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116 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Colombia. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Antioquia, Colombia5.90120220N 74.72384644WPA-18Civil2 Jun 20161
Apiay, Colombia4.07896471N 73.56217194WOV-10Military22 Dec 20141
Apiay, Colombia4.08498955N 73.56019592WT-33, A-26Military13 Jan 20162
Apiay, Colombia4.07206202N 73.55445862WT-33Military7 Jun 20191
Aracuara, Colombia0.60044098S 72.39592743WC-46Unknown25 May 2020
Baranquilla, Colombia10.89980507N 74.77008057WSmal twin propCivil21 Sep 2013
Baranquilla, Colombia10.89784241N 74.77030182WDHC.8 stored?Civil21 Sep 2013
Baranquilla, Colombia10.87836361N 74.76998901WA-37 (in vertical position)Military25 May 20201
Baranquilla, Colombia10.87954998N 74.78062439WT-37Military7 Jun 20191
Barranquilla, Colombia10.89085388N 74.77325439WVarious unknownUnknown13 Jan 20161
Barranquilla, Colombia10.89882278N 74.76991272WDC-9 fuselage
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil19 Aug 2017
Bogota, Colombia4.70153666N 74.14997101WT-33 (former site of Museo Aeroespacial FAC)Military7 Jun 20191
Bogota, Colombia4.71491957N 74.16676331WC-46Civil7 Jun 20191
Bogota, Colombia4.75000000N 74.03374481WDC-3
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 20161
Bogota, Colombia4.68934298N 74.12541199WVarious
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 20163
Bogotá, Colombia4.65679121N 74.10161591WPA-31Military22 Nov 20171
Bogota, Colombia4.72889519N 74.05994415WG358Military15 Mar 20181
Bogotá, Colombia4.78314114N 74.06208038WSmall twin propUnknown2 Jun 2019
Bogotá, Colombia4.70171404N 74.14855194WVariousMilitary2 Jun 20194
Bogotá, Colombia4.70822382N 74.15240479WSmall twin propUnknown2 Jun 2019
Bogotá, Colombia4.71045542N 74.15325165WVariousBoth2 Jun 20191
Bogotá, Colombia4.70603991N 74.1558609WPA-31Military2 Jun 20191
Bogota - Museo Militar Colombia, Colombia4.59620571N 74.07370758WUH-1Military7 Jun 20191
Bogota - Saltaire Magico Amusement Park, Colombia4.66737270N 74.09194946WB727Civil9 Apr 20201
Bucaramanga, Colombia7.10782099N 73.13700867WViscount, not yet visible on GE image, exact location TBCCivil12 Dec 20171
Cali, Colombia3.45397544N 76.49488068WVariousMilitary6 Oct 20175
Cali, Colombia3.45329094N 76.49699402WT-6Military6 Oct 20171
Cali, Colombia3.45422673N 76.50032043WVarious small propsCivil26 Oct 20131
Cali, Colombia3.46914554N 76.51786804WDC-6
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil12 Jun 20191
Cali, Colombia3.45673203N 76.49314117WMirage 5Military6 Oct 20171
Cali, Colombia3.54474545N 76.38695526WTwin prop fuselageUnknown2 Jun 2019
Cali, Colombia3.45346808N 76.50460052WOV-10Military25 May 20201
Cali - Transport Museum Fenix, Colombia3.55383134N 76.38591003WVariousBoth25 Jan 201622
Cartagena, Colombia10.38950539N 75.52953339WCommanderMilitary13 Jun 20191
Chachagüí, Colombia1.40821600N 77.29073334WHS.748Military12 Apr 20171
Cota - El Transportador Parque Tématico, Colombia4.83475494N 74.08691406WUH-1, Ce.421Military22 Nov 20171
El Eden, Colombia4.45584345N 75.76638031WMu-2
