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54 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Cuba. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Camagüey, Cuba21.36700821N 77.91484833WMiG-15Military11 October 20181
Camagüey - El lago de los sueños, Cuba21.35724068N 77.89072418WPA-23, An-26Civil8 October 20181
Ciego de Ávila, Cuba21.85053444N 78.75970459WYak-40, small propCivil10 October 20161
Cienfuegos, Cuba22.15910339N 80.40658569WSeveral dismantled MiG-17
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military14 November 2016
Frank Pais, Cuba20.79062653N 76.30311584WPA-31Civil27 November 2017
Frank Pais, Cuba20.80968475N 76.30010223WMiG-21Military18 September 2012
Frank Pais, Cuba20.81177521N 76.30033112WMiG-23Military18 September 20121
Frank Pais, Cuba20.80482674N 76.30133057WMiG-21Military18 September 2012
Frank Pais, Cuba20.79368210N 76.31381226W4x MiG-21Military11 October 2018
Guantánamo, Cuba20.15149879N 75.1816864WMiG-21Military11 October 20181
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba19.91028786N 75.20052338WF-4Military18 September 20121
Havana, Cuba23.09795189N 82.43936157WMiG-15Military18 September 20121
Havana, Cuba22.98412514N 82.42253876WDC-10
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil5 November 20161
Havana, Cuba23.15753174N 82.08319855WMi-8, An-24, An-26
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 January 2016
Havana, Cuba22.98743439N 82.41821289WSeveral aircraft storedCivil10 May 20175
Havana, Cuba22.99016953N 82.41431427WVariousCivil12 December 20184
Havana, Cuba23.09767151N 82.41644287WVarious i/a at Instituto Técnico Militar José MartíMilitary8 October 20181
Havana, Cuba23.13955307N 82.40238953WYak-18 inside "Habana Café"Unknown11 October 2018
Havana - Expocuba, Cuba22.99058723N 82.34788513WSE.210Civil17 February 20171
Havana - Lenin Park, Cuba23.03512383N 82.36257935WAn-2, Yak-18Civil8 October 20182
Havana - Morro Cabana Historical Military Park, Cuba23.14689827N 82.34695435WMiG-21Military27 July 20171
Havana - Museo de la Revolución, Cuba23.14111328N 82.35688019WVariousMilitary14 November 20162
Holquin, Cuba20.90507317N 76.22519684WMiG-23Military1 December 20121
Ignacio Agramonte, Cuba21.41586304N 77.85577393WAn-2
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 January 2016
La Coloma, Cuba22.33950043N 83.64356995WT-33Military13 January 2016
La Coloma, Cuba22.35784912N 83.65444183WMiG-21Military2 June 2017
Las Tunas, Cuba20.98835182N 76.93708038WMiG-21Military11 October 20181
Los Palacios, Cuba22.67094421N 83.28699493WMi-8
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 January 2016
Los Palacios, Cuba22.67164803N 83.28504181W3x MiG-23
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 January 2016
Los Palacios, Cuba22.67256355N 83.28578186WMiG-23
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 January 2016
Los Palacios, Cuba22.67273331N 83.28482056WMi-4?
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 January 2016
Mayarí Arriba, Cuba20.41938019N 75.52852631WMi-4Military11 October 20181
Playa Baracoa, Cuba23.04006577N 82.57472229WAn-24Civil4 January 20141
Playa Baracoa, Cuba23.04095650N 82.58336639W2x An-2 fuselageUnknown11 October 2018
Playa Baracoa, Cuba23.03658295N 82.58664703WAn-26Civil11 October 2018
Playa Baracoa, Cuba23.03060341N 82.58304596WVariousCivil11 October 2018
Playa Giron - Museum, Cuba22.06655693N 81.03322601WSea Fury and P-40? (not visible due to blurry image)Military14 November 20161
San Antonio de los Banos, Cuba22.85913467N 82.51569366WVarious preservedMilitary18 September 20127
San Antonio de los Banos, Cuba22.85488319N 82.51341248WMiG-21
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 January 20161
San Antonio de los Banos, Cuba22.85727310N 82.52410889W2x MiG-23Military11 October 2018
San Antonio de los Banos, Cuba22.85725594N 82.52223206WMiG-23Military11 October 2018
San Antonio de los Banos, Cuba22.85866547N 82.52156067WMiG-23Military11 October 2018
San Julian, Cuba22.11124420N 84.15478516W12x MiG-21Military12 December 2018
Sancti Spritus, Cuba21.96730042N 79.44267273WSeveral small propsCivil18 September 2012
Sancti Spritus, Cuba21.92652893N 79.43660736WAn-24 in use as restaurantCivil5 August 20181
Santa Clara, Cuba22.48882866N 79.94334412WMiG-15, Mi-4Military13 October 20181
Santa Clara, Cuba22.48865128N 79.9422226WMiG-21Military18 September 2012
Santa Clara, Cuba22.40553284N 79.95876312WAn-24, Mi-8Civil14 July 20172
Santa Clara, Cuba22.40462875N 79.95882416WMiG-21Military8 December 20171
Santa Clara, Cuba22.39947319N 79.96521759WEmb.110 (not yet visible on GE image, placed near this palace in March 2018)Civil27 May 20181
Santa Clara, Cuba22.37714005N 79.95652771WMiG-15/17 fuselageMilitary11 October 2018
Santa Fe, Cuba23.07258606N 82.51255035WAn-2
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 January 2016
Santiago de Cuba, Cuba20.01756287N 75.79724884WYak-42Civil2 November 20171
Santiago de Cuba, Cuba20.02693558N 75.80342865WMiG-15Military11 October 20181