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45 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Croatia. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Cakovec, Croatia46.39708710N 16.50016594EMiG-21Military17 May 20171
Cakovec, Croatia46.39574814N 16.50156593ESeveral aircraft stored inside hangarCivil19 May 20171
Gornja Stubica, Croatia45.97478104N 16.01783943EMiG-21Military5 Jan 20151
Grabovnica, Croatia45.74685287N 16.66153717ET-33Military15 Dec 20141
Krk, Croatia45.22088623N 14.57141495EF-84Military14 Jun 20151
Krk, Croatia45.21868134N 14.57286263EMD-82 Fuselage only, i/a for fire services at the airport.Civil12 Mar 20161
Krk, Croatia45.22557449N 14.56431293ET-33Military11 Aug 20171
Medulin, Croatia44.84516525N 13.90331364ECe.310
credits: Alan Preece
Civil12 Oct 20191
Medulin, Croatia44.84532547N 13.90233707EVarious in and around hangar
credits: Alan Preece
Civil12 Oct 20194
Osijek, Croatia45.54142380N 18.64655876EAn-2Civil17 Apr 20161
Otocac, Croatia44.85051727N 15.28034687EC-47, 2x F-84
credits: Wijgert IJlst
Military14 Jun 20163
Pula, Croatia44.90016556N 13.91274738EMiG-21Military10 Feb 2020
Strmec Stubicki, Croatia45.96932983N 15.91641617EFokker 100Civil21 Apr 20211
Turanj - Muzej Domovinskog Rata, Croatia45.46290970N 15.56706047E2x MiG-21Military15 Mar 20212
Velika Buna, Croatia45.62533188N 16.05179787EMiG-21Military20 May 20171
Velika Gorica, Croatia45.72122192N 16.09488106EVarious storedBoth13 Feb 20137
Velika Gorica, Croatia45.72011185N 16.09465027EJ-21Military17 Apr 20161
Velika Gorica, Croatia45.71993637N 16.09297371E5x UTVA 75, Do-28, Ce.210Unknown22 May 20175
Velika Gorica, Croatia45.71945572N 16.09341240E3x UTVA 75 (one is under canopy)Unknown22 May 20173
Vrsar, Croatia45.14262772N 13.62764168EVariousCivil17 Apr 201610
Vukovar, Croatia45.33631516N 19.00455475EMiG-21Military5 Jan 20152
Zadar, Croatia44.09602356N 15.32964611EMi-8Military5 Jan 20151
Zadar, Croatia44.09760666N 15.33463860EUTVA-60, UTVA-75Military10 Feb 20202
Zadar, Croatia44.09682083N 15.33189201ESmall propMilitary5 Jan 20151
Zadar, Croatia44.09629059N 15.33086872EGalebMilitary10 Feb 20201
Zadar, Croatia44.09686661N 15.33284760EMiG-21Military10 Feb 20201
Zadar, Croatia44.09843445N 15.33592129EC-47Military11 Aug 20171
Zadar, Croatia44.10566330N 15.34110355EJastrebMilitary15 Mar 20211
Zadar, Croatia44.09679794N 15.33351421EH.369, small propMilitary10 Feb 20201
Zadar, Croatia44.10519028N 15.33446884EGaleb in this shedMilitary17 May 20211
Zagreb, Croatia45.73137665N 16.07752991EMiG-21Military13 Feb 20131
Zagreb, Croatia45.73287201N 16.07903481E2x Mi-24Military14 Aug 20172
Zagreb, Croatia45.73376083N 16.07034111EUTVA-66, L-200Both24 Nov 20172
Zagreb, Croatia45.73470306N 16.06860352ECe.310Civil17 Apr 20161
Zagreb, Croatia45.73696518N 16.07019424ECommanderCivil15 Mar 20213
Zagreb, Croatia45.79547119N 15.97123241EMiG-21 at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture
credits: jmdz
Military17 Mar 20171
Zagreb, Croatia45.73754501N 16.07768059E2x An-32Military15 Mar 20212
Zagreb, Croatia45.73611069N 16.08306122EVarious MiG-21, Mi-24 and moreMilitary14 Aug 2017
Zagreb, Croatia45.80867004N 15.99094582EMiG-21 (temporary exhibit only?)Military28 Jun 20191
Zagreb, Croatia45.73256683N 16.08810234EMi-8Military15 Mar 2021
Zagreb, Croatia45.72990799N 16.05703735ECe.500Civil15 Mar 2021
Zagreb - Tehnicki muzej, Croatia45.80409622N 15.96395969EvariousCivil27 Jun 20157
Zagreb-Lucko, Croatia45.76878738N 15.84476757EMi-6Civil17 Apr 20161
Zagreb-Lucko, Croatia45.76860428N 15.85735321EUTVA Aero 3Civil15 Mar 20211
Željava, Croatia44.85759735N 15.73624992EDC-3Military14 Jun 20161