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322 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Canada. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada49.02714539N 122.36343384WSeveral C-130, probably all for scrappingMilitary22 October 20165
Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada49.03139114N 122.37511444WVariousBoth22 October 201617
Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada49.02029800N 122.3868866WF-101Military22 October 20161
Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada49.02878189N 122.37597656W5x S-2Civil4 March 20195
Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada49.03310394N 122.3603363WSeveral helicopter fuselagesCivil4 March 2019
Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada49.03285599N 122.37464142WSeveral helicopter fuselagesCivil4 March 20191
Acton, Ontario, Canada43.62548065N 80.04704285WT-33Military14 December 20121
Airdrie, Alberta, Canada51.27004623N 113.93718719WDHC-3? fuselageCivil29 December 2016
Airdrie, Alberta, Canada51.27028656N 113.93704224WCe.172Civil21 March 20191
Bagotville, Quebec, Canada48.34133148N 71.00085449WCT-114Military27 May 2015
Bagotville, Quebec, Canada48.32355499N 70.99774933W4x F-101, T-33Military27 May 20155
Bagotville - Air Defence Museum, Quebec, Canada48.34001160N 70.99001312WVariousMilitary7 November 201610
Bar River, Ontario, Canada46.42459869N 84.09037781W2x HS.748Civil7 November 20162
Barrie, Ontario, Canada44.32324982N 79.7707901WF-5, small twin prop at a paintball fieldBoth14 October 2017
Bella Bella, British Columbia, Canada52.18124008N 128.15626526WCe.320 (to be confirmed if this one is still here)Civil8 May 20171
Belleville, Ontario, Canada44.15217590N 77.39014435WF-86Military14 December 20121
Boiestown, New Brunswick, Canada46.46807861N 66.39913177WAvengerCivil30 January 20191
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.26775742N 79.90740967WF-101, T-33, F-86, CF-100Military7 November 20164
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.26919174N 79.90887451WF-104, S-2Military7 November 20162
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.25829315N 79.92469025WF-5Military14 December 20121
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.25740433N 79.9227066WCT-114Military7 November 20161
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.27250671N 79.89824677WT-33Military14 December 20121
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.26847839N 79.91344452WVariousMilitary7 November 20164
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.28499222N 79.89115906WF-5Military14 December 20121
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.25848389N 79.91977692WF-5Military7 November 20161
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.25710297N 79.92118073WUH-1Military7 November 20161
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.27176666N 79.89096069WCT-114Military7 November 20161
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.26522827N 79.95545959WT-33Military7 November 20161
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.26753616N 79.91352844WCF-100Military3 September 20171
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.28180695N 79.90176392WCF-100Military11 December 20181
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.25475311N 79.92567444WH-3Military11 December 20181
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.27110672N 79.90809631WLarge number of CT-114 inside hangar 17Military12 December 201816
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.27011490N 79.90943909WF-18, large number of CT-114 inside hangarMilitary12 December 201814
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.26642609N 79.90045166W6x CT-114Military12 December 20186
Borden - Base Borden Military Museum, Ontario, Canada44.28611755N 79.89321899WF-5 and more insideMilitary7 November 20167
Botwood, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada49.15255737N 55.34059525WCatalinaCivil20 January 20191
Boudary Bay, British Columbia, Canada49.08043671N 123.00244141WS.76Civil21 March 2019
Boulevard des Mille-Îles Laval, Quebec, Canada45.69126511N 73.58036041WSeveral small propsCivil11 March 2019
Boundary Bay, British Columbia, Canada49.08021927N 123.01097107WL-29 exact location TBC but probably this hangar. Another image shows also an S.61 inside this hangar.Military19 March 20191
