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125 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Czech Republic. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Bakov nad Jizerou, Czech Republic50.46550369N 14.94224072EIl-18Civil18 Apr 20131
Bavorov, Czech Republic49.12532425N 14.08254051EZ-37 (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Cibulka Milan
Civil20 Apr 20191
Bechyně, Czech Republic49.28191376N 14.51199245EMiG-19Military2 Aug 20131
Bechyně, Czech Republic49.29180908N 14.48763657EMi-2 (visible with Google streetview)Military16 Jan 20171
Bechyně, Czech Republic49.28234863N 14.51048470EMiG-15 (only visible on latest GE image)
credits: Cibulka Milan
Military6 Dec 20181
Bechyně, Czech Republic49.28523254N 14.50108337EMi-8 (only visible on latest GE image)
credits: Cibulka Milan
Military6 Dec 20181
Bechyně, Czech Republic49.28559494N 14.50006771EMiG-15 (only visible on latest GE image)
credits: Cibulka Milan
Military6 Dec 20181
Bohunovice, Czech Republic49.66773224N 17.30382538EL-200Civil29 Jun 20151
Bor, Czech Republic49.69773483N 12.73419571EMiG-21Military13 Mar 20182
Bor, Czech Republic49.69864273N 12.73446655EMi-2 (visible, though not clearly, at latest GE image)Military13 Mar 20181
Boretice, Czech Republic48.90950775N 16.84843445EL-200Civil27 Jun 20151
Boršice, Czech Republic49.05426407N 17.36135101E2x L-29
credits: Bulldog & Cat
Military7 Aug 20192
Brno, Czech Republic49.15644073N 16.68748474E3x L.410Civil18 Mar 2016
Brno, Czech Republic49.15521622N 16.68473244EAn-2Civil18 Mar 2016
Brno - Technical Museum, Czech Republic49.22848892N 16.58073807EVariousMilitary13 Jan 20158
Bubovice, Czech Republic49.97234726N 14.17562771EIl-14Military18 Apr 20131
Bubovice, Czech Republic49.97298431N 14.17695236EL-410, An-2
credits: Cibulka Milan
Civil22 Jan 20192
Caslav, Czech Republic49.93832779N 15.39863205EMiG-21Military18 Apr 20131
Caslav, Czech Republic49.93875122N 15.39290333EMiG-21Military18 Mar 20161
Caslav, Czech Republic49.95151901N 15.38352776EVariousMilitary18 Apr 20138
Caslav, Czech Republic49.93731689N 15.39398193ESu-7Military18 Mar 20161
Caslav, Czech Republic49.93742752N 15.39121342EL-29Military18 Mar 20161
Čáslav - Museum of Agricultural Technology, Czech Republic49.89958191N 15.41121006EL-60, Z-37
credits: Cibulka Milan
Civil18 Feb 20192
Čepí, Czech Republic49.98530960N 15.71820450ESeveral nose sectionsMilitary20 Mar 20172
Česká Olešná, Czech Republic49.19033432N 15.16825867EMiG-15 fuselageMilitary17 May 20181
Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic48.95188904N 14.45268059EMiG-23Military18 Apr 20131
Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic48.95133591N 14.44486713EAn-2 (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Cibulka Milan
Civil25 May 20181
Český Brod, Czech Republic50.07561493N 14.85888195ESeveral aircraft, visible with google street view. Apparently the collection changes once in a while.Military20 Mar 20173
Chrudim, Czech Republic49.94123840N 15.78204250EVarious i/aMilitary20 Mar 20172
Chrudim, Czech Republic49.93652344N 15.78768063EZ-126Civil13 Oct 20182
