC-5, R.44Both17 May 20211
Araras, Brazil22.36242676S 47.3826828WMirage 3Military13 Jan 20161
Assis, Brazil22.63581276S 50.45298386WT-33Military9 Mar 2014
Barbacena, Brazil21.21940804S 43.76750946WEmb.326Military2 Dec 20131
Barbacena, Brazil21.21831131S 43.76547623WT-33Military4 May 20191
Barbacena, Brazil21.2178688S 43.76602936WMeteorMilitary4 May 20191
Barbacena, Brazil21.2208786S 43.76686096WT-6, TucanoMilitary4 May 20192
Barbacena, Brazil21.21863556S 43.76573563WT-23
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
Barbacena, Brazil21.21990967S 43.76753235WUH-1Military4 May 20191
Barra Grande, Brazil26.00065422S 52.92556763WVarious
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil22 May 20194
Bauru, Brazil22.35559654S 49.04566956WEmb.110Military31 Jul 20181
Bebedouro, Brazil21.02289009S 48.50382996WViscount
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 20161
Bebedouro - Museum, Brazil20.95209503S 48.47468567WVariousBoth21 Feb 201319
Belem, Brazil1.3839711S 48.48777771WVariousMilitary4 May 20192
Belem, Brazil1.41670978S 48.45988083WVariousCivil4 May 20194
Belem, Brazil1.41446674S 48.46269608WVarious small propsCivil4 May 201910
Belem, Brazil1.38683963S 48.47504807WEmb.120Civil4 May 20191
Belem, Brazil1.38831973S 48.4754982W2x Emb.120Civil4 May 20192
Belem, Brazil1.38100398S 48.48453903WEmb.110Military4 May 2019
Belo Horizonte, Brazil19.95142555S 44.02760315WB737 in use as a nightclub "Journey Club", UH-1 (no longer visible on GE images, may be inside)
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil22 May 20192
Belo Horizonte, Brazil19.9112606S 43.98891068WBe.55 fuselage
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 2016
Belo Horizonte, Brazil19.85950661S 43.99832535WPA-23 at a paintball fieldCivil28 Jun 2019
Bernardino de Campos, Brazil23.00779915S 49.49187088WB737 (not yet visible on GE image, exact location to be confirmed)Civil11 Jun 20211
Boa Vista, Brazil2.84741235N 60.69926834WTucanoMilitary4 May 20191
Boa Vista, Brazil2.84895706N 60.70516205WEmb.326Military31 Jul 20181
Bocaina, Brazil22.17460442S 48.48538971WPA-31, ToxoCivil18 Jul 20202
Bom Jesus do Amparo, Brazil19.76784897S 43.45251846WLj-24, Be.50 at a restaurant "Campolar"
credits: Flávio Guerra
Civil13 Nov 20172
Bonito, Brazil21.25241661S 56.53491211WPA-23 wreck
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 2016
Boraceia, Brazil22.19314194S 48.78170395WEmb.326 (not yet visible on GE image, placed early 2018, exact location not sure, along SP261)Military31 Jul 20181
Botucatu, Brazil22.9305172S 48.46492386WPhenomCivil22 May 20191
Brasilia, Brazil15.7804203S 47.89413071WEmb.326Military9 Mar 20141
Brasilia, Brazil15.78877354S 47.84400177WEmb.326Military9 Mar 20141
Brasilia, Brazil15.78964233S 47.84387207WMirage 3Military5 May 20201
Brasilia, Brazil15.86758327S 47.90428543WBAe.125Military21 Jul 20151
Brasilia, Brazil15.85890579S 47.90971375WEmb.110, Emb.326, H-3Military8 Nov 20143
Brasilia, Brazil15.85884285S 47.90457535WMirage 3 (an Emb.312 might be close by as well, not yet visible on GE image, or already gone?)Military8 Nov 20141
Brasilia, Brazil15.86591911S 47.91513443W2x B767Civil11 Oct 20172
Brasilia, Brazil15.87140942S 47.91493988WVariousCivil8 Nov 20141
Brasilia, Brazil15.83707905S 48.0662117WB767
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil11 Oct 20171
Brasilia, Brazil15.83675766S 48.06720352WLj-23
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 20161
Brasilia, Brazil15.8191328S 47.84251022WMirage 3