Brandon, Manitoba, Canada49.90165710N 99.93562317WT-33Military14 December 20121
Brandon, Manitoba, Canada49.88737869N 99.94986725WBollingbrokeMilitary7 November 20161
Brandon - Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum, Manitoba, Canada49.90377808N 99.94241333WVariousBoth1 February 20167
Brantford, Ontario, Canada43.13008881N 80.33506775WBe.18 (only visible on latest GE image)Civil12 June 20181
Brockville, Ontario, Canada44.58627701N 75.68252563WF-86Military14 December 20121
Brockville, Ontario, Canada44.57249451N 75.71501923WCT-134Military3 June 20161
Brome Lake - Brome County Museum, Quebec, Canada45.21939850N 72.50862885WFokker D.VIIMilitary7 November 20161
Bryce Bay, Manitoba, Canada55.70718384N 97.41184235WC-46 wreckCivil19 March 20191
Buttonville, Ontario, Canada43.86532211N 79.37215424WUnknown bizjetCivil3 September 2017
Calgary, Alberta, Canada51.09653473N 114.00932312WVarious airlinersCivil14 December 20123
Calgary, Alberta, Canada51.04818344N 114.06346893WNorseman (inside PetroCanada building)Civil7 November 20161
Calgary, Alberta, Canada51.10118484N 114.00678253WVarious i/a at Southern Alberta Institute of TechnologyBoth24 October 201611
Calgary, Alberta, Canada51.09760666N 114.01380157WVariousCivil17 March 20185
Calgary, Canada51.11297226N 114.01087189WVariousCivil17 March 2018
Calgary - Hangar Flight Museum, Alberta, Canada51.09357834N 114.01377106WVariousBoth5 November 201621
Calgary - Heritage Park, Alberta, Canada50.98287582N 114.1020813WTiger Moth, in the Gasoline Alley of Heritage ParkMilitary24 October 20161
Calgary - The Military Museums, Alberta, Canada51.01266861N 114.11750031WF-5, various insideMilitary24 July 20157
Calgary Springbank, Alberta, Canada51.09762192N 114.37483215WSeveral DHC-6 hulks and partsCivil7 November 20162
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada43.38714981N 80.31926727WB.206 cabin on a paintball field (not yet visible on GE image)Civil14 October 2017
Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada49.95086670N 125.26313782WVarious small also for scrappingCivil17 March 20182
Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada49.97813034N 125.24562073WT-33 inside "North Island College"Military4 March 20191
Campbellford - Memorial Military Museum, Ontario, Canada44.30221939N 77.80568695WVariousMilitary2 March 20196
Chatham, New Brunswick, Canada47.01668930N 65.44467163WF-101Military14 December 20121
Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada49.15502548N 121.9406662WCe.310Civil14 March 2019
Chilliwack, New Brunswick, Canada49.10089493N 121.97655487WS-2Civil9 March 20191
Churchill, Manitoba, Canada58.76043320N 94.08665466WC-46 wreck, crashed here in 1979Civil21 September 20161
Claresholm, Alberta, Canada50.01951981N 113.58950043WT-6Military7 November 2016
Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada54.41032410N 110.27642822WVariousMilitary14 December 20145
Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada54.41276550N 110.21395111WCT-114, F-104Military7 November 20162
Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada54.41288757N 110.24137115WF-5, T-33, F-18Military23 May 20153
Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada54.41097641N 110.28508759WT-33Military3 September 20171
Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada54.41727829N 110.27462006WF-5Military11 December 20181
Cold Lake - Museum, Alberta, Canada54.43490601N 110.18169403WVariousMilitary23 May 201510
Collingwood, Ontario, Canada44.50450134N 80.20159912WT-33Military12 December 20181
Comox, British Columbia, Canada49.71514511N 124.90858459WF-101Military14 December 20121
Comox, British Columbia, Canada49.72264099N 124.9082489WC-119 (?) forward fuselageMilitary24 October 2016
Comox, British Columbia, Canada49.66469193N 124.8724823WB737 submerged as artificial reef and diving attractionCivil15 January 20171
Comox, British Columbia, Canada49.70932770N 124.89424133WDHC-5 (visible on latest GE image)Military9 March 20191
Comox - Heritage Park, British Columbia, Canada49.70833588N 124.90859222WVariousMilitary16 January 201811
Comox, British Columbia, Canada, British Columbia, Canada49.63486862N 125.00413513WCT-114Military8 December 20141
Conche, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada50.88197327N 55.89161301WBoston wreckMilitary20 January 20191