Chvalovice, Czech Republic48.76427460N 16.06533241EIl-62Civil18 Apr 20131
Dačice - Muzeum Viléma Götha, Czech Republic49.07865906N 15.43614960EMi-2, L-13, L-29 nose, Z-37Civil14 Mar 20182
Deštná - Letecké muzeum, Czech Republic49.26514816N 14.92287731EVariousBoth20 Mar 20173
Dolni Brezany, Czech Republic49.96263123N 14.45331287E"Buried" MiG-21MF
credits: Cibulka Milan
Military2 Oct 20171
Doubravice, Czech Republic48.93524551N 14.50778770EVarious (visible on latest GE image)Military20 Mar 20176
Dřemčice, Czech Republic50.46829605N 13.91697598EZ-37 (visible on latest GE image)
credits: Tomas Cibulka
Civil29 Mar 20181
Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, Czech Republic49.58782578N 18.37639999EL-29 (in one of the hangars)Military13 Oct 20181
Hluboké Mašůvky, Czech Republic48.91693497N 16.03559875EMiG-21, Mi-24Military10 Oct 20182
Holešov, Czech Republic49.32567215N 17.59324265EL-410Military17 Mar 20161
Horní Němčí, Czech Republic48.93535233N 17.62260246EMiG-19Military10 Oct 20181
Hosin, Czech Republic49.04104996N 14.49363613EZ-37 (not yet visible on GE image)Civil7 Jan 20191
Hosin, Czech Republic49.04213715N 14.49536514EKania, Bo.105 stored in the hangar
credits: Cibulka Milan
Civil6 Feb 20191
Hostouň, Czech Republic50.11865616N 14.20425415ETu-154 fuselage section (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Tomas Cibulka
Civil11 Aug 20181
Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic50.24501038N 15.84444904EMiG-15Military18 Mar 20161
Ivančice - Stříbský Mlýn, Czech Republic49.09380341N 16.40073013EL-60Civil15 Aug 20181
Jilem, Czech Republic49.17506027N 15.26424789EMiG-15Military18 Apr 20131
Jindrichuv Hradec, Czech Republic49.13373566N 15.01136971EZ-37 (only visible on latest GE image)Civil3 Jun 20161
Jirkov, Czech Republic50.51216507N 13.44436359EMG-15 forward fuselage incl. wings preserved inside the technical museum of the hotelMilitary20 Mar 2017
Klatovy, Czech Republic49.41621399N 13.31787014ESeveral SC.7 Skyvan fuselages,exact location to be confirmedBoth20 Mar 20178
Klínec, Czech Republic49.89974213N 14.34361553EMiG-15Military20 Mar 20171
Koněšín - Letecké Muzeum, Czech Republic49.18946457N 16.05407715EVariousMilitary6 Oct 201622
Kopřivnice - Regional museum, Czech Republic49.59944534N 18.14374161EBu-131Military30 Jan 20181
Kunovice - Museum, Czech Republic49.03483963N 17.45797920EVariousBoth18 Apr 201327
Lelekovice, Czech Republic49.29684448N 16.57239342EAn-2Civil17 Mar 20161
Lešany - Military Technical Museum, Czech Republic49.85633087N 14.53836632EVarious small aircraftBoth17 Jul 20163
Letnany, Czech Republic50.12923050N 14.52743244EVarious (mostly inside the hangars)Both2 May 201734
Liberec, Czech Republic50.76007080N 15.05289936EZ-37
credits: Evert-jan de Rond
Civil30 Sep 20141
Liberec-Vratislavice, Czech Republic50.74251556N 15.08659649EMiG-21 inside building as flight-simulatorMilitary9 Aug 20172
Libořezy, Czech Republic49.02598953N 14.93351746EMiG-19, MiG-21 (not yet visible on GE image)Military17 May 20182
Líně, Czech Republic49.69202042N 13.26130772EMiG-19Military10 Oct 20181
Líně, Czech Republic49.67771149N 13.27258396EMiG-21 at "Classic Trainers"Military8 Sep 20182