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military5 May 20201
Brasilia, Brazil15.79850769S 47.89932632WA-122Civil31 Jul 20181
Brasilia, Brazil15.85266781S 48.03290176WPA-28Civil31 Jul 2018
Brasilia, Brazil15.86801624S 47.90894318W3x Mirage 2000 (only visible on latest GE image)Military4 May 20192
Brasilia, Brazil15.87008762S 47.91527939WF.27Civil4 May 20191
Brasília, Brazil15.8757925S 47.92295456WVarious
credits: Irber
Civil28 Dec 20192
Brasília, Brazil15.86859417S 47.93359756W3x Twin prop
credits: Irber
Civil28 Dec 20191
Brasilia, Brazil15.81249523S 47.88385391WFokker 100 (not yet visible on GE image, to become a restaurant)Civil10 Sep 20201
Brusque, Brazil27.09778595S 48.92508698WT-6
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
Cachimbo, Brazil9.35757923S 54.91407013WEmb.326Military9 Mar 20141
Cachoeira do Sul, Brazil30.00304413S 52.94048309WEmb.326
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
Camocim, Brazil2.89832473S 40.84296799WEmb.326Military22 Apr 20141
Campinas, Brazil22.89670753S 47.07030869WDC-8 (nose section only)
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 2016
Campinas, Brazil22.99800301S 47.0852356WCe.402, B737 (fuselage only), Emb.120 (under the trees)
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil15 May 20182
Campinas, Brazil22.99751663S 47.0860405W2x B737 and Fokker 100 (fuselages only)Civil15 May 20182
Campo dos Afonsos, Brazil22.86570358S 43.39038086WDC-3Military14 Jan 20131
Campo dos Afonsos, Brazil22.85988426S 43.38191605WC-119Military14 Jan 20131
Campo dos Afonsos, Brazil22.86506271S 43.39153671WDHC.5Military14 Jan 20131
Campo dos Afonsos, Brazil22.88394165S 43.38905334WEmb.326, Emb.110 fuselage, UH-1Military22 May 20193
Campo dos Afonsos, Brazil22.87899208S 43.3817215W2x Emb.110, 2x Emb.121 under collapsed hangarMilitary22 May 20194
Campo dos Afonsos - Museu Aeroespacial, Brazil22.88037491S 43.38743973WVariousBoth15 Feb 2018113
Campo Fontenelle, Brazil21.98781776S 47.33700562WVariousMilitary6 May 20196
Campo Fontenelle, Brazil21.99041557S 47.33168411WT-25Military14 Nov 20161
Campo Fontenelle, Brazil21.98360634S 47.33243561WDHC-5Military31 Jul 20181
Campo Fontenelle, Brazil21.99078941S 47.33074188WUH-1Military14 Nov 2016
Campo Fontenelle, Brazil21.9835968S 47.33808517Wvarious inside (to become or is already a aviation museum)Both6 May 20196
Campo Fontenelle, Brazil21.98194313S 47.33806992W2x Tucano hanging from ceilingMilitary6 May 20192
Campo Grande, Brazil20.46089172S 54.6584549WT-6Military3 Dec 20131
Campo Grande, Brazil20.46249008S 54.66004944WDHC-5, UH-1Military4 May 20192
Campo Grande, Brazil20.4845295S 54.48159027WCommander, small prop
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil31 Jul 2018
Canarana, Brazil13.55529404S 52.27164841WDC-3Civil21 Jan 20161
Canoas, Brazil29.93725586S 51.15936661WMeteorMilitary21 Feb 20131
Canoas, Brazil29.9389019S 51.14673615WT-33Military21 Feb 20131
Canoas, Brazil29.93444443S 51.17815018WEmb.326Military30 Nov 20131
Canoas, Brazil29.92173004S 51.17846298WMeteorMilitary2 Dec 20131
Canoas, Brazil29.88743591S 51.15922546WEmb.326Military9 Mar 20141
Canoas, Brazil29.93955421S 51.14593506WF-5, Emb.110Military5 May 20202
Cantagalo, Brazil21.91201401S 42.38996887WC-130, C-130 fuselageMilitary21 May 20192
Cantagalo, Brazil21.91270828S 42.39062881WEmb.110Unknown21 May 2019
Carajas, Brazil6.11392212S 50.00058365WDC-3Civil11 Jan 20151
Carazinho, Brazil28.31216621S 52.79184341WU-42
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