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 20161
El Tejar, Colombia4.93313122N 74.06535339WUH-1Military12 Jun 2019
Facatativá, Colombia4.82745886N 74.34289551WUH-1Military2 Jun 20191
Facatativá, Colombia4.82896185N 74.34332275WSmall prop, helicopterUnknown25 May 2020
Garzón, Colombia2.21462226N 75.62251282WDC-3Military12 Jun 20191
Guaymaral, Colombia4.81540966N 74.06541443WDC-9Civil10 Jan 20161
Guaymaral, Colombia4.81574440N 74.06777191WUH-1Military13 Jun 20191
Guaymaral, Colombia4.81613731N 74.06697083W2x Be.1900Unknown2 Jun 2019
Guaymaral, Colombia4.81595659N 74.07318115WSmall twin propUnknown2 Jun 2019
Hato, Colombia1.72258341N 69.84493256WDC-3Military2 Jun 20191
La Dorada, Colombia5.44862795N 74.66446686WMirage 5Military2 Jun 20191
La Laguna, Colombia4.25949049N 75.015625WB.206Military2 Jun 20191
Leticia, Colombia4.1883316S 69.93930817WOV-10Military2 Jun 20191
Madrid, Colombia4.72770071N 74.27750397WSeveral fuselages and partsMilitary20 Jul 2019
Madrid, Colombia4.72845745N 74.26987457WDC-3Military13 Jun 20191
Madrid, Colombia4.72806978N 74.27059174WT-33, UH-12Military13 Jun 20192
Madrid, Colombia4.72671843N 74.27097321WT-6, T-33Military9 Oct 20172
Mani, Colombia4.72751093N 72.32409668WT-33 (not visible on blurry image)Military25 May 2020
Manizales, Colombia5.05484104N 75.47303772WDC-9 in use as a restaurant "Mayday"Civil13 Nov 20171
Marandua, Colombia5.52924871N 68.68863678WG.358
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military29 Jun 20191
Mariquita, Colombia5.20608091N 74.8859024WUH-1Military12 Jun 20191
Mariquita, Colombia5.20597982N 74.88687897WSmall propUnknown12 Jun 2019
Mariquita, Colombia5.20714712N 74.88685608WS-2RMilitary12 Jun 20191
Mariquita, Colombia5.20867538N 74.88677979WSmall propUnknown12 Jun 2019
Mariquita, Colombia5.20686197N 74.88652039WB.206Military12 Jun 20191
Medellin, Colombia6.22018576N 75.58745575W2x small propCivil29 Jun 2019
Medellin, Colombia6.27346992N 75.56921387WB727
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 20161
Medellin, Colombia6.21439171N 75.58800507WDo.28Civil12 Jun 20191
Medellin, Colombia6.22259188N 75.58873749WL-410, small propCivil12 Jun 20191
Medellin, Colombia6.21473932N 75.58998108WDo.328 (inside hangar 7, not sure of exact hangar)Civil11 Sep 20211
Melgar, Colombia4.21338511N 74.63135529WUH-1Military26 Oct 20131
Melgar, Colombia4.21514654N 74.63143921WUH-1Military26 Oct 20131
Melgar, Colombia4.22113562N 74.62670898WT-6Military26 Oct 20131
Melgar, Colombia4.20945120N 74.63493347WUH-1
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
Melgar, Colombia4.21287346N 74.6333847WF280
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 2016
Melgar, Colombia4.21488476N 74.63246918WUH-1
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20162
Melgar, Colombia4.21572018N 74.62994385WB.47
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military25 May 2020
Melgar, Colombia4.21774292N 74.62538147WCe.210Military6 Jul 20171
Melgar, Colombia4.21597958N 74.63053131WUH-1 in the officers messMilitary25 May 20201
Melgar, Colombia4.21356297N 74.63166046WH-6Military25 May 2020