Cornwall, Ontario, Canada45.02673340N 74.68196106WT-33Military14 December 20121
Cornwall, Ontario, Canada45.01297379N 74.73244476WT-33Military14 December 20121
Creemore, Ontario, Canada44.32710648N 80.11121368WT-33Military14 December 20121
Daly Waters, Northwest Territories, Canada16.30828667S 133.38510132ECommanderCivil2 July 20161
Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada55.74597549N 120.23144531WVarious i/a at Northern Lights CollegeBoth19 November 201611
Didsbury, Alberta, Canada51.73756790N 114.21826935WATR.42(?) fuselage and an unknown fuselage section at a paintball fieldCivil8 January 2017
Dunnville, Ontario, Canada42.90425491N 79.61658478WT-6Military8 November 20141
Dunville, Ontario, Canada42.87679672N 79.58998871WT-6Military12 December 20181
Dunville - No. 6 RCAF Dunnville Museum, Ontario, Canada42.87553787N 79.58885193WVariousBoth12 December 20183
Ear Falls, Ontario, Canada50.63347626N 93.22808075WBe.18Civil10 May 20181
Edenvale, Ontario, Canada44.44393158N 79.96286774WMiG-15Military11 December 20181
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada53.63040543N 113.62987518WT-33Military8 March 20191
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada53.67104721N 113.48056793WH-58Military14 December 20121
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada53.65990829N 113.87242889WB737Civil11 December 20171
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada53.31359863N 113.5835495WB737Civil13 June 2018
Edmonton - Alberta Aviation Museum, Alberta, Canada53.56572723N 113.51634216WVariousBoth26 September 201625
Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada42.92235947N 78.91827393WT-33Military14 December 20121
Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada42.91976166N 78.95594025WEC.120Civil17 September 2016
Fort Frances, Canada, Ontario, Canada48.62804413N 93.36051941W4x Be.18Civil21 March 20194
Fort Langley - BC Farm Museum, British Columbia, Canada49.16830826N 122.57549286WTiger MothCivil9 March 20191
Frankford, Ontario, Canada44.19934845N 77.63898468WCT-134Military3 June 20161
Gagetown, New Brunswick, Canada45.83369827N 66.43785095W2x F-101?Military9 June 2018
Gagetown, New Brunswick, Canada45.84050751N 66.46687317WH-58Military9 June 20181
Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada48.96107483N 54.63574219WVarious i/a at College of the North AtlanticCivil9 December 20163
Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada48.94377136N 54.57436371WCatalina (still here?)Civil20 January 20191
Gander - North Atlantic Aviation Museum, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada48.95251083N 54.62272644WVariousBoth14 December 20126
Garland, Manitoba, Canada51.65645218N 100.46177673WViscountCivil5 May 20161
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada45.50262833N 75.54782104WHS.748 at a paintball fieldCivil12 April 20171
Gatineau - Vintage Wings of Canada, Quebec, Canada45.51781082N 75.56378174WVariousBoth11 March 20191
Gimli, Manitoba, Canada50.63103485N 96.98551941WT-33Military23 December 20141
Gimli, Manitoba, Canada50.63174057N 97.04089355WC-46Civil6 January 20181
Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada53.31156158N 60.41265106WVulcan, F-101, CatalinaMilitary5 March 20153
Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada53.29699707N 60.33232117WT-33Military14 December 20121
Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada53.10205460N 60.67538834WB-36 wreckMilitary19 March 20191
Grand Blend, Ontario, Canada43.27440643N 81.78315735WT-33Military21 March 20191
Greenwood, Nova Scotia, Canada44.97559357N 64.92845154WT-33Military22 December 20181
Greenwood - Military Aviation Museum, Nova Scotia, Canada44.97677612N 64.92912292WVariousMilitary14 December 201210
Guelph - Tiger Boys, Ontario, Canada43.56336212N 80.19308472WVarious, most airworthy or under renovation to airworthinessBoth7 November 20167
Haines Junction, Yukon Territory, Canada61.14454269N 137.75268555WC-47 wreck, crashed in this area in 1950, GE image not clear enoughMilitary12 December 20181
Haliburton, Ontario, Canada45.04262924N 78.52141571WCF-100Military14 December 20121
Halifax - Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum, Nova Scotia, Canada44.87694168N 63.53338242WVariousBoth5 January 201718