Carlos Prates, Brazil19.91128349S 43.98567581WTwin propCivil14 Jan 2013
Cascavel, Brazil24.86693382S 53.45970917WB737Civil21 May 20191
Catanduva, Brazil21.14576721S 48.98600006WT-33
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military4 May 20191
Cataratas, Brazil25.61338806S 54.48168945WB737Military4 Sep 20171
Chapada, Brazil28.06250381S 53.06627655WNavionCivil14 May 2019
Cotia, Brazil23.61098099S 46.84538651WVarious insideMilitary4 May 20193
Curitiba, Brazil25.40125656S 49.23939896WMeteorMilitary13 Feb 20131
Curitiba, Brazil25.42897797S 49.25837326WP-47Military18 Jan 20151
Curitiba, Brazil25.42409897S 49.32053375WEmb.326
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Oct 20161
Curitiba, Brazil25.40113258S 49.23623276WF-5
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Oct 20161
Curitiba, Brazil25.46422195S 49.2506218WCe.337Civil31 Jul 2018
Curitiba, Brazil25.40552521S 49.23001862WF-86, F-104, JaguarMilitary18 Oct 20193
Curitiba, Brazil25.42655373S 49.22431183WAMXMilitary18 Mar 20201
Dom Pedrito, Brazil30.9653511S 54.63976288WB727 dismantled, may become a restaurantCivil13 Nov 20171
Dumont, Brazil21.23901558S 47.97452164WT-33
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
Erecim, Brazil27.64154625S 52.26999664WT-6Military31 Jul 20181
Espera Feliz, Brazil20.65455055S 41.910923WEmb.110
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military4 May 20191
Fernando de Noronha, Brazil3.85682559S 32.42786026WEmb.326Military14 May 20191
Florânia, Brazil6.12633371S 36.81793976WEmb.326Military14 May 20191
Fortaleza, Brazil3.81163001S 38.61285019WCommanderCivil10 Aug 20181
Fortaleze, Brazil3.7799654S 38.52797318WVariousCivil27 Sep 20175
Fortaleze, Brazil3.76295471S 38.52137756WT-33, Emb.326, Emb.110Military28 Apr 20143
Fortaleze, Brazil3.76138687S 38.52120972WF-80Military28 Apr 20141
Fortaleze, Brazil3.74541092S 38.53485489WPA-23
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 20161
Fortaleze, Brazil3.98696518S 38.62064362WDC-3
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 20161
Gama, Brazil15.97585869S 48.01130676WMirage 3Military9 Mar 20141
Gama, Brazil15.97669506S 48.01174545WEmb.326Military9 Mar 20141
Garibaldi, Brazil29.245718S 51.51560211WDC-3Civil9 Jan 20151
Gaspar, Brazil26.9127388S 48.91477966WT-25Military9 Mar 20141
Gavião Peixoto, Brazil21.7608757S 48.39783859WTucano
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20162
Gavião Peixoto, Brazil21.76073647S 48.39925766WPhenomCivil4 May 20191
Gavião Peixoto, Brazil21.76339722S 48.40106964WBizjetCivil30 Oct 2018
Guaramiranga, Brazil4.26661015S 38.91705322WEmb.326Military17 Aug 20201
Guaratingueta, Brazil22.7904377S 45.21696091WEmb.110Military4 May 20191
Guaratingueta, Brazil22.7890358S 45.2215538WBAe.125, Emb.326, UH-1Military23 Dec 20143
Guaratingueta, Brazil22.78672218S 45.22486877WT-25
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
Guaratingueta, Brazil22.79169846S 45.20582199WSmall propUnknown4 May 2019
Itacoatiara, Brazil3.12320185S 58.48265457WC-46Civil13 Jan 20161
Itápolis, Brazil21.59961891S 48.83102417WMB-326Military4 May 20191
Itatiba, Brazil22.99530983S 46.85036469WB737 cockpit at "BR Simulations"Civil14 May 20191
Itirapina, Brazil22.19249916S 47.8625412WDHC.5Military9 Mar 20141
Itirapina, Brazil22.19298363S 47.86154938WEmb.326 kept indoors at Instituto Arruda Botelho, exact building unknownMilitary30 Oct 20191
Jacarepagua, Brazil22.98713112S 43.3678627WEmb.500Civil15 Feb 20181
Jacarepagua, Brazil22.99116135S 43.36990356WVarious small propsCivil18 Jan 20151
