Planes linked to locations in Cuba

These are all the planes linked to locations in Cuba. This list may not be complete, as the database is constantly being updated as more information becomes available. If you are logged in and have a plane log created, the planes you have sightings for in the database will be highlighted in yellow.

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceLocationStatus
CU-C973An-2CubaCivilHavana - Lenin Parkpre
CU-C125737309104An-24RVCubaCivilSanta Clarapre
CU-T124457310301An-24RVCubaCivilSancti Sprituspre
CU-T140312905An-26CubaCivilCamagüey - El lago de los sueñospre
CU-T1542110136Emb.110P1CubaCivilSanta Clarapre
16Mi-4CubaAir ForceMayarí Arribapre
34Mi-4CubaAir ForceSan Antonio de los Banospre
CU-H1467Mi-8PSCubaCivilSanta Clarapre
26MiG-15UTICubaAir ForceSantiago de Cubapre
50MiG-15bisCubaAir ForceHavanapre
102MiG-15bisCubaAir ForceSan Antonio de los Banospre
109103240MiG-15bisCubaAir ForceCamagüeypre
229MiG-17FCubaAir ForceSanta Clarapre
...MiG-21PFMCubaAir ForceSan Antonio de los Banospre
...MiG-21PFMCubaAir ForceSan Antonio de los Banospre
...940MCh10MiG-21PFMCubaAir ForceHavana - Morro Cabana Historical Military Parkpre
541MiG-21MFCubaAir ForceGuantánamopre
658MiG-21bisCubaAir ForceLas Tunasdum
67575091180MiG-21bisCubaAir ForceSanta Clarapre
215MiG-23MLCubaAir ForceSan Antonio de los Banospre
240MiG-23MLCubaAir ForceFrank Paispre
810MiG-23MFCubaAir ForceHolquinpre
50OS2U-3CubaNavyHavana - Museo de la Revoluciónpre
401122-41045P-51DCubaAir ForceSan Antonio de los Banospre
541Sea Fury FB.11CubaAir ForcePlaya Giron - Museumpre
542Sea Fury FB.11CubaAir ForceHavana - Museo de la Revoluciónpre
...189-5T-28ACubaAir ForceSan Antonio de los Banospre
711T-33ACubaAir ForceSan Antonio de los Banospre
CU-T1506Yak-18TCubaCivilHavana - Lenin Parkpre
CU-T12049641650Yak-40CubaCivilSantiago de Cubapre
CU-T15379021360Yak-40CubaCivilCiego de Ávilapre
CU-T17084520423606235Yak-42CubaCivilSantiago de Cubapre
HI-499154SE.210-IIIDominican RepublicCivilHavana - Expocubapre
.../01rdMiG-21RussiaAir ForceFrank Paispre
151489/AE-100619F-4NUnited StatesNavyGuantanamo Baypre
records 1 to 42 of 42