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada43.26677322N 79.94355774WT-33Military14 December 20121
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada43.16672134N 79.92852783W4x B727Civil23 March 20192
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada43.16464233N 79.91915131WVarious i/a at Hamilton CollegeCivil1 November 20163
Hamilton - Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Ontario, Canada43.15987015N 79.92501831WVariousBoth1 November 201649
Harbour Grace, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada47.67201996N 53.2563858WDC-3Civil14 December 20121
Hay River, Northwest Territories, Canada60.84298706N 115.76940155WDC-6?, maybe more of these storedCivil9 May 20133
Hay River, Northwest Territories, Canada60.80919266N 115.79488373WVarious partsCivil4 May 20163
Hay River, Northwest Territories, Canada60.84016418N 115.77857971W6x DC-4Civil16 July 20186
Hillsborough - Railway Museum, New Brunswick, Canada45.92310715N 64.64311981WF-101Military14 December 20121
Hoyt, New Brunswick, Canada45.56998825N 66.46144867WF-101Military20 January 20191
Hull City - Canadian Museum of History, Quebec, Canada45.42927170N 75.70879364WB.47Civil1 March 20151
Ignace, Ontario, Canada49.41625214N 91.65935516WBe.18 on floats in a small pondCivil25 December 20171
Innisfail, Alberta, Canada52.02772903N 113.94599915WF-104Military14 December 20121
Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada64.15355682N 68.67253113WDC-3 wreck (not visible, exact location TBC)Civil16 December 20171
Isachsen, Nunavut, Canada78.79092407N 103.55885315WC-47 wreck, exact location not known, crashed on take off in 1949, short distance from the runwayMilitary16 December 20171
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada50.70548630N 120.44071198WF-5Military14 December 20121
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada50.69906616N 120.43917847WSmall propCivil14 December 2012
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada49.95388031N 119.38001251WVarious stored airplanesCivil1 November 20162
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada49.94815063N 119.37246704WF.27, B727Civil14 March 20191
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada49.94662476N 119.3730545W3x CV-580 (only visible on latest GE image, these seem to change quite often, exact number and listing not clear)Civil14 March 20198
Kingston, Ontario, Canada44.21931458N 76.59334564WT-6Military14 December 20121
Kingston, Ontario, Canada44.23161316N 76.47045135WF-86Military14 December 20121
Kingston, Ontario, Canada44.23751831N 76.46690369WCF-100Military14 December 20121
Kingston, Ontario, Canada44.24345779N 76.44548798WH-58Military14 December 20121
Kingston, Ontario, Canada44.24368668N 76.45082092WF-5Military14 December 20121
Kugaaruk, Nunavut, Canada68.48823547N 89.62295532WC-46 wreckCivil16 December 20171
La Ronge, Saskatchewan, Canada55.14590454N 105.27097321WS-2Civil12 March 20191
Langley, British Columbia, Canada49.09891129N 122.63130188WC-47, S-2 (Part of the Canadian Museum of Flight)Civil19 March 20192
Langley - Canadian Museum of Flight, British Columbia, Canada49.09888077N 122.62564087WVariousBoth7 November 201619
Lauzon, Quebec, Canada46.81979752N 71.16078186WF-101Military14 December 20121
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada49.69525909N 112.81154633WT-33Military14 December 20121
London, Ontario, Canada43.03129959N 81.15264893WDiamond DA-20Civil18 June 2014
London, Ontario, Canada43.03429794N 81.16205597WSmall prop fuselageCivil14 December 2012
London, Ontario, Canada43.02751541N 81.14906311WT-33Military14 December 20121
London, Ontario, Canada43.01816177N 81.14966583WSmall propCivil19 December 2014
London, Ontario, Canada43.02666473N 81.14697266WVarious i/a at Fanshawe College's School of Aviation TechnologyCivil1 November 201611
London, Ontario, Canada43.03583908N 81.1572876WCe.150?Civil7 October 2018
London - Jet Aircraft Museum, Ontario, Canada43.03085709N 81.1557312WCF-101, Hunter, Jet Provost, several T-33Both7 October 20188
Malcolm Island, Saskatchewan, Canada56.95040894N 102.23708344WDC-3Civil7 July 20141
Malton, Ontario, Canada43.71138000N 79.63294983WCF-100Military14 December 20121
Markham, Ontario, Canada43.93352127N 79.2684021W2x F-5, F-104, T-33Military14 December 20124