Joao Passoa, Brazil7.09300756S 34.84214401WBe.18Military18 Jan 20151
Lagarto, Brazil10.94527721S 37.6424408WBAe.125Military5 May 2020
Lagoa Santa, Brazil19.65968704S 43.90886688WT-6Military18 Jan 20151
Lagoa Santa, Brazil19.66417885S 43.89741135W2x small propUnknown4 May 2019
Londrina, Brazil23.3272171S 51.13965988WCommanderCivil14 Nov 20171
Mairiporã, Brazil23.37278938S 46.62896729WS-2Military9 Mar 2014
Manaus, Brazil3.03339577S 60.04214859WVariousCivil22 May 20195
Manaus, Brazil3.03362799S 60.04051971WEmb.120Civil13 Jan 2016
Manaus, Brazil3.14088488S 59.98435593WDHC.5Military21 Feb 20131
Manaus, Brazil3.02417088S 60.05452728WEmb.326Military4 May 20191
Manaus, Brazil2.96283364S 60.09884644WDC-8, CommanderCivil18 Jul 20161
Manaus, Brazil3.02767634S 60.0359993WB737
credits: L188
Civil23 Oct 2017
Manaus, Brazil3.03179097S 60.03728485W2x ATR.42Civil11 Jun 2021
Maringá, Brazil23.44231796S 51.92197418WEmb.326Military14 Nov 20171
Monte Verde, Brazil22.86977577S 46.02338028WEmb.120 in use as pousada "Vivie"Civil13 Nov 20171
Mossoró, Brazil5.19287586S 37.36297226WEmb.326Military13 Nov 20171
Nanuque, Brazil17.82019043S 40.31447983WB737 in use as a restaurant
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil17 Oct 20161
Natal, Brazil5.9021368S 35.2460289WB-25, B-26Military16 Nov 20132
Natal, Brazil5.89895105S 35.23707962WT-23, T-25, T-37Military14 Jan 20163
Natal, Brazil5.90128565S 35.23843384WEmb.326Military21 Feb 20131
Natal, Brazil5.92295742S 35.16832352WEmb.326Military19 Apr 20131
Natal, Brazil5.91516256S 35.25471115WEmb.326Military19 Dec 20181
Natal, Brazil5.915555S 35.25539017WEmb.110, AS.350Military14 Jan 20162
Natal, Brazil5.91670418S 35.25753021WEmb.326Military22 Apr 20141
Panambi - Museu Militar Brasileiro, Brazil28.34210014S 53.54309082WVarious
credits: Carlos Fortner
Both5 May 20206
Paraguaçu, Brazil21.56251335S 45.72854996WT-6Military10 Oct 20181
Parelhas, Brazil6.6858983S 36.65786362WMB-326Military5 May 20191
Paulo Bento, Brazil27.70417786S 52.424366WEmb.326Military22 Apr 20141
Piracicaba, Brazil22.71961975S 47.64111328WU-42
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 2016
Pirassununga, Brazil21.99852943S 47.44437408WTucanoMilitary18 Jan 20151
Pirassununga, Brazil22.01528931S 47.42667007WT-25Military18 Jan 20151
Pirassununga, Brazil22.00164032S 47.42592621WT-6
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
Planaltina, Brazil15.69434929S 47.45808029WB737Civil14 May 20191
Poços de Caldas, Brazil21.8052845S 46.47980881WDC-8 dismantled, was to become a restaurant in 2015...Civil13 Nov 20171
Pompeia, Brazil22.11083794S 50.16003418WEmb.326Military22 Apr 20141
Porto Alegre, Brazil29.99574471S 51.18682861WDC-3Civil13 Nov 20171
Porto Alegre, Brazil29.99650764S 51.18653107WB727Civil13 Nov 20171
Porto Alegre, Brazil30.00057411S 51.18769836WB737, S-2Both22 May 20191
Porto Alegre, Brazil30.00081444S 51.17253113WL-410Civil21 May 2018
Porto Alegre, Brazil30.0710125S 51.18728256WBe.35Civil14 May 20191
Porto Alegre, Brazil29.99016571S 51.17622375WGo 1 glider suspended over check-in areaCivil21 Mar 20211
Porto Nacional, Brazil10.69323921S 48.41054535WEmb.326Military14 Nov 20171
Porto Velho, Brazil8.70479679S 63.89740753WEmb.326Military21 Feb 20131
Presidente Figueiredo, Brazil1.91207612S 60.05986786WB737 (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: uli
Civil13 Oct 20181
Recife, Brazil8.13861465S 34.92201233WB-17Military14 Jan 20131
Recife, Brazil8.13836479S 34.9224472WEmb.326Military14 Jan 20131
Recife, Brazil8.12948227S 34.92769623WEmb.326Military14 Jan 20131