Loděnice, Czech Republic49.99983597N 14.17764950EMi-24Military21 Mar 20171
Louny, Czech Republic50.35028458N 13.81975555EYak-40, MiG-23 (only visible on latest GE image)Both29 Mar 20182
Milovice - Tankodrom Milovice, Czech Republic50.24916840N 14.84931469EMi-2, MiG-21 (only visible on latest GE image)Military6 Sep 20182
Mistrovice - VHTM Vladek Vacha, Czech Republic50.09516525N 16.75582123EMiG-21 (note that their facebook page gives a different location, this is the correct one however)Military29 Jan 20191
Mladecko, Czech Republic49.89310837N 17.71044922EMiG-23Military17 Mar 20161
Mnichovo Hradiště, Czech Republic50.53555679N 14.99270058EM-18Civil18 Feb 20191
Mokrýšov, Czech Republic49.82199478N 15.94117355EAn-2, Mi-2 submerged as diving attraction, An-2 on dry landBoth13 Mar 20183
Moravská Třebová, Czech Republic49.75287628N 16.67306519EL-39 (not yet visible on GE image)Military15 May 20181
Namest Nad Oslavou, Czech Republic49.17480850N 16.12063980EVariousMilitary8 Dec 20188
Namest Nad Oslavou, Czech Republic49.17335892N 16.11978149EMi-2, Mi-24Military21 Mar 20172
Ostrava, Czech Republic49.85256195N 18.25255966EMi-2Military29 Aug 20171
Ostrava, Czech Republic49.82371140N 18.32185936EL-410Military29 Aug 20171
Ostrava, Czech Republic49.85393524N 18.45587730EAn-2 inside DinoparkCivil15 Aug 20181
Ostrava-Mosnov, Czech Republic49.70234299N 18.12941551EB737
credits: Cibulka Milan
Civil2 May 20171
Ostrava-Vitkovice, Czech Republic49.81831360N 18.27625656EMiG-21
credits: Cibulka Milan
Military2 May 20171
Pacov, Czech Republic49.46556473N 14.99756813EMi-2Military18 Mar 20161
Pardubice, Czech Republic50.01616669N 15.75629997ESeveral aircraft stored, exact shelter to be confirmedMilitary21 Mar 20173
Pardubice, Czech Republic50.01942825N 15.73790550EMi-2Military5 Jun 20191
Pardubice, Czech Republic50.01866913N 15.73563194EL-39Military5 Jun 20191
Petrovice, Czech Republic50.80751801N 13.98043728ETu-104Civil18 Apr 20131
Prachatice, Czech Republic49.02016830N 13.99223423EMiG-21Military18 Apr 20131
Prague, Czech Republic50.13221359N 14.51751614EL-39Military18 Apr 20131
Prague, Czech Republic50.07983398N 14.52788353EMiG-21, MiG-23Military18 Apr 20132
Prague - Czech Police Museum, Czech Republic50.06896210N 14.42763901EMi-2Military30 Nov 20181
Prague - Národní Technické Muzeum, Czech Republic50.09748459N 14.42482281EVariousBoth11 Jan 201514
Prague - Podoli, Czech Republic50.04602814N 14.41383171ESmall C-47 or Li-2 fuselage section
credits: Cibulka Milan
Unknown7 Feb 2018
Prague-Kbely - Museum, Czech Republic50.12537384N 14.53711700EVarious (including storage on the military base)Both27 Sep 2016135
Prague-Letnany, Czech Republic50.14487076N 14.51476860EL-200D
credits: Cibulka Milan
Civil18 Apr 20171
Prague-Ruzyne, Czech Republic50.09597778N 14.28539944ETu-134A (cockpit section)
credits: Cibulka Milan
Civil22 Apr 20171
Prague-Tocna, Czech Republic49.98696136N 14.42709255EAn-2R
credits: Cibulka Milan
Civil18 Apr 20172
Přelouč, Czech Republic50.03747177N 15.58461666EVarious stored with Real Trade Praha (pin at earlier outside location, some may still be inside)Military2 Jul 20192