Markham, Ontario, Canada43.93397141N 79.26520538WSeveral F-5 and F-104 hulks, F-86, T-33Military14 December 201218
Minaki, Ontario, Canada49.97316742N 94.70269012WBe.18Civil1 February 20161
Mirabel, Quebec, Canada45.68776703N 73.93153381WB.430Civil3 June 20161
Mirabel, Quebec, Canada45.68524933N 74.01212311W3x B737Civil11 March 2019
Mirabel, Quebec, Canada45.67155457N 74.0524292WDC-9, 2x B737Civil11 March 2019
Mirabel, Quebec, Canada45.67673492N 74.05331421WB737Civil11 March 20191
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada46.10392761N 64.67299652WSmall propCivil14 December 2012
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada46.08473206N 64.81393433WCF-100Military14 December 20121
Mont Laurier, Quebec, Canada46.56020737N 75.57640839WSmall prop, and a CM.170 should be on the field somewhere (not visible on old GE image)Civil1 August 20182
Montreal, Quebec, Canada45.52247620N 73.41988373WVarious i/a at École nationale d'aérotechnique Collège Édouard-MontpetitCivil23 October 201633
Montreal, Quebec, Canada45.56908035N 73.74610138WSmall twin prop inside sports barCivil11 October 2016
Montreal, Quebec, Canada45.51759338N 73.42459869WB.206Military17 March 20181
Montreal, Quebec, Canada45.46437073N 73.77181244W2x Emb.120Civil10 September 2018
Montreal, Quebec, Canada45.51653290N 73.40453339W2x small prop fuselageCivil11 March 2019
Montreal, Quebec, Canada45.51884842N 73.40283203WVariousCivil11 March 2019
Montreal, Quebec, Canada45.52395630N 73.42019653WBe.18, small propCivil14 March 20191
Montreal - Canadian Forces Logistics Museum, Quebec, Canada45.57880402N 73.53170776WF-5Military11 March 20191
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada50.33846283N 105.55770874WT-6Military14 December 20121
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada50.33893204N 105.55804443WCT-114Military14 December 20121
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada50.33932114N 105.55741119WT-33Military14 December 20121
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada50.41342163N 105.5103302WCT-114Military13 March 20191
Moose Jaw - Western Development Museum, Saskatchewan, Canada50.41957474N 105.53070831WVariousBoth14 March 201914
Nanton - Bomber Command Museum of Canada, Alberta, Canada50.35033798N 113.77687836WVariousMilitary1 September 201715
New Bothwell, Manitoba, Canada49.60937500N 96.89546967WH-34 in a paintball fieldMilitary8 January 20171
Newtonville, Ontario, Canada43.94633484N 78.46852112WSmall twin propCivil13 April 2013
North Bay, Ontario, Canada46.35940552N 79.41703033WCF-100Military14 December 20121
North Bay, Ontario, Canada46.35495758N 79.42340088WF-101Military14 December 20121
North Bay, Ontario, Canada46.29780579N 79.45689392WCF-100Military14 December 20121
North Bay, Ontario, Canada46.35689545N 79.41612244WT-33Military1 November 20161
North Bay, Ontario, Canada46.35756302N 79.43378448WVarious i/a at Canadore CollegeBoth9 December 201610
Norwood, Canada, Ontario, Canada44.41229630N 78.04516602W3x CT-114, CT-134Military2 March 20194
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada43.91702652N 78.89392853WF-86Military14 December 20121
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada43.92616272N 78.90103149W2x Falcon, Be.18, small propCivil18 November 20172
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada45.31471252N 75.65497589WB727Civil12 April 20171
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada45.32900620N 75.66378784WDHC-8 fuselageCivil1 November 2016
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada45.33033752N 75.68049622WB737 (note that the B727 is gone here and it is now a B737, per the latest GE images)Civil14 March 2019
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada45.32554626N 75.6648407WB737Civil5 March 20191
Ottawa - Canadian War Museum, Ontario, Canada45.41728973N 75.71671295WVariousMilitary14 December 20125
Ottawa Rockcliffe - Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, Ontario, Canada45.45904922N 75.6437912WVariousBoth24 October 2016130
Petawawa, Ontario, Canada45.91270447N 77.2905426WDC-3Military8 January 20151
Petawawa, Ontario, Canada45.90635681N 77.28778076WH-58Military8 January 20151
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada44.23306656N 78.36284637WDC-3, 2x Be.99Civil29 January 20163