Recife, Brazil8.13904762S 34.9170723WSmall propCivil15 Feb 20131
Recife, Brazil8.14683247S 34.90802765WEmb.326Military15 Feb 20131
Recife, Brazil8.14884758S 34.90953064WBAe.125, T-33Military17 Aug 20202
Recife, Brazil8.15779305S 34.91070938WEmb.326 (no longer on pole, but still here)Military11 Mar 20181
Recife, Brazil8.00535965S 34.87524796WDC-3Civil21 Jan 20161
Recife, Brazil8.12178326S 34.91941833WHS.125Military14 Nov 20171
Recife, Brazil8.13892937S 34.92335129WBAe.125 (only visible on latest GE image)Military18 Jan 20151
Recife, Brazil8.06138897S 34.94579697WEmb.326
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
Recife, Brazil8.06212425S 34.90390396WF-80
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
Recife, Brazil8.12056065S 34.92944336WA300?Civil6 May 20191
Recife, Brazil8.02083397S 34.93936157WHS.125 fuselage and wing at a Scrap YardUnknown8 Jul 2019
Recife - Museu Interativo Espaço Ciência, Brazil8.0366869S 34.87015533WEmb.326Military14 Nov 20171
Regente Feijó, Brazil22.22236443S 51.34492493WBN-2
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 2016
Regente Feijó, Brazil22.29461861S 51.26385117W2x B727, Emb.110Civil5 May 20203
Regente Feijó, Brazil22.29272842S 51.26676178WFH-1100Unknown14 May 2019
Resende, Brazil22.45525932S 44.45156097WMeteorMilitary2 Dec 20131
Ribeirao Preto, Brazil21.13485718S 47.77626038WYak-40Civil16 Sep 20201
Rio Branco, Brazil9.86586571S 67.89538574WF.27
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 20161
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil22.82149506S 43.23972702WB727, several C-130 being scrappedBoth13 Jan 2020
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil22.82365799S 43.23269653WHS.748Military14 Jan 20131
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil22.87420082S 43.215065WEmb.326Military22 Apr 20141
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil22.80850792S 43.21465302WEmb.326Military22 Apr 20141
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil22.83279037S 43.23901749WF-5Military28 Jun 20161
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil22.90039825S 43.17494202WH-3
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil22.815485S 43.22261047WEmb.326Military21 May 20191
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil22.81541824S 43.22410965WEmb.326Military21 May 20191
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil22.81567192S 43.21565628WEmb.121Military21 May 20191
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil22.79677391S 43.22015762WVariousCivil3 Jul 20204
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil22.98491478S 43.37997437WAMX (visible on latest GE image)Military15 Oct 20201
Rio Grande, Brazil32.03937912S 52.10203552WEmb.326Military9 Mar 20141
Rio Negrinho, Brazil26.25484276S 49.51812744WT-6
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
Salvador, Brazil12.90417957S 38.32736588WP-2Military14 Jan 20131
Salvador, Brazil12.91039944S 38.33866119WMeteorMilitary21 Feb 20131
Salvador, Brazil13.00806999S 38.51821136WMirage 3 (only visible on latest GE image)Military5 Nov 20171
Salvador, Brazil12.91119194S 38.34330368W2x B737, Be.18Civil22 May 20193
Santa Cruz, Brazil22.93063164S 43.71236038WF-5Military21 Feb 20131
Santa Cruz, Brazil22.92824936S 43.71054459WMeteorMilitary21 Feb 20131
Santa Cruz, Brazil22.92744637S 43.71210861WEmb.326Military2 Dec 20131
Santa Cruz, Brazil22.92617607S 43.71219635WS-2Military21 Feb 20131
Santa Cruz, Brazil22.92653656S 43.71187973WP-47Military2 Dec 20131