Přepychy, Czech Republic50.23495865N 16.10927963EMiG-15 (only visible on latest GE image)Military21 Mar 20171
Příbor, Czech Republic49.63882065N 18.14008331EMiG-15Military17 Mar 20161
Prostějov, Czech Republic49.45605087N 17.13013649EMi-8 fuselage
credits: Cibulka Milan
Military28 Aug 2019
Rana, Czech Republic50.41131973N 13.78106022EAero 45Civil5 Jan 20151
Rokycany, Czech Republic49.72747803N 13.58522129EMi-8 (maybe more)Military18 Apr 2013
Roudnice, Czech Republic50.17499161N 15.66937733EMiG-21Military18 Mar 20161
Roudnice, Czech Republic50.17713547N 15.67264748E2x MiG-15Military18 Mar 20162
Roudnice, Czech Republic50.17563629N 15.67248726EMi-2Military21 Mar 20171
Roudnice, Czech Republic50.17663574N 15.67070866ESu-22Military21 Mar 20171
Stará Boleslav, Czech Republic50.20505524N 14.69023132EMiG-21Military10 Oct 20181
Stare Mesto, Czech Republic49.07326508N 17.42209435EL-610Civil18 Mar 20161
Štěpánov, Czech Republic49.67337799N 17.22234535EL-29Military21 Mar 20171
Štětkovice, Czech Republic49.66386032N 14.50209141EMi-8 submerged in lake at diving centreMilitary20 Mar 20171
Strakonice, Czech Republic49.25521851N 13.89171600EMiG-21 inside hangarMilitary21 Mar 20171
Střelná, Czech Republic49.17264557N 18.12462807EMiG-23 as small arms range target.Military21 Mar 20171
Suche, Czech Republic50.62899017N 13.92147923EMiG-21 (only visible on latest GE image)Military8 Dec 20141
Sudice, Czech Republic50.03097916N 18.06823349EL-29Military17 Mar 20161
Svatobořice-Mistřín, Czech Republic48.98983765N 17.09095001EMiG-21 (visible on latest GE image)Military8 Dec 20181
Svitávka, Czech Republic49.50075150N 16.60209846EZ-37Civil17 Mar 20161
Tišice, Czech Republic50.26695251N 14.56146812EMi-2Military11 Jul 20191
Vodochody, Czech Republic50.22065353N 14.40693378EL-29Military18 Apr 20131
Vyskov, Czech Republic49.31136322N 16.97655869EL-39Military2 Dec 20141
Vyskov, Czech Republic49.30142975N 16.97708321EMi-8Military2 Dec 20141
Vyskov, Czech Republic49.31872940N 16.97906876EMi-8 (picture of october 2013 shows the Mi-8 fuselage hanging in a crane, others show it on the ground, probably i/a)Military2 Dec 20141
Vyskov, Czech Republic49.31075668N 16.97555542EVarious i/a, exact building unknownMilitary21 Mar 20175
Vyskov - Muzeum Letecke A Pozemni Techniky, Czech Republic49.30225372N 17.02320862EVariousBoth20 Oct 201643
Vysoke Myto, Czech Republic49.95425415N 16.14382553EZ-37 (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Cibulka Milan
Civil19 Sep 20171
Zabreslavice, Czech Republic49.81669617N 15.20249176EMiG-23 (only visible on latest GE image)Military23 Mar 20151
Zabreslavice, Czech Republic49.81705093N 15.20267391EMiG-15 fuselage (only visible on latest GE image)Military23 Nov 20181
Zbiroh-Svabin - Fire fighting museum, Czech Republic49.85795212N 13.75276661EZ-37, Mi-2Both8 Aug 20162
Zlaby, Czech Republic49.19368744N 17.48077965ELi-2 fuselageMilitary15 Jun 20171
Znojmo - Muzeum Motorismu, Czech Republic48.85398483N 16.04333496EMiG-15Military17 May 20181
Zruc - Airpark, Czech Republic49.80870438N 13.41506958EVariousBoth8 Aug 201672