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada44.33863068N 78.31362152WF-86Military14 December 20121
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada44.23838043N 78.35700989WSeveral CRJCivil18 August 20171
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada44.23487091N 78.35694885WCRJ fuselageCivil18 August 20171
Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada49.21015167N 122.70219421WB737 cockpit sectionCivil31 July 2018
Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada49.21095276N 122.70219421WVarious wrecks and partsCivil31 July 20181
Points North Landing, Saskatchewan, Canada58.28297424N 104.07443237WDC-3 fuselageCivil23 January 20161
Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada49.31765747N 124.92791748WB727Civil16 March 20181
Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada49.29006577N 124.93917847W2x Martin MarsCivil19 March 20192
Port Hardy, British Columbia, Canada50.72935104N 127.44577789WDC-3 wreckMilitary16 December 20171
Portage la Praire - Fort la Reine Museum, Manitoba, Canada49.97420120N 98.24258423WCT-134Military5 May 20161
Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada49.96637344N 98.29095459WT-33Military9 May 20131
Princeton, British Columbia, Canada49.47371674N 120.50262451WT-33 (only visible on latest GE image)Military3 June 20161
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada46.78187180N 71.39599609WB737, ConvairCivil29 December 2016
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada46.79257584N 71.37600708WERJ.145Civil17 March 20181
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada46.79136276N 71.37539673W2x small propCivil8 June 2018
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada52.17840576N 113.88549042WVarious stored proplinersCivil14 December 20123
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada52.17593765N 113.88551331WT-6Military14 December 20121
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada52.18243408N 113.88693237WVarious proplinersCivil29 January 201618
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada52.29827881N 113.86592865WVarious insideMilitary12 December 20184
Red Lake, Ontario, Canada51.02067184N 93.82372284WNorsemanCivil14 December 20121
Reece's Corner, Ontario, Canada42.97965240N 82.13711548WPA-23 as weathervaneCivil2 June 20161
Regina - RCMP Heritage Center, Saskatchewan, Canada50.45393753N 104.66641998WBe18, DHC.3Civil14 December 20121
Resolute Bay, Nunavut, Canada74.67240143N 94.5881424WF.27 wreckCivil16 December 20171
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada52.43029404N 114.90978241WT-33Military24 May 20151
Saint Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada45.64006424N 72.9623642WSmall twin prop inside sports barCivil11 October 2016
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada45.29668427N 73.25271606WCF-100Military14 December 20121
Saint-Mathias-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada45.50270462N 73.24633026WBe.18Civil12 March 20191
Saint-Tite-des-Caps, Quebec, Canada47.14319611N 70.76261139WSmall prop fuselage at a paintball fieldCivil8 January 2017
Sarnia, Ontario, Canada42.97555161N 82.38409424WF-86Military14 December 20121
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada52.16962051N 106.68136597W13x F.28Civil3 April 201813
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada52.16462708N 106.67459106WT-33Military14 December 20121
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada52.33204269N 106.64354706WH-34, unknown fuselage at a paintball fieldBoth8 January 2017
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada52.17911911N 106.68251038W8x F.28Civil3 April 201810
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada52.18002319N 106.68635559WF.27Civil3 April 2018
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada52.33127594N 106.65010834WS-2Civil29 July 20181
Sault Ste Marie - Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre, Ontario, Canada46.50525284N 84.32467651WVariousCivil3 July 201521
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada46.48384476N 84.49623871W3x DHC-8Civil10 February 2018
Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada50.16988373N 96.86669922WSeveral small propsCivil11 December 2018
Sept-Îles, Quebec, Canada50.21898651N 66.25875092WEmb.110Civil5 February 2018