Santa Cruz, Brazil22.92314148S 43.70237732WT-33Military2 Dec 20131
Santa Cruz, Brazil22.92683983S 43.71252823WAMX (not yet visible on GE image, placed November 2020)Military25 Nov 20201
Santa Genoveva, Brazil16.63859558S 49.21557999WB727Civil14 Jan 20161
Santa Maria, Brazil29.7053051S 53.69703293WEmb.326Military21 Feb 20131
Santa Maria, Brazil29.70236778S 53.69261932WEmb.326Military22 Apr 20141
Santa Maria, Brazil29.70789528S 53.69803619WAMXMilitary14 May 20191
Santa Maria, Brazil29.70031548S 53.79203796WUH-1Military31 May 20211
Santarem, Brazil2.42471814S 54.79117203WEmb.120
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 2016
Santarem, Brazil2.42495418S 54.79069901WSmall prop fuselage
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil17 Jan 2017
Santos, Brazil23.92427254S 46.30595779WVarious i/a
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20162
Santos, Brazil23.93024254S 46.30359268WAMX? fuselageMilitary21 May 2019
Santos Dumont - Museu de Cabangu, Brazil21.42548943S 43.67464828WAerotec A.122Civil4 May 20191
Sao Carlos, Brazil22.00519753S 47.93374634WSeveral i/a at university campusUnknown22 Apr 2014
Sao Carlos, Brazil21.99110794S 47.9202919WEmb.326
credits: Alain Rioux
Military20 May 20151
Sao Carlos, Brazil21.98727226S 47.89521408WATR.42
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 20161
Sao Carlos, Brazil22.07798958S 47.84014511WEmb.120Civil21 May 20191
Sao Carlos, Brazil21.87815285S 47.90602875WATR.42Civil21 May 20191
Sao Carlos - TAM Museum, Brazil21.8666935S 47.89389801WVariousBoth10 Aug 201960
São Gabriel da Cachoeira, Brazil0.12750757S 66.97637177WEmb.110 wreck, crashed here 7 May 1994
credits: Irber
Civil28 Dec 20191
São José, Brazil27.61203384S 48.67443085WEmb.326Military29 Aug 20181
São José, Brazil27.614254S 48.67625809WSmall propCivil21 May 2019
São José do Rio Preto, Brazil20.80742645S 49.35997009WEmb.326Military14 Nov 20171
São José do Rio Preto, Brazil20.81454659S 49.40583801WB737Civil21 May 20191
São José do Rio Preto, Brazil20.81417465S 49.43350601WSmall propCivil20 Jun 2019
São José dos Campos, Brazil23.23358154S 45.8535881WB727, Emb.120Civil11 Jun 20212
São José dos Campos, Brazil23.22641373S 45.85734177WEmb.110Military14 Nov 20171
São José dos Campos, Brazil23.20475769S 45.88228989WEmb.312Civil14 Nov 20171
São José dos Campos, Brazil23.19990921S 45.89159775WEmb.110Civil14 Nov 20171
São José dos Campos, Brazil23.20910645S 45.87124252WEmb.110Military22 May 20191
São José dos Campos, Brazil23.2231884S 45.86211777WEmb.326Military21 May 2019
São José dos Campos, Brazil23.22363472S 45.86255646WEmb.326 insideMilitary21 May 20191
São José dos Campos - Memorial Aerospacial Brasileiro, Brazil23.22267723S 45.86055756WVariousBoth21 May 20199
São José dos Pinhais, Brazil25.56639099S 49.16535187WEmb.110Civil4 May 20191
Sao Luis, Brazil2.58330703S 44.24147797W3x B727Civil21 Feb 20133
Sao Luis, Brazil2.50691891S 44.20853043WEmb.110
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 2016
Sao Paulo, Brazil23.42194366S 46.4511261WDC-8Civil22 May 20191
Sao Paulo, Brazil23.43844795S 46.47629929WEmb.326, T-6Military18 Jan 20152
Sao Paulo, Brazil23.51375198S 46.63431931WPA-28Civil15 Jan 20161
Sao Paulo, Brazil23.50558281S 46.62976074WS-2Military15 Jan 20161
Sao Paulo, Brazil23.50456238S 46.62875748WMirage 3Military15 Jan 20161
Sao Paulo, Brazil23.68728447S 46.55751801WDC-3Civil21 Feb 20131
Sao Paulo, Brazil23.74563408S 46.7721405WT-6Military9 Mar 20141
Sao Paulo, Brazil23.54466438S 46.6285553WDC-3Civil13 Jan 20161