Melgar, Colombia4.21107292N 74.63474274WH-6Military25 May 20201
Ocaña, Colombia8.31509781N 73.35718536WDC-3Military12 Jun 20191
Ocaña, Colombia8.25541306N 73.36115265WT-37Military12 Jun 20191
Palanquero, Colombia5.46736860N 74.65991211WMirage, T-33, F-86, A-37Military6 Oct 20174
Palanquero, Colombia5.48012209N 74.6590271WPA-31, PA-34, T-37Both29 Jun 20193
Palanquero, Colombia5.46539354N 74.65692139WT-37, Mirage 5
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military6 Oct 20172
Palanquero, Colombia5.47854614N 74.64828491WUH-1Military12 Jun 20191
Palmira, Colombia3.52707720N 76.28607178WCe.421Military12 Jun 20191
Pereira, Colombia4.81290007N 75.74204254W2x small propCivil8 Jun 2021
Puerto Colombia, Colombia10.99234390N 74.95635223WDC-6, Ce.310Civil25 May 20201
Ricaurte, Colombia4.28340387N 74.77410889WCe.310Military25 May 2020
Rio Negro, Colombia6.18223667N 75.42564392WDC-3, Lj-24Civil29 Jun 20192
Rionegro, Colombia6.15291405N 75.41192627WUH-1Military17 Nov 20141
Rionegro, Colombia6.13956928N 75.38156128WViscountCivil17 Nov 20141
Rionegro, Colombia6.16609621N 75.41843414WB.47, UH-1Military25 May 2020
San Antonio Del Tequendama, Colombia4.61248970N 74.34635925WPA-34Military12 Jun 20191
San Gil, Colombia6.58328819N 73.1006546WDC-6 as hotel "Aero Hotel"Civil29 Jun 20191
San Jose del Guaviare, Colombia2.57109165N 72.63616943WSmall twin propCivil13 Jan 2016
Santa Marta, Colombia11.22627544N 74.21514893WOV-10, A-37Military12 Jun 20192
Santa Marta, Colombia11.22204494N 74.17650604WUH-1Military12 Jun 20191
Santa Rosa de Viterbo, Colombia5.87405109N 72.97844696WUH-1Military12 Jun 20191
Saravena, Colombia6.95511341N 71.85666656WUH-1Military13 Jan 2016
Sibaté, Colombia4.50456715N 74.24871063WCe.421Military13 Nov 20171
Tiuma Park, Colombia4.05423021N 73.4950943WDC-3Civil29 Jun 20191
Tocaima, Colombia4.46455050N 74.6444397WH.500, OV-10Military30 Nov 20212
Tocancipa, Colombia4.95253611N 73.96336365WA-37Military25 May 2020
Tocancipa - Museo Aeroespacial Colombiano, Colombia4.95011330N 73.96142578WVariousMilitary21 Oct 201630
Tocancipa - Parque Jaime Duque, Colombia4.94783926N 73.9621582WDC-4Civil18 Nov 20141
Tocancipa - Parque Jaime Duque, Colombia4.94517708N 73.96344757WDC-3Civil7 Jun 20191
Tolemaida, Colombia4.24549627N 74.63408661WUH-1Military12 Jun 2019
Valledupar, Colombia10.50039959N 73.26676178WDC-6 in Parque del Helado
credits: Deaks
Civil19 Aug 20171
Villa de Leyva, Colombia5.62956762N 73.52915955WUH-1, T-37Military13 Nov 20172
Villavicencio, Colombia4.16175079N 73.62042999WVariousCivil29 Jun 20195
Villavicencio, Colombia4.16167831N 73.61949158W2x BN-2Civil13 May 20172
Villavicencio, Colombia4.17099237N 73.61327362WVariousCivil13 May 20179
Villavicencio, Colombia4.17002201N 73.61446381WVariousCivil13 May 20175
Villavicencio, Colombia4.12016487N 73.6157608WOV-10Military19 Apr 20151
Villavicencio, Colombia4.16665316N 73.61652374WCe.172
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil13 May 20171
Yopal, Colombia5.31912804N 72.3896637WOV-10Military12 Jun 20191
Yopal, Colombia5.31731749N 72.3901825WOV-10Military30 Nov 20211