Shamattawa, Manitoba, Canada55.96750259N 92.53182983WDC-3 wreck, exact location not 100% sure, GE image too blurryCivil16 December 20171
Shearwater - Aviation Museum, Nova Scotia, Canada44.62834167N 63.51456451WVariousMilitary14 December 201219
Shilo - RCA Museum, Manitoba, Canada49.80101776N 99.63796234WAusterMilitary11 December 20181
Shirley's Bay, Ontario, Canada45.35833740N 75.90115356WT-33Military4 March 20192
Shirley's Bay, Ontario, Canada45.35533524N 75.90615082WF-5Military4 March 20191
Sidney, British Columbia, Canada48.64953613N 123.39885712WF-86Military14 December 20121
Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada50.09183121N 91.90810394WRC-3Civil3 July 20151
Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada44.89598465N 76.02341461WT-6Military10 May 20181
Southport, Manitoba, Canada49.91827011N 98.27276611WUnknown (only visible on latest GE image)Military11 December 2018
Southport, Manitoba, Canada49.91445160N 98.27333069WH-23Military11 December 20181
St Jean, Quebec, Canada45.30000305N 73.27940369WF-104Military14 March 20191
St Jean, Quebec, Canada45.29819489N 73.28781891WCF-100Military18 June 20141
St Thomas, Ontario, Canada42.77580261N 81.10283661WSmall prop fuselageCivil19 June 2018
St. Anthony, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada51.35745621N 55.57565689WPBY-6Civil27 December 20171
Ste Thérèse, Quebec, Canada45.64838028N 73.83905792WSmall twin prop inside sports barCivil11 October 2016
Stephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada48.55138016N 58.56026459WF-102Military16 March 20151
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada46.62162018N 80.79419708WMetro (not yet visible on GE image)Civil6 June 20181
Suffield, Alberta, Canada50.27420807N 111.17798615WGazelleMilitary19 October 20181
Suffield, Alberta, Canada50.26068497N 111.11969757WS-2Military4 March 20191
Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada46.43225861N 63.82893372WArgus, CF-101 and S-2Military11 April 20143
Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada50.33554459N 107.69540405WAlouette 3 as wind vane (visible on Street view)Civil4 December 2017
Temp - Arizona Historical Society Museum, Ontario, Canada33.44302750N 111.93386841WT-6Military30 January 20181
Thetford Mines, Quebec, Canada46.04801941N 71.26609039WF-101Military6 March 20151
Thompson, Manitoba, Canada55.75111008N 97.84455109WNorsemanCivil26 September 20161
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada48.37733078N 89.31378174WDC-9 i/a at Confederation collegeCivil24 October 20161
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada48.36951447N 89.31899261WBe.1900? fuselageCivil12 June 2018
Tofino, British Columbia, Canada49.07858276N 125.82180023WPBY-5 wreckMilitary16 December 20171
Toronto, Ontario, Canada43.74305725N 79.41368866WF-104Military14 December 20121
Toronto, Ontario, Canada43.75130463N 79.4673233WF-5Military14 January 20131
Toronto, Ontario, Canada43.67440796N 79.65219879WB737Civil24 October 2016
Toronto, Ontario, Canada43.73225403N 79.29315186WVarious i/a at Centennial CollegeCivil9 December 20165
Toronto, Ontario, Canada43.82497025N 79.54277039WDHC-2 hanging in Bass Pro Shops Outdoor WorldCivil13 May 20171
Toronto, Canada43.82247543N 79.18425751WCe.180 at Toronto Zoo's Tundra TreckCivil20 April 2018
Toronto - Canadian Air & Space Museum, Ontario, Canada43.74772644N 79.4754715WVarious. This is the old location of the museum. According to their own website they have had to move from this location. All exhibits (including aircraft) are in storage right now. New location is likely going to be built at Toronto IAP, south of runway 24L-06R.Both10 October 20184
Trenton, Ontario, Canada44.10252762N 77.56892395WF-86Military10 July 20141
Trenton, Ontario, Canada44.13087082N 77.58347321WF-5Military10 July 20141
Trenton, Ontario, Canada44.11939240N 77.55275726WT-33Military6 March 20151
Trenton, Ontario, Canada44.11711121N 77.54772949WVariousMilitary21 March 201912
Trenton, Ontario, Canada44.11515808N 77.54730225W12x CT-114Military4 May 201610
Trenton, Ontario, Canada44.11465836N 77.54807281WMany CT-114 inside hangar, exact location TBCMilitary19 March 201915
Trenton, Ontario, Canada44.11857986N 77.53746796W3x F-18 (visible on latest GE image, may be moving around)Military19 March 20192