Sao Paulo, Brazil23.57312012S 46.69620132WDC-8 nose section at Kidzania in Eldorado shopping mall
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil5 Oct 20161
Sao Paulo, Brazil23.45793915S 46.56813812WEmb.326
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 May 20191
Sao Paulo, Brazil23.51494598S 46.64170456WEmb.326
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
Sao Paulo, Brazil23.56603622S 46.61229324WF-5
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military28 Jun 20161
Sao Paulo, Brazil23.51359177S 46.63514328WPA-28 hanging inside Bar BrahmaCivil31 Jul 20181
Sao Paulo, Brazil23.50825882S 46.63209915WDHC-5Military21 May 20191
Sao Paulo, Brazil23.63165092S 46.65551376W2x Fokker 100Civil14 May 20192
Sao Paulo, Brazil23.63891411S 46.6643486WFokker 100 as i/a inside "Academia Corporativa LATAM Brasil"Civil25 May 20191
Sao Paulo, Brazil23.43567848S 46.49020767WBAe.125
credits: Bas
Unknown11 Mar 2020
Sao Pedra da Aldeia, Brazil22.8221817S 42.09431839WA-4Military14 Jan 20131
Sao Pedra da Aldeia, Brazil22.82186317S 42.09485626WWaspMilitary31 May 20161
Sao Pedra da Aldeia, Brazil22.82077789S 42.09379959WB.206
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
Sao Pedra da Aldeia - Museu Aeronaval, Brazil22.82442856S 42.09201431WVariousMilitary18 Jan 20156
Sao Pedro da Aldeia, Brazil22.82793236S 42.11185455WSea KingMilitary18 Jan 20151
São Pedro da Aldeia, Brazil22.80954552S 42.0880928WA-4, 3x H-3?Military5 May 2020
São Pedro da Aldeia, Brazil22.83256149S 42.10589981WA-4 (not yet visible on GE image, placed here August 2020)Military22 Sep 20201
São Sebastião, Brazil22.29276276S 51.26699829WBe.65
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 20161
Simolândia, Brazil14.46161747S 46.4788208WEmb.120Civil30 Apr 20201
Sorocaba, Brazil23.37789154S 47.52141571WVarious plane parts
credits: Carlos Fortner
Both28 Jun 2019
Sorriso, Brazil12.47986889S 55.67608643WMirage 3Military14 May 20191
Tabatinga, Brazil4.24409914S 69.93797302WDC-3Civil21 Jan 20161
Tatuí, Brazil23.35756874S 47.94452286WDC-3Civil21 May 20191
Taubaté, Brazil23.01249695S 45.53640366Wvarious i/a
credits: Carlos Fortner
Both15 Jan 2020
Taubaté, Brazil23.02056313S 45.55784607WVarious i/a at "Department of Mechanical Engineering UNITAU"Military15 Jan 20201
Taubaté, Brazil23.04201126S 45.52197647WB.47, B.206, AS.350 (not yet visible on GE image)Military15 Jan 20203
Tijucas, Brazil27.19390106S 48.61329651WYS-11Civil18 Jan 20151
Toledo, Brazil24.72142029S 53.71825027WU-42
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
Triunfo, Brazil7.83546877S 38.10638809WEmb.326Military9 Mar 20141
Uberlândia, Brazil18.88767624S 48.2301178WVariousCivil9 Dec 20174
Uberlândia, Brazil18.88591957S 48.22414398WEmb.110, 2x small prop
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil9 Dec 20172
Umirim, Brazil3.67877603S 39.34957123WTucanoMilitary29 May 20191
Urutai, Brazil17.45444489S 48.21861649WB737
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil22 Oct 20161
Vespasiano, Brazil19.70682526S 43.89618301WB737Civil21 Oct 20161
Vicosa, Brazil20.76386833S 42.86743927WEmb.200
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 2016
Vinhedo, Brazil23.03475571S 46.97929382WEmb.326Military9 Mar 20141
Viracopas, Brazil23.01124763S 47.13471985WB737
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil4 Nov 20191
Volta Redonda, Brazil22.49976349S 44.08713913WEmb.326Military9 Mar 20141
Volta Redonda, Brazil22.52425957S 44.09342194WEmb.326Military21 May 20191