Trenton - National Air Force Museum of Canada, Ontario, Canada44.11436462N 77.54924011WVariousMilitary10 July 201437
Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada46.35689926N 72.68068695W2x Commuter, B737Civil12 April 20172
Uxbridge, Canada, Ontario, Canada44.10933685N 79.19396973WMany aircraft partsUnknown19 March 2019
Val D'or, Quebec, Canada48.09740829N 77.79105377WT-33Military23 December 20141
Valcartier, Quebec, Canada46.89963913N 71.50257111WF-86Military14 December 20121
Valcartier, Quebec, Canada46.89725876N 71.49362946WH-58, F-104Military14 December 20142
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada49.18486404N 123.14468384WVarious i/a at British Columbia Institute of TechnologyCivil1 September 201714
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada49.19913483N 123.19374084WF.28, SA.226Civil21 March 20191
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada49.17930984N 123.1727066WVarious small propsCivil21 March 2019
Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada45.46621323N 74.67736816W5x Ce.150 at an airport turned truck stopCivil6 December 20175
Vernon, British Columbia, Canada50.24684525N 119.32444763WVarious i/a at Okanagan CollegeCivil2 September 20172
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada48.64573669N 123.42008209W2 Cessna WrecksCivil30 December 20162
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada48.64877701N 123.43770599WEmb.120Civil5 July 2018
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada48.64871979N 123.43871307WSmall prop fuselageCivil5 July 2018
Victoria - British Columbia Aviation Museum, British Columbia, Canada48.64048004N 123.42110443WVariousBoth14 December 201223
Villeneuve, Alberta, Canada53.66288376N 113.86103058WBe.18Civil24 August 2016
Warner, Alberta, Canada49.28218842N 112.20237732WT-33Military14 December 20121
Waskaganish, Quebec, Canada51.36650848N 78.23596191WDC-3Civil12 March 20191
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada43.45383835N 80.38991547WR.22Civil7 April 20181
Wekweètì, Northwest Territories, Canada64.19229889N 114.07686615WCe.310 (not visible on blurry image)Civil8 May 2017
Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada52.96195221N 113.39546204WB-25, 2x unknownBoth8 March 20191
Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada52.97069550N 113.37416077WCT-134Military3 September 20171
Wetaskiwin - Reynolds Alberta Museum, Alberta, Canada52.96310043N 113.42012024WVariousBoth5 November 201651
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada60.71212769N 135.08050537WDC-3Civil9 October 20131
Windsor - Canadian Historical Aircraft Association, Ontario, Canada42.26741028N 82.96604919WVarious, some airworthyCivil14 December 20123
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada49.89374542N 97.24981689WDC-3, ConvairMilitary14 December 20122
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada49.89031601N 97.23662567WVarious along this roadMilitary5 July 201810
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada49.87788391N 97.27379608WT-33Military14 December 20121
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada49.88521576N 97.24069214WF-5Military14 December 20121
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada50.05498886N 97.05060577WStorage area of Western Canada Aviation MuseumBoth12 December 201812
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada49.90456390N 97.25202179WVarious i/a at Red River CollegeCivil5 July 20188
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada49.89097977N 97.23370361W3x Be.18Civil20 January 20192
Winnipeg - Canadian Starfighter Museum, Manitoba, Canada50.05687332N 97.04394531WF-104 (in one of these hangars, not sure which one)Military14 December 20141
Winnipeg - Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada, Manitoba, Canada49.89563751N 97.22097778WVariousBoth1 September 201728
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada62.46861649N 114.42583466WVarious propliners (some are still in service)Civil14 December 20123
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada62.46714783N 114.4109726WBristol FreighterCivil2 September 20171
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada62.46200943N 114.42956543WB737 fuselageCivil17 July 20181
Yorkton, Alberta, Canada51.25811386N 102.46588898WSeveral wrecks and partsCivil6 June 2018